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“Working elite folks like us”

Posted by theonlinecitizen on April 18, 2007

The following is a video on the recent ministers’ pay hike. It is recommended to theonlinecitizen by a reader. It’s rather humourous. Take a look:


One Response to ““Working elite folks like us””

  1. I don’t have the profiles of the ministers.
    Some of our ministers are scholars, president scholars, army scholars, etc. The government tie them up in various ministries and uniform groups like army and police etc. When they are called up for political office, their then salary is still low compared to the market rate. If new scholars are to be promoted to be ministers, that means they have a high increase in salary.
    For other ministers, they are recruited from the private sectors. Their pay is high because of the specific field of speciallity. I don’t know whether these ministers are of scholar grade. If they are not but they are exposed in the private sector for many years experience to climb up the salary scale. In a way the PAP government are saying scholars are not bright enough to be ministers. Those slightly inferior but are exposed to the private sector and have make a name for themselves are fit for minister post.
    So scholars in government are a waste of country money to nurture.

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