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Bloggers’ reaction to JI leader’s escape

Posted by theonlinecitizen on February 28, 2008


Unfortunately SingaporeJI Detainee Escapes: State Not Intrusive Enough?

“Minister Wong sure has some explaining to do. First of which is how a limping middle-aged man could escape from an ISD run facility?”

PleineluneGreat, Now They’ll Start Checking My Shoes

“Do us all a favour, Selamat Kastari (what kind of a name is that, some kind of self-named holiday?), and get therapy. Talk through puppets or blow up aliens on a computer. Take up sky-diving. Go get laid. Why in the world do you need to kill other people in order to work through your personal issues?”

The Sidelined StudentJI Detainee escapes from Singapore Detention Centre.

Singapore spends billions on security systems, yet people can smuggle guns out of army, and terrorist leaders can LIMP out of detention centres.”

Her GesturesMission Possible. JI detainee Mas Selamat Kastari escapes from Singapore detention centre.

“For god sake, open your damn bloody eyes and be vigilant. Thats your bloody job. A small mistake can ruin the whole face!”

Irrational RationaleWhat A Joke!

“How the hell do you escape from so many officers with guns and according to their sources… HEAVILY GUARDED?!?! I don’t know if I should applause this man’s ability to escape or criticize the “guarding.”

Thoughts And PiecesEscape of Selamat Kastari

“I wonder what’s the reason that detainee like a the terrorist is not given the same ‘nice’ and ‘careful’ treatment. Maybe to them, terrorist can’t run away from Singapore.”

Missy Brown EyesHouston, We Have A Problem

“And he limps. For goodness sake, a man who limps (i.e. cannot walk properly), has managed to escape from detention using the lamest excuse possible: I need to use the toilet.”

In The Name Of DonutsI Love Men In Uniform!

“We’re so gonna be laughed at by Malaysia and Indonesia and Philippines and Thailand but especially Malaysianot that it’ll matter — but HOW DID HE ESCAPE ?”

Love One Two ThreeOmg. The Terrorist Selamat Kastari escaped!!!!!!

“Why was the news released a few hours after he escaped? ”we thought he was not a threat to thepublic at that time”. erms.. he is a threat. he’s most … yea.. he is a threat.!”

Rusty AlmondThis Piece Of News Sent Shivers Down My Spine


YearnizIs like really OMG !… Singapore is in danger again!..

Man!…I’m freaking scared!….but in the first place , how did the terrorist escape out of the detention centre???”

Leave Out All The RestNational Crisis?

What worries me is that the place he escaped from is so near school. The security personnels were standing on the pavements inspecting every car this morning, which really worries me and made me think “Will we be next?”

Gravity – RyuworksNumber 1 terrorist escapes from local detention centre

“I think the authorities have to seriously look into the security (or lack of) in this country where all its people are being led to believe that we have an extremely secured prison/detention system.”

Dumb Dumb DumbellzHighly dangerous terrorist leader on the loose

“I don’t understand how in the world he can escape?? This is Singapore!! Escape when he go toilet? Imao!!”

PeaskeepingTerror leader escapes in Singapore

“Sorry I know this is supposed to be really serious and all, but up to Bt Timah!? That is quite exhilarating. Maybe he is eating at Al-Ameen and nobody knows. Haha. Tsk tsk.. Kidding.”

MajulahTop JI Old Limping Man Escaped From World Class Singapore Detention Centre

“Would he be able to escape like how Took Leng How did after the infamous Huang Na’s murder case?”

Chemical GenerationAn Apology Means Little Until the Escaped Terrorist is Caught

“The government was open about the arrest of JI members in the past, and ISD should be open about its horrifying lapses when the time comes soon.”

My Central DogmaJI Terrorist Escapes from Detention Centre

“Seems to me like Singapore detention centre is only built for Singaporean detainees. In the first place, why put terrorists in a detainment centre? They deserve to be in a prison with better security.”

Military LifeThe SAF and SPF are truly lumber 1!

“Singapore has become the laughing stock of the world as we keep telling everyone we are world-class in virtually everything from electronic road pricing to ease at which terrorists appear to be able to slip out of supposedly secure detention centres.”

Mr BiaoPoor security at Singapore’s Internal Security Department

“How did a limping man manage to escape from a detention center in world-class Singapore and still manage to be free after half a day of ‘massive manhunt’?”

ChraenSingapore JI Leader Escaped

“Even after the police arrested so many JI members I’m sure there’re still more out there… and who knows what they’ll do now that their leader has returned…”

CookiemonsterAlleged JI leader escapes from jail

“A terrorist has escaped from jail, and the finger of death should be pointed at none another than the errant force that claims to police Singapore, keeping it safe from nutters who like to play with bombs.”

ElmoismJI terrorist leader escape = Black magic?

“The last I read, he wanted to bomb MOE. WTF? Ministry of Education? At Buona Vista? Of all places? What for? I mean i can understand American Club/Embassy, Yishun MRT station, Police HQ etc but MOE? What? He’s not happy that most of our scholarships go to non-Muslims? Can’t be right?”

Chao MuggerSelamat

“Police, check Bukit Timah Hill and Central Catchment Areas, then get your guns around the island please. Singapore is not a big place.”

Philip ChuaEscaped JI leader

Singapore has now dropped the ball big time and really is an international laughing stock.

This is the kind of thing that sends many ripples outward. Singapore cannot police its own state. Singapore cannot be seen as a credible and capable ally in the war against terror. Singapore is a vulnerable target for terror. I.e. Singapore is no longer a trusty haven for investment in Southeast Asia.”

Simply JeanSecurity lapse led to JI militant escape, taichi, and other stuffs in Singapore and the region

“The sad truth is, if this guy manages to get his acts together, this will be more than a movie.”


“If there was a proper opposition in Singapore’s parliament, the minister of home affairs and the PM will definitely get seriously grilled like they do in the UK when some shit (like the lost of CDs containing sensitive government data) hits the fan. In Singapore, they will probably get a slap on their hands with no calls for their resignation.”

Darth Grievous’ Dark DomainMas Selamat, Militants, Guantanamo Bay and whatever…

“I suggest that if Mas Selamat is not caught – either dead or alive – in 3 days, the Minister of Internal Affairs should resign.”

PseudonymitySingapore Terror Suspect’s Escape From Whitley Detention Centre

“I guess what will be on everybody’s mind this time round is the question “How the hell did he do it?!”. To escape from a place where even truth cannot get out.”

AlvinologyWho is Mas Selamat Kastari?

“He’s unarmed and walks with a limp, how fast can this guy run? We seldom even hear of convicts escaping from Changi Prison, not to mention the Internal Security Department.”

Anonymous X WritesPrison “Detention Center” Break: featuring JI detainee Mas Selamat Kastari

So, assuming the level of security differs between that of a detention center with that of a prison, a question will surely be raised on why the supposedly dangerous criminal was hold in a detention center and not in a prison.”

Nomed LettersWho let the prisoner out?!

“First, goodies, then outrage at surprise, now fear. You can try to get the Prime Minister to call for a general election.”

Where Bears Roam FreeThe Great Escape or the Great Decoy?

“The Great Escapee would be caught soon as what the script has been written. If he is not caught, you can relax too. The Great Escapee isn’t much of a threat as what the government would like you to believe.”

Chia Ti LikHow many JI members does it take to make a fool out of the ISD, SPF, MHA? The answer is ONE.

“HEADS MUST ROLL in this incident. I REPEAT HEADS MUST ROLL. Shall it be the Minister for Home Affairs? Or Shall it be his Perm Sec? Commander SPF? or Director ISD? HA HA HA”

Singapore PatriotMas Selamat’s prison break: Some questions for Home Affairs Minister

“Will the public be informed of the details of the investigation, or will Singaporeans be told that it was an honest mistake and to trust the MHA to know what they are doing?”

Blue HeelerDid Mas ‘breakout’, or is this a cover-up? A conspiracy-theorist’s fantasy that is good enough for Hollywood?

“I think he LIMPED out of the detention centre IN BROAD DAYLIGHT, escaping from one of the most highly-funded, best-trained security forces in the region!”

Darth Grievous’ Dark DomainA foul up and all we get is an apology!

“Is that all you can offer Singapore, after this guy has escaped, Wong? With 3 million Singapore dollars of pay p.a., an apology is not good enough. If you have any sense of shame and responsibility at all, you should just resign and shut the hell up for a long time.”

HardhittingJI leader escape in Singapore

“That’s all the news Singaporeans have. A dangerous man escaped from jail, is free in Singapore, and that’s all the news we have.”

Tiger 4 BlogSingapore’s Very Own Prison Break

For displaying such efficiency in stop James Gomez from leaving Singapore, they can’t even have keep a dangerous criminal in custody letting him escape at 4.05pm. IN BROAD DAYLIGHT! THROUGH THE TOILET!”

Singapore Life And TimesToilet tales

Heads may roll, but it wouldn’t be Mat’s, at least, not yet.”

The States Times“The Fugitive” Rerun

Therefore, kopitiam erudites put it all to a staged wayang, possibly lasting longer than the original’s 118 episodes, or whatever duration necessary, to deflect attention from the honest mistake in the Budget surplus estimate.”

Military LifeJI leader escapes while on way to (the toilet) meet his family

The DPM’s explanation only makes it worst as it clearly shows the incompetence and lax attitude to physical security.”

EtrepoursoiJI Detainee’s Escape: Another Argument Against the ISA?

Why the different regime of treatment for ISD detainees? Conceivably because they are being detained without trial under the Internal Security Act (”ISA”), unlike regular convicted prisoners in Changi Prison.”

The Sun Shines OnThe one that got away

After our guys in green and blue get him, I expect some accountability.”

HardhittingStill no news

If MPs from the ruling PAP can’t get answers from the government in Parliament, I highly doubt anyone else in Singapore has a chance of getting anything.”

Mr Wang Says SoThe Great Escape

Mas Selamat has managed to run away. But in the end, it will be Wong Kan Seng who makes the really Great Escape.”

My Singapore NewsThe ultimate weapon

“Offer a $1m reward for his capture, Dead or Alive, as the bounty hunters like to call it. I think many people will be motivated to do the chasing for the money.”


“For the safety of our children, loved ones and fellow countrymen, all of us have to join hands with the authorities to create a national cordon and nab this terrorist before he strikes.”

Looking For LalalandWhy Wong Kan Seng is incompetent – and not just for the JI escape

Forgive me if I show no mercy to Wong Kan Seng. He has failed on at least three occasions – mentioned above. And the minister has embarrassed the country on an international scale on at least two of those three occasions. Mr Wong, please do the right thing as a man of honour. Resign!”


New SintercomFreak Accident or Incompetence in the Mas Selamat Fiasco?

“Someone will take the blame and whoever it is high or low ranking in the Home Affairs Ministry, we must be mindful that he could just be the scapegoat in the great finger-pointing politically directed musical chairs that will start soon.”

IZ ReloadedCNN headline: Terror suspect fled toilet

“Seriously, how can we trust our government now to protect us from terrorist attacks if they can’t even hold on to a terrorist suspect that is already under their custody? And worse, how can the authorities let him escape while he goes for a damn toilet break? Crikey!”


Grass In SnowPrison Break, Singapore version!

“I cross my fingers to what he can do to innocent lives. How can such a dangerous person be allowed to escape? I am baffled.”

Simply JeanToilet Break 4: Mas “Limping Terrorist” Selamat

“Coming to a cinema near you.”

Sophie’s WorldSelamat* Asean?

“It is heartening to see the cooperation of the three littoral states of Asean in tracking the fugitive despite many bilateral problems among them.”

The Itch To WriteSingapore’s fumble

“As a Singaporean I felt pretty disappointed by the whole incident and it reminds me of the disappearance of the 8-year old China-born girl, Huang Na, back in 2004.”

MajulahMUST SAVE KASTARI! The Incident Shouldn’t Have Happened At All

“And what do you get at the end of the day? An apology.”

Glee ChooSad to receive news about terrorist leader suspect.

“Whatever, this is certainly a good reminder that Singapore cannot afford to lax or be complacent on any account.”

Sunshine And MorbidnessWatch out for limping man

“How on the freaking earth did we manage to let a 47-year-old uncle with a limp run away under all those eyes??!!! Unbelievable!!”

AuphiliusJI’s Leader At Large.

“Don’t approach him if you’d see him. Dial 999 and tell the authorities his whereabouts. Enough.”

Wah So Dam HotTerrorist Escape

And the minister for home affairs made a speech to the mps at parliament. I saw a smirk on his face.”

Ovidia YuMas Selamat bin Kastari’s Toilet Break & Some Things I Believe

Wong Kan Seng says Mas Selamat bin Kastari’s escape was an ‘honest mistake’


The Daily BacktrackThink happy thoughts

“I tell you now that the government has a built-in mechanism to deflect ill-will, it is called The Spin 2000- it is like Magneto’s helmet in X-Men, something so thick and dense that not even the cry of a million irritated citizens can penetrate it.”

LeounheortManhunts and Ministers, Questions and Perspectives

“The majority of the burden must naturally fall on the guards, for letting him escape. But whether or not Wong was partially responsible for letting Mas Selamat run free must first be determined, before we call for his resignation for this matter.”

Blue HeelerA joke begins like this: T’was once a govt-appointed ‘independent’ Committee of Inquiry consisting of 3 current/ex-civil servants…

“I am saddened that our government, in a time of need to ‘police’ itself, turns to a self-appointed team of civil servants to form an incestuous ‘independent committee’ in a show of false transparency. Phoooey…..”

Gan ChauBrains – a must for committing crimes!

“There is no necessity to demand for anyone’s head to roll……to err is human!”

Singapore AlternativesThe World Class Joke!

“We may not fault the minister of Home Affairs directly for the prison break although some bloggers do, but for the crisis management thereafter, the minister of Home Affairs MUST be responsible!”

Deen YusofMas Selamat wants to watch the Olympics too!

“Since he escaped, shouldn’t the Commisioner give a “Shoot at Sight” order? For the safety of the people?”

Darth Grievous’ Dark DomainOf Mas Selamat and Horsies…

Yet, we haven’t seen anyone who has exercised the moral courage to resign, and this is completely shameful when we are now a international joke as far as security matters are concerned.”

Diary Of A Singaporean Mind National Manhunt : Where is Mas Selamat?

“WKS as minister cannot possibly know the detention center that well – you expect minister to inspect every toilet there? You expect the minister to train every guard? He has already apologised and taken responsibility. However, the members of the Opposition are the ones I blame for this mess.”

DiodatiCaught with their pants down: the police and the media

“I still dream that the day will come that ministers in Singapore will take responsibility for scandals and mistakes of this magnitude and bow out of their positions. Is it so difficult to hold ministers and public servants to the same standards as anyone else earning a salary on the private market, especially considering that that’s their justification for their ostentatious wages?”

Mr Wang Says SoThe Independence of the Inquiry Commission

“But Dr Choong May Ling is a bad choice. I do not know what she’s doing there on the committee. For goodness sakes, the woman is the current MHA Deputy Secretary. You cannot put the current MHA Deputy Secretary on the commission and call this an “independent investigation”. Clearly there would be potential for conflict of interest.”

AidilomarWhen pigs can fly

“I cannot remember the last time I read the Straits Times. I do remember at one time, I felt sickened by the sight of it and all those who read it with the utmost concentration. It was as if I came across the very Satanic verses itself. Thank God for small mercies – we still have the Internet and we can read alternative opinions.”

Singapore Life And TimesWANTED!LIMPING OR NOT

Somebody mentioned S$50,000 – S$100,000 as a likely sum for a reward in order to hasten Mas’ re-capture. But what profiteth a man if he gains the whole world but loses his life at the hands of this terrorist?”

New SintercomThe Terrorist Escape

“As Singapore has so far not suffered any harm from the terrorists, Singaporeans tended to believe that terrorists mainly target the whites. But now with a home-grown terrorist breaking jail, they will realize that they are not totally immune from the perils of the terrorists.”

Singapore Kopi TokWill Reason ever Prevail?

Let the bureaucrats put forth their arguments and attempt at transparency and accountability before any mob lynching is meted out.”

Molly MeekMas & Why I’m Not Singapore

But tell me, is your primary concern to spin the whole issue into a feel-good frenzy deflecting all fingers pointing at you or to enhance security?”

The Void DeckMas Selamat Cabot – Let’s Get Calm and Get Him First

“Got angry calls of resignations left right and centre. Cant be coz man on grd fuckup but all the way to the top the chain of leaders all muz resign? Top level management shld bear the brunt of policy type of fuckups. Ground level ppl should bear the brunt if there is fuckups in procedure. Dat could be the rough rule in the finger pointing later.”


Yawning BreadThe great hunt limps along

“The more the government stonewalls, the more people will wonder what they’re trying to hide. We begin to wonder whether even the little information that has come out has been merely for the purpose of saving face, and if the chief motivation is to save face, how reliable is anything they have said?”

Journalism.sgThe other casualty of the Great Escape: mainstream media credibility

“Treating citizens as if they were brain-dead will not make them so; they will simply migrate to other media that take them more seriously.”

AlvinologyPrison Break Season 4

“Today is day five of Mas Selamat’s escape and there’s still no news of his arrest or even sighting. This guy is really making Singapore look bad.”

Simply JeanWarning: Do not wear baju kurong over a beige round collared tee-shirt and a pair of brown long trousers

“If you do not wish to be picked up by the police, then you might want to avoid wearing anything beige or brown – doesn’t matter if it’s top or bottom.”

Recruit OngDangerous man in S’pore

“In my opinion this shorty is more dangerous than Mas. Becos he is the one who has already done damage to S’pore and S’poreans, while Mas is still planning his. From bullying SDP to harassing peaceful protesters, he has done it all. And now S’pore’s reputation is tarnished yet again under his watch. The chance of him resigning? I think i have better chance striking one million toto than that happening hahaha!”

BlogsworkA Uniquely Singapore Toilet Break.

“The Great Singapore Escape is becoming fodder for Photoshop artists and mash-ups.”

Uniquely SingaporeWhich is which

“They setup an “independent” Committee of Inquiry (COI) with someone from Home Affairs Ministry, shouldn’t they get someone else without giving us the impression of “conflict of interests” (COI).”

Utopia“independent” committee of Inquiry

“Whatever conclusion they come out with, they will be praised and given a pad on the back by the very same Minister who called for such “independent” committee in the first place.”

The Sun Shines OnResignations and the Apportion of Blame in the Escape Debacle

“In the Mas Selamat escape debacle, it all depends on who should be blamed how much and how the blame should be shared. Should the one at the top have the monopoly of the blame? Or the grunt right at the bottom of the food chain? Or someone in between as well as an accommodation to the public’s bloodlust.”

Where Bears Roam FreeOut with the whole truth and nothing but the truth

“I can’t believe what the police is telling (or rather not telling) us. This is ridiculous. First, they explained that the 4 hour delay in informing the public did not endanger us, because he was not an imminent threat. But they then proceed to say that he is a dangerous man and even put on a global alert.”


Darth Grievous’ Dark DomainMas Selamat Kastari – The Conspiracy Theories

“Well, the longer Mas Selamat Kastari (MSK for short) is on the run, the juicier the conspiracy theories that are spun.”

Tiger4blogSingapore’s Very Own Prison Break II

The most probable reason I believe is that his escape may be to create a fear among the nation to bring the population back under the government control.”

Recruit OngThe missing van

“We know the authorities have already failed miserably on their detention competence. But now the missing van can be used as a benchmark to assess their search and locate competence.”

Thinking Better Thinking Meta“Mas Selamat” does not exist

“The only means by which my want for information can be satiated is an efficient and truthful answering of questions by the Home Affairs Ministry and the government.”


Cycling TurtleThe Mother-of-all News Report on Mas Selamat

“Maybe they’re thinking of hiring foreign talent to search for Mas (hint: get the cast from CSI Miami). I’m sure they’ll know more about Bukit Batok more than any heartlander in Singapore.”

Zephyr And The TornadoThe Singapore media is a total farce

“What the fuck are those ‘journalists’ playing at, providing bits of information regarding the man on a daily basis? How the hell does anyone expect the public, the 4 million pairs of eyes, to search of the man if information is dispensed like that?”

XMercenariesDid Singapore allow terrorist network to fester?

“Is Selamat still in Singapore. The answer is “No”, so don’t waste my fucking time sending me MMS, and giving me super delayed telecasts about his limp that isn’t really a limp, or the clothes he wore 6 days ago.”


Pseudonymity Don’t Give Us Crap!!

“I mean, we don’t fucking need to be told that it was due to complacency, we’re not infallible, etc, etc!!! We already know all that!! So what the fuck!! And this fucking crap takes up half of the fontpage in the Straits Times in its weekend edition!! I really don’t give a fuck what the “great old sage” of Singapore has to say! And if the fucking ass-kissers in the local media don’t really have anything worthwhile to report, then don’t fucking report!”

Molly MeekCustodians: Terrorists and Other kinds of Terrorists

More communal bonding crap. More PAP Education National Education crap. If you MIW still don’t get it, let me just sum it up: I think it’s DISGUSTING.”


I’m genuinely surprised at how many mis-steps the government and police have taken, from releasing the information that the guy escaped late, to the exact description of what he was wearing when he escaped late, to the lax security surrounding his escape.”

Insane PolyStanding Up For Change.

Jeeze, you would think after the pay hike, our dear PM might feel obligated to give the nation a satisfactory explanation- to start earning that 7 figure salary. Instead we’ve heard nary a peep from him.”

The Sun Shines OnBlame the Custodians and Complacency

However, responsibility for one of Singapore’s most bizarre prison breaks would however not stick on the political masters, as MM Lee implied not so many words. When the board of inquiry eventually issues their report, let’s see to what extent MM Lee’s opinions played a role in their findings.”


Until questions such as those I have raised are answered, one cannot even be certain if Mas Selamat actually escaped.”

Where Bears Roam FreeSo whose complacency is MM Lee referring to?

How the events unfold from now on would be interesting. If the inquiry comes up with a report – and that report concurs with what MM Lee says – it hints that this whole wayang show is indeed a wayang show, because somehow, the script was already written and MM Lee in one careless moment, “predicted the findings” of the inquiry.


The Bosonic StateThree Thoughts on the Mas Selamat Fiasco

I didn’t receive the MMS of his face… how did the government know that I’m bad at recognising people?”


Molly MeekFantastic Conspiracy Theories about Mas

Mas Selamat did not escape. Neither did he die in custody. Rather, his abilities to convince people that he was totally harmless impressed an old man so much that he was invited to a tea party.”

Seraphic RadianceThe question of Mas Selamat and the ISD

“Well, we have a Guantanamo in miniature in Tanglin Road. It is time we rail against that too, or any attempts at building a society that respects human rights would just be rank hypocrisy.”


My Singapore NewsNo words from Mas Selamat’s family

“I have been trying to hear from Mas Selamat’s family and see what they have to say on his escape. After two weeks, still nothing heard.”

Simply JeanSingaporeans get A+ for Mas Selamat’s escape?

“What?! You mean to say that the whole thing was staged? You mean to say that Mas is still in his cell – innocently being cursed and sworn at?”


Readings From A Political Duo-ableThe Great Escape of Mas Selamat Kastari – Revisiting ISA

“The flurry of comments, whether, from reputable writers like Alex Au or anonymous bloggers such as Chemical Generation, however, reflected the most disturbing assumption generally agreed upon – the assumption that Mas Selamat Kastari is guilty as charge.”

Harish PillayWhat’s the coverup?

“I am further tickled by the almost instantaneous “I am sorry” by wks. I think, if he really means that, he should do the right thing and resign. Any decent democracy will have had that happen.”

Molly MeekConfessions, Transcendence and the Rhetoric of Leadership

No, everyone is busy controlling the damage done to the reputation of the Party. What is at stake is not security. It is the Party.”



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54 Responses to “Bloggers’ reaction to JI leader’s escape”

  1. Limpei Terrorist, ok? said

    Ah Hao initially escaped with murder.

    Richard Yong initially escaped with money.

    Dave Teo escaped with rifle.

    JI Terrorist leader escapes with a limp.

    Yes, our government is Unique. Extraordinary. Exceptional.

  2. Daniel said

    Add this one too.
    Finally, our homegrown arrogant government escapes responsibility and accountability through honest mistake and divertion.

  3. lksheoizhseriserio said

    Im scared

  4. Molly said

    This is the time whole world people laughing at cos Singapore everything No. 1 and Security System spends on Billion $, but Took Leng How, JI Leader and Guns can smuggle out form Army… I think Wong Kan Seng should answer and responsible for it???

  5. mat yo yo said

    My [personal] take on this event;

    1-Create a sense of fear in the republic

    2-Divert attend off a series of [real] issues which the gov are reluctant, uncomfortable in addressing. eg. the Surplus, GST, Man on the street Bread & Butter issues, Cost of Living, etc.

    3-Come up with reasons to tighten security in the republic, possibly with radical changes to the Security Act?

    ‘I love Singapore, but not the People running it now.’

  6. Ace said

    ha ha ha…this is like an episode of Police Academy….remember the comedy series?

    what’s next? the guy escape to some other country and come back as a foreign talent some years later?

    ha ha ha….this is unbelievable. Security, vigilance etc etc all the buzz words from the home team and some guy escape from the crapper……

    I am guessing nothing will happen to anyone senior after this thing blows over. The poor guy who took him to the crapper will be made the scapegoat and next year, pay increment again….yeah!!!!!

  7. Hong Ham said

    In the beginning, I thought i can only see this in fictitious action movies and never never in a real life situation. I just can’t believe my eyes that it did happen in Singapore, one of the most sophisticated countries with the best guarded systems, sophisticated police forces in the world. Heinnnnn !

    I just don’t agree to Wong Kan Seng’s so called “appology”, from his tone of his voice , facial expressions, and use of a tiny fainted and shy word “i’m sorry that it did” , at the parliament (and bear in mind he is not appologising to the public), this is just not sincere !!! He is too shy and felt embarrassed to appologize ? Very likely.

    On his statement that Mas Selamat Kastari was a “security threat” but is not an “imminent danger to the public”is not only controvertial but misleading and underestimating his capability. He is contradicting himself. Since Mas Selamat was a “security threat” and he was known to plan a number of terrifying terrorist attacks on Singapore, he is the number one terrorist!!! He presents a danger to the public the moment he is at large. The fact that he can escape the guarded detention centre unoticed, proves that he is damn smart and can present a danger to the public anytime !!!

    Therefore, there is this catastrophic and never before embarrassing situation Singapore security and SIngapore government is facing, Wong Kan Seng’s statements at the parliament present no value, are contradictory, are misleading, unconvincing, did not answer the question the public wants to know, and did not seem remorseful, and in brief , did not respect the public ! The whole world views this as a jaw dropping security lapse, a laughable mistake and the Home Affairs Minister of Singapore presented such kind of worthless explanations at the parliament ???!!! The world is disappointed !!!

    Neverthless, they are paying themselves with increments over their already high salaries! Tax payer, now you know where you are spending your hard earned money ! Ont he other side , at least George W Bush is not the only one to be ridiculed now over his mistake in Iraq.

  8. Andrew Loh said

    Hong Ham,

    Yes, there is a 3rd pay increase this year for the ministers.

    “We should never use material rewards to attract new members. That will be attracting the wrong kind of members. But we can get them to understand that if they do not actively support and improve on the system, it must collapse through metal (sic) fatigue or corrosion. In other words, give them a mission and a sense of purpose. We can find a mechanism to give them access to the political leadership, and influence over national policies. Give them the satisfaction that they are playing a part in shaping the destiny of the country.”

    – Goh Chok Tong, “PAP Youth Wing”, YoungPAP website.

  9. Expected Analysis said

    The minister sounded more like he is the scapegoat made to announce something that is dubious and unbelievable.

    Is the toilet located outside the main gate or what?

  10. noone said

  11. Anyone drank NeWater lately?

    Be careful. So called terrorist Mat Selamat Kastari may be part of the ingredients by now.

    How else could he escape from the Toilet of Singapore’s Guantanamo Bay Detention Camp?

    Seriously though, are we now experiencing a ‘dose of bad government’?

    Are we still paying our dedicated and honourable ministers too little?

    Will our mothers, sisters, wives and daughters be maids in other countries soon?

    The spin generated is so much better than “Wag the Dogs” that I think this WAYANG deserves an Oscar.

    “Limping Terrorist VS Lame Minister” sounds good!

    Let’s look forward to the sequel.

    Hey, just how did Mas Selamat escape?

    Nobody knows or does it sound too stupid for the Minister to tell the truth?

    The truth? Minister doing the honourable thing?

    That’ll be the day!

    Tan Ku Ku
    (Wait long long)

  12. Daniel said

    feedmetothefish, don’t be surprised if the gahmen say that they now need to pay even more millions to salary to improve security.

  13. Daniel said

    “Limping Terrorist VS Lame Minister” sounds good!

    This is even better,
    “Peanut Terrorist Vs Million-dollars Minister”

    To citizen, the terrorist is called Selamat.
    To gahmen, he is called Alamak !

    Definition of word, Alamak = An Malay expression of dismay, surprise or alarm

    Last time, GST is hiked to help the poor.
    Next time, GST is hiked to help the security.

  14. Thanks Daniel, knowing the govt since its inception, I won’t be surprise.

    Limping Mas Selamat may be on his way to “selamat jalan” while Lame Minister may have to say “selamat tinggal” soon.

    But with the “bad dose of government” we’ve been so fortunate to have so far, it’s another case of “tan ku ku”

    Yeah, dreams are made of this 🙂

    There’s a price to pay more for better service.

    What do you expect from a million$$$ ministers?

    We should pay “bargain’ chicken ministers billion$$$ instead to prevent Mas Selamat Kastari from flushing himself into the toilet.

    Meanwhile, let’s look forward to next wayang episode of the “Limping Terrorist vs Lame Minister” from the msm.

    It beats TV series Heroes and what have you 🙂


  15. kingfisher said

    The Minister should step down over this blunder!

  16. familyman said

    This is really the great ‘affective divide’ Catherine Lim talked about. This whole thing sounds like a big hog wash to cover up the mismanagement of the budget.
    NMP Siew has asked for a more caring Singapore, Wong kan Seng has reintroduced the HDB scheme where poor people are held hostage, with their 3 room HDB flat held as RANSOM MONEY, depriving their children of a flat if they decide to sell off their lease. Is this better or worse than loan sharks who give unsecured loan?

  17. familyman said

    In Tharman’s speech he said “His (Mr Siew) desire to see nobody left behind is noble and shared by us all. But his exhortation that we should ignore waste, ignore deadweight loss, ignore disincentives to work is quite reckless.”
    This is the same minister who sits as the GIC director. How many deadweight loss is there in GIC / Temasek investments, eg shincorp, Suchou, Citibank, UBS. All those money piled in to prop those ailing foreign entities? All these losses are messy BUT acceptable to these cabinet ministers, but they will not allow any old man or old woman to ever lose the incentive to peddle and sell old cardboards, cans.

  18. familyman said

    I just watched the movie – The Queen. How the British royal family was completely out of touch with the common people was jarring. This is the same for the case of PAP with her people, if the straits times is to be believed. Little things like the banning of the Choir, the premature GST hike (compared to HongKong) the jobs going to foreigners and ever decreasing low pay of our cleaners – due to our ‘generous’ foreign talent policies. At the end of the day, no, the cabinet ministers did not make any mistake about the GST hike, and we should all kow tow to them for their great service to the nation and great timing in the GST! Can you see it? All the silence over the budget surplus, overshadowed by the current man hunt? Who is having the last laugh? Francis Seow? The Catholic Marxist Conspirators? Tan Liang Hong?

  19. Innndda said

    Real or diversion?…

  20. Aberdyn said

    As the minister of home affairs,Wong Kan Seng is responsible and accountable to what had happened.This is not the first time people under the police custody be it a criminals or otherwise manage to escape.

    The detention centre commandant should be sacked first and the entire officers of the camp should be removed or replaced.And of course then followed by the minister himself to tender his resignation.

    There were few cases the in the past e.g. the Tock Leng How and the NSman David Teo’s case facing problems for effective and prompt action either by Mindef or MHA, on both ocassion the the authority had made a few blunders. And now… Mas Selamat Kastari, the most dangerous man, the JI leader, with extreme ulterior objectives,with his unaccomplished projects to cause harms to Singapore.

    He is on the loose now and anything can happen.He should be recapture as soon as possible and place in a more secured area like the maximum security prison to prevent for any attempt of absconding in future. It seems our standard of efficiency is eroding now.

  21. Concern Citizen said

    It is sad that many of you so called “citizens” are nothing but a bunch of complainers! You sound as if the govt owe you a living. Don’t you realise that certain things are sensitive and cannot be revealed – while investigations are on the way ? Use your common sense!

    If you are so smart, go and volunteer yourself to guard the detention centre! You expect everythong to be perfect – well no one and nothing is perfect. You yourself is not perfect.Yes, we are all disappointed and shocked about this escape and we cannot allow this to happen.

    Instead you should lend a hepling hand to the authorities instaed of complaining and suggesting whp should resign etc. Don’t you realise that this escape may have been planned for sometime and it’s no coincidence that that the family visited him, he needed to go to the toilet and there was a van reported stolen. It’s alike a movie script – the escape was planned and the guards who were with him, his family and the van driver are the first suspects.

    The escape was planned and made easy for him. All his previous weekly visitors whould be arrested and questioned as they may have played a part in this “great escape.” Remember the movie “the great escape” -Selamet may have seen it more a dozen times.

  22. application9999 said

    This is a poll conducted to ask for head to roll….Do you support that too?

  23. talhaoui said

    In the back of my mind still asking me on how a man manage to escape from the most tightest prison in our country. It can’t be an illusion. So my point is whether we manage to hunt down the most wanted man in our country, How could we learned so that this thing don’t happened again?.. How could we be so careless to the least of fugitive to be loose is Mas Selamat Kastari..3

  24. shermaine yeo said

    yes he’s defitnitely a threat, but let’s all clam down first kayys?
    No1. how did he escape? He limps, mind you, and what a lame excuse, to got to the toilet. I trust sinapore security, is there an accomplice or something? i hope there will be more specifice details exposed to publice as to how he managed to escape, i still can t believe it. And sinapore is so small, how difficult is it to find a man who ahem…limps?

    No2.It’s such a disppointment.ITs such a disgrace. What will other ocuntries think about mighty Singapore and hello!!!1We sort of just clinch the youth olmpics games bid and now this is happenin!!!!Pls, no way man!!!
    Parents dont have to worry, security will be much tighter,(my school is at bukit timah too!NYGH) so everyone just do their part in hunting for this man!!!Everyone makes mistakes. So we had to go find what caused this to happen and learn from this lesson. Sighing and blaming doesnt improve anything. We are on eSingapore,one nation strong and free, with one heart…..

    let’s trust singapore and do our part. Jaiyous s’pore

  25. wong gan first said

    Please lah, not another poll. So free to start a poll why not help post his photo everywhere la.

    Ah wong should fire his speechwriter la. Horrible speech. And he needs a new haircut la. He fucking looks like a commie! Who’s that gay dude that cuts fann wong hair. @ wongs will make a right, right? 🙂

  26. Dear Concern Citizen,

    I respect your point of view however I don’t think that raising questions or voicing out opinions means that we are complaining. Patriotism is not being expressed by mere silence or supporting and believing in every single thing that our government says regarding issues, policies and in this case, the lapse in security that caused the escape of such a high profile member of the JI. Our government has always been boasting about our high level of security and efficiency and by raising questions, doubts and opinions, we are actually part of the supporting ‘forces’ stressing that the government should not rest on its (partly self created) laurel and be competent in terms of trying to prevent further slip ups in security and such. In my opinion, the fact that Mas Selamat Kastari is such a security threat who is under preventive detention, more could and should be done to prevent his escape in the first place. If it happens that the guards who were with him have rendered assistance in his escape, then should we trust our very own security forces in future? The questions raised were all very valid in their own ways and no, we are not complaining about the government’s incompetence. We are just acknowledging that they are incompetent in this very case.

    Indeed I agree with you that we should lend a helping hand to report him to the authorities should we see any signs of him lurking about anywhere but it would have been easier had the public been told IMMEDIATELY after his escape because many things could have happened within the four hours that we were not told of the escape. He might have even left the country already, which is very high a possibility.

    The thing is, this should not have happened in the first place anyway but it has and so the consequences is, like any other mistakes whether heavy or light, questions will be raised and doubts will be developed. This is, as I view it, very normal in any circumstances whether the government is involved or not.

    We all have a choice whether we want to be blind and silent followers or genuinely concerned citizens who voice out and raised questions. Which one are you?

    That is my 2 cent’s worth, just for you and all of those who thinks that by being concerned and patriotic citizen, we have to take the role of a silent and blind citizen. 🙂

  27. […] Singapore, in the first 24 hours following the escape, it was left to the bizarre combination of independent bloggers and PAP MPs to ask the question that was on everyone’s mind. Singapore’s mainstream media acted […]

  28. Aberdyn said

    Dear Concern Citizen,

    As a first world country we cannot afford to accept the fact that such a silly mistakes could take place in a detention facilities of the highest order. That’s why we are making a lot of noise over the issues because we know that it could not happened the way it happened as the physical security aspects of guarding and ensuring the facilities security will not be compromise at all cost.The reason and explaination given was totally unacceptable giving the fact that it was so simple that the detainee concern was able to escape when he went to the loo. By the way, where is the toilet located? how long was he inside the toilet? don’t the guard(s) sense some tell-tales signs like sounds of breaking something was heard or whatsoever enabling him to flee. Or the posssibilities of the above was only a make-up story and indeed the culprit escaped by other means.And why the public was informed so late after four hours of the break. As reported by the ST, the very day at about 1700hrs,a members of the public from a nearby petrol kiosk saw a bare-bodied man with only on shorts were seen running frantically up on a hill near the vicinity of the detention camp and according to the said witness he visibly noted there were like some numbers printed on the shorts.We don’t know the subject person was the culprit or not. And fifty-five minutes can make a world of difference. As reported,the culprit was discovered missing at about 1605hrs.

    Of course we will play our part as a citizen to help the authorities to get this guy Mas Selamat Kastari re-arrested.Until he is aprehended, the State is not in a state of peace and safe.

  29. J said

    This is my honest comment here which i feel that we as a nation have to really reflect. Firstly in late 2007, we had a national serviceman bringing out a weapon openly out of the army camp. Now, we have a JI leader escaping out of the detention centre with a LIMPING leg, What on earth is happening to Singapore’s security?!?!!?!!!

    Aren’t we suppose to be the BEST in everything?!

    Is Singapore’s level of security that Secured?!

    Are we again going to be laughed at and being taken as a joke just like how the prints on T-shirts goes…. Singapore, the “FINE” city?!

    Anyhow, lets work as a nation and bring this ungrateful JI leader of Singapore arrested!

  30. johannes said

    Before I report him, I want to ask WKS what is the reward? Yes, I’m money face because I’m talking to the Money Face Government!When they alway talked money, let us talk money,too!

  31. Innndda said

    Maybe this JI guy is already dead… Possible? News to cover up?

  32. […] I cannot remember the last time I read the Straits Times. I do remember at one time, I felt sickened by the sight of it and all those who read it with the utmost concentration. It was as if I came across the very Satanic verses itself. Thank God for small  mercies – we still have the Internet and we can read alternative opinions. […]

  33. Aunty said

    I don’t believe he can escape without any inside help, most probably they have members inside the police or wat. Just my 2cents ……….

  34. […] state-controlled media and government have come under fire from critics and Internet bloggers for failing to give the public important answers on the escape of a suspected Islamic […]

  35. koel said

    This escape story sounds very fishy and the lack of explanation does makes one wonder…will he ever be found?

  36. Vince said

    Dear all daily traveller,

    I am so disgusted with the way singapore immigration on handling the congestion at both checkpoint. As far as we know, singapore goverment deploy more than a thousand uniform officer to searched a LIMPING person, yet is already more than a weeks and there’s still no news of him.. Furthermore, is getting from bad to worse the situation at checkpoint. I am really in doubt the ability of the authority in deployment the manpower..Or do they need to be train on this????

  37. give up said

    Mercenary. Paid to protect, but also can be paid higher to release.

  38. Unknown said

    Come on the police werent working hard! They crowded all over Singapore but what Singapore get is killed by the sickening damn shit man! And how can the police let the sickening damn shit man escape from Singapore!?

  39. Our 1st class government said

    i am not sure the people who lead us have an enquiring mind or… a mind. Maybe it’s simply a sponge with a “mind” written on it.

    Are they are too concentrated in schemes to increase GST & ERP, for the good of low & mid-income ppl, making these ppl work harder & harder so that they can maintain their 1st class salary & lifestyle.

    They believe that the man is still in Singapore? & he has no money or no one to seek help locally? Emmm, how did he escape in the 1st place? Do they really know abt this man? 1st, the news say he is a limp guy. Then they say that he only limps when he is walking fast? What kind of info is that?

    Assume i let them have their fantasy that this guy is still in Singapore. MM Lee said that it is better to contain the guy here b’cos it’s harder for him to find explosives. If he escapes to Indonesia, he will get his JI team to follow him back to attack Singapore. The Indonesian Police were the one who arrested the guy.. Remember? Do terrorists really need TNT to make bombs? What about petrol & thinner, etc? Does he really need to go out of Singapore to get his team when there are phones & internet here? If his intention is to attack Singapore, he is already here, why does he need to go out & come back? Does he has a travel hobby? Is that why he joined JI b’cos he gets to travel?

    Someone in the Govt should resign or be sacked from their job for this incident! We have a 1st Class Govt with 1st class salary isn’t it? Such error should not have happened or be tolerated.

  40. Daniel said

    Anyway, I doubt that the coffers will give any rational reasons about Selamat’s escape but the case will be reopened in election day again so that the government can gain their so-called mandate.

    Now make sure that the opposition party do their best not to make any minor mistakes because a peanut mistake will be blown out of proportion by the establish whereas any major mistakes (like losing billions) by the establishment is non-important or small-fly to even mention it.

    Remember we have a deceptive wayang government making money at expense of citizen and then act blur and even ask us, “Is it ? We are honest government” but Singaporean by now should known better.

    The Malaysia election has shown government’s propaganda doesn’t really matter, it is the people’s voice that win the day.

  41. Our 1st class government said

    when the election comes, our 1st class Govt will give out $$$ as Candies again. Their speeches will sound like lullaby to most yet… again. This JI escape will be buried in who-knows-where. i don’t understand why ppl are happy when Govt give out $$. it will be taken back eventually when they spent.

    what i want to see now is that the ppl responsible for the negligent to be taken to task. Be it resignation or sacked, whichever. i don’t want to hear excuses like “the escape shows that we are not infallible” from the same ppl.

    i read from somewhere & don’t know how true is it:
    Salary of the current S’pore PM = salary of US president + Japan’s PM + another PM (i forgot where)
    This means that his salary is equivalent to the sum of 3 leaders in other countries

    If S’poreans pay premium salaries to the top jobs in government, we / at least i expect premium service, not premium excuses for failure. Those who cannot perform, pls exterminate.

    i would really like to see the Govt taken by the Opposition Parties when MM Lee is still alive.

  42. borneo_boy said

    Remember the movie ‘usual suspects’? In the end the limp was just an act.

  43. david said

    1st class government = 1st class screw up

    Our government only knows how to collect more taxes and increase more ministers salaries. But when comes to security, 1st class screw up.

  44. JAMES SCREW said

    HA HA HA !


  45. T,Hanks said

    Here is a little fiasco of a tiny island in the arm pit of the world stuck up its own arse. LOL. Run Forrest Run!

  46. Benji said

    So many days already and the Government has put in so much resources. Enough is enough! Why is our DPM Wong Kan Seng still appearing on National TV every night to say “We’re still putting in this resource, that resource, doubling, trippling our efforts”. Please have some pride and dignity… you should resign when you cannot do a good job!!!

  47. Vince said

    19 days and still counting… what the heck is goverment and the related authority putting up an effort to capture the JI leader?? It seem like there’s no news and sign that HE’s still in singapore? and yet they can still very convinced that HE won’t be able to escaped from singapore.. HAHAHAHA.. What the clues and evidence show that HE don’t have the resources to sneak away from here??? If they can be so sure really there’s no one is helping him, how come the authority have used so much of resources and alternatives, yet it’s seem like HE’s vanishing from the air.. Is really a debate and doubtful over the capability of the gov.. if the ICA can find a way to improve the congestion at Woodland checkpoint, how come there’s no suggestion to ease the congestion at Tuas checkpoint too?? Really in doubt the way of the traffic flow control by the authority?? To build a first class facilities, yet under utilised the usage, it seem like wasting so much of money.. Can the authority kindly advise the reason why on the departure hall D2 are the only operational passageway for user??? then what is the point the departure hall D1 and D3 build for?? For the sake of showing off???

  48. jesse james said

    is mas selamat has die inside the prison or they try to make up story?

  49. jesse james said

    new movie will release on early 2009 staring sylvester stallone “ESCAPE FROM WHITLEY RD”

  50. Bold said

    sad,our world class people getting above the world class pay allowed MAS to get away.They should not have let this happen,we are sorry they did!

  51. johannes said

    MAS SELAMAT is in Saudi Arabia, the Saudis want him so badly, so someone has to delivered him….and in return the Saudis will pay the deliveryman US$2 billion. Right now, Mas Selamat is enjoying his kopi tarek at one of the harem!…..and the other thing, during the IMF conference, we could see the helicopters hovering around showing to the worldwide angmohs how efficient we are, but now, when they is a terrorist, the helicopters disappear…

  52. Bold said

    When will we ever know how MSK managed to get away?Complacency we are told but how?There is no answer!What dangers are we exposing our nation to while we await his capture?Nobody is saying.No minister is responsible because it is somebody else fault!We shuld not expect our government to be responsible for our security MM said.So what are we to do to guard other JI men in castody while we pay our ministers and top men top bucks?!Somebody has the answers?

  53. Bold said

    Report finaaly out-top man keep top jobs and get to keep top pay!

  54. xiaohao said

    I dont know. Have you noticed that the national newspapers no longer talk about this incident. The last I saw was this article from The Newpaper talking about how he could survive in the jungle.

    Does it mean that if no one is asking for the whereabout of the terrorist, it means we will forget about the incident and all will be well?

    I remember that the Home Minister promises that he will capture him back. But how long is long and how short is short. Afterall, shouldnt someone be accountable for not capturing him within a defined period of time.

    I am willing to forgive them for all the mistakes made leading to his escape, even though I personally doubt the credibility of reasons given in the report since I sensed a lot of ‘hidding’ – why a lapse of 4 hours before making the public aware of this? Why the media never questioned how the terrorist escaped within 24 hours of the incident? why was he limping and later not? why…..?

    I feel I am living in danger because he is still out there. The Home Team really need to buck up and remove this clear and immediate danger.

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