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Danish citizen responds to MM Lee’s “mediocre government” comment

Posted by theonlinecitizen on April 23, 2007

A Danish citizen, Mr. Gregory Glen, responds to MM Lee’s remarks that Denmark, Finland and Switzerland can afford mediocrity in the remuneration of their ministers. This is an extract from the blog, This Lush Garden Within.

I read with interest Mentor Minister Lee Kuan Yew’s remark in Singapore’s Parliament that Denmark, Finland and Switzerland can afford mediocrity in the remuneration of their ministers.

I shall restrict my observations to Denmark and Finland.

These 2 Nordic countries reward their leaders, in both the private and public sectors, somewhat less handsomely than Singapore. Despite this, I would suggest that both countries’ governments are by no means mediocre, and neither have they evinced any indication of being able to afford it.

Finland has managed to weather the collapse of the Soviet Union in the early 90s, a market for 20% of its exports, in no small part due to its successful transformation from a resource-based to a knowledge-based economy. Its leading multinational, Nokia, is the market leader in the mobile telecommunications industry, with a global market share of 36% in the manufacture of mobile phones (Q42006) and revenues of €41.121 billion (2006). While most of the credit for this success story can be attributed to the Finnish private sector, Finland’s government had a significant role to play in creating the optimal framework for the flourishing of the technology sector.

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One Response to “Danish citizen responds to MM Lee’s “mediocre government” comment”

  1. It is very hard to compare Singapore with Switzerland, Denmark and Finland. Singapore is a small port country while the other three are big countries with many local produces which is lacking in Singapore.

    What the PAP did was to invite investors from Japan, Taiwan, America and European countries etc to come here and set up factories and employ Singaporeans who might be unemployed. This policy was a success but the side effect is that by doing so, more workers were needed and foreigners were invited to work in Singapore. This created many social problems. Still PAP government is still not satisfied and they want more progress, so they target the future population of 8 millions, the time they asked Malausia to supply water for future uses of this estimated population.

    This is the trouble as they want more progress, more people are needed to work to maintain a GDP growth of 7% and above. So more troubles will occur. As more foreigners come, they will take away Singaporeans jobs as they are more hard working. As many of them, the foreign talents become Singaporeans, Singaporeans will become mediocure. Just look at the result of PSLE and O and A levels, many foreign students top the elite class.

    In the other 3 countries, they don’t face this problem like us. They have vast land to farm and forest to supply wood. So their foreign workers are limited. They are more homogenious in race and religion, not like here, we have 70% Chinese, 15% Malays, 5% Indians etc etc. This is more complex in dealing.

    However the problem can be solved if the PAP government can be more compassionate. The Europeans abolished capital punishment long ago and we are still keeping this law. Law for casino has to be banned. Social subsistence has to be increased to meet the needs of the destitutes. What is $10 increase for them when the ministers are getting more than $10,000 increase a month. The ministers can not think in the shoe of these destitutes. They want Singaporeans to chip in to donate money and volunteer their time to help them. This is waste of time and money; if the government gives them enough to eat and live, the volunteers can have more family life instead of helping others. This is the true colour of Lee Kuan Yew. He only thinks his greatness as the statistic shows, but he does not know that by amassing wealth, he is really a mean man. This is spoken in the Daxue or Zhongyong. .

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