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“Limping Terorist” escapes – 10 questions for Wong Kan Seng

Posted by theonlinecitizen on February 28, 2008

Channel NewsAsia (CNA):

“Home Affairs Minister Wong Kan Seng has cited a lapse in security at the Whitley Detention Centre on Wednesday as the cause for the escape of Jemaah Islamiyah (JI) member Mas Selamat Kastari.”

1. Given that Mas Selamat Kastari was considered Singapore’s number one most wanted, how did such a “lapse” occur?

“Mas Selamat had been taken from his cell to another part of the detention centre for a visit from his family. He then asked to be allowed to visit the toilet, where he escaped.”

2. Wasn’t Mas Selamat Kastari handcuffed or restrained when he was being transported to meet his family? How many guards were assigned to him? How was he able to escape from the toilet of a detention centre? Are there open windows for detainees to escape? Why is Singapore’s number one most wanted detained in a facility which obviously is not secure?

3. How long was it before his guards realized he was missing?

“Mr Wong described Mas Selamat as a security threat, which is why he was placed under preventive detention.”

“The security assessment was that the escape posed no imminent danger to the public.”

4. Mr Wong’s two statements above, as reported by CNA, seem to be contradictory? Mas Selamat Kastari was a “security threat” but is not an “imminent danger to the public”?

“That was because the security assessment was that the escape posed no imminent danger to the public.”

5. He is Singapore’s number one terrorist and most-wanted. On what basis does the minister claim that he posed no threat to the public.

Straits Times:

“An independent investigation is underway and we should not speculate on what and how it happened.”

6. What sort of independent investigation is underway? Who are part of this “independent investigation”?

“On why the public was informed of the escape only four hours after the escape, Mr Wong said the escape posed no ‘imminent danger to the public’ at the time. ‘The focus then was to lock down the Whitley Road detention centre and then to start a systemic operation to find and arrest him.”

8. Are there security surveillance facilities on the premises such as cctvs, watchtowers, etc? How long did the “systemic operation to find and arrest him” last before the authorities realized that he has escaped out of the detention centre itself?

“Mr Wong said the focus was to lock down the detention centre before starting a systematic operation to search for the fugitive and arrest him.”

9. How long did it take the authorities to lock down the detention centre? Aren’t lockdowns suppose to be quick and fast for exactly instances such as this when someone is thought to have escaped?

10. Ah Hao, Richard Yong, “Limping Terrorist” Mas Selamat Kasturi – they all escaped in one way or another in recent years. Given these incidents, can Mas Selamat Kastuari’s escape be regarded as just a mere “security lapse”, as the minister described it? Should a thorough overhaul of security procedures be considered?



69 Responses to ““Limping Terorist” escapes – 10 questions for Wong Kan Seng”

  1. Kelvin said

    I’m getting quite fed up with such non-descript “this is what we can tell you, don’t ask anymore because we don’t think you need to know, just let us handle it because we know what we are doing” kind of reply.

    Wong Kan Seng should resign as this is a proven case of incompetence. My tax payment should not go into his pocket as his salary as I do not wish to have such a useless Minister heading my home country’s internal defence and protection forces.

  2. Gary Teoh said

    Every terrorist is a threat to the security of a nation.Wong Kan Seng should learn from President Bush.

  3. SS Lee said

    Accountability please.

  4. lapse said

    Cannot blame the police. He must have limped away very very quickly, so fast that the police just could not catch up with him.

  5. aygee said

    its funny how Richard Yong and the Cocaine Ringleader were able to skip Singapore, while they were very efficient in stopping James Gomez leave the country after the elections.

  6. Winston said

    Something is obviously amiss. During my NS tenure as a Military Policeman, detainees under our care were never allowed to go to toilets alone during escort. Furthermore, handcuffs are only removed temporarily in the toilet itself and are in constant view of the MPs. It is strikingly apparent that Mas Selamat had known of the security loophole in the toilet and his escape could only be pre-conceived.

    It is a shocker that Whitley Detention Centre’s security standards are inferior to the SAF DB.

  7. Adrian said

    I was working in Bangkok last year and one of my Thai colleague got into a car accident along Sathorn with a motorcyclist on a scooter. That guy was reeking of alcohol and was drunk. In his anger, he kick the back door of my colleague’s Vios till it was dented. Thai police came and he was arrested for drink driving and to be taken back to the police station. Btw, I witnessed all these myself, I was with her then. My Thai colleague also wanted him to pay for damages to the car door.

    The next morning, the Thai police called her to say that the motorcyclist has escaped from the police station. I proudly proclaim to the rest of the Singapore team who was in Bangkok then that such things would never happen in Singapore. How can anyone just walk out from the police station? Looks like I have to eat my words. This is so embrassing.

    This also shows that checks and balances are important to ask tough questions and challenge existing policies and processes to finetune them till they are right.

  8. freedom loving singaporean said

    its time to shut down Singapore’s Guantanomo Bay and put the accused JI members on proper trials…

  9. Solo Bear said

    One possibility is that this is just a pre-written wayang show. I really, really wonder what the heck the government has been doing all along, keeping him detained all this while, without charging him in the first place.

    Here is an article I put up last year. It gives you a picture how sceptical I am about this “fight against terror” stuff. The government officials look so amateurish, it makes you really wonder if they are taking this anti-terror thing seriously.

  10. Solo Lion said

    Solo Bear

    Next thing you are going to say is that the holocaust didnt happen. That there is no genocide in sudan. That actually N korea is a wonderful place to live in.

    Perhaps all inmates in changi are innocent too. Maybe they voted for the WP and were slapped with false charges.

    Sheesh. Thank god your childish assessment in your small minded blog has little reach or influence. Perhaps you should stick to ranting in Sammyboy forums.

  11. […] be Naive) Coincidentally still on the focus on apologies and making amends, the latest news of a JI prisoner escaping in Singapore shocked me. How can the ISD be so inept and allow such a thing to happen? The Home Affairs Minister […]

  12. Clarence said

    While I more or less agree with the main points of this post, I am sad to note that the quality of the article is lacking. Hopefully, the editors can maintain the standard that this website has upheld over the years.


  13. farking shit said

    there won’t be any accountability for this world class authority cos we pay them millions without any approval from the people. just take it and move on. hopefully one of these days shipped out of this ‘perfect’ country. arrrrghhh…puwee !!!

  14. dead poet said

    Come on folks..its a honest mistake..
    We only expect dishonesty from opposition..when they make mistakes in calculation of taxi fare they are cheats and dishonest…but miscalculate by a the billions and you are brilliant..
    When a man forgets a form he is a liar
    But what ever the MIW do..its a honest mistake…
    Well its about time people..yes us know what hegemony means..
    Yes its us who allow what ever that is happening to go unquestioned..its us who put the men up there
    You reap what you sow..and we have been reaping the benefits..

    wake up

  15. Nicholas said

    Wong Kan Seng should resign as Deputy PM and Home Affairs minister. If the head from the top does not roll, no one will learn their lesson and will not treat this whole affair seriously.

  16. The whole thing stinks! Wong Kan Seng’s so called “explanation” stinks even more! It was basically a non-answer.

    I’m no conspiracy theorist but i even doubt that he escaped coz we never really know what goes on in these places. Unless its after many years or so OR somebody decides to tell-all.

    I doubt we will get a full and truthful answer to this whole thing from these buggers.

  17. Nicholas said

    See? Already some people here are thinking this whole thing is wayang or some conspiracy theory going on. So to prove this whole thing is no joke, Wong Kan Seng please take responsibility and resign. Please show some seriousness in this issue, Mr Wong Kan Seng, by resigning. If not, this shows that the top people are untouchable and will never be held accountable.

    P.S. I wonder if they can show some footages of any security camera, just like what they show us previously regarding James Gomez affair during the last election 😛

  18. omg said

    how come i dun see police putting up posters in singapore for such wanted man? by now our whole nation must act fast to nab this threat. too much time is lost, it doesn’t take more than 4 hours to fly to thailand if he can hide on the plane.

  19. I read Solo Bear and Pseudonymity and I wonder…

    If Selamat ‘selamat’, it’s time for the Home Minister to say ‘selamat tinggal’!

    However, if Selamat and his gang is so ‘kilat’ and succeeds in a bombing bringing innocent Singaporeans along, God forbids, then . . . it’s simply . . . Pay Back Time!

    Yes, we may have to pay for the sins our govt commit in supporting a bully and an illegal war!

    Then again, it may be the greatest show, ooops, I mean the greatest WAYANG on earth 🙂

    A security lapse?

    A political diversion?

    Who knows?


  20. RS said

    So much dishonor. Other may have already chosen to commit seppuku by now.

    But likely the poor police constables who are overworked to continually spy on illegal assemblies, will be the scapegoats and get the axe or worse, the rotan. Charged for criminal negligence….

    Doubt this would factor into his end-of-year performance review. Freeze his annual increment? Hah?! TKK.

  21. Robert HO said

    1. I, too, believe this is just another wayang show — FROM PERSONAL EXPERIENCE. I have been arrested some half a dozen times, driven to police station cells and Changi Prison and IMH, and spent days or weeks inside each and I can tell you that EVEN IF A PRISONER HAS WINGS, HE STILL WILL NOT BE ABLE TO ESCAPE, whether during the transportation [always handcuffed] or inside these facilities.

    2. Inside a typical police station, Changi Prison or IMH, there are big, heavy, steel doors every 30 metres or so, so you literally have to walk a gauntlet that has to be unlocked every 30m or so, so you have 0 chance of escape. Even if you can teleport yourself to the Outside of these facilities, without money or civilian clothes, you can only get as far as you can walk. If you try to borrow a phone, this can easily be traced within minutes. If you try to contact family or friends, these calls will be traced and even transcripted within minutes. There is no way Mr Mas Selamat Kastari could have escaped even with the most minimum of conditions and even the laxest guard. It is all pre-arranged.

    3. Why another wayang? Like the 1987/8 ‘marxist conspiracy’ in which LIE KY and LHL [then Minister i/c of the ISD] arrested 22 mostly Roman Catholic social workers and lawyer-occasional-helpers of the Workers Party, the LIEs wanted to ‘kill the chicken to frighten the monkey’, to re-instil FEAR all over again into yet another generation, to keep them fearful of even gossiping about the LIEs family scandals like their corruptly accepting bribes of illegal discounts in the purchase of Nassim Jade and Scott 28 luxury condos for speculation [this is why speculation continues to be allowed because all the elite ministers, judges, top civil servants, etc, all own many properties since estate duty does not apply to the first S$9m of private properties — estate duty is now proposed to be scrapped]. LIE KY admitted to the RC Archbishop that “they are not really marxists, just do-gooders” when he summoned the Archbishop to intimidate him into silencing his flock and to keep them out of even the slightest work such as social work advocates for abused domestic maids, etc. Proof LIE KY is a totally cynical Satan who would arrest church workers who advocate causes such as for abused domestic maids. The lawyer arrestee was vicious retaliation and punishment for doing some editorial work for the Workers Party.

    4. There are many reasons why a despot would want to shake up his islet now and then. 1 is to keep his colonised subjects fearful and intimidated, afraid even to complain. Another is to reinforce his central chain of command and control all down the line to the poor sucker in red beret beating about the bushes sweating with heavy rifle and gear. Another is to give his PAPaganda media a field day with such ‘heavy news’.

    5. Abroad, the wayang would please Bush because it would reburnish LIE KY LHL PAP ‘anti-terror’ credentials and make Bush notice anew his lapdog LIE KY LHL PAP sterling support of Bush agenda. Tony BLAIR also launched a similar Big Scare about airports and airlines being ‘targetted’ by ‘terrorists’ just when Bush needed the ratings uplift. So, these kinds of publicity stunts to please the almighty Bush are fairly common.

    6. Mr Mas Selamat Kastari and the 22 Roman Catholics in 1987/8 are just innocent victims needed for elaborate shows. When you have such total power and all the money you can never finish enjoying, you then put your little mind to choreographing such shows for the edification of those fellow abusers of power and influence. My family and I have suffered from just such choreographed publicity stunt shows for the past 15 years. I know what these are when I see 1.

  22. CelluloidReality said

    Then, he’ll have to go the old fashioned way. Out by the ballot box.

    Our crime rate isn’t going down, police efficiency is getting from bad to worse.

    Homeland security? What homeland security may I ask? I see more insecurities today.

    It’s time for a new leadership to take charge of our homeland security.

  23. security guard said

    Has anyone noticed how vehicles are checked before they are allowed to go into the undergrouds at Changi Airport T1, T2 and T3. I hardly noticed or rather never see those freezer delivery trucks compartments been checked.

    Was told that due to manpower shortages, many of the armed and unarmed security personnels, mainly Malaysians, worked many hours of overtime frequently.

    With the above, how much faith can we have on the security and safety of our country and people?

  24. sotongbroker said

    I find it amusing… this uncle has already escaped from the detention centre and now we send the largest troop there to guard the place? Hello????? Maybe better luck with 24 hours prata house… he must be hungry!!!

    By the way, Toa Payoh safe or not huh?

  25. ronin said

    Aiyah….Wong Kan Seng will just say “it’s was an Honest Mistake. Let’s move on”!!!!

    He will still collect his millions every year….as well as his pension.

    What a great job!!

  26. familyman said

    probably we need opposition leaders to ask in parliament – how much growth and performance bonus Mr Wong is collecting this year in March / April????

  27. fenian said

    move on? yes, mr wong shud just move on…

  28. critical kronic said

    We mustn’t take security lightly, look, because of this lapse, tremendous impacts have occurred. Causeway jams,paranoid parents, innocent police and army personnel were forced to do 24hrs standby, doubtful feelings on national securities and our neighboring countries are psychology affected too. ~”the escape posed no imminent danger to the public?” yes he was unarmed, but look at the impact this guy has created. I’m logically confident that our credible force will handle this issue strongly. However I’m sad deeply sad, that it has happened to us, we will recover but nevertheless a scar was made.

  29. i heart my country said

    why should we not be allowed to “speculate on what and how it happened”?

    o i forgot: we’re singaporeans living in a democratic nation of transparency.

  30. Daniel said

    With such a security lapse, the next Foreign Talent that will be attracted to Singaore is the terrorist! After so many hours still cannot catch the terrorist. Why pay millions for useless bunch of crap ?

    I also see that many NSMEN kena despatch to chase the the man. How much are these NSMEN pay to risk their live ? For what ?

  31. kingfisher said

    Wong Kan Seng must resign!

  32. Gary Teoh said

    I think the police/security agency pay more attentions to Dr Chee Soon Juan and company so as not to allow him go overseas,and resulting less attention on the terrorist.Comparatively,Chee is a threat rather than selamat to the government.

  33. ronin said

    If such a thing happened in other developed countries, the relevant minister would have resigned or forced to resign.

    And our ministers had the cheek to say theirs are not iron rice bowl!!! They want top private sector pay, but not private sector type of accountability!! What a great job to have!!

  34. Nicholas Lazarus said

    What we have learnt and should always remember are that the JI operatives are extremely dedicated and deadly disciples of Osama Bin Ladin. This particular JI operative was forged from the fires of Afghanistan and perhaps the most intelligent and cunning amongst the organisation. How else could he be their leader! That he has escaped is an indication of how dangerous JI operatives truly are. In my view, it is not the fault of our security forces. It is easy with the benefit of hindsight to criticise but bear in mind that even the CIA and the FBI could not prevent 9-11. Even the British M15 could not prevent the London bombings. We should rally behind and support our security forces and not undermine them.

  35. LifesLikeThat said

    Nicholas Lazarus?? You that same Nicholas Lazarus from Young PAP blog???

  36. Robert HO said

    1. Just to add to my Comment 21 above, during 1 of my arrests during which entire time I was handcuffed [even during toilet peeing except that handcuffs are relocked from both hands behind to both hands in front to make peeing possible, with the toilet door open with a policeman watching closely], when I was handcuffed to bars behind while sitting on a chair waiting for further processing, in a police station, a white teenager male somehow was allowed to freely pass through the numerous heavy steel doors to stand in front of me to mock me. He ostentatiously took from his jeans pocket an eye-dropper and proceeded to drop eyedrops onto both his eyes so they ‘tear’, probably to mock me that I would be crying at the arrest and incarceration. Then, he turned around and walked freely out.

    2. In other words, LIE KY LHL PAP were putting on an elaborate wayang publicity stunt for American amusement. The fact that the probably-American teen could freely be driven to that police station just when I was being locked up inside proves advanced planning, with the Americans heavily involved in every step of the way, plus the fact that he could freely walk in and out of the dozen or so steel doors, proves that not only was I arrested by pre-arrangement for publicity stunt and Torture For Fun and Entertainment Purposes, but that all these were done by LIE KY LHL PAP PURELY FOR GRATIFYING SICK AMERICAN PERVERTED ENTERTAINMENT REASONS. The torture goes on still. Every night or morning, I am awakened and kept awake, sometimes during which time a loud motorcycle would go roaring past to symbolise that they are ‘riding’ that is, ‘fucking’ me. The sharp pain in my upper right arm nerves has stopped, though. It used to be so bad, every night being radiated in the nerves painfully, that my right arm hurt when I lifted it in certain positions. TORTURE AS FUN AND ENTERTAINMENT FOR THE AMERICAN AUDIENCE. ALL, ANOTHER LAVISH DISPLAY AND PUBLICITY STUNT BY LIE KY LHL PAP.

    3. Oh, almost forgot. Even when I was incarcerated in these facilities, they had secret police and other agents in there with me, to continue the torture, sleep deprivation, harassment, and of course, all televised for American amusement. Everything is a wayang for American sick and perverted entertainment, which only despots like LIE KY LHL PAP would dream of lavishing.

  37. aygee said

    “The security assessment was that the escape posed no imminent danger to the public.”

    i just have to bring up a conspiracy theory.

    If Mr Wong and the police had such a lackadaisical approach to handling and escape of the so-called #1 wanted terrorist in Asia, the biggest threat to national security, MAYBE… he’s not THAT dangerous after all. maybe he’s a man with big ideas but no capability to fly a hijacked plane into Changi.

    Like Freedom Loving Singaporean, comment#8, said, Whitley Road is our Guantanamo Bay. No one’s brought to trial, we cannot hear his story in open court, no assessment of his capabilities/threat from a third-party.

    but if a limping man in prison clothes can escape from our Guantanamo Bay, well, maybe he has the capability to execute his threat after all.

  38. Singapoorean said

    Nicholas Lazarus said: “In my view, it is not the fault of our security forces. It is easy with the benefit of hindsight to criticise but bear in mind that even the CIA and the FBI could not prevent 9-11. Even the British M15 could not prevent the London bombings. We should rally behind and support our security forces and not undermine them.”

    This is totally laughable. What sort of ass logic is this? How about accountability and sense of responsibility?

    Going by your PAP ass-licking logic, we should pardon all wrong doings or lapses by the government because someone somwhere else in the world also falls short.

    You forgot that unlike other countries and their governments, WE ARE UNIQUELY SINGAPORE!

    And we Singaporeans didn’t say or claim that! It is the PAP themselves who claimed that! That is why they pay themselves the BEST and HIGHEST salaries in the entire planet!

    As such, we Singaporeans accept nothing less than PERFECTION – in everything that the govt does!

  39. Anti-Cynic said

    The comments here are damn funny to read, although mostly a waste of time. The Robert Ho types here really need to check themselves into a mental institution. Hilarious stuff! Completely off the bend.

    I’m as surprised as anyone else by this news, but I’d be even more surprised if the authorities do not get their act together.

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  41. jayrilek said

    high security features at ISD, armed guards on duty, Selamat manages to escape/vanished at 1600hrs. I dun tink its an inside job cos who wud dare? Sporeans/civil servants are so afraid of the law. based on Selamat’s origins, I would say he could have used a paranormal force/power to escape…a force that still exists but forgotten by the modern day men

  42. DonJohn said

    i heard that he got his limp when he tried to escape in indonesia. i wonder if his other leg will start to limp also when he gets caught..

  43. Paradiso said

    Mr Wong only apologies in the Parliament, not to the public. His comments totally disgust me. How can he simply brush the issue by saying the lapse in 4 hours between the escape and the 1st public statement was that the convict poses no immiment danger. Does he defy ‘no imminent danger’ as simply not armed?? If that’s the case, why tag him as our country’s No. 1 dangerman?? I can only assume that if it takes 4 hours to notify the public of the nation’s no. 1 criminal’s escape, it prob might take a day before a murderer/rapist escape is inform to the public.

    Mr Wong strikes to me that despite all these recent ‘unfortunate’ incidents, he will not be sacked and eventually not held accountable. We don’t see the PM or President coming out to reprimand the police, department head etc.

  44. Robert HO said

    1. Ha, ha, ha, Anti-Cynic. The same LIE KY LHL PAP discrediting tactics used against me in soc.culture.singapore a decade or more ago when I exposed what they are doing to me.

    2. But seriously, Mr Anti-Cynic, why don’t you copy & paste and email my allegations to LIE KY LHL PAP, police, AG, etc, for them to act on? Not that they don’t know EXACTLY what I am doing 24/7 or writing! By emailing to them my writings, also in my blogs [which carry my name, address, tel & hp numbers, NRIC no., email address], they can easily identify and contact me. I welcome more wrongful and illegal arrests on trumped up charges. In fact, I have been dying for my day in court. Please, please report my writings and blogs to the police, AG, or better still, LIE KY LHL PAP or anybody you want to ingratiate yourself with. You will get promoted and bonused.

    3. Why is it I have been able to make all these allegations for such a long time, from years ago in soc.culture.singapore [even arrested for some of these postings there but charges dropped and later never even attempted]? If they could arrest me for my writings then in SCS [though always on neutral articles and not for these allegations of Torture For Fun on me and family] why not now? Why never for these very specific and detailed allegations? Ah, ha. Because they are true and too many people already know them as Truths.

    4. So go report me to the police. Just 1 email from you, taking just a minute or so, will do. Criminal defamation is a police case, not just civil suit, so the police do have the authority and indeed, a case. It carries several years jail and hefty fine. Or make an anonymous phone call to the police, as is often allegedly done in CSJ cases. That takes less than a minute. Tell them you are concerned by my allegations and that if not refuted and challenged, many more people will believe me and LIE KY LHL PAP will be besmirched. It costs you nothing but gains you everything. If you dare not do it, we know you are just employing the same discrediting tactics used more than a decade ago in SCS. Where all my old postings still exist and accessible. Truth is forever.

  45. ccg said

    scandalous, incompetency, shame….
    it is like Osama escape from Guantanomo Bay..
    are we expect to see accountability??
    how can they justify their millions dallars pays? & so sucks on the job?? big pay rise year after year..
    can we poor taxpayer trust our family life on this kinda of home security?

  46. Dr Syed Alwi said

    Singaporeans deserve this ! Unless you stand up for your views and opinions – and unless you vote out the MIW – this I-can-do-anything-I-want attitude from the MIW – will continue. These are very simple creatures – these MIW. They only respond to one stimulus – VOTE THEM OUT !

  47. Daniel said

    People from blogosphere and Singapore become apathetic towards the terrorist-escape issue because they longer trust the government anymore who only give lies, half-truth statistic and more lies. The government has become a wolf in sheep clothing and that is the perception of almost citizen aside from those that benefit millions from PayAndPay scheme (seem more like a scam than a scheme !) like MIW etc

    Anyone remember the famous story of shepherd and the wolf ? The shepherd keep taking the kindness and helpfulness of his fellow villagers by shouting ‘Wolf ! Wolf ! Wolf’ and then mocked them for ‘being naive and innocent’ when they arrived. This happened a few times that the villagers finally stop listening to the shepherd’s lies. So one day, when the real wolf appeared, no one came to help the shepherd, and the joker, protecting himself on top of tree, only could see the wolf slaughtered his sheeps one by one.

    Now put it under Singapore context. The gahmen have been doing the same thing but instead of crying ‘WOLF’, they cry ‘MONEY NOT ENOUGH’, and so they raise the GST, price hike, increase and implement and increase everything that can make money, but still they cry harder each year insisting that they need the money to help the poor, and even use statistic to show budget deficit in helping the poor. But the truth is they have conserved more money than they actually need and use creative accounting and other ‘secretive’ means to show another round of budget deficit time and time again. Suddenly a turn of event popup, and abundant money that citizen is totally devoid of any ideas where it comes from, appear from nowhere to help ailing banks and pay themselves millions. When asked, the gahmen offer no reply and no response. The aftermath is that the whole citizen of Singapore are getting fedup with those lies, and soon giving up trusting the non-credible gahmen anymore who run the country as Singapore Inc.

    So one day, a terrorist escaped and the whole nation is alerted, but no one pay attention to it anymore, assuming that it may just be another ploy make up by government for their own personal agenda. So no one really bother but instead condemning the government for another trick up its sleeve to divert country’s issues. Some even happy that a terrorist escape because it put the security to true test and is appalled at the moment of truth to find that Singapore is all about images not substances. All talk of security is more a wayang. Now where’s are those millions that are supposed to spend on security goes to ?

    Now even a limper can escape ? What kind of jail is that ? Better convert it to money-making resort instead.

  48. Ryu said

    Until Wong Kan Seng resigns, we Singaporeans should really protest by not submitting our tax returns.

  49. Abuse of power said

    Why was ISA used against people like Francis Seow, JBJ, and Chee Soon Juan, Catholic church workers in the past?

    How can we trust the PAP government to use it properly when they lock up such moderate politicians?

    Are you telling me Francis Seow is a terrorist for allegedly tax evasion?

    Why do singaporeans have to live such sad lives? Is it really so scary to listen to us? to give us some democracy?

    Lee Hsien Long’s kids – can you read this and tell your daddy?

  50. Adrian said

    Whitely Road is such a prime location, how can have detention centre there, should build condo instead. 😛

  51. Adrian said

    This was extracted from a CNA news article on 30 April 2006 based on Wong Kan Seng speech in reaction to James Gomez apology involving the infamous minority certificate application form and an innocent looking envelope.

    “Speaking at a rally on Sunday, PAP’s First Assistant Secretary-General Wong Kan Seng asked if after this unfortunate incident, the WP still intends to uphold the high standards that it has set for itself and for politics in Singapore.”

    That was just for the filing of an application form and now a JI leader escaped while under custody. May I kindly ask Mr Wong Kan Seng the same question that he asked the WP back in 2006?

  52. Kelvin said

    Did anyone watch DPM Wong’s speech in Parliament on Channel 5 on 28 Feb about this? Can anyone tell me why was he smiling? At one point he even looked as though he was about to break into a chuckle. Kind of odd, given the severity of the situation no?

  53. oh teng seng said

    STUPID & BALL-LESS SINGAPOREAN !! study so hard and get so good result but still can’t differentiate between a government all for itself or for the people. you people farking deserved to be slaved by yr blood sucking leaders.

  54. Ting Ch said

    The announcement of the completely off the mark budget forecast used as a reason for the GST hike and the timing of the JI leader’s escape — Greatest distraction for singaporean.

  55. johannes said

    During the IMF meeting, we all can see the Police and a bunch of Gurkhas really put up a good show to impress the delegates. I still remember seeing a batallion of armed personnels walking hear and there, very impressive, just to show to the world what a WORLD CLASS security that we have! When the terrorist escaped from Indonesia and Philippine jails, we used to laugh at them, saying that they are just bunch of stupid assholes, but now we ask them for help in tracking down this great escapist, what a great joke on earth!

    Oops! I am writing a book on “The Singapore’s Great Escape”, and I hope all of you will support me in buying a copy.

  56. anonymous said

    WKS had done us all in. He was challenging the JI when he said that Singapore did not see them as an imminent threat.

    Singaporeans better stay indoors in the near term.

  57. vigilant said

    ”Vigilant, we must be vigilant.” said Wong Kan Seng.

    Vigilant my lan cheow lah Wong Cunt Sing.

  58. Kevin said

    MAs Selamat’s escape may cause GST to go up again next year.
    To pay for higher security costs.

  59. […] to JI militant escape, taichi, and other stuffs in Singapore and the region – The Online Citizen: “Limping Terorist” escapes – 10 questions for Wong Kan Seng – Singapore Patriot: Mas Selamat’s prison break: Some questions for Home Affairs Minister – Where […]

  60. Dead Poet said

    What really surprises me is that so much is happening, the budget debacle and now the JI thing, yet we have not heard anything from our PM not to mentioned our MM who usually has a lot to say based on his wisdom and vision…

  61. real singaporean said

    the onlinecitizen team,

    yr website has lots of people writing in. can you do more marketing to yr website site to get more singaporean to come out and voice their sell t shirt with yr website address.

  62. JJ said

    Mat Scofield-DEAD OR ALIVE is definately out there.So is the truth.From all the media coverage of this case,I do not want to believe what is fed to the citizens.I feel that the more information and wayang that has been generated since this prison break, the more questions there needs to be answered.

  63. […] “Limping Terrorist Escapes” – 10 questions for Wong Kan Seng: room for plenty of doubt and ridicule indeed. (via […]

  64. RR said

    Our government is soefficient in getting people who speak ill of them.. Chee Soon Juan, Jayaretnam etc etc… But talking about real threat to our nation in the case of Mas Selamat… No results so far. Such lame excuses given to the public.. Sad.. real sad.

  65. Ray said

    Mr Gary Teoh. Of all leaders in the world, you’d want Wong Kan Seng to learn from President bush? You gotta be insane. If he had that ‘bush’ mentality, we’d be at war right now and we wont win.

    But seriously y’all, enough about why we weren’t informed sooner and enough about worrying how he escaped and what not… this isnt television where he tattooed blueprints on his ass and found a way out nor did black magic help Mas Selamat in any way.

    “Ohh what do we tell the people?” “we’ll say he went to take a piss and then disappeared”… this is how stupid the government think we are. I seriously would have came up with a much better story.
    They found him a threat so hes dead now. nuff said.

  66. Jordan said

    When LKY tried to convince Singaporeans to justify their pay rise. He said “to an average worker who gets 3k of pay, 1.8 millions is a lot, but considering the billions of dollars the government is handling, it is “worth it” ”
    But did he also realise that when they pact their paycheck with the private sectors, they failed to have pact the accountability to the private sectors! When a CEO fails to generate income for the company, he is sacked. Our MHA Wong is paid millions , equivalent to something fellow singaporeans would not make for life, yet he does not need to resign over such an serious lapse in his job. And we the pay masters have no say. I DO NOT WANT TO pay millions of tax to him! He ought to resign even though the PM Lee says he shouldnt. If he doesnt resign, he should at least get a pay cut until that of a fellow Singaporean’s pay since, he is not shouldering that kind of responsibility that his pay besearch.

  67. Blow Wind Blow said

    Did you know how WKS is related to LKY ?

    MM = Uncle
    PM = Nephew
    DPM = Himself

    Ini macham, how can do wrong ?

  68. In-Laws said

    Neigh-few-in-law takes care of laws by the in-laws in the laws.

    The Law of Blood is Thicker Than Water vs the Law of Moral and Ethics.

    The Law of The Water Face vs the Law of Political Acumen.

    The Las of Greed vs the Law of Decency and Propriety.

    The Law of Power vs the Law of Peasantry and Suppressed.

    Laws Kill You, the peasants and frogs-in-the-boiling-pot!

  69. Fedup said

    If WKS doesn’t want to resign because he cannot give up his $2.2 million pay . No problem !

    Just vote his ass off the next election. Guys in Toa Payoh GRC , make sure he gets zero vote !!!

    But why he has to worry anyway , he is a ‘talent’ , if he loses his minister jobs , there will be 5000 private companies fighting to pay him $2.2 million and more to work for them ….

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