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TOC interviews Ephraim Loy

Posted by theonlinecitizen on August 3, 2007

Ephraim Loy, one of the men behind Singapore’s Foreign Affairs Minister George Yeo’s foray into blogging, has become something of a piñata on TOC.

Of the 44 comments so far posted in the article welcoming him on board, many were overwhelmingly negative, if not outright hostile.

Is he really a PAP running dog? Will he be running for the next elections? What does he think of the now infamous YoungPAP blogger Nicholas Lazarus’ comments on homosexuality?

Below is TOC’s interview with Ephraim.

TOC: What do you think about the perception that all grassroots leaders are in it to rub shoulders with the MPs or Ministers?

Ephraim: That’s an over-generalization, although I can see where that perception comes from. As a grassroots leader, you work closely with the MP and it definitely is an advantage. You’re able to give direct feedback about policies without having to go to forums or dialogues.

However, there are some grassroots leaders who are definitely in it for the thrill.

This is very obvious during block visits. Before block visits, there are clearly pre-assigned roles. Sometimes, the people in the entourage outnumber the residents because there are people following the procession who are unnecessary. Some of these are obviously there for the purposes of being seen with the MP.

TOC: There is an impression that you’re so pro PAP it hurts. Are there any party policies/positions you actually disagree with?

Ephraim: I disagree with their stand on 377A. Many of the people I interact with would repeal it, and I don’t see any indication of this conservative majority that the pro 377A camp claims exists. Some in Parliament have openly said they are against 377A (Mr Baey Yam Keng), and I hope they have the moral courage to take an open vote on it soon.

I’m also worried about the overlap between the grassroots and the PAP in opposition wards.

The country’s main grassroots body is the People’s Association. As the name suggests, it is supposed to be a non partisan association, for grassroots organization. They work closely with the elected representatives (which they call advisors to the grassroots organizations) in different constituencies to distribute grassroots aid. The only exception is in the opposition wards. Strangely, in the opposition wards, the grassroots advisor isn’t the elected representative, but a PAP man.

This allows the PAP man to fund projects to win party support. This might give residents the mistaken impression that the money is coming from the PAP to win votes. This should not be the case as grassroots projects should work with the elected representative of the constituency, regardless of his party affiliation.

I also really resent MM’s brand of cross causeway diplomacy. Characterizing Malaysian Chinese as an oppressed minority is, frankly, undiplomatic.

TOC: Hang on, does this mean you disagree with the recent YoungPAP blog post by Nicholas Lazarus expressing his disgust with homosexuals?

Ephraim: Absolutely. The comments were completely uncalled for.

TOC: The PAP’s brand of youth activism seems to be, join the grassroots, or do community service. Are there other options available, and would you encourage young people to take them?

Ephraim: Youth should fight for what they believe in, regardless of what their political views are. I’m not here to strengthen the PAP at the expense of the WP, because at the end of the day, Singaporeans would be worse off for only having one point of view.

I used to think youth were apathetic, but after being involved in the grassroots for almost two years, I’ve realized that there are many youths, at the grassroots level as well as in civil society, who are willing to organize and campaign for what they believe in. Sometimes I might disagree with their positions, but I think our country needs more people like that who stand up for what they believe in, and take action. Worst cases are young people who only know how to complain but don’t act.

So yes, I would encourage youth to get engaged in civil society activism. Better than armchair criticism.

TOC: Tell us something about yourself we don’t really know.

Ephraim: I’m not actually that into politics, I’m more of a lifestyle and youth issues writer. I get quite turned off by politics because I really dislike confrontation. Sometimes I get a lot of flak for being a YP member (like most of the 30+ comments in my introduction article on TOC), but I think people are just misdirecting their anger at the government towards me. I’m not responsible for a lot of the policies they draft, and some I might not even understand.

That’s why I much prefer community work, which involves more listening than arguing for a point of view.

You can’t really know why certain things are done certain ways until you see the big picture.

TOC: So why are you with YP instead of just in grassroots?

Ephraim: Sitting in on my first Meet-the-People’s Session (MPS) confirmed for me that if I wanted to be deeply involved with the community, the YP was one of the best place to do it. Not because it could best effect social transformation, but by the simple fact that most people turn to their MPs as a last resort.

These are people I wouldn’t normally come into contact with unless I organize or join a community service project. Being in the YP has allowed me to keep an ear on the ground, and my feet firmly rooted in the community I live in.

TOC: What type of grassroots workers turns you off the most?

Ephraim: I get most turned off by grassroots leaders who like to give positive feedback all the time. Like the advertisement some time back: hear only the good things.

TOC: What role do you see MM playing in the party?

Ephraim: I don’t think I’ll be the first person to say this, and I’m not saying this because of my position in grassroots. I think this is observable to many political watchers. MM is in a sense, a lightning rod for controversial issues.

The original question relating to homosexuality was posed by Loretta Chen, local director and the sister of actor Edmund Chen and it was actually in relation to censorship. MM doesn’t say anything without a reason, so the fact that he steered the question towards homosexuality points to a clear intention to broach the issue on his part. Now whether this was to test the waters for a possible relaxation of attitudes, no one is sure.

TOC: You’ll be fresh out of University by the time the next GE comes along. Just in time to run for elections. Will you?

Ephraim: This is something which I have never thought about. It’s not like planning a vacation or career. The job of an MP is not easy and it is a long and winding road. Being an MP is not about smiling and going round shaking hands looking happy. There’s more to it than just that. It’s a lot of hard work.

But I guess when the time comes I will have to deal with it. Many people have been joking about it – from schoolmates to grassroots leaders. The only thing I tell them is to support me when I need it most.

Ephraim also writes on his own blog here.


37 Responses to “TOC interviews Ephraim Loy”

  1. anonymous said

    “Ephraim Loy, one of the men behind Singapore’s Foreign Affairs Minister George Yeo’s foray into blogging”

    I think it should be ‘boy’ rather than ‘man’

  2. Smooth Talker said

    Ephraim sounds like a future PAP MP. A smooth talker when the need arises. I am not convince by his talk.

    If he really wants to contribute to community, there is no need to do it via YPAP.Grassroots will be enough. There are many other ways too.

    I think he is more interested in the same old stuff of aligning himself with the rich and powerful. He is no different from those he is complaining about.

  3. anonymous said

    “I’m not actually that into politics, I’m more of a lifestyle and youth issues writer. I get quite turned off by politics because I really dislike confrontation.”

    So why are you becoming an editor on a site that is often discussing politics?

    “TOC: You’ll be fresh out of University by the time the next GE comes along. Just in time to run for elections. Will you?

    But I guess when the time comes I will have to deal with it. Many people have been joking about it – from schoolmates to grassroots leaders. The only thing I tell them is to support me when I need it most.”

    Despite your claim a few paragraphs above that you are not keen on politics, you do not rule out that you may eventually run for election – why are you contradicting yourself?

  4. Zheng Xi said

    Well just because he’s an editor on a site discussing politics doesn’t mean he’s going to write about politics. It also doesn’t mean TOC is not going to run lifestylre related pieces. In fact, quite a few of our writers don’t write about politics. You really shouldn’t preempt what he is or isn’t going to write about.

    Also, why do you seem to think Ephraim owes it to you to rule anything in his future out, political or otherwise? If he actually does run eventually and you don’t like him still, just don’t vote for him =)

  5. David said

    From the thing he answer, at least he frank to admit the deficiencies and bootlicking of many grassroots leaders.

  6. TRAVELLER said

    The devil can quote the scripture for his purpose.

  7. X-men said

    “The only exception is in the opposition wards. Strangely, in the opposition wards, the grassroots advisor isn’t the elected representative, but a PAP man.”

    If Ephraim finds it strange, why never bother to investigate since he likes community work.

    It is deliberate, not strange. PAP is using state funds to fund party objectives and party activities. This is abuse and a form of corruption. It will be a scandal in other nations.

    It should be a precedent, allowed or habit. The farce over Potong Pasir MRT lamp posts are an example.

    Sitoh built without Potong Pasir Town Council’s permission and after losing election just dump the responsibilty to Chiam without doing proper handover of documents and resources and disappear.

    Sitoh was insulting the very institutions of the Parliament and elections by not respecting Chiam in his conduct. Chiam is legally voted in while Sitoh has no official capacity.

    Imagine WP going around Singapore building amenities and dump it on PAP town councils after losing elections, there will be chaos.

    Even grassroots level, there is no clear rules who can do what, how to manage a nation ??

  8. Sri Lanka has failed to copy LKY’s top-down or leadership system of government,

    Thaksin of Thailand was probably another who has copied somewhat the so-called leadership or top-down governing system of LKY resulting in uprising against him.

    He could have carried on governing Thailand to greater success today given the many improvements he had brought about if he had tried to be more democratic and won over the support of all his people with more accountable democratic governance which is the only system assuring people to be truly free from crony-ism or corruptions, legalised or otherwise.

    If president Yunoyuno of Indonesia is to copy LKY’s autocracy, he too will predictably suffer the same fate.

    The only reason perhaps why LKY was able to pull off his brand of autocracy in the Little Red Dot is his skilfull manoeuvring of westminister’s law and order to impose his will on the people through legalistic wrangling of laws and regulations to get his way.

    As long as he could get any of his wishes passed as laws through the parliament which is essentially under his thumb there is nothing he could not do to get his own way despite all the objections and illogics and irrationality.

    No one was able to stand up to his dare as he had the power to demote them or kick him out of government without accountability to any one.

    So he had pushed through schemes many laws including paying himself and his ministers any salaries he like, GRC election which is no election at all and even his own double-pay one for working and one for retiring without anyone among his cabinet daring to question him.

    His top-down autocracy is not benefitting the majority of citizens but no one is able to stand up to him due to his having taken full control of the whole governing system.

    Good or bad is his system should perhaps be left to history to judge. All citizens could see is a stalemate of some kind for years where the people are getting poorer due to people being unable to contribute to the country under such a system.

  9. I for one think it’s a good thing that Ephraim is on this site – his presence will, pragmatically, give TOC more credibility among people who believe it to be heavily influenced by opposition politics.

    I’m pretty sure the other writers will remain just as committed to documenting injustice, hypocrisy and misreporting in Singapore (in fact, we’d better kick their asses if they get slack).

    But I hope Ephraim doesn’t confine himself to non-political writing. I hope he can cover a few problematic issues with governance or trade in Singapore himself, or even put forward his own political views in articles – pro or anti, it doesn’t matter; this site is supposed to be better than the largely monopartisan news sources of SPH, after all. Regardless of party affiliations, it’s important for a person to be an independent thinker.

  10. Robert Teh,

    Lee Kuan Yew made use of the ISA handed down by the British. With this tool, who dares to oppose will only lands up in jail ?

    The rest are secondary.

  11. Hi everyone,

    Please refrain from posting very very long comments here (some have posted comments which are 2 or 3,000 words long) and also please refrain from advertising your services or promoting your spiritual beliefs. I think you can use MOCCA for that. 🙂

    If you want readers to read articles on your own blog, you can provide a url or hyperlink or use the trackback function. (Please don’t ask me how, I also don’t know 😦 ). Please do not cut and paste your entire article here.

    Good grief!

    Thanks! 🙂


  12. AWOL said

    This is only in theory.

    This website has every right to be an opposition website if it wants to. There is nothing wrong with it.

    It can be use to balance off MSM biased reporting. If MSM can be pro-PAP, why not this website be pro-opposition?

  13. Ned Stark said

    That is assuming this site’s purpose is to be pro opposition. This website however is neither pro opposition no pro pap notwithstanding the background of the contributors and editors. In fact, the full title of this website is “The Online Citizen- A community of Singaporeans”, and not a community of propap or anti pap or whathave you Singaporeans.

  14. hi AWOL,

    Actually, I agree with you. I think blogs have the right to be what they want to be. Pro-PAP, anti-PAP, pro-WP, anti-WP, whatever.

    But theonlinecitizen was never set up to be any of the above.

    For pro-PAP views, please do visit P65.Sg or The Young PAP Blog.

    For pro-WP views, please visit The Hammersphere

    For everything else, there’s theonlinecitizen. 🙂


  15. sarek_home said

    “An eye for an eye leaves everybody blind.” Mahatma Ghandi

    Fighting “Partisan” organisations with “Partisan” organisations will blind the society collectively with partisan also. We need to set an example and evolve beyond partisan politic.

    Readers who distaste MSM biased reporting at one end of the spectrum do not want another online biased reporting at the other end of the spectrum.

    The best way to defeat and balance off MSM biased reporting is to be neutral and objective.

  16. If Ephaim Loy being a youngpap member is indeed going to contribute to this supposedly independent website called the onelinecitizen site he should be independent and not seen as a member of the establishment out to control or manipulate the views in this site.

    If he is interested in this onlinecitizen site and be able to contribute to its growth for the good of all, he should come here to post his views as an independent forumer and not as cyber agent of his ruling party. He should show he has no hidden agenda to impose ruling party views on this site. He should be able to contribute based on interactions with people by bringing valid views and criticisms back to the inner circle of his ruling party where problems are caused by wrongful policies of his party.

    It is in this context, that this site will benefit from his interactions as otherwise this site will become yet another mouth piece of the government like the Straits Times or Reach which do not help solve or present problems.

    In this regard, I have posted some of the current issues and problems caused by the existing government policies and I hope he will respond appropriately especially to those posted in the little red dot or the alternative solutions to corporate governance presented in the Process Management.

  17. sarek_home said

    I hope Robert would show some trust in TOC team and realize that a single YPAP will not be able to impose ruling party views on this site and turn it into yet another mouth piece of the government like the Straits Times.

    Let us stop this labeling anyone as “a member of the establishment out to control or manipulate the views “ or set the agenda on how anyone should play his role and contribute to this site. They are adults and will work out the team dynamic in good time.

  18. Joey said

    Those who are stubbornly refusing to see the potential benefits of having Ephraim on board and keep harping on their doomsday predictions are just being childish.

    The defence that many of them put forth is “if I wanted mainstream views I would read ST”. The question is: do you? What TOC is doing here is very progressive. There is already at least 1 American blog aggregator which juxtaposes views from liberal blogs, conservative blogs and blogs that sit on the fence.

    Why bother? Because humans have a natural tendency to only read the things they want to read. Liberals would flock to liberal blogs and conservatives would only stick to reading what the conservative bloggers wrote. At the end of the day, that is not good for society because it polarises society.

    Why can’t we treat everyone with respect regardless of party affiliation?

  19. Clarence said

    This website is one of the best I’ve seen on the Net so far (on Singapore, politics and what-have-you).

    For those people who insist that having Ephraim on the team is a farce, you can just leave this website for good. Seriously why make a big hoo-ha about all this? It gives the team a better balance and you should look at the overall picture.

    Keep up the good work TOC! =)

  20. Pui yee said

    as andrew has suggested, loy does not owe it to anybody to rule anything out of his future.

    but as anon 12.55 has written, loy is only slapping his own face by saying he gets “quite turned off” by politics and yet he canvasses for political support in advance.

    the only illumination for this contradiction can be found in pappy’s public service doctrine:
    “oh, i really loathe politics, so i deserve to be paid MILLIONS if i am asked to serve sporeans.”


  21. sarek_home said

    Telling people to “just leave this website for good” because they disagree with TOC’s decision is not what TOC will do given that it is putting an effort to build an inclusive place for all to rationally exchange and debate views and issues.

    Being inclusive means including those who disagree with TOC. It is good to see these people raising their objection. It shows that this site has done a good job and they care for this site and its future.

    The TOC team are adults with strong passion to this society. If they were soft minded, they would not have started TOC and sustained its growth. We should show some trust to them to keep up the good work with the newly added member.

    We want democracy, then we need to establish the culture to be inclusive and respect the rights of individuals. We may not agree every time, but we remain inclusive and respect each others as sharing the same goals to see TOC grows and push for the democratic development of this society.

    We welcome loyal critics and honest disagreement from our fellow brothers and sisters in this democratic journey to remind us our goals.

    Let’s match together.

  22. To: Sarek_home,

    I do not form any opinion yet whether Ephraim Loy would be another MP or grassroot leaders fond of blowing trumpet of their political masters.

    He should nevertheless realize that if he is another like the many MPs inducted over tea session with PM, or another Wee Shu Min only interested to protect the status quo or the elites or their political masters whom she hopes one day will invite her to tea, then we are wasting time here in inviting him to join theonlinecitizen website as a key team member.

    If he however still feels that he could be independent of his political masters and will speak up on real issues and problems faced by people due to wrong policies, he must help to recognize existing serious problems causing loss of our social and cultural vibrancy and economic competitiveness.

    Given such a larger perspective, there is no doubt that this web site will be better in achieving its intended objectives.

    Given below is yet another rather one-sided attitude of our many ministers who are normally only interested in presenting half truths. Let us hope Emphraim will be able to speak up on such incorrect ministers’ attitude in governing the country and make changes in due course taking into account larger needs and perspective of governing a country.

    *Edited by moderator for lenghty-ness

    **Robert, please refrain from cutting and pasting articles from elsewhere. And also please refrain from posting comments which run into the thousands of words.

  23. sarek_home said

    I see everyone as free person acting on his / her free will unless he / she acts in a manner that show he or she has “masters”. I hope Robert will do the same.

    There are many forums where Robert can speak his mind. Would it be acceptable to TOC and Robert if he posts links to these posts in other forums or discussion groups?

    Robert, I appreciate your views. My observation among opposition parties and leaders show that we all have same understanding of issues and the root cause. The only different that they have different approach to deal with them because of their individual characters and world views.

  24. T C Pang said

    It is very difficult to treat a person with respect when he says, “Let’s raise the GST to 7% to HELP THE POOR.”

    Since Ephraim hails from the same party, and we have yet to see him critise his beloved party in any way (save for those mild attacks on the grassroot level), we are forced to conclude as follows:

    1. He is a true Pay-n-Pay supporter, and will always trumpet the views of his party superiors and/or
    2. He lacks critical thinking skills over major policy changes and/or
    3. He is a cyberspace counter-insurgent cleverly planted in a “multi-partisan” TOC.

    I must say I am disappointed with TOC’s editorial team. It would have been more prudent to accept Emphraim as a guest contributor for a trial period and see if he could really contribute constructive views in this “democratic journey”.

    Well, I guess I would vote with my “eyeball views” then. Not much of a pity anyway since Leong Sze Hian’s articles are the only ones worth reading.

  25. TOC team has actually done citizens a disfavour by allowing this site to be associated to some government counter-insurgents whether they know it or not.

    How could TOC expect fellow citizens to believe Ephraim to say things that are objective and factual which may be critical or over-critical of the government.

    Since he came on board, several of my posts are now considered too long with rather zealously edited or cut short for flimsy reason although in the context of the issues being raised some elaborate posts might actually be needed for the purpose of particular discussions.

    Whether this is another site cleverly disguised as independent remains to be seen.

    If such a site is created indeed for citizens’ contributions to government, it should stay independent in substance and in every sense of the word. Many government sites like Reach, feedback unit, youngpap or other government sites are losing their credibility because of large presence of government cyber counter-insurgency agents as announced by minister Lui Tuck Yew.

    So judge for yourself forumers whether TOC is becoming just another site under scrutiny by cyber counter-insurgency so as to indoctrinate citizens to have “better” understanding of their policies.

  26. Dear Robert,

    Your posts were moderated because of length – as I have explained before. If you find that flimsy, I am sorry. If you want to associate that with some “counter-insurgency” underpinnings, I am sorry again.

    You are wrong.

    As I have also explained before, no one is stopping you from having your say but we also require you to understand that cutting and pasting articles into comments section here are not advised.

    You can perhaps post a short quote and provide a link to the forum/blog/website you are cutting and pasting from.

    Alternatively, you can send the article to us for publication – subject to editorial approval.

    Also, you are not the only one whose post have either been edited or disallowed.

    Once again, please refrain from posting lengthy comments which are cut and pasted from elsewhere.

    Thank you.


  27. Blackhawk said

    Robert Teh,

    “How could TOC expect fellow citizens to believe Ephraim to say things that are objective and factual which may be critical or over-critical of the government.”

    Does this apply to Andrew who is a member of the WP as well? Why criticise only one side? Are YOU being objective? Or subjective?

  28. Blackhawk,

    The problems facing the citizens are caused by certain actions of the government. That is the bigger issue we are seeking to address through a more independent site like TOC.

    If we are indeed an independent site we as citizens must not be affected by any hidden or closed agenda of any kind and have our views controlled or edited again and again for length or whatnot.

    Feedback Unit tried to intervene for years and finally citizens voted with their feet and finally it has no choice but to allow more liberal posting of opinions without all excuses like the posts being out of topic or too long.

    Let us all accept whatever view posted even by those netizens who may be a bit elaborate and hear out all views without all the holier than thou unwarranted editing and interferences. One of the major problems citizens are facing is too much control in all sorts of name with all sorts of excuses.

    In this way, citizens could help to grow the government they want and not being subjected to unnecessary doctoring of their views again and again.

    I accept the advice that we need to be precise and concise and relevant. But of what standard of independence and in what way can this site be free from the same highhanded governmental interferences in our views may be our higher objective as well.

    Look at the larger perspective instead of trying to be objective without contributing much to objectivity in the ultimate.

  29. SSS said

    Hello Joey,

    it is PAP that is polarising Singapore, not anyone else.

    Only PAP have the have the resources and power to do such a thing.

  30. Lesile said

    It is indeed hard to tell if Ephraim Loy is one-sided dog of PAP. The danger with such a people is that they seem to be supporter and neutral to people and gov and spoke for the people only when the issue is within gov’s acceptance and boundary, and once it out of the boundary, these people speak on behalf of gov, and citing that they are to be trust afterall they say they have spoken for the people too. Meaning that to deploy deceptor to good advantage and use them when time is right.

    I used to work with many of those people who deploy such strategy in workplace and most often it work effectively ! The most important way to check such as a mole is to check on his action rather than his words and eloquent articles.

    I can safety say that almost 90% of these people is exhibit the ‘will is strong, but action are terribly lacking !’ kind of symptons.

  31. Lesile said

    These people that behave according to some agenda is indeed:
    Transformer aka decepticon : More than meets the eyes.

    Able to transform from one person to another to suit agenda.

  32. Blackhawk said


    You haven’t answered my question but have gone into this elaborate eulogy of what freedom of speech is. (If i read you correctly.)

    Previously, you questioned Ephraim’s inclusion in TOC and asked if he can be objective or whether TOC can be objective. My question was: If Ephraim’s inclusion means TOC is not objective, then why aren’t you questioning the inclusion of Andrew who is also a member of a political party (WP)?

    Are you saying that Ephraim’s inclusion makes TOC unobjective but the inclusion of Andrew is objective?

    By the way, as one who has been on the internet for a while, I can say that visitors have no right to demand what a website editor should do or not do. In your case, you are starting to accuse the editors of TOC of some things just because they edited your comments. It is, in my opinion, convenient for someone to bring out excuses such as “counter-insurgency” or that “TOC has been infiltrated”, or statements like these .. just because you’re unhappy that you are not given absolute freedom of speech.

    It is people like you who demand absolutes that give the very freedom of speech you demand, a bad name.

  33. Blackhawk,

    You also did not seem to appreciate the point I was making about the importance of maintaining this website known as theonlinecitizens as an independent citizens’ website to encourage growth of independent views on government policies or actions or to allow more citizens to contribute their views or feedbacks to society as a whole.

    Even though this website has started off with WP members serving as founding members on its editorial team, it does not mean that your team should therefore say that if there are WP members on the team let it be and let it also invite ruling party’s wannabe to join it editorial team just to balance the WP members.

    If your editorial team truly seeks to be independent, it will be a retrograde step to make such a move just for balance. Instead you should have maintained your independence by letting the existing WP members serve as non-partitioned members appropriately or let such WP members opt to resign from active positions while enforcing editorial policies to prevent their becoming anti-PAP or anti-government.

    I have already given my views on the need to maintain your independence. Unlike the PAP members, WP members are not the ruling party members so are not likely to impose big problems on your independence and they could be appropriately controlled by your editorial team based on its founding principles.

  34. Leslie,

    I agree with you that people especially the party wannabe from the ruling party may adopt a certain private agenda not easily discerned by any citizens.

    While some wannabe may speak or appear to speak objectively and publicly for the people against certain government policies where their masters have signaled appropriately as leeways for departure (so-called lifting of political whip) but when it comes to the crunch, this kind of people would change tune and act as double agent and take the side of the ruling party to neutralize any fallouts on behalf of their ultimate political masters.

    TOC needs not offer its website as potential playground of future ruling party wannabe to play such dubious role wittingly or unwittingly to suit the hidden agenda of their master.

  35. It was announced as reported by Channel News Asia tonight, by Minister Lim Boon Heng, the government is setting up more websites to get their community leaders to post their views on government policies etc so as to dispel lies by people who are out to discredit the government ..or words to this effect.

    So to the TOC editorial team, good luck.

  36. Pui Yee said

    blackhawk, to answer your qn abt andrew being on the toc editorial team might imply undue influence from wp.

    well, well, well…. let’s see. yeah, the last time i checked it was PAP that come down really hard on freedom of expression leh, not the wp.

    the latest example: even though the law says it is illegal for 5 persons to gather in public without a permit, our poodles could still arrest 4 spd members when they did so. not just that, the sdp members were ordered to pay costs in a suit over this incident and bankrupted when the spd members tried to negotiate for a $400 monthly payment in place of the original $800. that is the extent of the vicious curbs on freedom of expression exercised by loy’s party.

    wp, on the other hand, has no incentive to curb freedom of expression. especially since most TOC articles are reviews of PAP govt’s policies.

    anyway, andrew, you have yet to answer why loy cannot just be a guest writer. pls don’t skirt around this anymore.

  37. Diaphragm said


    “Strangely, in the opposition wards, the grassroots advisor isn’t the elected representative, but a PAP man.”

    You know what is going on, do not act blur here.

    Using taxpayer’s money to finance party’s own activities is a scandal and morally unacceptable. You did not protest means you are also morally unacceptable.

    If I use your family funds to finance my university education and got the job you wanted, will you find it scandalous ?

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