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Potential Death Traps in Ang Mo Kio Hub

Posted by theonlinecitizen on January 9, 2007

By Kevin of The-Upperroom

Last Tuesday (2nd Jan) evening, I decided to prepare a nice dinner for my dearie. I saw the opening banner of “NTUC Xtra” outside Ang Mo Kio Hub a few days ago and thought it will be interesting to check it out.

As I drove towards the unimaginative building called Ang Mo Kio Hub, I was shocked by the traffic chaos outside the building. There were at least 7 taxi occupying the left lane of the road leading up to the carpark entrance of AMK Hub. Cars that were turning into the carpark jam packed the middle lane leaving only the right lane for normal traffic in the already congested road.

I wondered to myself, which idiot architect/town planner placed a 2 bay taxi stand less than 5 meters infront of a carpark entrance. (remember, this is AMK, 1 out of 10 Singaporeans live in this HDB town, there will be high demand for taxi).

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7 Responses to “Potential Death Traps in Ang Mo Kio Hub”

  1. Eugene said

    …Agree! Not to mention the car park is not safe at all for driving yet. Unfortunately I got myself into a minor accident when turning right at a pillar. I was shocked when I hit into an incoming car as there were no signs or road markings to indicate another lane behind the pillar. Truly shocking! Don’t think I will step into this mall for a long time!

  2. Sherry said

    AMK hub’s has 1 of the poorest design car park. It’s really not driver’s friendly with those lot on the rite side at the entrance. Cars have to park head in. But its so difficult to get out.
    Really wonder is th designer of the car park a driver himself/herself.

  3. Hi Sherry,

    I’m not sure about the car park but the entry to NTUC Supermarket at the basement is kinda narrow. I hope that in the event of any emergency, touch wood, they do have an effective plan to evacuate the people.

    Cars at the car`park have to park head in? That’s really unusual. Maybe I’ll go take a look one of these days.

    Thanks for letting us know. 🙂


  4. Sherry said

    Hi Theonlinecitizen,

    Its not really must park head in, But those lot, u either reversed park by being very careful with the oncoming traffic or head in park, but still have to reverse with great difficult.

    Talking abt narrow entrance… try Tan Tock Seng Hospital. For entrance that makes u giddy, try Central. Awful!

  5. Hi Sherry,

    Hmm…. sounds like it takes a really skillful driver to just park his car over there in AMK. Maybe one of these days we’ll bring a video cam down there and see what’s it all about. It does sound rather like bad design.


  6. Old citizen said

    Hi theonlinecitizen,

    Based on what i see at AMK , entry to NTUC Supermarket at the basement is not for fire escape routes, in term of fire the fire shutter there will activties and close the area to prevent people to access into the basement carpark. As for the ppl at basement carpark can escape by the staircase which lead out to the external area. I think the mangement did a good job and have already put a signage at the staircase to inform ppl like me. But we are not use to this type of new pattern.

  7. ah b said

    buildings belong to a familee using cheap and idiot architect/town planner i’ll order them to demolish

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