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Planning cycling events: Uniquely Singapore, F1 or F9?

Posted by theonlinecitizen on September 8, 2007

By Leong Sze Hian

I refer to Sembawang GRC MP Lim Wee Kiak explanation to the media that,

“While it is true that the YP had put up on its calendar a night cycling event on July 28, it was canned because of poor response from residents. Also, it was not actually organised by the YP.”

The second YP event, a Children’s Day activity done in Amazing Race-style has been postponed for ‘practical reasons’, said Hong Kah GRC MP Zaqy Mohamed.

‘Our main concern was manpower, as we’d be too tied up with other YP events and dialogues taking place around that time,’ he said, adding that these dialogues were to discuss the latest CPF measures”.

The above raises the following questions:-

– Is it the practice of the YP to delete away events on its web site when “response was poor from residents”?

– Can the YP cite some previous examples of this “Uniquely Singapore” policy of “canning” (deleting) “poor response events”?

– Since it “was not actually organised by the YP”, how and why was it allowed to be on the YP web site in the first place?

– Isn’t this a misrepresentation to the public in the first instance, albeit an “honest mistake” in regards to who actually organised such events?

– Can the YP cite some previous examples of events that were “not actually organised by the YP”, which ended up in their web site originally as a YP event?

– As to the “second YP event, a Children’s Day activity done in Amazing Race-style has been postponed for ‘practical reasons'”, is it possible to tell us more about what these “practical reasons” are?

– In planning this event, were these “practical reasons” never envisioned in the first place?

– Is this reflective of poor planning to start off with?

– Can the YP cite some previous examples of other events that have been cancelled due to “practical reasons”?

– Do the children who have been looking forward to this event deserve a more detailed explanation?

– Does the YP plan to organise anymore “cycling” events in the future, after it figures out how to overcome the “practical reasons (problems)”?

– With regards to “‘Our main concern was manpower, as we’d be too tied up with other YP events and dialogues taking place around that time” and “that these dialogues were to discuss the latest CPF measures”, I think people may be interested to know, since CPF is such a hot issue, what are these “other YP events and dialogues taking place around that time”, that will be held on the day, day preceding and day following, the “canned” cycling event date?

– Can the YP cite previous examples of “canning” events because of the “other events” that I guess must have been supposedly conceived only after the “canned” event had been finalised and announced?

– If someday, the YP members became the Government, will it learn from the above, as I cannot imagine how the country can be run, when events are, to put it bluntly, either poorly planned, poorly conceived, and deleted from the record?

– By the way, in regards to a ‘mix-up had occurred’, how many such mix-ups have occured in the history of the YP?

– As to “There was some misunderstanding. I think some are not aware that political parties cannot organise out-door activities without a permit,” said Dr Lim, has there been any out-door events ever organised by the YP (a political party?) in the past without a permit? Shouldn’t the YP have known this before it announced the event?

– According to the, “The Young PAP had conducted a “cyclethon” last year, on June 24, 2006″, was that also “canned”, was the event held, had “poor response from residents”, cancelled for “practical reasons”, or another “mix-up had occurred”?

Finally, how many events, cycling or otherwise, have ever been deleted from the YP web site in its history?

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17 Responses to “Planning cycling events: Uniquely Singapore, F1 or F9?”

  1. Robert HO said


    1. Mr LEONG is a genius with x-ray vision seeing clearly through LIEs and fog and this website is absolutely brilliant in its number of star features. I apologise for my earlier churlish remarks to the leader of this blog about deleting it from my Favourites. Now, it is top of my list. Time, indeed, is the best proof of substance.

    2. Thank you for the great work. Please keep it up. In time to come, you all will be honoured by Singaporeans and the world for your brilliant efforts in the service of Truth and Honesty, something the unscrupulous PAP totally lack.

    [Will be away from computer from tonight till next Sun]

    *Comments moderated by editor.

    * To Robert Ho: Thanks for the support. However, please refrain from posting your personal address and NRIC number. These are not allowed here. If you continue to do so, we will have to ban you from posting. Apologies. 😦 Thank you.

  2. *Comments edited for relevance. The article is about the cycling ban, not about CPF and other issues.

  3. scb said


    “The most potent impact that the new media will have on politics is that politicians will find it impossible to lie in the future. The truth will always be out there, because somewhere, someone has the facts or has seen something and will publish it”; unquote.

    Me said it elsewhere that Minister Vivian Balakrishnan is a wise man and I quoted him to prove my point. Dare I also say that I believe that Dr Vivian Balakrishnan still embraces some Socratic Principles(Philosophy) which is commendable.

    If he is shortlisted to be the next Prime Minister, Singapore and Singaporeans will stand to benefit from his leadership. These are divined words from an atheist(just joking). We, wise or otherwise, however failed to divine that published(cyberspace) materials might be erased and disappeared.

    So I see no matter how wise we are, we still fail……… That’s a fact of life.

  4. tc said

    Read in the papers that Durai is free to work in Dubai, but opposition candidate Chee SJ is jailed for trying to attend a human rghts forum. Different strokes for different folks?

  5. shoestring said

    We must not be distracted and thereby be made confused. The fact is, whether they have valid reasons for removing the entries from their site is a side issue. We all know how to take their explanations with a pinch of salt by now. This is another smokescreen.

    The real issue is the fact that the PAP did not admit to a double standard. It seems they even think they are entitled to that privilege. They did not take down the listings because they thought it was unfair but instead distracted from the main issue by giving dubious reasons for a side issue.

    They should have explained why YPAP was allowed to organize those events in the first place, not why they have deleted them.

  6. shoestring said

    Tc, which government has been aggressively pushing for investments in Dubai?

  7. Gerald said

    1. PAP got worried when they learned about WP’s cycling event, so they banned it — without realising that their own youth activists had also been organising numerous outdoor activities.

    2. The MPs interviewed — Zaqy and Lim Wee Kiak — were not aware that political parties are not allowed to organise ANY outdoor activities. It probably never occurred to them. They probably figured these are just harmless, non-political activities for their members to bond.

    3. Now with this police ruling, even YP will have to curb all its outdoor activities. That is unfortunate for the hundreds of YP members who joined just to meet friends and do fun stuff together, and not to really get political.

    How silly of the PAP/police to ban the WP event in the first place! Now all of us political animals (PAP, WP, political activists, etc) cannot do anything outdoor together. We all have to sit at home and play computer games. So much for active lifestyle.

  8. RaymondChua said

    Gerald, now WP and YPAP can only use Second Life, the virtual world, to hold meeting. That’s will make the PAP very happy. No physical meeting means no protest, no debate, no police issue, and PAP can now ‘rest in peace’.

    Because of PAP’s fear and double standard, nation building is all compromised.

  9. scb said

    shoestring; should we say MOS Ho Peng Kee should explain why YPAP were allowed a ‘cyclethon’ on 24 June 2006 and later ‘Night cycling’ on 28 July 2007.

  10. […] Cycling-Event Denial Posted September 8, 2007 The PAP has seen fit to reply on the mini-storm that’s brewing over perceived double standards towards certain ‘cycling events’. Check out TOC’s post, “Planning cycling events: Uniquely Singapore, F1 or F9?”. […]

  11. Ace said

    Good points raised. I think with the current set-up of scholars and competition for attention from the ranks of YP. We are starting to see more and more cracks in the organisation and communication system as every individual fraction is organising “high profile” events for the perceived value add to their section.

    Ever since, LHL took over we have seen more and more of such things happening, be it YP’s cycling events, P65 website which is absolutely a waste of megabytes, to honest mistakes by the MOS and MP etc.

    This cycling event although minor, it’s cancelation immediately after the WP cycling issue forms a picture where this is expected to be the trend. Going forward, if this carries on, we can expect the Govt to go back to their most familiar state of operation i.e. absolute control.

    I think we need a tineline of events of the promises prior to elections and the actual events happening on the ground after the elections to be documented. The flip-flops of the adminstration, the double standards of Governance, the honest mistakes, and all the rest of the beautiful elite friendly schemes.

    People need to remember the many events that has actually happened and beyond the snazzy Pungol 21 presentation when it is time to vote.

  12. Pui Yee said

    wait for the u-turn: i bet after a while, there will be a u-turn in this ridiculous policy against outdoor cycling, albeit very quietly. surely even lky and lhl can’t bear to appear really silly on the world stage (assuming our little red dot is even there to begin with)

    lolololol… see how much damage pap can inflict on the nation as they can even screw up on this tiny matter….

  13. Gerald said

    RaymondChua – I heard IDA recently bought a “property” in Second Life. Maybe Second Life citizens could go cycle around that property to “protest”. 😛 Then maybe the police will bring in their virtual riot police to break it up.

  14. Gerald,

    Hahaha… that’s really funny. 🙂 Virtual cops breaking up virtual riots by virtual cyclists! Sounds like a great script for a movie too. 🙂

  15. RaymondChua said

    Gerald, that’s good idea. Not only ppl can protest on land, they can even protest on sea, and air. Moreover, you can also see the ‘toy’ etc Barbie Doll, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck join in the protest too ! Perhaps then, the gov will build their own Third Life Virtual World because they realized they can’t have Second Life.

  16. ted said

    Check this out guys.

    200 cyclists, bladers raise S$400,000 for charity
    By Dominique Loh, Channel NewsAsia | Posted: 09 September 2007 2112 hrs

    SINGAPORE: More than 200 cyclists and bladers helped to raise about S$400,000 for charity over a 400-kilometre stretch from Malaysia to Singapore.

    The journey, which began in Singapore, took the participants to Mersing and Desaru.

    Community Development, Youth and Sports Minister Vivian Balakrishnan joined in the return leg back to Singapore on Sunday.

    Several Members of Parliament also participated in the final lap from Changi to the HarbourFront Centre.

    Money raised in Charity Bike ‘n’ Blade will benefit youths in several centres.

  17. Give me an old cool bicycle, and I’ll ride around the city for days.

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