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The Prime Minister’s son – Li Hong Yi

Posted by theonlinecitizen on July 13, 2007

Bloggers are blogging about Prime Minister’s son, Li Hong Yi’s email. Here are the links to some of these blogs. Li Hong Yi was awarded the Lee Kuan Yew Award for Math &Science in August 2006, as reported here by Channelnewsasia.


PM son’s army gaffe and why we have to worry (Post deleted by its author) HUNGonline

PM son’s army gaffe and why we have to worry –

Climate of fear – Hear Ye Hear Ye

Hero or zero? – Winter Is Coming

Li Hong Yi’s ethical dilemma – e pur si muove

Punished for blowing the whistle – Hear Ye Hear Ye

I support Li Hong Yi! – The Legal Janitor

Li Hong Yi – The making of a future leader – My Singapore News

A letter of complaint – The States Times

Li Hong Yi’s SAF email and his reprimand by Mindef – Takchek

Jumping the ranks – This Lush Garden Within

A Singapore Armed Forces officer’s alleged email – Warblings Of A Little Bird

Mass whistleblowing military style – Think Happiness

PM son shoot email complain SAF officers f*** up! – Talk Rock

Of emails and the chain of command – Winter Is Coming

Li Hongyi update – he’s famous now! – Alvinology

Li Hongyi vs SAF – Even PM’s son needs to have rights – To Fix A Mocking Peasant

Baby Lee Junior’s army gaffe – Roundup – Darth Grievous’ Dark Domain

Everyone is equal – Decay On The Net

Power of the bloggers – Alvinology

As a Citizen, I have a right to DEMAND..! – Diary Of A Singaporean Mind

Leaks, cover ups and official statements – Chemical Generation Singapore

The white horse is alive and well – Hard Hitting In The Lion City

Lee’s son makes the news – Zuco’s Blog

An autopsy on the SAF email saga – Simple Is The Reason Of My Heart

In support of Li Hongyi – No Fear Singapore

Li Hongyi case: Bloggers force officials’ hand this time, but… –

Did 2LT Li commit an offence under the Official Secrets Act? – Decay On The Net

PM Lee’s Son did the right thing ? –

Blogger Remove Blog Post On PM’s Son – Pseudonymity

What’s your story – A Xeno Boy In Sg

Chain of fools – The Daily Backtrack

Thoughts on Li Hong Yi’s letter in regards to the media – Contredanse

The power of the blogosphere and the ensuing burden – HUNGonline

The Lone Tree Hill Incident at Lim Chu Kang – Perspective Unlimited

Chain of command might lead to nowhere – Singapore Patriot

Li Hongyi saga: Shame, shame, Singapore civil servants – eastcoastlife

Li Hong Yi is a Patriot – Mayspring

How to write a complaint letter – IZ Reloaded

Email by 2Lta Li Hongyi – Herry’s World

2Lt Li Hong Yi and the SAF – Just Me

The chain of command is ridiculous, I say – Young Jedi

Collateral damage – The Walk Of Jay

MINDEF, PM’s son and politics – cowg0esm0o

The Li Hongyi saga – Galaxy Raider

Thanks, Li Hongyi! – Planet Singapore

Why Li Hongyi was punished – Wacky Singapore

Standing up for what is right – JZ In Europe

PM Lee’s son’s true intent – Danzfuego

To blow or not to blow – To Live, Love and Loathe

Li Hongyi makes it to Financial Times – Diary of a Singaporean Mind

Li Hongyi – Abuse of email? – My Singapore News

Who turned on the spotlight on SAF? – My Sketchbook

2Lt Lee sticking it to the man and the political ramifications – The Void Deck

Support whistleblowing – Alvinology

Sticky: ST: Internet buzz over PM Lee’s son – Simply Me. Simply Jean

Why the support for Li Hongyi? – Hear Ye Hear Ye

Li Hongyi and I have something in common – Digital Terrorist

Who is this Lta X? – A Mind Of My Own

Thoughts on Li Hongyi’s email and the “chain of command” – The Double O Project

Support for Li Hongyi – Ryan’s Ramblings : It’s a Rugged Life

Lee Hong Yi fracas – I Hope

Don’t you hear the whistle blowing? – Singapore Life And Times

ST: Mindef explains its decisions over Li Hongyi affair – Simply Me. Simply Jean

LEE gong simi??? – Juzhansen

Maverick sons – Sophie’s World

A white horse reined in – ambarvalia

Importance of being visible – A Cat’s Eye View


International News Wires’ Coverage of the Li Hongyi saga:

Singapore PM’s son gets army rebuke for email gaffe – Reuters

Email by Singapore PM’s son backfires – Financial Times

PM Lee’s son steps out of line and gets army rebuke – The Standard

Singapore PM’s soldier son emails complaint to defence minister – AFP

Army rebukes PM’s son for email protest – The China Post

Singapore army rebukes PM’s son for email protest – MSNBC

Prime Minister’s son rebuked for unauthorised email – Southeast Asian Times

PM Lee’s son reprimanded for not following procedure – NST Online

Singapore Armed Forces Reprimands PM’s Son For Not Following Procedure – Bernama

Prime Minister’s Son Reprimanded By Military For E-mail Complaint –


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9 Responses to “The Prime Minister’s son – Li Hong Yi”

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  2. […] More links on this topic here. […]

  3. […] do not get to shoot emails to generals like grandsonny. You don’t get to do that if you are PFC and your dad is a […]

  4. Ryan said

    I think perhaps, i have another view, the people already know what happens in the SAF, comon, we all have to serve, however, perhaps this could be part of a long term agenda, for instance, didnt his father, the current PM, serve as a ‘brigadier general’ i use that term in inverted commas, since he’s currently the world record holder for a general without combat experience.
    now would people look back when his son is up for elections and thing ‘hey isnt that the guy who blew the whiste, etc etc?

    long term propaganda is what i think it is, if anyone else did that, it would be instantly covered up and made to disappear….

    now i wonder who is going to be the PAP front man in a couple of years?

    think about that. you may support him now for his ‘valiant actions’ but for all you know, it may be a ruse, the news media in singapore is known to be an agent of the government, giving props to the current ruling party for years, and showing the opposition in a poor light.
    in this country of not so free press and lack of civil liberties, perhaps we are just all part of a long term plan to keep the lee family in power for years to come.

  5. twister said

    if the announcement fit the ‘crime’, it could be karma visiting this generation for all the ‘progress’ they had brought us.

    at some point, all the injustices must add up one day.

  6. […] He could have come to me and worked something out.” And now international presses have also reported on this lack of integrity in our army. Was it out of a sense of frustration that such an email was […]

  7. […] The article uses the example of the Lee Hong Yi incident, ostensibly to show case the lack of discretion of bloggers. The following quote by […]

  8. […] another. In fact, we had a similar “T.” who had a higher profile than many. He is the Prime Minister’s son. He did something similar, on a larger […]

  9. […] But it wasn’t so long ago that Li Hongyi made a serious faux pax while serving in the army, so much so that the rebuke from his uniformed superiors made headlines all over the place (see […]

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