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Free Burma! Give your support to this event

Posted by theonlinecitizen on October 2, 2007

On October 4th, 2007, bloggers across the globe will join together in support of the brave people of Burma.

The bloggers’ protest will be called

“International Bloggers’ Day for Burma

On that day, all participating blogs will only put up one post with a banner and the words “Free Burma!”. Please show solidarity with the Burmese people as they fight for their freedom from the 12th largest military in the world.

To participate sign up here and then help spread the word on your own blogs by putting up the banner above.

(Or choose one of these banners.)

Bloggers are spreading the word.


10 Responses to “Free Burma! Give your support to this event”

  1. Bacts said

    I’m in!

  2. Dr.Huang said

    I’m in!

  3. Frank said

    Let us support the people in burma, as best we can !

  4. Rachel said

    I am definitely IN!

  5. I’m in.

    By standing up for Burma, we “Stand Up For Singapore”!


  6. Democracy will only split Myanmar into many pieces.
    Don’t be naive. Know the situation of Myanmar. It is like Iraq with many tribes.

    The main solution is get China, India and Asean to press the junta to have civilian leaders in the government. Then slowly ask them to leave politics. If other tribes cannot hold peace with the government, then democracy cannot be implemented. When all tribes agree to have democracy and a united Myanmar, then democracy can be introduced. Or more killing will erupt, same as in Iraq.

  7. Andrew Ong said

    Kew Kah Fatt:

    I beg to differ on your observation because apart from the fact that the US or external countries intruding which will not draw anti-america sentiments or unwelcome grudges from the people. The people of Myanmar took it upon themselves to topple the Junta.

    The other differences between Iraq and Myanmar is that (1) Myanmar has a ready and strong political party and leader in Aung San Sun Kyi to take the helm from the Junta. (2) And majority of the people do not want the Junta in power.

    And from the looks of it, she is very much respected and adored by the Myanmar people. So her popular leadership should pull the nation together in re-making Myanmar. These are the elements that Iraq didn’t have.

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  9. Andrew Ong,

    The junta have peace agreement with the insurgents, who might have control of over 40% of Myanmar. When the junta collapses, the insurgents will declare independence on their own. You want to see this happen ?

    To the West, there are Muslims insurgents, to the north other insurgents. Democracy will only split it apart.

  10. The best solution is get the junta to appoint a president without political power. His main duty is to meditate and eat vegetarian food daily.
    Meditate using mine.

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