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Public Forum: Development of Democracy in Europe and Asia

Posted by theonlinecitizen on April 11, 2007

Update: The police has rejected the permit for this forum. Please see CNA’s report here.

Announcement from the Singapore Democratic Party’s website.

Dr Chee Soon Juan (pictured right) will speak at the Public Forum to be held on 13 Apr 07, Friday, at the Sheraton Towers Hotel (see below). He will address comments Mr Lee Kuan Yew made in yesterday’s Parliament session, defending the pay increase for ministers.

The Minister Mentor said that Singapore’s external trade is 3 1/2 times that of our GDP, surpassing that of even Hong Kong. Because of this, he says, the Prime Minister must be paid $3.1 million and the Ministers $1.9 million annually.

On Friday, Dr Chee will debunk this simplistic statistic and show how misplaced Mr Lee’s observations are. Dr Chee will present the complete picture of Singapore’s economic performance in recent years and show how bleak Singapore’s future will be if we continue down the PAP’s path.

In other words, not only are the ministers not indispensable as they would have Singaporeans believe, their inability to tear themselves away from groupthink will lead Singapore down the road to ruin.

It is stunningly disingenuous for the PAP to claim that its economic policies are working and, worse, use them to justify the outrageous pay increments for their ministers.

In addition, MM Lee again made some rather unsavoury remarks about certain governments, in particular, those of Denmark, Switzerland, and Finland Europe also came in for mention.

With the delegation of European Parliamentarians speaking at the Forum, come and hear for yourselves what the speakers have to say, in particular, Mr Anders Samuelsen, who is an MEP from Denmark.

Do the Europeans need to pay their ministers million-dollar salaries in order for them to lead their countries? Is it true that can fail and yet be saved by other European nations?

What about Luxembourg? A landlocked country with a population of only half-a-million, the GDP income per capita of that nation is the highest in the world! Did Lydie Polfer, former deputy prime minister of Luxembourg, make the PAP argument that she had to be paid $3 million a year? How did the tiny nation in Western Europe prosper without the type of PAP-dictatorial system?

Don’t miss this opportunity to see and hear firsthand what politicians from (genuinely) First World countries think and how they practice democratic politics to achieve prosperity for their peoples, not just for themselves.

So pass the word around and encourage your family and friends to come. Admission is free. See you on Friday!

Public Forum
Development of Democracy in Europe and Asia

13 Apr 07, Friday
7:00 pm

Sheraton Towers, Scotts Road
Opal Ballroom
Newton MRT Station)




Dina Abad
Fiona Hall
Ignasi Cambo Guardans

Eugenijus Gentvilas
Lydie Polfer

Graham Watson
Chee Soon Juan

The parliamentary visit is part of the annual meetings held by the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe (ALDE) and Council of Asian Liberal and Democrats (CALD) to discuss the promotion of democracy as well as to foster greater cooperation between parliamentarians and democratic parties in Asia and Europe


Make a date with the speakers.

Come and express your views.
All are welcome


8 Responses to “Public Forum: Development of Democracy in Europe and Asia”

  1. GC Chwee said

    Why don’t you write SDP for a current photo of Dr. Chee instead of putting up the kind ST typically does?

  2. Hi Chwee,

    I do not find anything wrong with the photo accompanying the article.


  3. uip said

    Police, ICA reject SDP application to hold public forum at hotel


  4. uip said

    Police, ICA reject SDP application to hold public forum at hotel


    Chee is really an brilliant guy to be organizing such a forum during this turbulent times for our current leaders.

  5. GC Chwee said

    The photo makes Dr Chee comes across as moody, listless, sad, angry, dejected and anything but positive. I don’t think it goes well with the forum announcement.

    It is about time opposition leaders are depicted more positively, exuberating confidence and energy. I am sure the SDP will be happy to give you an appropriate one if you asked.

    GC Chwee

  6. They need a team of media and PR specialists, it would do their image good amongst the uninformed.

  7. WitheHorse said

    Hi all!
    I like this forum!!

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