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Local activists commemorate International Human Rights Day

Posted by theonlinecitizen on December 10, 2007

Several Burmese activists and members and supporters of MARUAH, a group of Singaporean activists advocating the setting up of an ASEAN Human Rights Mechanism, commemorated International Human Rights Day in Singapore on Sunday, December 9.

The group of eight Burmese and Singaporeans fanned out across City Hall MRT in pairs from 11am to 2pm wearing recognizable red t-shirts, distributed stickers and fact cards explaining the crisis in Burma and the pressing relevance of an Asean human rights body as part of a solution to the problem.

Later in the afternoon, another local activist group SG Human Rights organized an event at the Speaker’s Corner. Local activists and politicians were invited to deliver short speeches on their areas of concern in relation to human rights. Speakers included Mr Juffrie Mahmoud, Dr Chee Soon Juan, Mr Leong Sze Hian, Mr Chia Ti Lik, Mr Ng E Jay, Mr Isrizal, Mr Seelan Pillay and Ms Nur.

Below is a video presentation of the morning’s activities.

Footage of the afternoon’s events at the Speaker’s Corner will be posted soon.

Special thanks to WatchtowerHR for the video.


3 Responses to “Local activists commemorate International Human Rights Day”

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  2. Terence Lee said

    This is a good initiative. Clap Clap. Better than students who go around with cans to sell stickers.

    There is a thin line between fighting for a cause and causing trouble. And this is definitely standing up and doing something for a cause.

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