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Breaking News: INTERPOL issues global alert for suspected terror leader

Posted by theonlinecitizen on February 29, 2008

From INTERPOL’s website.

An urgent worldwide security alert, or Orange Notice, has been issued by INTERPOL after the escape of an alleged leader of the Jemaah Islamiyah terrorist group from a jail in Singapore.

Mas Selamat bin Kastari escaped from the Whitley Road Detention Centre on Wednesday 27 February where he was being held following his deportation from Indonesia to Singapore in February 2006.

Following a request from Singapore, INTERPOL issued the Orange Notice – which includes Kastari’s photograph and fingerprints, essential elements to help law enforcement officers in their search and eventual verification of his identity when located and arrested – to each of its 186 National Central Bureaus (NCBs).

“Singapore is clearly doing all that it can on a national level to locate this fugitive and through issuing an Orange Notice, INTERPOL and all of its member countries can support these efforts on an international scale,” said Executive Director of Police Services Jean-Michel Louboutin.

The Orange Notice was originally created to warn police, public entities and other international organizations of potential threats related to disguised weapons, explosives and other dangerous materials; however it can also be issued by INTERPOL’s General Secretariat in Lyon, France for any act or event which poses a risk to the safety and security of citizens around the world.

About INTERPOL: INTERPOL is the world’s largest international police organization, with 186 member countries. Created in 1923, it facilitates cross-border police co-operation, and supports and assists all organizations, authorities and services whose mission is to prevent or combat international crime.



23 Responses to “Breaking News: INTERPOL issues global alert for suspected terror leader”

  1. Xiao Mei said

    The authorities cannot do this alone. As a community we should become a neighbourhood watch to look out for this fugitive. Without trying to be blunt, it is now up to us to pick up the government’s trash as it is in our urgent interest to do so. There would be ample time for blame later.

  2. Andrew Loh said

    Xiao Mei,

    You are right. The Home Affairs ministry actually has set up what is called Security Watch Group (SWG) Scheme.

    According to the Singapore Police Force website:

    “The Security Watch Group (SWG) Scheme was started in November 2003 as a Police networking platform for the commercial sector to collaborate on the target-hardening of their premises where they operate their businesses. Buildings are grouped into SWG clusters. Within each SWG cluster, buildings undergo the three-step process of threat assessment, auditing of systems and the streamlining of operations through the pooling of resources.”

    But I am not sure if it will be of any help in this case. Maybe the Neighbourhood Watch Groups can help, in however small a way.

  3. Robert HO said

    1. Wow! Now Interpol, no doubt with the active blessings, connivance and support of the Almighty Bush. Wow! Suddenly, anti-terrorism is back on the world agenda and back onto political contestations, all thanks to loyal, faithful Bush ally, LIE KY LHL PAP!

    2. How about the UN next? Summon an Emergency Summit of the General Assembly? Then get the Security Council to issue sanctions against any country that is found to have harboured Mr Mas Selamat bin Kastari?

    3. Conveniently, Mr Mas Selamat bin Kastari would suddenly be found to have been in or through Malaysia and Indonesia, so the Security Council and General Assembly would be forced to sanction Malaysia and Indonesia, much to the secret delight of LIE KY LHL PAP who would thus have scored yet another propaganda coup against their hated Malay neighbours! They would be dancing the jig in the Istana Palace from delight! Damaging the reputations of Malaysia and Indonesia by reinforcing that they are Malays, Muslims, and therefore hated enemies of the Great USA is of course, 1 of the prime motivations behind this Great Wayang. Just when the Americans are considering selling military weapons to Indonesia as announced recently. What timing! If the American arms sales to Indonesia and the resumptions of such arms sales are somehow cancelled or reviewed, then LIE KY LHL PAP would have succeeded beyond their wildest dreams. Remember, Muslims and Islam BAD, VERY BAD and must not be friends with, let alone SELL ARMS TO!

    4. Malaysia and Indonesia have been suckered into also declaring emergencies in their countries on this. They have no choice with the Americans watching. Malaysia and Indonesia ARE THE TARGETS OF THIS EXERCISE and Mr Mas Selamat bin Kastari is just a convenient pawn, as always have been. If American relations with Malaysia and Indonesia pauses or worsens, then LIE KY LHL PAP are successful. If arms sales to Malaysia and Indonesia are reviewed or stopped, then even more successful.

    5. I have previously commented on this duplicity of the LIEgime in several other comments below and proven that Mr Mas Selamat bin Kastari could NOT have escaped even if he had wings. If you care for Honesty and Truth, read my several comments in their continuity and contexts and you will see the Great Truth of this my latest comment. My several comments form a complete proof and picture. I hope none are censored because they form a complete pattern. A pattern of dishonesty and duplicity.

  4. Robert HO said

    1. It is entirely possible that there will be ‘proof’ or insinuations that Malaysians or Indonesians sprang Mr Mas Selamat bin Kastari from the heavy security prisons of the dreaded ISD, which are even more heavily secured and efficiently secured because they imprison political prisoners. LIE KY LHL PAP don’t give a damn about criminal prisoners but they are extremely, extremely paranoid about political prisoners, hence the even more heavily secured prisons of the ISD as compared with Changi Prison, etc. Nobody dares relax with LIE KY LHL PAP political prisoners. All guards and supervisors are carefully chosen and trained. Nobody relaxes. Escape is impossible.

    2. For those who think such fabrications are impossible, let me tell you that I/We have been defamed as “shoplifters”. LIE KY LHL PAP not only committed daily criminal attacks on me and my family, causing criminal hurt to the point I contemplated suicide, but also vandalised thousands of dollars worth of my property from the obvious computers and parts to DVD players, aircons, fridges, washing machines, etc, all paid for by my wife since I have no income from being prevented from work the last 15 years.

    3. Not content with spreading scandalous dirt on me and my family to shops and stores I frequent, they ordered shops like Challenger in Funan mall and IMM to set their shoplifting alarms on when I am inside so the staff and customers would get the ‘RH is a shoplifter’ message, which is a total fabrication. Other times, they get sales staff to pass remarks at me like “Ah Kua” and Hokkien foul words. Yes, there is nothing our Dear Beloved Leaders wouldn’t do.

  5. noone said

    RH you talk too much nonsense as that of the establishment. Which country would you have supported during the CW?

  6. Ben said

    Who the heck is Robert Ho?

  7. Hi Andrew,

    Let us not forget the part we can play as well.

    Mr Wang has a good point. Taken from his blog: “I urge all bloggers out there to immediately post Mas Selamat’s face on their blogs. So that as many people in Singapore as possible will know, and be reminded of what Mas Selamat’s face looks like.”

    As Xiao Mei correctly pointed out, its up to us to pick up the trash

  8. Robert HO said

    1. To NOONE and BEN, a repeat post [sorry, TOC editors, please indulge me as I have right to reply to credibility slurs]:

    Robert HO Says:
    February 29, 2008 at 3:08 pm

    1. Ha, ha, ha, Anti-Cynic. The same LIE KY LHL PAP discrediting tactics used against me in soc.culture.singapore a decade or more ago when I exposed what they are doing to me.

    2. But seriously, Mr Anti-Cynic, why don’t you copy & paste and email my allegations to LIE KY LHL PAP, police, AG, etc, for them to act on? Not that they don’t know EXACTLY what I am doing 24/7 or writing! By emailing to them my writings, also in my blogs [which carry my name, address, tel & hp numbers, NRIC no., email address], they can easily identify and contact me. I welcome more wrongful and illegal arrests on trumped up charges. In fact, I have been dying for my day in court. Please, please report my writings and blogs to the police, AG, or better still, LIE KY LHL PAP or anybody you want to ingratiate yourself with. You will get promoted and bonused.

    3. Why is it I have been able to make all these allegations for such a long time, from years ago in soc.culture.singapore [even arrested for some of these postings there but charges dropped and later never even attempted]? If they could arrest me for my writings then in SCS [though always on neutral articles and not for these allegations of Torture For Fun on me and family] why not now? Why never for these very specific and detailed allegations? Ah, ha. Because they are true and too many people already know them as Truths.

    4. So go report me to the police. Just 1 email from you, taking just a minute or so, will do. Criminal defamation is a police case, not just civil suit, so the police do have the authority and indeed, a case. It carries several years jail and hefty fine. Or make an anonymous phone call to the police, as is often allegedly done in CSJ cases. That takes less than a minute. Tell them you are concerned by my allegations and that if not refuted and challenged, many more people will believe me and LIE KY LHL PAP will be besmirched. It costs you nothing but gains you everything. If you dare not do it, we know you are just employing the same discrediting tactics used more than a decade ago in SCS. Where all my old postings still exist and accessible. Truth is forever.

  9. plsg said

    “I urge all bloggers out there to immediately post Mas Selamat’s face on their blogs. So that as many people in Singapore as possible will know, and be reminded of what Mas Selamat’s face looks like.”

    Why are you making a perfectly good-looking chap go for plastic surgery?

  10. ct said

    Have you read? The fugitive was last seen scrambling up Malcolm Park.

    And to think that all along I thought he was being hid away in some facility, as part of a conspiracy to show off the deployment capabilities of ministries like Home Affairs.

  11. Daniel said

    I rather people put Nathan’s face than put Selamat’s face on their blog because I want to know where Nathan is now and why did he not as responsbility of state president deliver his multi-million dollars speech about this issue ?

  12. prsctr said


    You may not refer to the president of Singapore in this way. It is an offence to. Moderator, I suggest you remove his comment.

  13. Alex Ong (eX.A.K.R.) said

    Guys, let’s leave the political wringing aside first. Right now, we have a terrorist on the lose somewhere in Singapore, and what we should do now is to be on the lookout for him. No point in talking about whether Wong Kan Seng and the P.A.P. in general is incompentent, or worse, trying to link this with events like the 1987 I.S.D. arrests (which in my opinion is another matter altogether). Do we want to let him slip away while we argue like children over petty political matters?

    Let’s start the potshooting and the political cussing only after we have him recaptured.

  14. noone said

    CSJ’s media release is just hilarious.

  15. Wake up PRSCTR said


    I think daniel is right. Our dear nathan used to work in ISD, so experienced. Why cant he help his fellow ministry in delivering a face saving speech. He is top 3 earners … cant talk is it. Golden mouth? If u so love your president…let your president do something for the country and not hide one corner. Hardly hear him talk at all…unlike president ONG…the best president. Shame on you!

  16. wonder said

    Was he ever tried in court? This sounds like the Marxist Conspiracy issue to me again. As long as the newspapers keep quiet about the budget surplus of 2007 for now, I guess the government has managed its KPI 🙂

  17. wonder said

    another KPI for minister of Information – keep this blown up, until the CPF annuity life scheme is passed quietly in budget.

    I mean, the SAF deployment in middle east hardly was mentioned in the STATES TIMES. Are we mad? USA South korea and other countries are trying to get out, and our million dollar ministers are trying to GET IN?

  18. Riddler said

    Dealing with terrorists and other criminals are entirely different matters.

    For terrorists, it is not just arrest and put in jail. It is about rehabilitation, about squeezing more info on other terror cell members.

    Even the london bombing and 9-11 trials took longer than 2 yrs what.

  19. noone said

    CSJ should hire RH. Then when the SDP comes into power he can be Minister of perfect information telling us the same rumours and facts over here.

    What would be the ideal ministerial line up if the Dr. gains power?

  20. noone said

    So RH your think the terrorist is a scam? That the war on terror is nonsense? Ok me too. Since you mention the UN why don’t you write to the UN to place sanctions on you know which country?

  21. student said

    wow i dun nid to sign up 4 dis unlike other forum or wadeva. kk nvm bak 2 topic i think that he is stll in singapore as no one could possibly help him. as said in the new paper he is seen not wearing shirt but a pants with WRC(sry but i cant remember it could b rong) on it. which proves no one should have helped him which proves that no one could help him get out aniway…whether he is in singapore or not let us juz try our best n try to find him. {sry if i hurt aniwan’s feelin or wadso eva ty}

  22. lf said

    I think Prsctr was only letting known a legal fact (to the moderator as well). Check out statute 121B.

  23. Gary Teoh said

    Not only nathan quiet,LHL also can’t open mouth

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