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Young PAP removes “Night Cycling” item from its website

Posted by theonlinecitizen on September 7, 2007

For latest update – please see below

The YoungPAP has removed its “Night Cycling Event” item from its “Event Calendar” (sic) page on its website.

The item was previously listed in the folder “Event Calendar – YoungPAP”, under the month of July, as the event was reported to have taken place on the 28th of July, 2007.

Theonlinecitizen had previously published an article titled “In Parliament: government’s reply poorly reasoned, insulting”. (link) The article had questioned why The Workers’ Party was not allowed to conduct a cycling event while the YoungPAP was allowed to.

In the article, we had also provided a screenshot of the page which carried the item “Night Cycling”. (Picture below, click to enlarge) also has a screenshot of the page here.

Below is the original screenshot which listed the “Night Cycling” event on July 28, 2007. (Thanks to Mr Brown for keeping a copy of it!)

Close up version:

Below is a screenshot of its present listing of events, as at Sept 7, 2007 – with the July 28 Night Cycling event missing. (Click here to go to the current website page.)

In another folder of the Event Calendar page (“Event Calendar – All”), there is an event titled “Cyclethon” organized by the SW YP – which we take to mean the “South West Young PAP” branch. The cyclethon reportedly took place on the 24th of June 2006. (Click screenshot below or here to go to the current site.)

One can only wonder why The YoungPAP has removed the “Night Cycling” event from its website.


“Night Cycling and Amazing Race disappears from YPAP calendar” by Mr Brown.

“Pappy double standard erase history blunder exposed” by The Void Deck

“Young PAP exposed” by Hear Ye Hear Ye


29 Responses to “Young PAP removes “Night Cycling” item from its website”

  1. Gerald said

    Dang it! I was looking forward to the next night cycling in Sembawang…I heard it’s a great way to practice one’s debating skills.

  2. sevenleleven said

    Debating while cycling is dangerous. who knows, you might knock down a huge banyan tree in the park.

  3. RaymondChua said

    That’s really very disappointing of our own gov who instead of building a more vibrant society through nation building from excitng activities, the gov actually suppress them from even their own party activities just to stay to make sure that they look credible and fair !

    Why ? Because I and many people do not have problems having PAP promoting their social activities. It is a good way to build a nation. Rather the question is why are they so fearful and insecure of opp party’s activities ?

    A nation that has opp party doesn’t mean it bad for nation. What we need is just a voice to hear us out, to counter the status quo in the gov. Why the gov always think the opp party want to replace the gov ? The gov is overly paranoid to be even called gov now.

    PAP’s fear and insecurity has not only cause harm to its own party but also to Singapore society and future as a whole. How about passionate people in PAP that really care about Singapore’s future ? Look like these passionate ppl will be disappointed over decision of PAP’s double standard too.

    It look like anything that doesn’t have a PAP branding pose a future threat to PAP. So why not PAP just tone down and has a life and loosen up.

  4. RaymondChua said

    What I see now in Singapore is a dose of poor and uneven leadership that seem clueless about leading Singapore into the future. What we have is more akin to managing than leading. What is a gov if even the people doesn’t even trust them at all ? Remember the first incident of MRT suicide, where the family receive half a million and than MP suggest to manage on their behalf ? It’s pathetic that these family will rather manage the money than to trust in gahmen ! Such is our faith and belief in government.

    The gov really need to reflect itself seriously, and see what really gone wrong, rather than just stay reactive.

  5. So circling activities by WP to celebrate anniversary is against law and order whereas many circling events of pap is perfectly in order.

    Li Ka Shing just donated S$100 millions to the LKY school to raise standards of accountability and to groom future leaders. This is perhaps the first lesson – how will the school deal with an issue like whether a circling event is deemed orderly for pap but not orderly for wp.

  6. Maybe it got banned as a “wayang” ? Haha

  7. Lilian said

    Needless to say, it was removed to stop ppl from circulating it and thus making our government look soooooooooooooo bad…

  8. scb said

    The Leadership is in a sieged mentality. It does not reflect very well to its’ people(Singaporeans) and to others.

  9. Pui Yee said

    ever heard of “zhen jin bu pa huo”? (literal translation: true gold is not “frightened” of fire)

    we should ask ourselves when a ruling party is so PARANOID about losing power? are there too many skeletons in their closet? do they need more time to clear out – both the skeletons and them “running road”?

  10. Andrew Loh said

    The Young PAP website also has an explanation about its “values and attributes”. You can see it here on their website.

    They include “Reliable – Can Trust”.

  11. Andrew Loh said

    By the way, I think if it were any opposition party, this would be fully reported in the mainstream media. Just as they reported the so-called “spat” between 2 ex-WP members in online forums.

    But since the Young PAP is reported to be holding “monthly info sessions to reach out to Singaporeans”, I don’t think the MSM will be allowed to report this boo boo.

    Just as the MSM has also not reported Mdm Halimah Yacob’s reply on 93.8FM’s radio programme that “ministers are no longer given pensions”.

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  13. ohoh! Someone tio PWNED!!!! hehe nice shot TOC! We oso try our bestest best to spread the news!

  14. RaymondChua said

    “For every truth PAP withhold is every damn lie make.”

    which mean if PAP continue to withhold the truth and spoke half truth, then whatever they say to us is just pure lie. Who will want to trust a double-head snake ? Does a double-head snake has credibility, honesty and integrity ?

    Had the gov keep to their words and promises, the people will be much happier, but whenever those protocol and trust is broken, it means the only way to keep current regime is to suppress and oppress the people.

    The feeling I get over LKY’s remark and minister’s remark are these:
    If people do not trust the gov, why should the gov trust the people ? Indeed, when you have this chick and egg problem, the bigger loser is the people.

  15. Andrew Loh said

    Thanks, Aaron, for the trackback. Allow me to post the Vivian Balakrishnan quote here, which you posted on your site:

    “The most potent impact that the new media will have on politics is that, politicians will find it impossible to lie in the future. The truth will always be out there, because somewhere, someone has the facts, or has seen something, and will publish it. Fortunately for us in Singapore , we have run a clean system, and hence have nothing to hide.” (Source: Ministry of Information, Communication and Arts)

  16. Andrew Loh said

    Hi VD,

    Actually, I am quite saddened and disappointed by the YPAP. Besides their atrocious remarks about gay people on their blog site, this removal of the “Night Cycling” event has thrown up certain questions about them.

    Maybe they can clarify why they did what they did on their blog.

  17. RaymondChua said

    Though I wonder if the reason that gov make the decision to cancel their cycling activity is due to the immense response collected from this blog site because there’s currently not many aggregators able to match the content and quality of the articles here.

    It is hardly the effort of external physical activities because there is no protest, and information continue to be suppressed in mainstream media even in radio. So I think that this is the impact online Citizen has made.

    Of course, ppl place comment in establishment’s site, but seriously the more those young PAP answer the injustice, the more exposure it generate on the issue.

    If indeed this the case, we will have ‘Strait Time 2.0:The Untold Story’ in Online Citizen , haha

  18. James Chia said

    “The most potent impact that the new media will have on politics is that, politicians will find it impossible to lie in the future. The truth will always be out there, because somewhere, someone has the facts, or has seen something, and will publish it. Fortunately for us in Singapore , we have run a clean system, and hence have nothing to hide.” (Source: Ministry of Information, Communication and Arts)

    The YoungPAP certainly is trying to hide something from the public. “Clean system”? Certainly not.

  19. Fire Phoenix said

    WP tried to have a mass cycling event and permission denied. It is possible that YP will not have any more night cycling event. Perhaps, they will hold it under the banner of CC.

  20. rotties said

    “…we have run a clean system, and hence have nothing to hide.”

    What a joke…

    We need to clean up our sg government just like how the italians are doing it… (

  21. scb said

    It is high time to make the running(management) of the Country into a public issue and not just political issue.

    Every measure, policy implemented by the Leadership affect the well-being of the people (masses) and the Country. The Internet has given policy makers accesses to the expertise, wisdom, professional opinion and idea which the Leadership can tap into at absolutely no cost and risk.

    They (policy makers) can pick, choose and ignore contributions as they deem fit, but to ignore everything put up by their citizens is like treating them (the people) as ‘pariah’. From the declared profiles of most socio-political bloggers, they are mostly successful professionals whose only ‘political’ ambition is the wish that the people live safely, healthily and happily.

    Most bloggers are not members of political parties or politicians themselves, some; I even suspect, are working for Stat boards and Government linked organisations. The most important aspect of the contributions make by these critical active citizens is the relevance of their opinions and ideas which obviously are not made for fun and ridicule.

    Their reminders only get harsh and stinging when they are treated as invisible, useless or even trouble makings. Despite efforts by Catherine Lim and others warning policy makers of the affective divide; the Leadership, it seems, is adamant that it is the wisest and holiest, art thou?

  22. spyer said

    The million dollars ideas allow you to choose their choices only, the free ideas provide choices that do not tie to any political vested interests.

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  24. […] only thing moderately interesting was this article by theonlinecitizen: “Young PAP removes ‘Night Cycling’ item from its website… (to understand the hilarity of the situation, you’ve got to know the back-story, […]

  25. WH-YPAP said

    It doesnt matter if it was remove from website or whether they cancelled the event.

    The crux is YPAP still got the permit when it matters most and WP did not get the permit.

    One country many systems is still very much alive.

    The question is whether Singaporeans wants to stay in such a country.

  26. RaymondChua said

    Singapore Sundry write heading about
    ‘Now You See It, Now You Don’t!’ about the cycling event.

    *Comments edited for relevance. The article is about the cycling ban, not about the CPF, ministers salaries and so on.

  27. anon1234 said

    Singapore, a world class country is not invited.

  28. Clarence said

    hahaha what a cover-up. unfortunately nowadays there are simply so many people watching that it is IMPOSSIBLE to do so.

    LOL. well done.

  29. […] Me: Yes, they try to… But they were prohibited from even organising some of their own private cycling event in public (also listen to this mrbrown show on why political party mass cycling is prohibited). Apparently the opposition party needs to apply some official permit from our ruling party first. Moreover, I heard when they brought up such issues in parliamentary debates, they were subjected to personal insults/attacks on their disabilities (another mrbrown show on sarcastic parliament). But the interesting thing is that the ruling party can organise any public event they like without any permit e.g. the young PAP cycling event! […]

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