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International Day Of Action For A Free Burma – Oct 6

Posted by theonlinecitizen on October 5, 2007

(Picture of Burmese child, above)


Date & Time: 6pm on 6th Oct
Burmese Buddhist Temple (Balestier Road)
Subj: Mass Prayers Sessions for the people in

Events around the world

Read also: Burma sets conditions for Suu Kyi (BBC)

And: Burmese struggle goes underground (BBC)


4 Responses to “International Day Of Action For A Free Burma – Oct 6”

  1. kitsura said

    I just read PM Lee’s comments on the CNA article. He is so out of touch that it seems he will do anything for money. I bet he will even give medical aid to Hitler if he were still alive now. Don’t expect to find an Oskar Schindler amongst anyone in our gahmen.

  2. Don’t be brain washed by international human rights groups to do this.
    The West are picking targets to attack. When verbal cannot work they will try violence.
    Who supplied arm to the Christian insurgents in Myanmar ? The CIA and agents of Christian crusaders.

  3. One Heart said

    One more article on Burma:

    One World, One Understand, One Heart, But …..

  4. […] mass prayer sessions for the people in Burma at the Burmese Buddhist Temple at 6pm […]

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