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Ministers, top civil servants to get 4% to 21% pay rise in Jan

Posted by theonlinecitizen on December 13, 2007

Breaking News: From the Straits Times.

By Lynn Lee

SINGAPORE‘S ministers and top civil servants will start the New Year with a pay increase, ranging from 4 per cent to 21 per cent.

This is the second phase of an increase that was decided on in April.

Under the revised salary package announced by the Public Service Division (PSD) on Thursday, ministers at the starting grade will take home $1.94 million next year – an increase of 21 per cent over this year’s $1.6 million.

MPs and administrative officers – the elite of the civil service – will see their salaries going up by around 4 per cent or more.

The changes come after the first round of pay hikes in April, when the Government also announced that civil service salaries would be adjusted over time to keep pace with private sector benchmarks.

Minister-in-charge of the Civil Service Teo Chee Hean said on Thursday that the move was in keeping with April’s announcement. ‘Public sector salaries move up and down with the market. In this tight labour market, private sector salaries have moved up significantly, as the benchmark figures show. The service needs to follow promptly in order to attract and retain good people,’ said Mr Teo, who is also the Defence Minister.

But he noted that actual pay would still be tied to performance. This includes individual performance and how the economy does. ‘We are careful to link rewards closely to performance. We have increased the proportion of annual salary that is variable. At the senior levels as much as 50 per cent of the annual salary is now performance-based,’ he said.

With the pay revision, the annual salary for President SR Nathan will go up from $3.1 million this year to $3.87 million in 2008, the Prime Minister’s from $3.09 million to $3.76 million, ministers and senior permanent secretaries, from $1.593 million to $1.94 million, entry superscale grade Admin officers, from $384,000 to $398,000 and MPs, from $216,300 to $225,000 (see tables below).

Their pay increases will come in the form of a higher monthly salary and a fatter performance bonus.

For instance, ministers at the entry grade of MR4 will get an average of 9 months performance bonus, on top of the GDP bonus, which can fall between 3 and 8 months, depending on econommic growth.

In a statement, the PSD said that this round of changes would bring MR4 salaries to 77 per cent of the private sector benchmarks, to which it is pegged. The April revisions had brought it to 73 per cent of the benchmark.

The benchmark is set at two-thirds of the median pay of the top 8 earners in banking, law, engineering and accountancy, as well as employees of multinational corporations and local manufacturers.

This was $2.2 million as of April but has been revised to $2.7 million when calculating next year’s pay.

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PM Lee Hsien Loong’s salary will go up from $3.09 million to $3.76 million following the latest pay revision, but like in April, he will be donating his pay increases to charity. — PHOTO: AFP



20 Responses to “Ministers, top civil servants to get 4% to 21% pay rise in Jan”

  1. Robert HO said

    RH: Basically, the PAP Ministers regard themselves, not as public servants serving the people, but as Warren Buffets and George Soros’s thereby equally deserving of the kind of ridiculous private sector CEO emoluments in the West. Of course, they cannot grow the wealth of the country like the Buffets and Soros’s and the GDP is just another falsely rigged statistic with which to justify this kind of excess and largesse. CEOs in the West are sacked when they underperform but in Singapore, since elections are rigged [see my blogs], the PAP Ministers stay forever, beholden to no one and thus do anything they want and pay themselves anything they want, needing just cosmetic excuses like pegging to private sector CEOs emoluments.

  2. saintmoron said

    The CEREMONIOUS APPOINTMENT of a FOR SHOW Head of State costs taxpayers over three million SIN DOLLARS a year. It is simply ridiculous; the Government should rightfully justify the APPOINTMENT and the REMUNERATION that goes with it.

    And the Peoples’ Representatives; namely the MPs should on behalf of the Citizens, seek the purpose of the aforesaid appointment of the President and why the ceremonial post justifies the RIDICULOUS REWARD.

  3. mr.udders said

    Come on then, let’s march.

  4. Singapore Resident said

    On his …term in office, President Nathan says the job places an even heavier responsibility on him because Singaporeans have a renewed confidence in him.


    “I will work with you and the Government and people of Singapore, as we remake our city together, and make this a special place which we all can truly call home.”

  5. MadHatter said

    In the end, it’s just a string of events to which we’re just spectators.

    There’s nothing we can (really) dare do about it, there’s nothing we can say which will change it.

    So why mope about it?

  6. Singapore Resident said

    For his kind gesture…hope someone got double tax deduction 🙂

  7. Perhaps they really see themselves losing 50% of their seats in the next elections..


  8. Eric said

    His Excellency SR Nathan is the worlds most well-paid president, and also the most silent one.

    Do we really need to pay a retiree 3.87 million annually? If he’s not happy with his salary, then he can simply quit. I am sure many others would want to stand for election (without the numerous obstacles in place). The President is supposedly the noblest office of the land.. or is it?

  9. Ace said

    Is anyone really surprised?? I would be surprise if anyone was surprised…..

    Have said this time and time again. The point is not what their pay are in actual terms but more importantly, the fact that they can do whatever the hell they want whenever the hell they want….

    Who created the situation????

    Million dollar answers like buy cheaper food, eat cheaper fish???? Dun be solely motivated by money and job hop???? This is almost like they are scripting for an episode of “seinfeld”. Unbelievable.

    I guess with the newly announced taxi fare hikes, the ministers need to ensure that they have enough money to pay their cab rides??? ha ha ha.

    Give it another 6 months, they will probably announce an abalone and single malt scotch expense budget for our oh-so hardworking leaders.

    Then come another election, they will once again have their compassionate and loving budget of giving everyone some new singapore shares or whatever the heck they will call it. Then they will recoup everything they give within 6 months and up their salary by another 40% with GST at 25%….Cool strategy….

    Same story played out over and over again….I guess in the land of the blind, the one eye man is king…

    Good luck people of Singapore.

    Congratulations to the ruling class on your pay rises, I cannot imagine the feeling of striking TOTO every year… you guys are the luckiest people on earth….yeah…..

  10. Gary Teoh said

    please don’t complain any more, ministers pay are peanut only,really take it or leave it.It is 0.002 % of the GDP.

  11. saintmoron said

    Come to think of it, Singaporeans indeed have to pay for compassion, care and welfare from their leaders, how come they are so hard-hearted?

  12. ccteo said

    pray that these money minded suckers all fell ill & sick with terminal illness whereby they can spend all their ill gotten money paying for hospital & surgery fee.

  13. wulala said

    what do they do with all the money? is it that important when they already have so much?

  14. lol said

    “greeds has no boundaries…”

  15. 2 cents said


    most of them have enough money to be recycled( live life all over again) – several times for some even. the real test of leadership now is for them to give up their wages( since they don’t need it anyway) and then spread their wages out to supplement the needy wages(put their money where their mouth is they really want to help instead of through useless and bias policies).

    it is time they lead by example for the rich to follow and change the course on constantly raising human currency to restoring the dignity of the human soul.

    it is time to break the power of greed of the elites and contain the wage disparity between the rich and poor – in tangible form.

    at least for a start.

    my guess is they probably love money more than the job. remove money from the equation and the love for the people( truly working for the interests of everybody instead of a few) will also goes out the window!

    now, should money then be the incentive for being…civilized and good?

    that’s the.. ahem…million dollar question!

  16. Sick of All This Shit said

    I hope everyone remembers how to vote come next election.

  17. Nicholas said

    Finally, now PM Lee can use his salary to buy all the mee siam stalls in Singapore, JB, Batam, and some say the rest of the world. Oh yah, he can force all the mee siam stalls to add hum too. So that when he visit the mee siam stalls he own, he can tell them “mee siam mai hum please”

  18. Alan Wong said

    Obviously one may be lead to conclude that with that kind of obscene salary, one of the President’s main task would be to cover up whatever dirty linen that might otherwise be exposed to the public. No wonder the President’s application needs the approval of the Emperor.

    Otherwise it defies logic to pay the President’s job that kind of money. Just think, how much do you think you have to pay an assasin to do the dirty job ?

  19. wah said

    Join the facebk grp if you are really pissed abt the pay hike!!

    Group InfoName:
    I’m pissed off that my prime minister’s getting S$3.1 million this year
    Common Interest – Beliefs & Causes
    S$3.1 million = �1.04 million = US$2.048 million.

    That’s right, he’s going to be paid that much. The rest of the government’s getting hefty pay rises too.

    Invite as many Singaporeans as you can! We can’t stop them giving themselves a peanut’s raise, but they can’t do anything to us just because we’re expressing our annoyance at this…
    Contact InfoWebsite:
    Singapore, Singapore

  20. Dingo said

    Good lah. Vote for them again.

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