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Proud to be Singaporean?

Posted by theonlinecitizen on March 20, 2007

From New Sintercom

The government has been attracting foreign workers, especially the highly skilled ones, to work and settle in Singapore. It has also urged Singaporeans to accept these foreigners as one of them. The given reasons being needs these workers to keep the economy growing and to stay competitive in a globalized world. Very valid reasons but the government seems to have overlooked the other part of the equation.

In this globalized era, the world is competing on human resources and talent. The government should, therefore, not only try to attract foreign talents to its shores but also nurture and retain its own talents. SM Goh had recently admitted that Singapore is losing its best and finest. If nothing is being done, the trend is likely to continue as a recent survey showed that half of the youths interviewed wanted to migrate to other countries.

Read the full article in New Sintercom.


4 Responses to “Proud to be Singaporean?”

  1. Ass Gee said

    Thanks to the PAP’s hegemony and lack of freedom and civic rights, people has no sense of ownership, therefore no belonging, therefore no pride. The country becomes a hotel.

  2. ney reed said

    a academic was telling me the other day about how he has been hearing a lot of expats calling Singapore a “cash n carry” place which implies they are not proud to be Singaporean either.

  3. Singapore is just a place for me, although I’m Singaporean… What this means is that I do not feel that it’s home. With no sense of belonging, how will I even feel proud to be in this country???

    I stayed in a small town in Australia before and felt that the people there are friendlier, more helpful and live life (not just blindly pursuing material comforts). Well, I feel a sense of belonging there. Even with it’s lack of facilities and convenience, I feel proud to belong to such a wonderful place…

  4. chelza said

    im proud to be a songaporean and really proud to deslare paradise,safe and secure,high level of education,great library facilities,sophisticated malls to hang out at…………..whats there more to ask?

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