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MDA head honchos rap on video to get Singapore “creative and connected”

Posted by theonlinecitizen on November 23, 2007

Below is the video – with the lyrics – showing the senior management of the Media Development Authority (MDA) rapping while “selling its message to get Singapore creative and connected”, as reported by the Straits Times (“Rapping MDA officers cause mixed feelings over rapping video”). The original video can be found here on the MDA website.

TOC will leave readers to draw their own conclusions.

Meantime, here are 3 bloggers’ reaction to the video: Mr Brown, Mr Wang, Celluloid Reality.

Here’s the MDA video. Lyrics below as well.


Yes, yes y’all
We don’t stop
Get creative, can do, rock on!

Yes, yes y’all
We don’t stop
Get connected worldwide, rock on!

(Repeat above 2 stanzas)

Dr Christopher Chia
Chief Exective Officer

They call me CEO, hear me out everyone
My aim, a vibrant media hub for the city
Singapore-made content to be number one
Media choice and jobs for everybody

Michael Yap
Deputy Chief Exective Officer

I’m the man for this IDM R&D
Experimentation is my cup of tea
Flagship 2B for the world’s stage
I.Jam, I.Rock and Futurescape

Amy Chua
Media Content

We classify media to give you a choice
We consult the community to give you a voice
And the industry has a part to play
To make our media city as bright as day

Heng Li Lang
Acting Director
Strategic Planning Group

Market trends, that’s like my very best friend
My eyes on KPIs every now and then
Keepings programs tracked, for your best referral
Signing off, the numbers girl


Pam Hu
Community & International Relations

MediAction, is one of my directions
Community and International relations
Be aware, appreciate, adopt, advocate
The media for work, learning and play

Lim Chin Siang
IT & Technology

We’ll be consolidating data and building
A service oriented architecture
To add value to the economy, for a bright future
Like an LCD screen, you’ll get a crystal clear picture

Ling Pek Ling
Media Policy

Keep your channels open, HD’s the new TV
Right here, anywhere through mobility
My job’s to review the MMCC (Media Market Conduct Code)
My very big ‘yes’ to industry growth

Man Shu Sum
Broadcast & Film Development

Hold up please, they call me ‘The Man’
I know good directors at (sic) the back of my hand
Film and TV, so tell me what’s next
Singapore content, on an international stage


Musical interlude

Seto Lok Yin
Assistant Chief Executive
Industry Development

The time has come to build our talents
These are the strength (sic) for the new challenge
Global market for local growth
With the right schemes and support

Cassandra Tay

Communications is key to grow our media city
Hand in hand with the press for publicity
Singapore Media Fusion, it’s everywhere
“I Made it in Singapore”
China, Cannes, here we come

Tham Wai Kin
Customer & Licensing Services

Nothing but the best service for our customers
Fees and fines, we make it all the easier
This for the industry & public licensees
You can holler at us 24/7

Tow Joon Lai
Corporate Services

People and money, that’s my spot
I stay focused on the dot, strategically support
Next I’ll beautify our Fusionopolis
Singapore Quality Class, please take notice

Yeo Chun Cheng
Chief Information Officer

They call me the HDTV guy
My tasks include internal systems integration
HRFIS, PMP to iTrax
Please stay tuned, next up Channel X!



29 Responses to “MDA head honchos rap on video to get Singapore “creative and connected””

  1. Andrew Loh said

    I am with Mr Wang on this one – my sentiments are not mixed, as reported by the Straits Times. The video sucks – big time.

    But what is also saddening to me is that they are spending such money on making a totally useless video while so many Singaporeans are struggling to get by, especially with the recent spate of price increases, a rise in the CPI and inflation projected to be higher.

    Also, Mr Brown made a good point, with regards to what MICA’s minister Dr Lee Boon Yang said previously when he commented on Royston Tan’s short film “Cut”:

    Dr Lee said:

    “I think it is unhealthy for public officers who are carrying out their duties to be subjected to unwarranted ridicule even if it is just for a laugh, more so when such decisions were taken only after extensive consultations. The producer may think it is funny, but I am afraid I do not appreciate such unbecoming attempts to undermine the standing of a public institution.”

    Ironic, isn’t it? And I am not even talking about making the above video to get people “creative and connected”.

  2. blackteeshirt said

    it’s a hip attempt…

    but i rather they remain behind their desks

  3. Lilian said

    wah hahahahahahahhaahah!!!!

    My only response…

  4. James Michael said

    The video looks like a laughing stock,seriously,what were MDA thinking?They aint African-American,imagine if this video were to to be telecast @ MTV,people will laugh to their hearts content,isn’t there a better way to engage the audience,MDA should stop humiliating themselves,for pete’s sake,whay can’t they act like real professionals,this video is lame,embarassing to say the least….sigh….

  5. James Chia said

    P65 MPs engage the youths. MDA directors engage the working adults! Very soon we might see elderly grassroot leaders engage the elderly Singaporeans! Uniquely Singapore!

  6. LifesLikeThat said

    This one almost beat Mr Brown’s Mai Hum podcast. Almost.

    Just wondering: Is the PAP government bent on giving us a National Humiliation every year? Last year was Mee Siam Mai Hum and P65 Hip Hop.

    This year this MDA video.

    Man, they have lost touch TOTALLY with Singaporeans. TOTALLY. COMPLETELY. UTTERLY.

  7. Ace said

    Excellent, first we have hip hop MPs, then we have “Fitty” wannabes. What’s next? Ministers walking around with all the hot girls in MTV hip Hop countdown?

    This country is amazing, as long as some senior guy in the Govt says something, the underlings who hope for more career advancement will do it. Regardless of whether or not it is a reasonable or useful idea.

    Kinda like the days of the Emperor and their eunuches. This is the true thinking of the society and Govt officials. As long as you are senior in the game, anything you say will be a great idea.

    Pity those guys in the video, you think they do not know that it looks stupid? But they still have to do it what.

    I wish some ministers will come up with an idea like go and eat shit or something like that. The person who actually go do it most deserved to be promoted and get paid SGD 2 mio a year.

    Strange country.

  8. Oh ,I’m pretty sure there won’t be a shortage of people who might want to ingest fecal matter for 2 million Singaporean buckaroos.

    The crux of the matter is that if you want to be seen and perceived to be an incubator of creativity, then you should walk the talk. Banning Mass Effect and instilling a culture of self-censorship does not help, nor making rap videos.

    Investors want tangible results and visible work cultures, not presumptious attempts at remaking oneself.

  9. My website is purely unpolitical and devoted to reviewing (fun, funny or otherwise) what’s available in Singapore and I’m still torn towards this video. Hilariously funny, my first instinct is to lampoon it. However, I can’t help but realize that these civil “servants” out there are so far out of touch that they no longer connect with their constituents on any level whatsoever and then I start to feel sad.

    Watching videos like these no longer encourage laughter. Just a sad and solemn head shake. On a more practical note, “democracy is pointless when you’re broke and starving. This video is just full of MEH and I hope to God that they run things better than they rap.”

  10. Gary Teoh said

    same as P65 MP hip hop, I nearly vomitted, never respect any more my MPs

  11. Sick Of All This Shit said

    I wanna PUKE!..AND this is what we pay our TOP civil servants TOP dollar for ??

  12. LCC said

    I don’t know whether to laugh or cry when I watch this video.

    But in all fairness, this rap was a lousy attempt but at least it was an attempt… Though, I suppose the lousiness of the attempt drowns out whatever good intentions they may have in producing this rap video…

  13. Zheng Xi said

    They’ve made the best case for censorship yet…

  14. boo boo boo IDA said

    i am not sure if they achieved what they set out to achieve but sure they are getting a lot of attention….

    i too wonder what will be the next thing that these dudes will try hard to do? here is a list of my wildest imaginations which i am sure they will better with a even more wackier shit…

    1) crazy horse
    2) playboy centre fold
    3) a role in bollywood
    4) a bollywood movie
    5) a joint hongkong-singie movie “crouching puppies shooting arrows”
    6) a P.Ramlee remake of Ali Baba and 40 thieves
    7) a joint R&B music video with Boy George or Britney Spears or Prince
    8) a controversial book with Salman Rushdie

    surprise me… common baby

  15. Yo! Singapore censor rap hits YouTube
    Fri Nov 23, 2007 12:36pm GMT

    SINGAPORE (Reuters) – Singapore’s Media Development Authority, which regulates and censors media and the arts, has scored an unexpected hit on YouTube with a rap video about the city-state’s media ambitions.

    The YouTube posting has received more than 11,000 hits — and a string of snide postings on the video site ( The government body aims to promote the growth of the media industry, to promote “core values” and safeguard consumer interests, its Web site says. It hopes the rap video will showcase its potential to be “a vibrant media city”.

    But critics say this ambition does not rhyme with Singapore’s regular censorship of films and theatre and the many defamation lawsuits its government have launched against foreign media.

    In the video, middle-aged executives are seen moving and shaking to a rap tune, mouthing lines from a corporate brochure.

    “William Hung is more entertaining,” said one of the YouTube postings, referring to the goofy singer made famous in American Idol.

    (Reporting by Geert De Clercq)

    Well, looks like it got quite a hit on Youtube. And gotten Reuters’ attention.

  16. wong ap said

    Hope next yr, garmen have a top person doing pole dancing in g-string in city hall. Ha Ha Ha … Creative my foot !!!

  17. Agagooga said

    If you took the lyrics from elsewhere, you could do worse than acknowledge your source.

  18. Gerald said

    Personally I feel that although the video might be painful on the ears, it has definitely achieved its aim of getting MDA’s message across to a wider audience. Would the average viewer have bothered reading this message in MDA’s annual report?

    No right? But with this video, at least many more young Singaporeans now know that MDA is trying hard to promote the arts and media, and is not just playing the role of a censor and regulator. This could inspire quite a few local budding filmmakers, animation creators and musicians to enter a career in the digital media industry, knowing that there is $10bn of government support behind it.

    I applaud the MDA senior management for allowing themselves to be ridiculed just so that their message can get across to their intended audience.

  19. Daniel said

    This video should be censored because it is so disgusting and nauseating. Millions dollars clowns dancing and wayanging. Next year we maybe have LKY, Ministers, Presidents, president scholars etc dancing because their pay going for another rise of increment while the typical singaporean face inflation, price hike and suffering !

    How can these MDA dancing as clown when they don’t even foster an environment of openness and creativity ? Merely dumping money and talking rubbish will not do the job.

    Look like the dumber get dumber each year because money make them so. Everything they do is so ridiculous.

  20. Daniel said

    I will watch these video if I feel like vomiting. It will clear my stomach.

  21. LuoBerSi said

    Golly gosh, I really wonder how long they took to make this video, I’m sure they practised really hard for it, probably had sleepless nights too.

    My opinion: it was a try with hip intentions I’m sure but turned out really ‘trying’ on people watching this. They don’t have the moves nor the coordination, stumbling over words that don’t gel or rhyme somehow.

    It is interesting though to see the faces of those managing our foray into the media of the future; and trying to connect with Gen X or Y desperately is how it comes across.

  22. Gary Teoh said

    Like this the CEO of F&N, Temasek,Hyflux,CDL, HPL etc should yo yo also to bring the image up… yo yo yoo..and PM Lee should lead the cabinet in yo.. yo .yo. and their votes will yo, yo, yoo down also.

  23. blackshirt said

    This is probably a better and more realistic way to describe MDA.

    Please up your volume, really funny.

  24. Sick of All This Shit said

    Nausea aside,was a PR firm asked to create this video? Can you imagine how much money was spent if a PR firm was engaged to produce this video- tax payers money at that – it is truly money wasted.

  25. The other percentage said

    Please guys, MDA is not about just regulating media, it is also about developing media. Compared to the local comedy sitcoms, which reminds me of the cheap copy watches (or poor copy of western sitcoms), this clip is definitely getting my vote for comedy of the year. However it would have been more original if they had used Singlish instead of Afro-rap. Now we just need to decide which character in the clip deserves the best actor award. It sure is a tough call. Way to go people.

  26. DK said

    The rap is inspired by KRS-One.

    Yes yes y’all, ya don’t stop, KRS-One, rock on!
    Yes yes y’all, ya don’t stop, KRS-One, rock on!

    Yes yes y’all, we don’t stop, get creative, can do, rock on!
    Yes yes y’all, we don’t stop, get connected worldwide, rock on!

  27. James Chia said

    The CEO was on the news yesterday. Frankly speaking, I wouldn’t have bothered with what he said in the news if I hadn’t watched this hilarious video!

  28. ivy said

    i love this video! and i’m impressed by the MDA top executives’ willingness to be laughed at/ridiculed (as is evident here) just for the sake of fun while doing an internal company report. I’d love to have bosses like that! Good to see Singaporeans take a break from all the striving and not taking themselves too seriously all the time.

  29. Tim said

    After 2 months, its remains extremely painful to watch. I mean, do those guys actually think they are Kanye West, Eminem, Jay-Z, or one of the many underground hip-hop artistes?

    Man, I can listen to those on internet radio, and certainly this attempt by MDA is clearly a half-shaft attempt to be cool. In my opinion, they should have never tried. Jazz lovers, which they are most probably, shouldn’t be trying if they know nothing and are as stiff as robots.

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