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Handover of ownership of theonlinecitizen

Posted by theonlinecitizen on July 27, 2007

By Andrew Loh

After a long period of discussion with and feedback from friends, supporters and members of theonlinecitizen (TOC), I have decided to hand over the ownership of this blogsite to my co-editor, Choo Zheng Xi.

This is to address the concerns which some have feedbacked to us – namely, that my being a member of The Workers’ Party gives the impression that TOC is a Workers’ Party blog or that it is a WP vehicle.

It was never so and never intended to be so. The Workers’ Party has never been involved in this blog and TOC has never been used by the WP to propagate its agenda.

Theonlinecitizen was an initiative by ordinary Singaporeans to engage in and discuss issues which we feel passionate about.

Nonetheless, we – the editors of TOC – feel that it would be good to make certain that TOC is not seen as or give the impression that it is a vehicle of any political party.

Thus, I have decided to hand over the reins to Zheng Xi – and take up the role of co-editor.

This will take immediate effect.

Zheng Xi, as the new owner, will have the final say in matters pertaining to theonlinecitizen from today onwards – 28 July, 2007.

I have no doubt that theonlinecitizen is in good hands.

My thanks to everyone who has given advice and feedback the last few weeks and months.

And also many thanks to all our readers, visitors, supporters and fellow bloggers. Please do continue to give Zheng Xi and the team at theonlinecitizen your support, as you’ve done these past 8 months or so.

Andrew Loh


8 Responses to “Handover of ownership of theonlinecitizen”

  1. Robert HO said

    RH: Dear Andrew, I know that what is done is done and that you have handed over to Zheng Xi who will continue to do the good work TOC has been doing.

    Just a comment SO THAT OTHER BLOGS AND ONLINE PUBLICATIONS DO NOT FALL FOR THE SAME PRESSURE TACTICS THAT HAS RESULTED IN YOUR QUITTING, do not let Readers comments [mostly from the 15,000 PAP members and PAP govt lackeys] that ‘you are not neutral’ and should therefore give up ownership of your blog.

    This is a common, standard, underhand tactic by the PAPs and should be IGNORED.

    They want every blog to be so careful that they end up neutered, castrated of anti-PAP writings. THIS WOULD REDUCE THE READERSHIP AND THE EFFECTIVENESS OF THE BLOG. Believe me, there is a deep hunger for alternative news and views and a huge turning away from the PAP media. To water down your blogs plays right into PAP hands.

    Even if you are a WP member, it matters not to your Readers because we can read for ourselves whether your blog is partisan or not. The proof is in the writing. You are now one of the best blogs in Singapore and on Singapore.

    So, my comment to all similar situations in the future is to stick to your guns, continue your blogs, even if you are an Opposition member. Your content proves whether you are grinding an axe or simply telling the truths which the PAP media are falsifying.

    Keep up the good work.

    Robert HO

  2. Zheng Xi said

    Dear Robert Ho,

    I assure you our content will be anything but watered down in the months to come. If anything, please expect the same volume, if not more, alternative news on TOC. I am not a member of any party, but sometimes the most effective criticism can come from outside the political system. Thank you for the accolades and please keep reading TOC.

    Zheng Xi

  3. Andrew Loh said

    Hi Robert,

    I think you might be jumping to conclusions. There is no “pressure from the PAP” in this decision to hand over ownership of TOC to Zheng Xi. There is no “conspiracy theory” here, I’m afraid.

    Also, handing over TOC to ZX does not mean any “watering down” of views here – whatever “watering down” means. I know that TOC will continue to provide views which are critical and also supportive of the authorities. (For example, our article on the new Northern hospital in Yishun.)

    You are right in saying that the content will prove whether we or I “have an axe to grind”. To be clear, I have no axe to grind – with anyone. 🙂

    So far, TOC has received much support from readers like yourself and we would like to extend our appreciation and thanks.

    Please do continue to visit with us and give us your views.


  4. Shaun said

    I’m sure TOC is in good hands! Keep up the good work Zheng Xi and team! Anyway I’m sure Andrew will remain as active as ever (i hope). It does not matter who is in charge as long as the quality of content remains.

    TOC has raised a lot of relevant issues for the education of the general public and also has served as a good meeting place of minds. If recent entries are any indication, there’s no reason to suspect any future ‘watering down’ of views or content.

    Keep up the good work team!

  5. Andrew Loh said

    Hi Shaun,

    Thanks for the kind words. Yes, I will still contribute to TOC. 🙂

    As Remy has said, there won’t be any watering down of views but vulgarities and extremist postings/comments will still be disallowed, though.

    I think we all agree on that. 🙂


  6. Lai CF said

    Are you sure I am not an extremist?…

    And yes, sometime, I hesitate to post here…….

  7. Clarence said

    It’s good to make a clear stand just so that no one has misunderstandings. I love reading TOC, and it’s my source of info when I’m overseas now. Of course, I read the online papers too, but it’s just so that I get an overall picture.

    Keep up the good work! =)


  8. Zheng Xi, don’t you want to say anything about the transfer of ownership? Like where you intend to take this blog, officially assuring that TOC will stay true to its original direction, etc. etc.?

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