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PM’s son’s email saga a heartening development for Singapore

Posted by theonlinecitizen on July 13, 2007

By Gerald Giam

Army Second Lieutenant (2LT) Li Hongyi’s June 28 email complaint sent to all the Ministry of Defence (Mindef) head honchos has caused ripples on the Internet for the past two weeks. Much mud has been slung at 2LT Li for his brash act.

“Who does he think he is anyway? He thought he could go to Uncle Chee Hean and complain,” complained one of my friends. (Teo Chee Hean is the Singapore Minister for Defence.)

A “blatant abuse of family ties,” cried another blogger.

As it turns out, the son of Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong did end up getting formally charged and was administered a reprimand after a summary trial by the military for not adhering to the chain of command when making his complaint.

This incident has also made its way to the international news wires, with Reuters having reported it this morning. Despite all the brickbats that Li Hongyi, Mindef and the “Elite Establishment” are receiving over this incident, I feel that the way this saga has played out is actually quite heartening for Singapore.

White Horses not immune from punishment

Firstly, the fact that the son of the prime minister got charged for contravening a relatively minor military General Order shows that not even a “white horse” (the son of a VIP) is immune from punishment for wrongdoing. I say “relatively minor” because 2LT Li’s misdemeanour was his overzealousness in reporting an offence.

He was not derelict in his duties as a soldier, nor did he cause any injury to anyone. Furthermore, he sent his email only to fellow servicemen within the Mindef Intranet, and not to anyone outside Mindef.

Nevertheless, he was wrong to have emailed the Minister for Defence, the Chief of Defence Force, the Chief of Army and so many other servicemen (possibly hundreds, based on the distribution lists in his carbon copy list). There are many more senior officers in the chain of command above his Officer Commanding (OC) that he could have reported this incident to.

Public spiritedness

Secondly, after reading 2LT Li’s email, one can discern that it wasn’t just some immature rant against the army (like so many of us, myself included, like to write). It was a detailed account of what is wrong with the system of enforcing discipline in his army unit. It demonstrates that this young man was intent on setting things right before he disrupted his service for overseas studies.

Our views of government ministers’ children are probably coloured by Wee Shu Min (pictured left), the daughter of a PAP MP who wrote a very haughty blog last year. 2LT Li’s email is different. It shows a degree of public spiritedness that is sorely lacking in most of our young Singaporeans nowadays.

Complaint taken seriously by Mindef

Thirdly, Mindef took this complaint seriously. The lieutenant that 2LT Li complained about will be court martialled soon and will probably be sentenced to Detention Barracks (DB) for a couple of days. The lieutenant’s superiors were also issued warning letters for not meting out harsh enough punishment when the infraction was first reported to them.

Critics would say that Mindef took action only because the son of the PM made this complaint. If this was the case, why didn’t 2LT Li’s OC and Commanding Officer take appropriate action when he first reported it?

Fourthly, 2LT Li’s wrongdoing was not exactly covered up because of his status as the son of the PM. Even before the mainstream media reports came out today, and the chatter on the Net took off a week earlier, the Commanding Officer of 2LT Li’s unit had given a speech to the entire unit the next day (presumably the day after he wrote the letter) about “following the chain of command”.

Mainstream media, New Media

That in many ways amounted to a public, albeit informal rebuke. Today’s mainstream media’s reports about 2LT Li’s punishment (complete with pictures of the young officer) all signal a gradual relaxing of the Singapore media’s unofficial policy of self-censorship to avoid embarrassment to senior government officials.

It is unclear whether 2LT Li’s charge was issued before or after the news got leaked on the Net. It appears that his email only got circulated widely on the Net late on Thursday, 12 July.

But given that he committed his offence on June 28, and Mindef announced to the press less than two weeks later (on July 12) that he had already been charged at a summary trial, indicates that relative quick action was taken against this offender.

Lastly, there is no doubt that the new media helped to highlight this matter to the public. There would be no Straits Times or Channel NewsAsia report, nor would Mindef have issued a statement, if not for the fact that this was already a widely discussed issue on the Net.

It is heartening to note that the new media is fast becoming an effective watchdog on the powers-that-be in Singapore.

*Picture of Li Hong Yi above is taken from the Straits Times.

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43 Responses to “PM’s son’s email saga a heartening development for Singapore”

  1. Xiong said

    The issue has become too big to cover up, and the only way out is to come clean complete. Don’t you think the MSM is quite late to cover the story? Considering it has already been widely discussed on the internet.

  2. Numb Already said

    Firstly, there’s been no major disagreement among netizens that the LTA, the subject of Lee Junior’s complaints, deserves it. And that Lee Junior did the rite thing except in the wrong way. Secondly, many are starting to applaud the fact that wat he did was noble, shows his loyalty and commitment, etc etc yada yada…. some even go to the extent of saying that it shows his potential to take over as PM some day!!!….. All these sequence of events and how it broke via the internet first, smells highly suspicious. Maybe a setup to prepare the ground for a young potential? Maybe to divert attention from bread and butter issues? A new hero for the people? Someone from the same family that could crusade for the underdogs? An alternative to the current bunch of yes-men? The alternative that never came from our oppositions? Maybe he can set up another party to rival his grandfather’s? After all, with the recent unhappiness caused by recent unpopular policies (like hiking ministers and civil servants pay and GST , etc), wat better way to provide a refreshing young leader who’s willing to take on the establishment to stand up for Singapore! I can almost envisage a coalition between PAP and another new party set up by him. In this way, power is still retained by the “empire”. Conspiracy theory? hmm, I wonder…..

  3. Numb,

    Anything is possible. Conspiracy theories are left to be proven right.

    Hmm… another theory is that this is all part of the PAP’s “counter-insurgency” internet strategy. “Win them over by giving them a hero”.


  4. Gary said

    I admire his sense of justice. Pls can he also write/email abt Shincorp, Potong Pasir upgrading,GST, 7 wonders of S’pore, etc, etc. I wld aprreciate it alot and maybe vote for him in future.

  5. Dead Poet said

    So we have a Anti-hero in the making.

  6. sarek_home said

    According to ST report “2nd Lt Li, who is the third of PM Lee’s four children, has received a Public Service Commission scholarship to study economics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the United States.

    In a society with widening rich-poor gap, should the well paid PM’s son applies and takes up the scholarship? Why can’t he just leave the scholarship to someone who need it more?

  7. PeteR said

    Unfortunately, instead of being just a way for poor students to achieve their goals in life, a scholarship has become a status symbol to the elites in society. If u tell others that u got a scholarship, pple will look up to u. Nonetheless, this is a minor issue. I’m impressed that Li Hongyi got accepted in MIT, which is suppose to be where some of the top brains of the world are being produced. Sounds like someone with high calibre.

  8. fuk the gahmen said

    how can someone who cannot teach his son correct values lead the country! fuk off

  9. Dude said

    To Fuk the Gahmen,

    People like you don’t provide any constructive criticism and instead just hurl epithets. Your conservative “can’t teach his son correct values” tone is ironic considering that the establishment has been pushing family values for decades.

    People like you should go get stuffed and shut up until you can come up with something better.

  10. peasantJUDGE said

    You guys who are praising LTA LHY sky-high ought to simmer down and think again.

    What he did was using a double-edged sword.

    Firstly, why did he leave camp, and thus left the camp without an officer on duty until Saturday 1800 hrs?

    If he was truly an officer of honour and duty, he should have stayed at his post, come hell and high water, instead of leaving camp. Whether he thought highly of his superior(he doesnt obviously) is not the point. It could have been any other officer who couldnt report in time to relief him at his post — the next officer could have been killed, raped, assaulted, kidnapped or swept away in a sudden flood. LTA LHY should NOT have left his duty until the other arrived THAT would have been the absolutely RIGHT and ONLY thing to do.

    But instead, he left his post, and then after a good 2 months later, decided to write the email to finger all those people involved.

    You might say “oh wow such a great officer”. Please get sensible. He failed to observe proper procedure. And he broke ranks. And he now makes sure the whole world knows about it. He’ll sabo every one in the officer corps just to hit out at 2 or 3 guys. I’d say he’s showing a loud hint of his rascal self even at this young age. He’s a dangerous fella.

  11. […] Bloggers Remove Blog Post On PM’s Son Jump to Comments A few days ago, Lim Yee Hung had a post titled PM’s son’s army gaffe and why we have to worry on his blog HUNGonline. As you can see, when you click the link, the post has been removed. Its about an e-mail written by 2LT Li Hong Yi (Prime Minister’s son) to his superiors in the SAF and the Minister of Defence. You can read about that here and here. […]

  12. jumper said

    Nothing admirable, smart or even idealistic abt what he did, just plain low IQ stupid. I just dont know how anyone in uniform is going to respect him enough to follow him into battle. I think if he gave the order to attack, I will just play stupid and go to sleep, thats all this ppl are worth. Not very much.

  13. Nicole said

    Why was the letter not sent to the PM as well? He wanted to keep it within the Ministry of Defence?
    This has implications for the entire public sector.
    Or perhaps he spoke to his father about it over dinner?
    Hmmm then one wonders…was he encouraged? Did he have his father’s blessings? Perhaps the letter wasnt even his idea? Perhaps he even defied his father…

    If we had a complain about this whole incident…who does one write to now?

  14. yayayaya said

    If I am not wrong, AWOL is a straight DB with handcuffs. I have seen enough people go in for that. Some book in 2 hours late also got AWOL charge and go DB.

    I have also seen people go in DB for insubordination, those small type like arguing back.

    Those times, Singaporeans behave like prisoners in camps with no knowledge of their rights.

    SAF got full of unclear rules that can be interpreted as the CO like. If there is consistent justice, LTA X should be on the way to DB and so too the OC and those involved for helping a AWOLer.

    It seems the media never learn their lesson and is at overdrive again making Lee Hongyi look like a hero. The criticisms printed are so mild. Plenty of damage control. It seems they rather sacrifice SAF’s reputation than Lee Hongyi’s reputation.

    My analysis is he is no hero or zero. All he did was a rash act that opened a 40 years old can of worms in SAF. Anyone could have done what he did, only that what will be the consequences.

    Anybody else might be considered as mad and go to IMH for mass emailing so many people over some personal differences and displeasure with a bunch of colleagues and superiors.

    The incident had highlight some points.

    White Horse mentality and practice is still very much prevalent in SAF despite what MP Cedric Foo clarified in Parliament years ago.

    Rules alone is not enough to change this fact. Age old traditions and culture must take a beating to change this fact.

    When applying discipline and rules, prejudice and biaseness is still very much prevalent in SAF which led to many batches of NS men being more cynical than ever after leaving NS as compare before joining NS.

    Rules and discipline when applied unfairly and inconsistently can only cause SAF to self destruct in any situation.

    Hopefully during war time, the enemies can differentiate between who is white horse and who is not so that white horse can continue to enjoy different

    Anyway, welcome to the real world Lee Hongyi, I guess he must be sheltered too long thus was unprepared and shock for what he experienced in this incident which many Singaporeans had gone through without much difference.

  15. Desmond Lim said

    just to be the devil’s advocate here.

    as much as i would say that he really ‘challenged’ MINDEF, i also feel that he dared to do it because of who he was. i mean, which NSF 2LT would dare to do something like this even if he was not in the wrong? all of us would actually shut up and just complain to our friends and family. none of us would ever dare to do something like this.

    in my life, i have seen 2LTs being reprimanded for things that were not their fault. they seeked out redress but like mr. li, nothing was done. in the end what did they do? just bite the dust and carried on.

    so the question i’d ask, if he wasn’t the PM’s son, would he have dared to do it?

  16. The lead for the rest said

    little is known about the true fact of li hong yi case so i won’t comment here.

    However , A true leader comes with qualities which other don’t have.
    HE must have greater determination and endurance , understanding towards other feeling, see thing in bigger picture, cool minded knowing what his consequences could result from his decision, respect other and earned from them…etc.

    Based on this ,A true leader can thus be outshine the rest . SAF have a flaw in selecting leader , they pick on peoples purely from their execellent academic achievement without considering the qualities in a leadership .Thus they are many peopleswho suffer upon the leader’s inetiqutte ,wrond decision and poor judgement. These so call leader knew they are no match for the stiff competition from the job market, they sign up as aregular after graduated with a diploma and A level where they are not cut to be leader of any sort.

    I still remember the SAF put up a advert ” A career that commands respect” .How can A organisation has the wrong concept over respect ? respect need to be earned not COMMAND

  17. jon said

    Two supervising officers were issued letters of warning for administering inappropriate punishment.

    Think about that.

    This means at least two senior officers were aware of the problem and had decided to ignore 2LT Li Hongyi’s complaint.

    If 2LT Li had followed the “proper channel”, what makes you think the 3rd senior officer up the chain of command will do anything?

    MINDEF needs to clarify what it means by “proper channels”.

    Will Li Hongyi be charged if he merely sent his letters to everyone directly above him (ie, Defense Minister, CDF, CoA, Chief Signal Officer, etc)?

    The problem with that approach is that all these senior guys may still decide to ignore his complaint. What can he do then? In my opinion, his letter to everyone (including the unit storemen, cook, etc) directly causes the AWOL LTA to be court-martialed.

    Cos the SAF leaders are now aware that justice must be seen to be done. Otherwise, they cannot no longer maintain effective discipline among the men.

  18. Gerald said


    Good questions. The 3rd senior offr probably won’t have done anything either. I guess proper channels means he would have needed to patiently go rung by rung up the ladder…CO, CSO, ACGS, COS, COA, CDF, Min. (I’m just guessing. I don’t know the hierarchy — there are probably more crabs and stars in between.) If he waited just 3 weeks before before concluding that each senior officer above was NOT going to take action, that’s 18 weeks before he can email the Minister. He was scheduled to disrupt already. Where got time?

    Furthermore, 3 weeks may or may not be an appropriate length of time to wait for a response. If at any point he decided to complain up the next rung too soon, he could have gotten charged for not following the chain of command.

    So I think he would never have gotten the LTA to face court martial had he not shot the email all the way up to the CDF and Minister.

    Now the question of whether he would have gotten charged if he didn’t send his letter to the people below him. I believe so. He was charged for breaking rule #1: Follow the chain of command. If he didn’t cc all the enlisted men, the letter would never have leaked, and no one would have blogged about it in the first place. In which case, there would be no public pressure on Mindef to act.

    So my conclusion is that the outcome — LTA charged, OC and the other senior officer (probably the CO) warned — would not have happened if Hongyi didn’t shoot both up and down.

    Perhaps this is what Hongyi himself calculated before he even sent out the email. If so, then maybe he wasn’t so brash after all.

  19. dave said

    Maybe he should send the letter after he is out of SAF.

  20. Vincent said

    I believe this Li Hongyi was the one who attended the WP election rally at Serangoon last year before he enlisted for NS.

  21. The lead for the rest said

    As I stated in an earlier post, I’ve been SAF, in the last bloodbath. Nothing much has changed in this organisation, except mistakenly picking slackers as leaders.

    Moreover ,there have been a number of comments about SAF leadership, which is Draconian in style and fumbling in execution.

  22. The lead for the rest said

    Some online feedback by men under those command of the officer could help SAF to identify Slacker and true leader. These can eliminate alot of Slackers in SAF , who need em ? , they should be eliminated out from SAF.

    Slacker drawing gross salary of 5-6 K , idling in camp .We know who you are and gonna nail you down just like “culling the herbs”

  23. Rocky said

    Gerald, 2LT Lee did not mean to whistleblow as he sent an internal email.

    The person who whistleblowed was the first person who copied and posted the email on the Net knowing the outcome could go both ways at his own risk.

    This person is the real hero.

  24. Dude said

    Desmond Lim,

    You’re absolutely right that no ordinary conscript officer would do or get away with something like that. 2LT Li could have just did nothing but he knew he was in a position to effect change and did something about it and deserves to be lauded for that.

  25. chamsiong said

    hey dude,

    you seem to agree it is fine for 2LT Lee to get away lightly with what he did just because of his status. So you agree it is fine to have double standards when implementing discipline and rules in SAF.

    Then what is the difference between LTA X and 2LT Lee ??

  26. chamsiong said

    Hello desmond, not just officers suffer injustice and complain privately in SAF, all NSFs of all ranks suffer injustice and complain privately in SAF.

  27. david said

    Hi Mr 2lT lee,

    It will always be the same even after what you have
    done.we the common man will only have to suffer without complaint and no choice.

  28. colin said

    Hi There everyone and especially Mr 2LT Lee,

    There maybe some that disagree with you on the email matter which commented on the SAF Officers, but as a whole I strongly agree with you honest and straight forwardness. Yes, you did go through the Chain of Command (COC) it like you did informed the superior above you and even the alternative people you could speak too but I really understood your situation very well, reason that I too when the smae way through “Proper” channel and chain of command not just in the SAF but also the Ministry of Education and even the other Ministry, everyone from the Customer Service right to the Student Directors and worst of all the Perm. Secretary of Education is pushing the ball all over the shop and not taking “Responsibilities” not having the sense of ownership. These are the “REAL” propblem the Government of the Day should not just look into but serious consider doing their own “HouseKeeping” Take the Movie by Jack Neo as a lesson “Fellow the Law”….these are thing every Civil Servents and Governmental organisation are having this “Attitute” problem…if these continue the next few years you not only create a group of Civil Servent with this attitude but Singaporean as a whole will have this attitude then Mr SM Goh will have a headache answering the question of a “Gracious Society” which he dreamt off…so the ball is in the court of the Government of the Day…..Think about it and ponder over the days…Take care Singapore

  29. True Singaporean said

    Dear young people here,

    Whether you support HongYi’s action or not does not matter really. Either way, he has his day.

    Let’s put it this way, society girls have debutante balls to determine their marriageability. There must be a calculated way to determine the popularity or the lack of it for a crown prince. His email and press publicity could only have been the result of public relations strategy albeit a very outdated one.

    The only thing you have to be aware is that the rest of the country not belonging to their circle will forever be marginalised. Imagine yourself circulating an email of this sort. Count yourself lucky to be courtmartialled. who knows you could be stripped of your citizenship or made to pay heavy fines as long as you are under the Lee regime and Hong Yi is no exception.

    Please people, isn’t it very clear now; it does not matter what you think. Really.

  30. ThinkAboutIt said

    This situation seems to have gotten from internal to a hugely external issue. For good or whether for bad, only time would tell. If you ask me, there IS a chance that if he had informed a 3rd Senior officer regarding the issue, that officer MIGHT have metted out a more apppriate punishment for the AWOLee. If that had happened, good and so be it. If the 3rd Senior officer didn’t do anything, then, it would be a good idea to comprise a letter to the RIGHT people. But most certainly not to send it out to all the big shots in the SAF, some of which are not even in the AWOLee’s unit itself. That itself was a rash act. Like mentioned in the above, this act is defintely a double edged blade. Everyone knows there can be multitudes of people who AWOL in the SAF. Could you imagine the thousands of letters that would be written to all those big shots if evryone of the letter writers was as rash as LHY?. It’ll be ridiculous!..

  31. Dude said


    I did not say it is fine for 2LT Li to get away “lightly”, and I actually don’t think he got a light punishment. He did after all get summarily tried and got a verbal reprimand, which is about standard for cases like this. Basically it means your good conduct is wiped clean, i.e., you’re treated as if you just got promoted to your current substantive rank. Practically, it means that he won’t get promoted to LTA by the time he ORDs.

    This leads quite nicely into your next question, being the difference between the 2 officers’ transgressions. Being AWOL and lying about it versus not following the chain of command to report an errant officer. Go figure.

  32. Song said


    Arguing back and not obeying orders can also land yourself in DB under insubordination, cause the rules are unclear. I have seen people go in for that before.

    Not to mention spamming all the SAF top, middle and bottom brass email and complaining about a personal difference with a fellow colleague and superiors.

    2LT Lee can be considered very light he got no DB, report RP or extras because of who he is.It also shows his lack of officer creed and leadership.

  33. Song said

    2LT Lee is NSF. Its no great loss if he does not get promoted or do not get good conduct which is why he wrote the email near disruption if you take this as factor for ‘heavy’ punishment.

    If i am right,even going DB for non-criminal offence has no record, let alone a verbal reprimand which is nothing.

  34. There are problems in all government offices. No report means not all perfect.
    The issue brings to light that favourism or fear of reprisal if offender is son of certain big shot, is running in government services. This is what JB Jeyaratnam said of ‘looking over the shoulder’.
    It will only come to light when someone like LHY mass e-mail to all his seniors or any one who dares to speak up. There are nil in government services as they fear for their rice bowl.
    I wrote of abuse in the prison but no one dares to take action. See my website.

  35. locksmith said

    This is a very clear case of vindictive and malicious intent, directed specifically at an individual fellow officer, the goal to improve the system was purely incidental. Most people are not buying the spin sandwich only bc they are all asking – where is the beef?

  36. LaiChungMunss said

    my key suspect is who did 2lt li hong yi reported on ?
    is that awol officer a son of one big shot ?
    at least i know 2lt li do not support elite cronysium.

  37. Dude said


    Talking back and insubordination tend not to be used on officers as reasons to go to DB for. You need to get charged by your Superior Commander. From the SAF Act:
    Powers of punishment of superior commander
    70. —(1) A superior commander may upon conviction of an accused who is an officer below the rank of lieutenant-colonel or a warrant officer impose any one of the following punishments:

    (a) forfeiture of seniority of rank and forfeiture of all or any part of his service for purposes of promotion;

    (b) a fine not exceeding —

    (i) in the case of officers who are of the rank of captain or major, a sum of $3,000; and

    (ii) in the case of officers below the rank of captain and of warrant officers, a sum of $2,000; or

    (c) reprimand.

    (2) In addition to or in lieu of any other punishment, the superior commander may order that the accused shall suffer any deduction from his ordinary pay authorised by this Act.

    As you can see, 2LT Li’s SC could either fine him, demote him (not possible since he was a 2LT and there isn’t any lower substantive rank) or reprimand him. His SC would likely be the Chief Signal officer or the Brigade commander his battalion was attached to.

    Officers do not get RP, and extras are informal punishments that don’t go on your record. It’s not because of who he is. And extras are besides the point since he is deferring anyway. The only way he could go to DB was by a General Courts Martial, and the judges would likely dismiss it because not following the chain of command in such an instance is considered trivial.


    It may have been vindictive but I don’t think it was malicious. 2LT Li was appalled by the conduct of his so-called “fellow officer”, as am I.

  38. The lead for the rest said

    Some form of quality control in selecting officer should be implemented in SAF . Nothing much was changed in Mindef even though there are numerous compliants about slacker or loser as officers.All regulars and NSF comitted an offence in SAF should be treated equally , punishment for each offender must given equally without migating from their past achievements .As what we can see now , is that li hong yi is giving his honest opinion about the standard of the qualities in leadership.
    However ,the consequences of LI hon yi for delivering the policy of truth in SAF has put all senior officers in Shame and charges brought against him which is unjust.

    In my past experience with my complaints , i was being reprimanded for insubornation and they threatened to charge me on that account. Right now I demand the SAF to really seek into any improvements to create a high standard of an officer , and not merely picking loser as leader . If SAF do not know how to begin with maintaining high standared of leader , I would suggest them to have an annoymous annual review of officers’ performance by their men under their command.This would at least give some “wake up call” for the officer who want to take advantage of their authorities to slack during his duities .
    Any officers lazed in the camp should not be easily get away from their punishment . There is also another senseless and unfair treatment for a corporal who go AWOL in view with the officer .Hong yi is doing a right and want justice to be done for any offenders .He is cut to be a leader i guess ..with the email he sent out

    Now my question to SAF is….
    How are we gonna to trust these losers for giving orders to defend the countries when he is not behaving in a proper way?

  39. Unfair said

    I can only voice out an UNFAIR word. We will see or hear again when another officer who is not a white horse does the same mistake.

    We will then be able to see whether does he have any privilege.

    Its only a reprimand, do you all think it affects him? His dad is the PM. What can we say ? We do not have those kinda luck.

  40. Hi Unfair,

    I am not sure if a “reprimand” even constitutes “punishment” – as this channelnewsasia report indicates:

    “Li Hongyi was punished for contravening orders: MINDEF”

  41. moral of the story said

    the whole idea is to keep disputes behind close doors. some of this injustices committed are too damning for public consumption. one must always maintain one’s self righteous and pompous image(brand name) and a whiter than white to justify world class salary. any attempt to seek alternative resolution, outside of prescribed constrictions, shall be charged for contempt and even treasons. problem is, what if the rulers and judiciary failed to appropriate righteous justice after exausting the narrow channel of containment?

    sg has often been known to use international arbitration to settle disputes when there is an impasse with neighboring countries if all else failed. well, the people should have their ‘international artibtration’ to pressure officials to behave.

    someone should organise an ‘internation arbitration'( other than NGO/human rights etc) for the people and please, not CASE.

    and btw, if he, as the son of PM, can’t get away from the constricting coil of an anaconda system, no one can and should. now that’s the moral of the story!

    and the GRIP TIGHTENS!

  42. Lai CF said

    if I am an average Joe and did what Li Hongyi did, will my 2,000-words e-mail be published in TODAY?

    I tend to look on the other side of the coin:

    One side – praise to high heavens that we have a righteous young man willing to stand-up against the Establishment to see justice done.

    The other side: A sniggering rat that only has the courage to do it knowing “Uncle” Teo si there.

    Join by a Thin Edge of Uncertainty: Bravo!!! The PAP “Anti-Internal Insurgency Unit” asptroling Cyperspace is in full throttle. Thsi young political career started with a Big Bang. if Grandfather is PM at a tender age of 35-years old…This young man will go far as in GE2021..he wil be only 34 years old.

    Just watch future “hot-housing” of this young man on a “fast-track” political path.

    I doubt whether he will remain as an economist, banker, venure capitalsit, etc…

  43. […] Thus Ned fails to see why there is a need to sweep everything under the carpet. And this incident does benefit society as a […]

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