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Pssst! Have you heard….?

Posted by theonlinecitizen on July 24, 2007

Word on the street is that one senior cabinet minister is rumored to be leaving his post. 

Some forum participants on the internet describe him as a compassionate person and a man of high morals. 

He is also known as a thinker. In the past, he had often delivered in-depth and thought-provoking speeches and analyses of Singapore society and world events, some of which were published in full in the mainstream media.  Of late, however, such discourses and publications seem to have ebbed somewhat.

His rumored departure, if true, will probably be one of the moves in the government’s cabinet reshuffle that we can expect with the forthcoming post-National Day cabinet changes.

If you know more and have some confirmation, TOC would love to hear it and carry it. 

For now, however, this is just a rumour and TOC has not and is not able to confirm any of it.


4 Responses to “Pssst! Have you heard….?”

  1. LCC said

    Hmm… Would that senior member of the Cabinet have G.Y. as his initials?

  2. Gerald said

    I don’t think it’s true. Here’s a little evidence: In TODAY (2 Aug), it was reported that “George Yeo to visit North Korea Next Year”, representing ASEAN. If he is due to step down in an upcoming cabinet reshuffle, I don’t think he would commit to visiting N. Korea. The man loves his job. I would be shocked if he stepped down so soon.

  3. Andrew Loh said

    HI Gerald,

    A year in politics is a long time, as they say. Much can happen from now till then. In a recent Straits Times interview, George Yeo was described as being “wistful” when asked about what he would like to do next. I think that says something, although it of course does not mean he is leaving.

    If he does, however, we will see quite some changes in the Cabinet line-up. The other minister who is expected to step down is Lee Boon Yang, as MICA chief. Vivian Balakrishnan, presently 2nd MICA minister, is expected to take over from LBY. Which means a new minister moving to MCYS then.

    Tharman is also rumoured to be moving – to take over George Yeo, in fact, at MFA.

    But well, all these are just rumours. 🙂


  4. LCC said

    Hmm… Interestingly, Andrew, I read the same interview of George Yeo but I saw it as an interview hinting at the possibility of him being promoted to higher office (i.e. Deputy PM).

    And, yup, there have been rumours that being the Second Minister for MICA, Dr. Balakrishnan is being groomed to take over as Minister for MICA from Dr. Lee who is supposedly slated to step down mid-term.

    Anyway, if I remember correctly, it was predicted in a book about local politics (written a few years back) that Tharman Shanmugaratnam (then still a Senior Minister of State) will take over as Finance Minister. Well, he’s already the Second Minister for Finance, next step: Finance Minister?

    In the end, like you said, all these are just rumours and predictions (i.e. coffeeshop talk)…

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