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National Ed vs Moral Ed

Posted by theonlinecitizen on May 1, 2007

This excerpt is from Trisha Reloaded’s blog:

I’m not talking about my school environment. I’m talking about the larger society, where the ministerial salary hikes, the political strutting of people puffed up with a sense of their own self-importance, the denigration of other countries and their leaders as ‘ordinary’ and hence not as unique as our own, have invaded my thoughts in the last month. All these self-justification and materialistic reductionism, run counter to the many values I espouse and want to impart to my students.

It really got me thinking. I think my friend is right. We’re living in a nation that’s moving alarmingly towards the worship of mammon and elitism. I think if our young ones grow up thinking it is alright to sacrifice basic virtues for economic reasons, then we’ve lost our soul.

Please visit Trisha’s blog for the full article.


4 Responses to “National Ed vs Moral Ed”

  1. When politicians talk about moral and want to legalise the act of homosexual, our society is going downhill. Next, they might allow pornography and gay marriage.

    Leaders should stand on high moral ground. Whatever the West liberals might say of our Asian society, we should stick to be Asians and not copy what the West practise those decading fashion or modernity.

    The opposition is weak and can not defeat the PAP in general election. So the choice is for Nature to take IT’s action. .

  2. Different said

    Those who preach the good things like donations and “money is not the motivator” do the opposite things:
    – do not make donations;
    – money is their most critical motivator

    Whether to listen or NOT to listen to such preaching????

  3. NationOfDonations said

    You encounter donations at the kindergarden, at the primary school, at the secondary school, at the higher insitutions of learning, at the MRT, at the Food Courts, at the Hawker Centres, on TVs, at the Shopping Centres, in the streets.

    How well does a Singaporean earn that one has to encounter such numerous donations day to day?????

    The citizens who earn such low income are asked to donate, donate, donate, donate, donate, but the leaders are NOT donating and NOT setting an example.

  4. Devil's Advocate said

    Moral issues are just symtomatic of the elites ruling from high moral ground. The couple didn’t get the boot partaking some kind of ‘sins’. They got booted because they want to be ‘wise’ and be raised high up there to condemn their way to riches!

    The sinners are accepted, not the stench of the scribes and pharisees!

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