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Britons bully elderly Singaporean trishaw rider

Posted by theonlinecitizen on November 1, 2007

The following video was brought to TOC’s attention by 2 of our readers. According to Asia One’s report on the incident, the tourists left the trishaw uncle, 67-year-old Mr Lee Shee Lam, “without paying a single cent” after he had taken them to their destination.

“Mr Lee told The New Paper that the three tourists had originally agreed to pay him $15 for the ride, but after the ride they got off and left in a taxi. Leaving Mr Lee without paying a single cent.”

Read also the report by The Daily Mail. The video on YouTube is here (with comments by viewers).


50 Responses to “Britons bully elderly Singaporean trishaw rider”

  1. Angry Citizen said

    I am getting fed up with these caucasians behaving like they rule the world. Is there any criminal or legal action that can be taken against them?

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  3. DK said

    They are on The Daily Mail now.

  4. CK Lee said


    Thank you for posting this. I feel sad watching this. Very sad indeed. There are no words for the present moment, except what I once read from this wise man who ocassionally writes in the internet, if you dont write your own history, dont be surprise, if someone just comes along and writes it for you, and they will be laughing all the way.

  5. Thanks, DK. 🙂

  6. singaporean against hooliganism said

    this kind of british hooliganism is insensitive and deplorable. we singaporeans will never tolerate it.

    the brits responsible for this ought to come forward, apologize to the trishaw rider and pay the trishaw rider his rightful fare…

  7. David said

    This is what we get if we become marginalized. We can take pity on the oldman, but yet if you look deep enough, the old man is YOU ! Those westerner are the gahmen. You give the gahmen to do whatever they want, and you done your part, the gahmen stop paying you and push the responsibility back to you. Who create such a society in the first place ? Isn’t that our dear gov who love FT and think FT is talented. Look the oldman is just like us, saying no choice, gutless, clueless, and that’s why the westerner bully him ! Don’t you see ?

    Don’t you think so. So what not start pity yourself instead.

  8. Vincent said

    S$15 for a trishaw ride?! The tourists could have taken two or three taxi shuttle trips around town with that sum! Or taken a taxi all the way out of Singapore to Johor Baru! If locals try to take foreigners for a ride, be prepared to be taken for a ride by foriegners. However, be that as it may, the tourists shouldn’t have boarded the trishaw if they were told of the fare in advance. They shouldn’t have taken the ride agreeing on the price but not paying.

    I don’t understand how some of you arrive at the conclusion of “British hooliganism” here. It could have been tourists of any other nationality, and there was certainly no hooliganism, just unbecoming behaviour perhaps. For if hooliganism there was, the old man trishaw rider would have a few bones to fix at the hospital if he’s still breathing.

    As a Singaporean, my attention on this piece of news is, why does a trishaw ride cost S$15?

  9. val said

    This is ridiculous! Must hooliganism result in injury? I am appalled at such disgusting behaviour and even more incredulous that as a fellow human being, you are unable to see that it has taken the old man ALOT of energy to ride the trishaw. If they had caused him any physical injury, it would have been a crime! If they had not felt that $15 was worth a trishaw ride (which by the way is a tourist attraction and hence the price is justified), they could have just taken any other transportation of their choice. Making fun of him throughout the ride in a language that he has little understanding of is also exceedingly rude. I am disappointed that people nowadays have no compassion for our elderly, even our own Singaporeans.

  10. macabresg said

    They didn’t even feel apologetic at all. That’s the worst part of it.

  11. Kris Lee said

    Vincent Says: “As a Singaporean, my attention on this piece of news is, why does a trishaw ride cost S$15?”

    I suppose your views may have been influenced by recent news of taxi touts trying to make a quick buck of gullible tourists.

    However, like Val wrote, I am more concerned about Mr. Lee Shee Lam and his living condition/plight. Why is a 76-yo (as reported in ‘Daily Mail’) man like him still trawling the streets, using his manual labour to earn a living?

    The same concern goes for all the other elderly folks doing cleaning work at the hawker centres, food courts, wash rooms etc.

    It is one thing trying to maintain an active lifestyle after retirement, or to earn some extra income. The worrying thing is whether these older members of our society actually have no choice but to undertake these forms of manual labour in order to earn some money just to survive….

    If that were really the case, what safeguards are there to prevent them from being abused by their employers and taken advantage of, say in terms of pay and working hours?

  12. GOGO Trishaw Uncle said

    Trishaw Uncle KE BA BA!!

  13. Clara said

    I am quite disturbed by Vincent’s comment. Yes, for $15, you might be able to travel from Bedok to Clementi but that’s in a vehicle, which does not require as much manual labor as compared to a trishaw. What more a trishaw filled with three grown men? The issue at hand is not that they are Brits as I believe if any Singaporeans or any other races had done a similar deed, the reaction will be just as great. The issue at hand is that an old man was being targeted as an object for ridicule and mockery.

    I have to applaud the old man though. His graciousness was a class act and these three men should be extremely ashamed of themselves. They might have apologized to a certain extent but I believe a personal apology, with the agreed $15, should be made to the old man.

  14. GOGO Trishaw Uncle said

    Ya lor vincent…u think the uncle still fit like u meh?? he say he earn at most 30 bucks a day…u think after riding for so long he still got strength?? he need to rest right?? come on man..where is the love???

    ps. unless u tell me u taxi driver den i nth to say

  15. GOGO Trishaw Uncle said

    and vincent…u dont even undst the ENTIRE issue here…who says its about the money…we are not angry just becos hes not paid the entire fee, but bcos of the ADDITIONAL things that the 3 idiots did to this old man here. come on…WHERE IS THE LOVE? u mean u’re ok to see ure Fellow Singaporean Uncle being bullied?? i dont care if its money..even he says he doesnt recall the incident because he didnt noe he was verbally mocked and humiliated..COME ON…WHERE IS THE LOVE..u seriously need to see psychiatrist..gawd…

  16. Mr trishaw man said

    Vincent, ur point of view is extremely disturbing. Yeah, it may be as u say not as serious, but u somehow turned the entire story back to pinpointing the trishaw man, who in the first place is the victim of this entire incident. imagine, u are 70+ years old, wanting to earn ur living by riding trishaws, not only do u have extremely little customers, but also tourists mock at you in a language u don understand and don pay up when payment is due. how would u feel?

    wad u said about unbecoming behavious is true, but are we suppose to codone it jus because its something we cant change? behaviour and attitudes are to be molded and if nothing is done to show youths about what is the punishment or consequences behind such atrocious actions would possibly only result in more of such “unbecoming behaviour”

    and i suppose u are either in ur teens or nearing the age of adulthood, would u like to see the next generation full of such “unbecoming behavious” jus becos no one bothers to change it? i guess not..

    so the main focus isnt about how much one is to pay for the trishaw ride, but rather is it right for people (not jus tourists) to treat the elderly in such a fashion? to mock, cheat and run away and not only that posting it on the web to “share” his videos, and unknowingly humiliating another country?

    and no, i’m not against u or wad, jus wanting to point out the crux of the matter, which in my opinion, you got it totally wrong.

  17. Mr Uncle said

    yes yes ure right =)..thanks

  18. David, so who are “the irate we” represented in your political metaphor?

  19. Clement said

    I am very disturbed by the horrible act of the Brits. But those are outsiders. As for Vincent, I hope Singaporeans like you are few and hopefully, a dying breed. Otherwise, there is really no hope for our future generation. I agree with all those who wrote against your view. Vincent, please do some soul searching…because, some day you will be old and if you ever get into the same situation (sigh!)

  20. hi said

    sad to see old man doing such a labour intensive job. what to do? Garmen shift all responsibilties back to citizen and little help for them. they also did their part for our economy in the past. they not robot, also need to rest. even if they work, it should not be a neccessity for living .hope i don’t retire in singapore unless i’m rich.and our minister are earning big bucks and just keep quiet when whole of singapore annoy about their pay increment. anyway, who will cry foul for getting more money in this materialistic world. maybe only people with soul & heart for the people. so much for this secular society. sad man.

  21. val said

    I completely agree. And I am relieved that many Singaporeans still disagree with what Vincent has said.

  22. Alfred said

    I was reminded of the story when Ghandi was asked what he thought of Western civilisation. He replied that he thought it was an excellent idea.

    My sentiments after watching this video – along with several other incidents – is this: yup, it’s an excellent idea in the sense that cold fusion, perpetual motion machine and a complete emulation of the human brain on a handheld computer are excellent ideas. Not known to be impossible, but beyond the grasp of the human mind at present and in the foreseeable future.

    The plight of the old man is merely the tip of the iceberg. I’ve lived abroad for many years in Western countries (which I shall not name) and see with my very own eyes the degradation of their moral values with each passing year. I do not wish to embellish the situation, and I take no joy in this viewpoint, just as I do not relish in the scene of a grown man jumping off a skyscraper. But down he goes, and perhaps by some miraculous juxtaposition of events (extended branches, soft mud patch, whatever) he may survive, but the odds are infinitesimal.

  23. t said

    its on guardian too.

  24. DK said

    I’m glad that even the Britons who saw the video clip on The Daily Mail are condemning the 3 guys’ action.

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  26. Daniel said

    It’s not a good idea to extrapolate that behaviour to “Caucasians”. I actually think most Caucasians in Singapore are better behaved and more polite than local Singaporeans. This incident aside, the comment about being fed up with “Caucasians” is nothing more than racism. These guys look like tourists.

  27. Devon said

    I do not understand how ignorant and retarded cheapskate fools like Vincent can come to this conclusion that $15 for a trishaw ride is expensive.

    Yes, $15 might be more expensive than a taxi ride, but it is a novel way of transport. You might as well say, how come I have to pay $10 for a 5 min ride on a roller coaster, just go up and come down only….or like a few hundred bucks for a 1 hr plane ride to Kuala Lumpur??!! And I am quoting economy seat because Vincent would never have considered otherwise…right Vincent?

  28. Barry Lee said

    TO VIncent :

    Its not the $15. You miss the point totally. I’m surprised you chose to look at the issue from the point of the price or cost of the ride (which they had no intention of paying). If all Singaporeans are like you i.e. looking at dollars & cents only, we are doomed as a nation. In any case, it was a sum agreed to by both parties.

  29. Sammy said

    To : Vincent

    You missed the whole point. Don’t tell me you have not been a tourist before! Trishaw rides are no longer a means of transport today in modern Singapore. Where have you been? Duh….

    Now back to the issue before this silly distraction:

    I would like to know what the Police are doing about this.
    Have these British tourists not committed a Crime here?
    For the Burmese letter of protests at the Burmese Embassy, you guys have gone round to film the people(local & otherwise) and even “invited” people to the police station for questioning. Here you have these 3 visitors who have accepted a price for a trishaw ride and refused to pay for the services rendered. If they came to our hospitals, got treatment and left without paying a cent, what would it tentamount to?

    Please do the needful. There is a citizen being ‘Robbed’ of his earnings and HUMILIATED here.

  30. Jarred said

    Dear John and probably a few others more who hate him,

    I am sad to see this vid post as well. No one likes to see their fellow countrymen humiliated by foreigners in this way.

    *Comments edited by moderator for relevance.

  31. Justin said

    vincent. are u a man? u actually let ur fellow countrymen get bullied and humiliated and u think nothing of it? what if the victim here is you or your father? will u say it’s too ex? or tell ur father to work for free then. since his son think $15 is too much.

    Anyway. the issue here is nt about the money but how the old man get bullied but outsiders while he is unaware of everything. how can anyone stand this?

  32. sovietmole said

    To Vincent: $15 for a trishaw ride is not a lot. There are so many scenic rides out there which costs a lot more, and what’s more, its 15 bucks just for 3 people. Even 15 bucks on a cab can’t go far today. And as many others have pointed out, he earns at most 30 bucks a day. $30! The tourists couldn’t even eat a proper meal with $30 at a restaurant.

  33. Inhumane Trishaw BULLIES.

    I was studying Geography while blog hopping when I saw this at Ni Zhen’s blog. This is something I absolutely had to blog about.
    If you haven’t heard or read already (like me), three tourists from the UK rode on a local trishaw pedalled by …

  34. saw this comment on sammyboy said

    “When a child below the age of 12 works for a living they called it child labour but what kind of term do one use for an old man pushing 71 working for a living – workfare? because the f==king govt is too stingy to support the aged.”

    love it.

  35. Jru said

    They’re Just too MUCH!

  36. Benjamin said

    To Vincent:

    Please. I think you have totally missed the point about this whole case.
    It doesn’t take alot of effort to know that the point here is not about some 15 bucks but rather for the act that has been committed by grown-ups who are supposed to be mature already but don’t seem as though they are mature. This act is an obvious disgrace to the UK soceity they actually live in.
    These people claim to have been insensitive rather than being bullies when the obvious thing here is that they committed two unpardonable crimes: Robbery and Bullying.
    I’m rather disturbed at your point of view in this case, and I guess you haven’t been to foreign countries have you?
    15 bucks is not at all expensive at all for trishaw riding. Think about it, do they still exist as a means of our main transport? Totally NOT. Trishaw riding is meant to reminisce the olden times of Singapore in terms of transport and is part of giving tourists a feel for moment of how life was like in Singapore in the past.
    Furthermore if what you said was true, then those Britons would obviously have the clear enough mind (At least ONE of them, there were three in fact) to take a taxi rather than the trishaw. It’s an obvious attempt to mock at one of our fellow singaporeans, and to make matters worst, A SENIOR CITIZEN WHO STILL STRIVES TO EARN A LIVING.
    This is totally made tangible with them actually quoting ‘The slowest taxi in Southeast Asia’. It’s an actual act of bullying.
    You are either a frog in a well or a crab in it’s shell, but do take note that you have gotten the whole point of this critical news wrong.
    I’m having mirth for people like you, but I’m worried that the rest of the world would think as money-mindedly as you.
    Go visit some foreign country and see how the services are paid for.
    This old uncle has given a discount.

  37. Benjamin said


    We Singaporeans stand up for one another. To those Britons out there who bullied this poor old man, bully one of us, bully all of us and you guys shall get the retribution deserved from our own hands. We are one united people dudes. Think twice before doing such things again, and you guys better accede to the request of the old uncle’s son. Most importantly, pay up. It’s not the price that matters, it’s the dignity you guys took away from him, for making him look like a hapless beggar begging from some immature and duly insensitive crackpots for a pitiable 15 bucks. Doesn’t it wrench your heart at all when you guys actually saw the video for yourselves? That poor old guy strecthing out his hands and not even knowing that he was being mocked at and what exactly was happening, after heaving all of his might to bring you guys manually from place to place? He’s so old and… COLD-BLOODED losers! PATHETIC. You guys cannot think : If that sort of thing happens to your parents or grandparents in future, would you guys like it? A complete disgrace to the UK society and UK itself. Do think I once had praises for the people there. You guys have utterly thrown away what some people may seek in their future in UK for their studies. May retribution befall you guys, if not now, when Judgement Day arrives before the Lord.

  38. Exact Sentiments said

    My exact sentiments found here:

    hmmm…rather than focus on those 3 cheap skate darts…..

    we should ask ourselves why a Singaporean at such an old age still need to peddle rickshaw for a living.

    At such age, he still need to fight for 10 dollars like do or die.

    Where is his CPF or safety net ?? I hope he had one.

    From the footage, he can hardly talk much already yet he is fighting for 10 dollars like it is 1000 dollars. Does he really need to behave until like this?

    Government encourage us to work until we die, but looking at the old man, he is a classic example whereby willingness to work is not match by physical ability to work.

    He cannot challenge nature. Nothing to do with being lazy.

    If he has no more money,old , unable to work and has no children, the government should be able to fork out SGD 500 per month for people like him.

    There is not many like him and his days may not be much left, it will not cost the government much and there is no need to increase taxes.

    I mean we are so rich enough to support the highest paid government in the world with such a small population, we should be able to support a welfare scheme for such a group of people.

    What is the point of being rich and having huge reserves when no help is given to people like the old man ???

    The 3 darts would not have that chance if our welfare scheme was more developed.

    The taxi-driver did not help much because he is Singaporean, it is in-born in him not to help as he needs the 3 dart’s taxi fares.

    If we are like that and fear at peace time, how to not fear and survive at wartime ??

    NS has little use if Singaporean’s culture remain as it is today. It is not numbers that count but the mentality and heart to fight.

    If 3 young Singaporeans do that to an old European man in Europe, I wonder what will be the reaction of Europeans at the scene.

  39. trulysingapore said

    Perhaps its time to legalise motorised trishaws. Simply mount a carriage to a motorcycle and you get a motorised trishaw.

    No need for brute strength – good for older folks
    Relatively inexpensive compared to taxi rental of $90 per day and so suited for retirees who is just earning pocket money.

    Similar to the tut tuts in thailand and many third world countries … oops, did i mention third world countries? probably won’t be approved by govt …

  40. Calm down.

    Venting outrage at Caucasians, bemoaning the plight of the elderly, condemning this act, berating Vincent, and inciting nationalist feelings may prove cathartic, but it’s ultimately pointless. Pronouncing sharp moral judgments laced with fury and thunder would not serve to determine the root of this problem. I, for one, see no reason to give myself high blood pressure for a matter as relatively trivial as this.

    So, what do we have? This is a case of three British tourists mocking a senior citizen while he was pedalling them to a particular location, then refusing to pay him for services rendered and escaping in a taxi. I freely admit that I do not know if this could rightfully be considered a crime, given the courts’ legalistic interpretation of the law, and that I am unable to find a term that can capture the non-payment of services rendered. But, quite clearly, it is decidedly unjust to refuse to pay for services (here, the trishaw ride), especially if the price has been agreed beforehand, as that act implicitly suggests that the contracting party (the British toursits) is willing to pay to begin with. If anything, this is theft of labour value.

    After this, we now come to the mockery. That in itself should surely deserve moral condemnation by most people’s standards, given that the intent was probably to make fun of the trishaw operator, and that the end result, after he learnt of it, was his recognising the emotional harm that the tourists intended to cause him. That is, of course, in addition to the hurt already caused by their non-payment for the ride. It is here where moral justification ends and illogic begins.

    There exists no reason to condemn the United Kingdom here. Three Britons on foreign soil do not represent Britain, much less the UK. If they must embody something, then they take on egocentrism, injustice, cultural supremacy and/or relativism, and other assorted vile properties — which are not hallmarks of British society alone. You can find incidences of this everywhere in the world, including Singapore. In the absence of a relvant difference, we merely find a steorotype. People latch on to it because the first thing we notice is not the mockery, not the inherent injustice of the act, but the difference in race, nationality and numbers. But race and nationality is an irrelevant factor, because anybody, be he Asian or African, could quite have easily committed the same act these Britishers have committed. If you wish to condemn something from a macro perspective, then condemn the human race: we among all other animals are most capable of perpetuating such deeds. There exists no basis for nationalism nor stereotyping against Britain, or the Caucasian people. There is no need to extend the actions and properties of three men to a nation.

    Where Vincent is concerned, we have a person who, through his words, does not appear to understand the basis of this report. To this, I have an analogy. It is akin to getting angry at a fool for not comprehending something beyond his ability. The proper approach is simply to cure his unwisdom, by pointing him in the right direction and teaching him what to look for and think about. The issue is not the fifteen-dollar fare. The issue is the fact that the Britons mocked the old man and refused to pay him. Thus, the points here are morality and injustice. The consumerist approach of questioning the price is a non-issue, for all the reasons given by previous comments.

    I see no reason for anger against the British, so-called outsiders, or even Vincent. So douse your fiery passions in cold reason, and direct the embers to a more useful purpose.

  41. Chris said


    First thing first are you sure that you are a SINGAPOREAN? Have you not taken a taxi before in your entire life? Or isit the last time you took a cab was 50years ago? Please from pasir ris to aljunied cost about 11bucks and if its at night aft 11.30 it will probably cost more than 15bucks for the midnight charges.

    The brits are horrible ( for the 3 of them ) i don’t blame the Singaporeans who have now put the Brits on Hate list. ( somehow its only right )

    AND IF IT WAS US IN THE SCENARIO, Our flags would have probably be burned!

    I must admit i do have much hatred for ALL BRITS. Mostly the 3 As*hole,
    i think that there is nothing the 3 brits can do to redeem for the childish and bully behaviour they have pulled

    i prefer them to be treated this way or even WORSE countless time over and over and over again, till they finally know how it feels to be treated this way since obviously they are not remorsed at all judging by how their so-not-be-bothered and apologised-for-the-sake-of apologising apology.

    There is a phrase call worse than dogs/pigs.. blah blah blah
    well all i can say they cannot be compared to anything at all.
    COS everything in the WORLD be it living or non-living are way better to be put on the same pedestal as them.

    They should be torture slowly and painfully to death man.
    Excuse my rage. . . because i am imagining that old man to be my grandfather it sure hurts worse than hell.
    and that 3 men deserve nothing lesser than hell treatment.

    TO VINCENT AGAIN – I HOPE THAT YOUR PARENTS GET THAT KIND OF TREATMENT FROM THE BRITS AND I HOPE YOU TOO. you don’t get the points we are fighting for right here then i see no point in trying to give you the respect here.

    To Benjamin Cheah – i read ur post, i know what you are trying to bring here, but i would like to say that 3 brits being out of their COUNTRY and in another do represent their country, same as like us if i were to go oversea be it a trip or on business, in the eyes of the locals there whatever i do represent nothing but the country i am from.

    I won’t blame them if they hate the entire Singapore if its vice versa. I will be utterly ashame of myself and my country.

    But i do agree to what you are saying or trying to bring here but i still think that we have every right to be angry and furious at them over this incident

  42. myliltipsy said

    Probably this issue at hand has created a rather major hoo-hah resulting in unfair discrimination amongst countries, but I believe majority of us singaporeans do not mean to insult/put-down ALL britons generally. After all, typing a single word will be faster and easier than describing those 3 scums on a whole.

    However, Vincent, I seriously think you’re quite naive and ignorant. Trishaw rides are not to be taken as transportation from one place to another. It’s purely for tourists to grasp a feel of how olden singapore was like, to let them experience. It’s a tourist attraction, and tourist attractions ARE expensive. Moreover, they agreed on the price, what other argumentative grounds do they have?

    Yes, there’s no point debating, insulting, criticising on the net, but what can we do? How else are we to show our anger, our disgust at this kind of morally inept behaviour? Those bastards had already scampered back to their homeland, to the government, this case is near close. Do you think they are going to haul their arses back here and create appeasement of this situation? Nah. I highly doubt so.

    All that aside, I was really appalled at what they did. It was excruciating watching Mr Lee pedal so vigorously to lug that 3 hoodlums around yet being oblivious to the mockery and insults thrown at him. They bring disgrace to not only their country, but to the human population.

  43. Chris,

    sure you have a right to anger. Every human being is free to decide how to react to a given situation. But I do not believe that condemning an entire nation for the acts of three of its citizens is justified. Those three men are not ambassadors. They do not represent their country. From a rational approach, it’s impossible to postulate that one can logically infer the behaviour of the British people from three Britons. It is akin to calling everybody you meet a fool after interacting with just one imbecile. Submit to illogic and emotion if you like; I cannot bring myself to do so.

  44. eternallyhopeful said


    I agree with you that it’s unfair to judge other races or nations so harshly for the incredibly thoughtless and heartless acts by 3 of its members.

    However, it’s emotionally painful and heartbreaking to see an elderly person so valiantly doing his job only to be humiliated, dismissed as incompetent and made to ask for his rightful pay.

    There are some foreign sites where people brought up the subject of unsatisfactory service and thus incomplete payment (in this case, non-existent payment). Everyone is entitled to have personal opinions about competence, but not paying the agreed amount for a product or service rendered is akin to theft and should be dealt with as such.

    For those who have not come across this, i think the following link highlight Mr Lee’s wonderful work ethics, already in evidence from 2004.

    “Venting outrage at Caucasians, bemoaning the plight of the elderly, condemning this act, berating Vincent, and inciting nationalist feelings may prove cathartic, but it’s ultimately pointless.”

    Perhaps not ultimately pointless if Singaporeans become more aware of the indignities, injustices and low standard of living that some elderly suffer from. Hopefully awareness leads to understanding and perhaps action. The government might be galvanized into action to support the aged with public funds eventually! 🙂

  45. Eternallyhopeful,

    when I meant ‘pointless’, I meant that nothing would happen unless we go further than just writing angry insults and screaming for justice. In my opinion, that is pointless. If a person is truly angry at something, then he ought to take action about it instead of just complaining. Instead of just shouting and screaming, he should attack the root of the problem, and effect the change he’d like to see. So, instead of just expressing displeasure, organise. Take action. The Government won’t do anything by itself to truly help the people unless we ask it to. Petition whomever you need to petition,talk to whomever you need to talk to, think about what you need to do, and do what you feel what you have to do.

    But don’t vent your anger and leave it at that. The trail would die before anything happens.

    That was what I meant.

  46. Zactie said


    I believe that we need to stop this mockery. This may become a stand as “Singapore’s elder is easy to bully”. I think it sounds to my own stand, but we must understand why people feel angry. As a Singaporean do you want to feel as inferior to these caucasians? More over, the old man is riding with a mass of 4 people(including himself and the weight of trishaw). The feeling of working so hard(somemore 3 people), without being paid is melancholy. Like you worked in a Restaurant for 4hours paying you $4 an hour – and the manager is happy not to give you money, you will not feel fair after working so hard. Even if they doesn’t want to pay, they should not make a mockery out of the old man. They will only understand if they are treated the same way.

    Like the school, bullying is an offence. Same goes to the law. The 3 Young Man have not been through how this old man felt, I would have gave them a tight slap if I were their parents.

    To some people may view it as ” why is it so expensive? “. Of course, if you were the one taking it you will not want to pay too right? Ironically. But as what some of reviewers stated “since the price was already mentioned in advance, why should they still board it?” Elderly too, is a source of man power for the country, if they are still fit. They help to bring in revenue, even though very small amount, but will still attract more people to come and take the ride(since their hometown doesn’t have it and it may seem worthwhile for them to come and take a ride).

    I think that the old man is not wrong. Just that I hope the 3 Young Man will apologise and compensate him.

  47. quinky_ann said

    Wake up Britons ,u are really a stud~pong …u are just making yrself as a fool and spoiling your country image. Please treats other country with respect.Hmm…Is this the way you treat your parents? Do you wish that your parents are treated in this way? You may feel remourseful now , or even not (cuz u are heartless… we can see from the video)

    Singapore may welcome you as a visitor , but for the Singaporean, we doesnt feel so. Tons of articles and feedback are writing the negative side of Britons. Because of 3 Britons , it affects the relationship of the 2 countries.

  48. LimChuKangGRC said

    Bullies huh? Well, you should check out You Tube where Banglas are mocked. Nobody complains about that. Hypocrisy now that a Chinese dude is involved.

  49. Tang Li said

    I think the issue here is not the fare but the fact that these guys had agreed to the old man’s price. He told them it would cost them $15 and they agreed to ride on his trishaw. They behaved badly and then did not pay him what was due to him. Isn’t this what you call theft? Using services without paying?

  50. Pack Boxed Foods

    Britons bully elderly Singaporean trishaw rider

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