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Son of Burmese tycoon sends “boastful” email to friends

Posted by theonlinecitizen on November 10, 2007

This is an extract from a report from The First Post.

While Burma’s wealthiest tycoon, Tay Za, tries to protect his millions from US-led efforts to destroy his business empire, his 19-year-old son Htet Tay Zais living it up in Singapore and has sent an arrogant email to friends – accompanied by photos of him partying with pretty girls – saying: “US bans us. We’re still fucking cool in Singapore.”

The email, which is believed to be genuine, continues: “We’re sitting on the whole Burmese GDP. We’ve got timber, gems and gas to be sold to other countries like Singapore, China, India and Russia.

“My brother is rocking on his red brand-new Lamborghini with hot sexy Western chicks… and I need another Ferrari to rock on.”

A former schoolfriend said: “The email seems to be genuine. That’s his style. He’s an arrogant bastard. The pictures of him partying are certainly genuine and recent.”

Htet Tay Za attends one of Singapore‘s most expensive schools, the United World College of South East Asia, but it’s not clear whether his famous father will be able to afford the fees much longer as sanctions on Burma‘s business leaders begin to bite.

Tay Za’s airline, Bagan Air, is reported to be in deep trouble. Local Burmese are boycotting its services because of Tay Za’s close links with the hated junta.

More pictures here.

Read also:Myanmar‘s generals hit where it hurts” by Asia Times Online.


6 Responses to “Son of Burmese tycoon sends “boastful” email to friends”

  1. coffee-n-cream said

    ha! i worked in the airport and did Air Bagan flite before.saw this arrogant kid flying business class on his daddy’s plane..

  2. Lucy Davis said

    As a former UWCSEA student–a school that purports to cultivate internationalism and future world leaders–I am utterly nauseated that this sort of behaviour goes on. I hope very much that there are serious internal consequences and soul searching within the school.

  3. I believe some of our foreign students are actually very passionate about the Burmese cause, and it is very unfortunate that this idiot could be allowed to wallow around in this pool of safe prosperity while his family is complicit in ensuring the continuity of the political and economic status quo in Burma.

  4. Lucy Davis said

    It appears that the above reports are false and I therefore retract the above comment.
    I wrote to United World College about this and this is their statement on this issue.

    “Recently a newspaper article was published in reference to a student who attends United World College of South East Asia, Singapore. The article is believed to be a fabrication and consists of inaccuracies. Unfortunately, it has since been reproduced in other publication which are now circulating further afield. The original article appeared in ‘The Irrawaddy’ and indicated that the authenticity of the e-mail was unconfirmed; this has liberally been altered of late to ‘believed to be genuine’.

    The school does not take kindly to any matter that is likely to bring its name into disrepute. Thus the student in question was interviewed about the contents and nature of the e-mail. It is our genuine belief that the student is neither the author of the e-mail nor has ever expressed such sentiments. The pictures that accompanied the articles were taken from student shared internet site and replicated for the article.

    As you can appreciate it is difficult to counter the ‘trial by media’ process. As such, we have no intention of further inflaming these rumours by entertaining a response for the media. The family’s lawyer has written to the newspaper concerned and asked that they print a retraction – unfortunately the syndicated nature of the article means that the damage has already been done. As members of the UWCSEA community we place great emphasis on upholding the values and practices of this wonderful institution. We will neither let any member undermine our reputation but equally not partake in any injustice. We will of course continue to monitor the situation and continue to act fairly and accordingly.”

  5. Zheng Xi said


    Thank you for the clarification. It is noted and TOC will do an update on the veracity of said report.

    Editorial Team

  6. Aaron Rubin said

    He should still be punished and humiliated. We have to realize this: by making normal every day life harder for the people that benefit most from Burma’s ruling Junta’s oppression of its people there is possible avenue for change. If their livelihood and overall standard of living is attacked, that provides incentive for them to remember what human rights is. And sadly, children must suffer the consequences of their fathers’ and mothers actions’.

    Let’s not forget that even if Htet Tay Za has done nothing wrong, he has benefited from a regime that BRUTALLY ATTACKED BUDDHIST MONKS. These people are simple, peaceful folk. How can someone enjoy a life in Singapore at the expense of their safety?

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