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Al Jazeera reports on Singapore-Burma ties

Posted by theonlinecitizen on December 2, 2007

Tony Birtley of Al Jazeera takes a look at Burmese refugees who have fled the tyranny but are prevented from peaceful demonstrations in Singapore, and call for ASEAN countries, especially Singapore, to be more transparent in their trade and financial dealings with Burma.

The report includes interview with Chee Siok Chin and Alex Au.


3 Responses to “Al Jazeera reports on Singapore-Burma ties”

  1. Terence Lee said

    I salute calls for the Singapore and other Asean Government to be transparent about their deal with the junta,especially in arms deal. A check in Wiki revealed that most of Myanmar Army arsenal also comes from countries PRC, India and even USA and UK!

    Hence, I am irritated when an ang-moh go on screen and gives the impression that they are the defender of human rights while Asians are money-grabbers who do not care two hoots about the lives and deaths of other human beings. More than often, the very people who make the most noise are the worst hypocrites of all.

    In October, Aidwatch reported that “Many of the senior police and intelligence officers who are currently involved in the Burmese Government crackdown against the pro-democracy movement were probably trained by the Australian Federal Police at a centre funded by the Australian aid program.”. USA Chevron Corp and France Total continues to harvest oil off the coast of Myanmar – and we all know that oil money is good money – and it is no wonder why their Government continued to keep quiet about these investments in Myanmar.

    I urge our local activists like Chee Siok Chin (and Chee Soon Juan) to also condemn these ang-moh Governments – the greatest hypocrites of all.

  2. SKL said


    The world is full of hypocrites and sycophants. There is no point getting irritated over views and perceptions. Its accuracy can range from 0 to 100 on any topic of discussion. The truth is what one subscribed to, and at the same time respect others’ view point.

    In this particular case what you pointed out may well be true but does not discount the perception that Singapore has close dealing with the Burmese Junta. Especially so after SBS Australia had aired the programme worldwide connecting Singapore with the Burmese Junta and so-called drug lords. Singapore has not taken defamation proceeding (of which she is famous for) against SBS has made the information more palatable.

  3. ah tong said

    Something like this goes around the world and it is clear the kind of damage to Singapore’s image it has. The PAP govt is stupid to continue dealing with people who has blood on their hands.

    The saving grace of the news report are the Singaporeans interviewed. They show the world that there are Singaporeans who care and knows right from wrong.

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