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Monks lead protest in Burma

Posted by theonlinecitizen on September 26, 2007

Latest: Burmese riot police attack monks – BBC

Below are 2 BBC reports on the protests in Burma which are being led by Buddhists monks. You can also view another BBC report here. Pictures of the protest here and here, The Democratic Voice Of Burma.

Another video from youtube: Monks protest: 100,000 march in new Myanmar protest.

Tribute video to the monks (with a really beautiful Burmese song of prayer):

Political icon Aung San Suu Kyi greets Myanmar monk protest

AFP: Stepping out of her home in tears, Myanmar‘s democracy icon Aung San Suu Kyi greeted Buddhist monks Saturday in a landmark moment for a swelling protest movement against the military junta.

Armed guards usually block the road leading to the rambling lakeside house, but in an unprecedented move, they allowed about 1,000 monks and an equal number of their supporters to walk past the place where she has been detained for 12 of the past 18 years.

As the rain poured down, Aung San Suu Kyi walked out with two other women and cried as she paid her respects to the monks, witnesses said.

They stopped outside her home for about 15 minutes and chanted a Buddhist prayer: “May we be completely free from all danger, may we be completely free from all grief, may we be completely free from poverty, may we have peace in heart and mind.”


4 Responses to “Monks lead protest in Burma”

  1. LifesLikeThat said

    The last video, the tribute to the monks, almost made me cry. Incredible courage these monks have. Hope the rest of the world, especially the UN, will stand behind the monks and the people of Burma this time.

  2. Allison said

    There is only one grp in the whole of the net that modelled it out using a team in Stanford.

    I cant seem to link the document bc it seems to be protected.

    Google the following to find out more abt what’s really happening in Burma: 99602218

  3. Allison said

    Here it is fellow TOCkers. I have managed to link it finally. The real reason behind what’s happening in Burma.

  4. spacewalk said

    I would like to publish my song “the future is now…no more war”, with buddist monk voices as my contribution and solidarity for the monks and global freedom.
    How and where can I upload the song so everybody can hear it.

    greetings one love spacewalk

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