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Just for laughs…

Posted by theonlinecitizen on March 22, 2007

Just thought I’d share this with everyone – for a laugh. Or are our kids too stressed too?

From Wind In My Head blog.




3 Responses to “Just for laughs…”

  1. lokecheekumore said

    Wow!, these kids gets A1 for creativity, who says, Singapore kids aren’t creative?…but If I did what these kids do during my time in school, I will standing outside the principal office door, and next, parents will be called..and ears will be pinched red…and bums HOT!.
    Very Creative…ha ha ha ha

  2. shoestring said

    Indeed, a very creative way of handling failure (to solve a problem), and definitely better than leaving the page blank.

    This also goes to show that creativity cannot be measured/nurtured by focusing solely on grades.

  3. Very entertaining!!! Although, from what I see, it’s just a handful of kids who are creative…

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