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The Gay Issue – YoungPAP vs Bloggers

Posted by theonlinecitizen on July 28, 2007

A blog post by Young PAP member, Nicholas Lazarus, has generated reactions from bloggers. Below is a listing of some of the bloggers who have written responses to his blog article.

The article – titled “The Alternative Vision For Singapore (and I mean Alternative!)” – can be found here (Young PAP blog).

Below is a screenshot of the article and Lazarus’ subsequent comment, (click to enlarge):


Here are some extracts from various blogs:

A disgrace to YPAP – The Legal Janitor :

“If someone representing YPAP can be so abjectly devoid of any semblance of logical thought, then the rest of Singapore must be doomed. Quite simply, if a moron actually makes it to YPAP, then the average Singaporean must be a slack-jawed mouth-breathing drool-dripping inbred mutant.”


I love Young PAP blog – Hear Ye Hear Ye:

“According to our dear Nicholoas, gays cannot procreate, so we should ban their existence. I laughed most loudly at this part. So, we should ban all impotent men along with women who have reached menopause. Since procreation is so important, why stop at gays?”


Of the YPAP blog – Winter Is Coming:

“The latest by Nicholas Lazarus is particularly shocking, notwithstanding his profession his argument seems to be no different than that often employed by those homophobes who have been rearing their heads in the public sphere. And this is the same Nicholas Lazarus who employed one of the worst arguments for the ministerial salary hikes.”


I see dumb people – Sheep City:

“It goes at length to ridicule gays in the army as to sodomize their fellow comrade in-arms. It is plain rubbish. Who has heard anyone being charged for sodomy in the barracks? This is utter nonsense coming from those who would be leaders in Sheep City one day.”


Homophobic Young PAP – Singapore Critic:

“This guy is utterly hopeless …”


Young PAP Nicholas Lazarus rails on gays – Minor Epiphany:

“C’mon Nicky boy, be proud of what you are! Years from now, you’ll thank us cos your kids can read about what daddy is really like!”


Oh dear oh dear – The Daily Backtrack:

“I’m stunned, really. Most people dispense of these arguments in secondary school, where they are taught by their English teachers to make logical and fair arguments.”


Strike 2! – Song B:

“I’m mildly surprised that he, being a “litigation lawyer in private practice” as he so mentioned in his earlier post, can still have such logically flawed arguments, especially ones posted online for the world to see, as well as under the YPAP header. “Mildly” due to his previous post.”


My dear homophobic PAP – Geeky Rojak:

“Plus, about teachers having to deal with boy-boy relationship instead of boy-girl relationship.. Are you seriously dumb? What is the friggin’ difference? And why does it have to be boy-boy only from now on? You think homosexuality is a contagious disease that once you allow, everyone would catch it?”


Nicholas Lazarus and his homophobic views – Simply Me. Simple Jean:

“And I somehow want to agree with Han, Nicholas is quite a disgrace to the PAP, young or not.”


Homophobic Young PAP – L Bandit:

“This bit is extremely foul. People who cannot procreate and thus cannot produce offspring for our nation should be discriminated? Should we arrest all women who have sex after having their menopause? Should we arrest all men who have sex after having a vasectomy? Should we arrest all couples who use a condom during sex?”


Why can’t Nicholas Lazarus be more tolerant? – Cloudy Windz:



Will U STOP condemning homosexuals? Only WEAKLINGS do anyway!!! –

SO CUT THE CRAP AND MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS!!!!! Just becos you are straight doesn’t make you superior or any one bit more “normal” or capable of doing our country proud! Silly.”


The homophobic future of our government? – CurlyWurlyBooBoo:

I can’t believe such immaturity, naivety and blatant narrow-mindedness exists in the PAP! I thought they had higher standards than this.”


I am Singapore XXXI – Lazarus’ SingaporeDie Neue Welle:

“Seriously, however, this goes to show once again how dangerous it is for us Singaporeans to place ALL our trust in the PAP. Can you imagine having a minister like this person? Can you imagine this person on the forefront of Singaporean politics? Think about it.”


The alternative to an alternative (yes, definitely alternative!) – Words Of The Lionheart :

“There are days when I worry for this country. I have found another reason to. I suppose the writer of that post must have recently divorced his reason. It’s the only explanation I can find for the sheer bigotry, the naked prejudice, the mind-numbing incredulity that screams from every paragraph. The entry pretends to be an argument against legalising homosexuality. Each point demands a reply, and I shall give it.”


Nicholas Lazarus needs your help – HUNGonline:

“Mr Lazarus has to do battle daily against the forces of evil. As a lawyer, he has to fight off green-eyed monsters envious of his high pay…. When he changes into his alter ego, Lazarus the soldier, he has to deal with an even more frightening enemy: sinister homosexuals disguised as comrades, keen on sticking their M-16s where the sun don’t shine…. We can only hope that Mr Lazarus quickly makes the step up to become part of the ruling party. He will make things right again, and we will all live happily ever after.”


Public Persona Suicide – Wynging It:

“I find his last name inherently ironic. I don’t know why, I just do.”




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15 Responses to “The Gay Issue – YoungPAP vs Bloggers”

  1. Ned Stark said

    Wah, it seems as if we are ganging up on him…

  2. LifesLikeThat said

    Famous words from members of the Young Elite Club:

    “Get out of my elite uncaring face!”

    “They cannot procreate and thus cannot produce offsprings for our nation”

    I wait with bated breath for the next WORDS OF WISDOM!!

  3. Pui yee said

    to LifesLikeThat

    we may not need to wait too long for their next pearls of wisdom, with compliments of loy… lol

  4. pkchukiss said

    Sometimes, I can’t help but wonder whether that blog is purposely penned by people without the ability to write logically to show that that party doesn’t treat online discussions seriously. I mean, a blog claiming to represent a youth wing of a local political party filled with writings that can’t even pass a simple secondary school argumentative essay test is seriously a joke. I even wonder whether the PAP takes their youth wing seriously, or let that appendage run like a wild weed of intolerance.

  5. Cs2 said

    I see alternate views as a direct result of the failure for the hippie generation to establish a proper set of values for Society after the war. Right now, even myself, i’m developing my own set of values as i never had received proper culture from my parents. Hence i cant blame the gays or even the elitist to have developed their own set of alternative/radical thinking.

    My way of seeing this argument is to ask ‘cui bono’. Who stands to benefit. The devil will argue for himself. The patriot will argue for his country’s name. The enlightened will argue for the good of mankind.
    I think the problem goes beyond gay or elitism. It shows that our society is fragmenting.

  6. Kongseeme said

    Why do we have to criticise someone who is different from us. Has Lazarus or anyone else sat down and spoken to a gay and asked him about the reasons he behaves like that, his feelings, his ambitions. Just because someone is different does not mean that he/she must be ostricised.

    Give all a equal chance and rationalise their concerns.

  7. Kim said

    I strongly believed our PM, MM, and SM are standing beside the Gays on this issue. If you are a gay, be patient. If you are an anti-gay, be realised.

  8. Kim said

    One last word for the “YPAP + anti-gay” – your bosses are looking and closely monitoring your reasoning on this issue.

  9. said

    This is the new generation of leaders that we are going to have in the future? It seems to me that its getting from bad to worst with each new generation of leaders that we are having. Every generation gets more and more heartless and indifferences to too many things, and worst of all, naive. What hope do we have after Singapore Inc. founder is gone?

  10. shalom said

    sekali he’s also gay and does this to hide his hidden identity. which is, of course, totally boliao.hahaha. hey someone say something to comfort the lesbians too.

  11. wulala said

    woah sey.
    you know what i’m thinking?
    i’m thinking that nicky boy here is gay too. why is that?
    number one. he’s the first person in singapore history to come up with this kind of crap, which says quite a lot, eh?
    number two. he’s scared that he loses his job, so he goes waving a banner that says ‘i’m serving the nation!’
    number three.i think he’s got it all planned out. by the responses that ppl are giving, he’s showing quite well that he’s a staunch heterosexual.

    yay. we gain enlightenment.

    joking aside, do you really plan to use your religion to tell the world you’re such a goody-goody? from your name and such, i infer you’re a catholic right? SO AM I. and i think you’re a total disgrace. yea, the bible mentions not to let man and man have sex. didn’t say they can’t be in love. anyway, that’s in the old testament, few thousand years back. and what did Jesus tell you to do? love your neighbour as you love yourself. do unto others what you would others do unto you. i can see you love yourself.
    try showing some compassion, if you can’t show any respect.
    your outdated thinking is not going to influence the world a single bit, so stop trying to be a hero. of course i know that all these comments are extremely hurting, but you relly need some self-reflection.

    Thank God that Jesus still loves you.

    cos as far as i can see, no one other than your parents do.

    say sorry and get on with life.

  12. Nut Case said

    Some people are borned blind.
    Some people are borned mute.
    Some people are borned deaf.
    Some people are borned with blood disorder.
    Some people are borned with no legs, no arms, etc.
    Some people are borned with down syndrome.
    Well, you can simply google or youtube human abnormalities and there are plenty of them.

    The question now is why can’t there be a possibility that some people are borned with a genetic mix-up in their gender vis-a-vis their bodies.

  13. Tang Li said

    Well, let’s not be too mean to Nicholas. I mean, according to a homosexual acquaintance, those who seek to ban homosexual activity the hardest, are in fact closest homosexuals who are in denial about their own sexuality.

  14. RiceVeryEx said

    why are we so hard-up on the guy? sounds like a lot of gay activists here and this thing is just blown out of proportion!

  15. Sze Chong said

    It’s perfectly fine whether a person supports or does not support gay in public sphere.

    Why so much jeering, unless, unless, there are many gays here?! 🙂

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