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In response to MM Lee’s Washington Post article on Iraq

Posted by theonlinecitizen on March 12, 2008

By Koh Jie Kai

Once more, Minister Mentor Lee inflicts his wisdom upon the world – this time, telling America that it should not be pulling out of Iraq.

Yet for all you cynics out there, don’t dismiss Mr Lee’s opinion as a vanity stunt. I think the man is trying to get the attention of congressmen and other important people in Washington DC.

He would not be publishing his opinion in the Washington Post, a serious and respectable broadsheet, otherwise.

Mr Lee must be very alarmed by the prospect that Barack Obama will win the presidency over John McCain in coming American presidential elections, (see here) presumably because he believes that Mr Obama will carry out his promise (threat?) to remove American troops from Iraq recklessly, in contrast to Mr McCain, who vows to station troops in Iraq for a hundred years if necessary.

The result, Mr Lee believes, would be disaster, for all the reasons he outlines in his Washington Post article.

And in fact, I actually agree with Mr Lee that a hasty American withdrawal would probably be disastrous, and not just because Iran and other assorted religious fanatics would be emboldened. An American withdrawal – or at least an American withdrawal involving Iraq being carved up by its neighbours into Sunni and Shiite dominated bits, with a Kurdistan on top of it all – would be a recipe for civil war and genocide.

Hardly a far-fetched scenario- as much as the Americans seem to be despised in Iraq, the alternative seems to be worse – one Baghdad resident was quoted this week on the BBC as saying that there would be a massacre if the Americans leave.

And to me, that seems to be the weakness in Mr Obama’s Iraq strategy, likeable though he is. Suppose Mr Obama does become president, but despite all his charm, doesn’t manage to convince the rest of the world to send in the necessary troops to secure Iraq, and finds that Iraqi politicians are determined to carve up the country Yugoslavia-style, and that the neighbours are more interested in staking out their own spheres of influence in the bits of Iraq left over rather than keeping the country stable and together. What then? Would Mr Obama rather pull out American troops than resist this surefire recipe for ethnic cleansing?

One final thing: Mr Lee believes that “taking out Saddam Hussein was the right decision”, but also thinks that “mistakes were subsequently made”. This is an odd thing to say on hindsight, given that no weapons of mass destruction from Saddam’s regime have been found.

Mr Lee probably meant to say that he believes that deposing the Saddam regime was a good decision at the time because it seemed in 2003 that Saddam was possessing weapons of mass destruction; that George Bush went into Iraq with the best of intentions.

Yet I think that there was an element of wishful thinking on Mr Lee’s part as well – that George Bush, supported by his experienced loyalists Cheney and Rumsfeld, couldn’t possibly go into a war based on faulty intelligence and botch up its execution badly; that they couldn’t possibly take Wolfowitz and other Neo-cons too seriously; in other words, that they couldn’t possibly do everything possible to open up a pandora’s box of sectarian hatred. Unfortunately for all of us, they did. And so it came to pass that Mr Lee overestimated the competence of our American allies.

By the way, don’t keep your hopes up on the government admitting that supporting the Iraq war was a bad idea on hindsight anytime soon- I put that question to Dr Ng Eng Hen, Second Minister for Defence, last year at a ministerial forum; he avoided the question and spoke instead on how we were supporting the war on terror.



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  1. yh said

    if he thinks that it is so important that the americans remain, he should show genuine support and send his grandsons to iraq…

  2. Ben said

    Don’t be fooled! He is afraid that a democratic president will be elected and affect all the ties he has with the Republicans and of course, the FTA as well.

  3. vivabigben said

    I thought similar things. I’d be interested in hearing your take on my reaction to the article:

    It was overshadowed by Samantha Power, but I think the op-ed deserves more attention than it received.



  4. freedom lovin singaporean said

    this piece is so full of ultra-conservative, right wing rhetoric… it does make TOC more diverse though :):)

    there are two basic characteristics of ultra-conservatives.

    firstly ignorance and naiveness

    secondly blind faith in the wrong solutions

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  6. patriot said

    Singapore, at present, is like an Atom Ant.
    How long is the lifespan of the Ant?
    Better be like a tortoise, humble, peaceful and long life.
    So ‘Hou lian’ and ‘kaypoh'(interferring/meddlesome), for what? Meddling with others’ affairs so far(physical/emotional) away.

  7. Daniel said

    I think Lee Kuan Yew’s piece in the Washington Post is nothing more than veiled campaigning for McCain. He is attempting to coerce Americans into voting one way. As such, he is interfering in a domestic US election. I am American, and I think he should shut up.

    This isn’t because I think that foreigners shouldn’t have a say about US policy. On the contrary, I think any US policy or affair should be open for free debate the world over, and that foreigners have every right to comment on and criticize US activities. What I find irritating is his hypocrisy. When Americans (or, foreigners in general) have anything to say about Singapore’s policies, they are told that these topics are “reserved for Singaporeans”. Can you imagine a US congressman wanting to write an op-ed piece for the Straits Times about why Singapore should open up to gays, for example? Just recently, a Canadian professor was banned from giving a speech about this in Singapore, and foreigners were not allowed to participate in the complaint choir — such little recent things that foreigners in Singapore were not allowed to do pale in comparison to the national forum given to LKY in his Washington Post piece. The hypocrisy of it all just makes me sick.

  8. Gary Teoh said

    No body in USA would listen to Lee Kuan Yew. He is irrelevent today.Moreover he is only from a tiny country,who plays only a minor role in world stage.How can he influence the outcome of US presidential election?

  9. freedom lovin singaporean said

    just do a google news search and see how many american newspapers are covering what lee kuan yew said.

    just do a google blog search and see how many american bloggers are talking about what lee kuan yew said.

    singaporeans disbelieve when told more than 3/4 of the developed world does not know who lee kuan yew is. well this case is just one example.

  10. Observer said

    Because of his arrogance, one day Singapore will be brought to her knees!

  11. Ned Stark said

    I must say while i do hope to see Obama as president, i also concur with the author and Mr Lee on this. The issue has long shifted to whether the US troops had the right to invade; the die is cast, so to speak, and there needs be solutions to this problem which was created by the US invasion. To back off now would be irresponsible for having create the problem, it is irresponsible to just run away.

  12. Daniel,

    I keenly feel your irate concern.

    Many of us Singaporeans are unhappy when this double standard is applied.

    Strategic concerns aside, LKY’s article is nothing more than influencing certain segments of American policymakers into thinking how they may want to shift their weight behind John McCain.

    Leaving the intricacies about the Iraq War and its consequential aftermath, the issue here is also about relative freedom of commentary and influence on the national policies of another nation.

    While I believe that a sudden withdrawal of troops from Iraq may not be in the best interest of security in the ME, nor the level of trust in American policies and decisions, there are better ways to couch this argument than currently so.


  13. Ben,

    That’s not too far from the truth.


  14. Andrew Loh said

    I always felt that Obama, though charismatic and all, somehow is too much of a “feel-good” person. He seems to promise solutions to all of the US’ problems if he were elected – trade, education, healthcare, Iraq, etc.

    Then again, which politician running for office won’t do this, right?

    On the article itself, I do agree with MM Lee that it would be suicidal – for Iraq – if the US pulled out now. The consequences will reach far beyond Iraq itself, and into the extremists in the Muslim community worldwide.

    It would be seen as a humiliating defeat for the “infidels” – the Americans – and nothing would embolden terrorists more than this.

  15. Andrew,

    I’m sure many of us would agree that a sudden withdrawal is not too wise.

    You may read this article on ADM Fallon, the outing CENTCOM commander, it offers some insight at the moment about the very complex dynamics in Middle Eastern affairs.

    Singapore lacks ME experts and analysts, and I am not sure if this will cost us in the long run.


  16. thomas said

    you’re so right andrew and looking at history nothing emboldened the communists more than the american withdrawal in vietnam.

  17. Hi Patriot,

    I agree with you. So ‘Hou lian’ and ‘kaypoh’ for what?

    May be he ‘chui kong lum par song’ Yeah, we occasionally need a real ballistic/orgasmic thrill! Don’t we?

    And Daniel, I’m in tune with you too. The Main Man or MM ;)sure is one cool dude who can do unto you what you can’t do unto him 🙂

    Does shooting off the Washington Post article help:-

    a. the defence industry of S’pore?
    b. protect SWF? Our GIC and Temasek?
    c. invite animosity amongst our Muslim friends and neighbours?
    d. cover one’s backside?
    e. the ego and hubris of an old man?

    So smart. Why don’t we out-source him to USA?

    Oops, he’s already sitting in some heavy Boards?

    Meanwhile, the joke about the lame catching a limp continues 🙂

  18. Gerald said

    I too agree that it would be really bad if the Americans pulled out of Iraq completely and immediately. BUT I am sure Obama will not yank them out in the fashion that many infer from his campaigning. Any withdrawal will be gradual. It will start with the heavy machinery and combat troops that are not needed for ‘shock and awe’ massive offensives. What will remain are troops to continue to flush out insurgents.

    The Americans are never going to withdraw completely, just like they haven’t withdrawn from Korea and Japan. Iran won’t try anything funny, because even if all the troops in Iraq are gone, the US has thousands of troops based in Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey. They also have a nuclear armed ally in Israel.

    This is just fearmongering that the region will collapse when Obama gets elected. In fact, I think a gradual withdrawal will be a good thing for Iraq, as it will give the insurgents one less reason to conduct their blood campaign. It will also force the Iraqi govt to get their act together, and work with each other instead of against each other.

  19. ted said

    Hmm if you guys haven’t watch it yet, at least read about it here:

  20. I’ve got another take.

    Perhaps this article that LKY wrote, is not entirely directed towards the war itself.

    It’s probably (may be a long stretch), just another one of our foreign policy tools. We do speak up time to time just to make sure people know we’re still around.

    Sad to say, maybe this might not be the best topic to do so.

  21. guojun said

    Indeed, but alea iacta est, so to speak, and LKY has once again decided to share some Good Ol’ Granddaddy Wisdom with the World again. Yes, we are sick of the hypocrisy. WaPo probably published Lao Lee’s article because firstly he IS a big f*ck, secondly because they believe in freedom of speech.

    I don’t believe that such an article will come out in Singapore, in, say, the States’ Times. Ever. True, the Americans can’t pull out of Iraq now. But then again, it’s not just about the Middle East, it’s about what’s at home now. If LKY decided to send his grandsons to Iraq, i think PAP would go down very quickly…they’d have to reroute troops back to Singapore to shoot their own countrymen! Similarly, Iraq may be Iraq, but any politician who wants to continue a war which is killing your neighbours, their kids and people you know – all because of wrong intelligence or a craving for oil – do you think that would give you any political support?

    Of course, here is Singapore lah. PAP doesn’t really care for political support…that’s why elections are like the examination the politicians take every 5 years. That’s also why ‘A Strong Mandate’ fell from 75% to 66.7%.

  22. Daniel said

    LKY’s mentality is always ‘you die your business’. Why do anyone think LKY will pity those who he send to Iraq ? Pay our soldier peanut to risk their lives and it is not even their country. Remember that LKY says we are just nothing but digit to contribute to economy.
    Is your life worth just digit ?

    Why not the oldman keep his mouth shut ? Isn’t millions of dollars still not enough to stuff his mouth like Nathan ? If he can’t even resolve the country’s issues, why should he meddle international issues ? If he think he can make the Iraq obedient like his culture of fear in Singapore, just Why not send this big mouth and his sons to Iraq and see what can they do ? Talk is cheap, everyone can talk. Go to Iraq and make a digit out of them. Yeah, send his troop of expensive ‘highly competent’ ministers to help built Iraq then. Show them how world class our security, transportation, financial, policy, human rights, social policies and regulation etc are. Oh, give them speaker’s corner too and make sure gathering of five persons illegal.

  23. Alan Wong said

    I really don’t know who give him to right to interfere in American domestic politics when he doesn’t want foreigners to interfere with Singapore domestic politics.

    He always put forward the argument that outsiders are not going to bear any responsiblity for what they say. So likewise, will he bear any responsibility for making those kind of statements which may affect the ordinary lives of Americans.

    Why is it that LKY cannot and do not respect the rights of others ? It is exactly these kind of double standards which seem to make him appear to be less noble than what he thinks he is.

  24. exsing said

    Who cares what a washed-out, irelevant old old man from a tiny dot that is of no importance to the world politics thinks of American politics or world politics. Didn’t the old man himself always admonishing foreigners against interfering in the politics of Singapore. Here he goes spouting his so-called “wisdom” to America. What he spouted had already been spouted by the Bush Administration so its nothing new to the American people. Anyway if you asked any American who is LKY they will like, huh, have no clue at all. I have live here in the US for over 25 years now & if LKY thinks his so-called “wisdom” is important to the Americans, he’s mistaken. Then again on second thoughts the ever faithful State Times will be publishing it like he’s such a big deal here, which in reality nobody here cares, know or gives a rats ass who is this old man!

  25. Agnew Herbert said

    From the replies he gave, he does not appear to me as a statesman but only a very shrewd politician, who is trying very heart to be an economist.

    In commenting whether Obama or Hillary should win, he has forgotten that character of the candidate is more important than anything else. While Obama’s wish to pull out in Iraq may be seen as unfavourable by some, on the other hand Hillary has projected an image that does not seem to be as honest and trustworthy as Obama. From the tactics Hillary has been using, it seems to me that she has been hitting Obama under the belt, which this particular interview also seems to imply. Moreover, the US military would have to eventually pull out of Iraq anyway; otherwise the US would have to bleed to death.

    After reading the full transcript of the interview, I can’t help but think that this interview has confirmed and reinforced my recent thoughts about this old man:

    That he has outlived his usefulness!

    Agnew, London – UK.

  26. Shut Up! MM said

    I strongly believe in only actions than words alone. Our dear MM likes to shoot his golden mouth for the wrong reasons. Firstly. American presidential elections are coming and what the fuck is a singaporean meddling in US politics. When no internationals can meddle in our politics. Why are we still even sending our men to serve in Iraq when we know there is no MWD at all? Once again our high priest of temple of doom starts to predict the future, is he GOD? Do u think Obama, clinton or even cain cares what he said? I wish someone in America gives him a dressing down. I hope the democrat wins and review the relationship of US with SG. I am sick of Republican and their in capacity and trading freedom for FTA and trade. The world needs a democrat president and need it fast!

  27. Look at it this way, sending our boys abroad allows them to gain valuable operational experience.

    Let’s not lump this together with the sins of Bush Jr.

  28. exsing said

    Isn’t it amazing that the old man have freedom of speech in America (when he’s not even a US citizen) yet the same freedom of speech is denied to Singaporeans.

  29. hong said

    Just because our MM can meddle in other peoples domestic affairs donch mean people can anyhow meddle with our affair ok

  30. George said

    Highly unlikely tha Obama will abruptly recall US troopps from Iraq. Reality on the ground will not permit this. This is not like the 1970s when American abandon Vietnam. The stakes are very different in any case. The US is in a no-win situation even if it stays fro another 5-10 years. it will be a phased withdrawal as Americans are sick and tired of having their sons and daughters blown to bits, and who can blame them Why should they die for some entranched vested interest. Let the Iraqis and the Arabs world sort/fight it out. The US had and didn’t use the opportunity presented during Desert Storm to sort out Sadam.

  31. Daniel said

    CelluloidReality , why not send our WKS to Iraq to learn security excellence ? I always wonder why the ministers can always talk cock when they are not subjected to the actual condition, and doing all the planning behind Ivory Tower. If they can’t lead by example, why even coerce others to do likewise ?

    If the American soldiers in Iraq want to return to their homeland badly, what about those Singapore soldiers station there ?

  32. loose cannon said

    Lee was himself part of the anti-imperial movement that saw off the British. Going by his own warped logic the Brits should him locked him up and thrown away the key.

    If we don’t support small nations being bullied by big nations, what are the chances of Singapore’s long term viability?

  33. desapar said

    Isn’t it nice to have a big brother fight wars for you and spending lives and money so you don’t have to deal with the backyard fallout from an invigorated global “terrorist” backlash?

  34. loose cannon said

    This whole terrorist scare thing is a scam that even deluded fox-watching Americans are starting to wake up from. The majority of Americans now think Iraq wasn’t worth it. Al-Qaida is in Afghanistan, not Iraq.

    If the Middle East produced cabbages, textiles and plastic toys nobody would be there.

    If “anti-terrorism” was so important Osama or his dead body would have captured long ago.

  35. Alan Wong said

    From my impression of him, he’s not only a shrewd politian, he’s also a calculative, spiteful and ungracious big bully towards anyone who crosses him.

  36. patriot said

    Nice to have your concurrence feedmetothefish.
    If the Middle East Regions have no OIL, if BUSH/US is not concerned with the oil, it would have chucked the Middle East to one corner.
    Whether the Middle Easterners kill or love each others would never concern the US.

    Just pondering a hypothetical question; will the Twin Towers(9/11) be brought down if the President was not Bush Junior?

    Ahha, the Minister Mentor has been very talkative for many months already, he is leaving more for posterity, just wonder if people can remember his so much ‘non for the goods(positive) of Singaporeans’ pep(Papies) talks?

    Allow me to answer a question posed by someone; Lee Kuan Yew is not a god but trying to immortalize himself as one. Hope my answer is acceptable, but not the only one.

  37. Daniel said

    Alan Wong,
    Indeed our society is modeled exactly after LKY. It is a reflection of LKY and yet this old big mouth can even talk of Singaporean as a whole is ungracious and selfish.

  38. Daniel,

    I know personally some of the chappies who’ve gone to the Gulf.

    They are unencumbered by politics and have done a fairly good job in training for diverse situations.

    Politics and MHA incomptenency aside, perhaps you should try to understand that the real work is done on the ground and not by political appointees.

    Speaking strictly from a strategic point of view, I can choose to care bugger all about the opinions of the US troops in Mosul, Fallujah, Bagram etc.

    For what it’s worth, from a security complex point of view, every SAF element that goes to the Middle East for humanitarian relief or coalition support naval operations learns valuable lessons in PKOs and PSOs, things that fighting in Sungei Gedong or Pengkang Hill will not teach our lads in a hundred years.

    I’m a liberal, but I place security as a key fundamental value to ensure this liberty is sustainable. Just my two cents, we all have different opinions about our military contribution to the Middle East. We’re a small state, we don’t have the luxury to subtly ignite conflicts to test our doctrines and platform efficacies, so we take whatever chances we have to practise for our own national interest.

    Oh, don’t mistake national for party interest here. They should never ever have been lumped together.

  39. Dead poet said

    The Americans are a smart lot. They know how to feed a ego. Look at Citibank, smart move to feed his ego, so now they have a white knight to bail them out. Smart blokes

  40. Read the comments made by the Americans in the Washington Post.

  41. Daniel said

    CelluloidReality, fair enough. You have a good point. But anyone care enough to tell us what those army guys doing in Iraq other providing medical aids ?

  42. Whether America can leave Iraq or not it is inmaterial. Revelation chapter 17 had predicted the outcome that America will go bankcrupt. See .

    Nature is going after those who promote pornography, sodomy, lesbianism, sexual immorality etc etc. Radical Islamists are created to deal with these people.

  43. Daniel,

    Medical aid is what the contingent in Bamiyan and Tarin Kowt, Afghanistan are there for. Incidentally, Tarin Kowt is run by the Australian and Dutch forces, we’re providing them with combat field hospital support as there is a resurgent Taliban presence in that province.

    The RSN contingent in Iraq patrols Basra’s oil terminals, does shipboarding to root out arms smuggling and serves as coalition task force coordinator in the southern naval region.

    If you look at it, all these contribute to the training of our guys.


  44. patriot said

    It is high time that Singaporeans ask our Government to conduct REFERENDUM before sending our citizens for oversea military duties, both combat and non-combat.

  45. That’s bollocks, and you know it.

    Most of the people going are regulars, and if NSFs wish to go, they have to volunteer.

    You put on a uniform and sign the forms, you better love the military. If not, get out.

  46. patriot said

    I have not read any ‘sign on’ contract between a citizen and the State.
    Going by common sense, I think Singaporeans sign on to be regulars in the Armed Forces for a job(income). Another factor, not too farfetched, is that Singapore is unlikely to be in war and last but not least, is that they are to defend the Country(Singapore) and NOT OTHERS. As for National Service enlistees send to oversea missions, their parents SHOULD HAVE A SAY. Personally, my son and I have both served NS.

    Suppossing Regulars have agreed to be deployed elsewhere other than Singapore in their contracts with the State, that does not negate the need for a referendum. THE CITIZENS OF SINGAPORE may not see the needs for such missions. How many singaporeans support the US Aggressions in Irag and Afganistan? The answer is hard to tell but we know many don’t, that is just supports in spirit. IF THE QUESTION IS; SHOULD WE SEND OUR SOLDIERS TO THE WAR ZONES IN AFGANISTAN AND MIDDLE EAST? I am confident the MAJORITY will say NAY. And no matter how we look at it, it is HARDLY DEFENDING OUR OWN COUNTRY.

    My suggestion and call for a referendum is a subject I wish Singaporeans will seriously look into. Singapore is so small and the few soldiers that we have are too precious to be deployed in disputes that hardly affect our safety and worse when the disputes are not supported by World Organization such United Nation. I am in full support of missions for rescue and food/logistic supply.

  47. Robert HO said

    1. I have not read LIE KY’s speechwriters [like Alex Josey] or ghostwriters [like those who wrote his highly imaginative novellas disguised as ‘memoirs’] or PAPaganda media for a very long time. Nor will I begin, so bear in mind I have not read this Washington Post regurgitation of American neocon positions. I used to lap it all up like any loyal young [and naive] Singaporean. Then, with the Internet, I discovered how he did it, that is, seem wise.

    2. For example, in all the decades up till say, the last [when the Internet became mainstream], LIE KY had the advantage over all of us, over most of the region and even most of Asia, because he had access to satellite tv broadcasts [still banned for all Singaporeans except the rich and elites — when it would be so technically easy and cheap to fix a S$300 dish on every HDB block — in which 86% of us live, to deliver the thousands of tv channels, most free, to us]. Not only did LIE KY have satellite tv when all of us do not, he also had videos recorded and mailed to him from his ambassadors and agents in all the major countries. Most importantly, unlike other Asian leaders, he can view/read it all in English — and finding the loads of time to do so due to a very undemanding 1-sided totalitarian rule over a tiny 42km x 23km islet all of 617 sq km. In which every single opposition, dissident or troublemaker had long been wiped out using a mix of legal and criminal methods — Rule By Decree aided by a very sophisticated secret police machine.

    3. Not just satellite tv, but also American journals and think tank reports. Even books. Hence LIE KY’s avid following of the latest American intellectual fads like quoting Samuel Huntington when the latter was in fashion. He has the time. And the industry that got him his Cambridge firsts when Cambridge, recovering from WW2, was low in standards both in content and academic rigour and an industrious student could really score. A standard then that is even lower than the bottom-most university in Britain today.

    4. That was how he did it. That is, appear wise. He had the time and the industry to read American journals and theories [like the Domino Theory which he subscribed to and believed and pushed for, still, as in this latest W.P. regurgitation] AND REGURGITATE THEM TO AMERICAN LEADERS WHO DID NOT READ THEM due to lack of time or interest. So he seemed wise even to the Americans, when all along, he was just quoting American journals. Thus, this latest W.P. regurgitation is just a rehash of the Vietnam Domino Theory, long discredited and abandoned.

    5. Like any small prostitute, LIE KY tried to ingratiate into the American circles, avidly cultivating Congressmen and other politicians. Even donning an expensive, beautifully tailored black tie tuxedo to deliver a very expensively and beautifully ghostwritten keynote speech for a Kissinger fundraiser [for free, all expenses borne by us taxpayers, because it would have cost Kissinger big money to hire the usual clown or comedian].

    6. This latest ghostwritten Washington Post ‘article’ of his is just more of the same. The old, old, Domino Theory. That if 1 falls, others will fall, ha, ha, ha.

    7. I have said that I used to lap up all his ‘wisecracks’ but not now. Not after I discover how he did all this. And the reason is the Internet.

    8. Today, LIE KY has no advantage over us except in free time. In place of his satellite tv, we have CNN, BBC, etc, on StarHub cable. Even internet videos from every major American tv network. I have watched OBAMA several times already. And as for books and journals, the Internet is rife with not only the originals but also summaries, commentaries, and excerpts in online newspapers. There is hardly an important theory or idea that is not instantly internetised to a potentially worldwide audience.

    9. This internetisation of ideas, theories, strategies, has filtered down to every layer of the intelligentsia. So we have all become vastly more intelligent. A great mind is nothing if it is not filled with the intellectual food to nourish and grow and develop. In the Internet, we have more than we can ever need. We have all become more intelligent. That is, those of us who internet. Aged minds like LIE KY do not spend whole days or hours in front of a pc like us. He actually disdains the pc in favour of the established news streams and advisory reports that he has always had for decades. He does not know that we are now as smart or smarter than him thanks to the Internet. He has long lost his advantage, and with it, his seeming ‘wisdom’. Today, what he writes is trash and trite. We of the Internet are exposed daily to beautiful minds and beautiful thoughts and ideas. We dip daily into a stupendous wealth of intellectual feasts LIE KY cannot imagine. So, while he sticks to his decades-long advisories, we have leapfrogged him and mind-travel anywhere and everywhere we please, in seconds, daily. The difference is profound. In general, even leaders of countries have little advantage over their citizens by way of information. And since information is the basis of almost all public policy, a Mr LEONG Sze Hian can and has consistently shown up the failings in thinking and practice of so many LIEgime policies that in just this 1 TOC writer alone, we can see how the Internet has wiped out any advantage our Lords and Masters had previously.

    10. Coming back to LIE KY’s pathetic rehash of the Domino Theory, as Daniel has pointed out, LIE KY is patently trying to campaign for McCAIN over OBAMA. This is not surprising. All the power holders and power brokers in America are White, so this is a very safe bet. [For example, how many Blacks are there on the Boards of say, Morgan Stanley, Exxon, Microsoft, Wal-Mart, Boeing, General Motors, etc? More pointedly, how many Blacks are there in the entire Military-Industrial Complex?]

    11. Thus, it is very safe for LIE KY to play the Race Card, like the local Race Cards he has played from Day 1 after he seized power by betraying his PAP leader LIM Chin Siong to treacherously make deals with MacMillan to be made party chief and PM. By campaigning for McCAIN over OBAMA, LIE KY is playing to the audience [like he has always done all his career] BUT A WHITE POWER ELITE THAT HOLDS ALL THE POWER IN AMERICA.

    12. LIE KY has clearly discerned that all the power elites in America are White and he will better endear himself if he plays White rather than Black. LIE KY has clearly calculated that OBAMA’s power is with the PEOPLE of America but that America is run by White power elites, not ordinary Americans or voters. Cynical? As always.

    13. Further, LIE KY has also calculated that if OBAMA wins, OBAMA is too principled, honest and upright — everything LIE KY is not, [another reason for LIE KY’s antagonism against him] to exact revenge on LIE KY for campaigning for McCAIN over OBAMA. Simply, it is not like OBAMA to hit back at LIE KY for supporting his opponent. So, LIE KY has everything to gain and nothing to lose. Hence his quickly dusted off and rehashed Domino Theory. LIE KY never had an original idea in his head and never will. This Washington Post article is just another political exercise to burnish his credentials to the real, White, power elites in America and a cynical, contemptuous disregard for America’s interests or its peoples’ interests, just like our interests have never factored into his thinking. LIE KY has, shortly after seizing power, already ceased to think and make policy on the basis of the peoples’ good and did so only on the basis of what he wants. He once said “… who your neighbour is, how you live, the noise you make, how you spit, or what language you use. We decide what is right. Never mind what the people think.” – Lee Kuan Yew, Straits Times, 20 April 1987. He has never thought of the people, for the people, or with the people. He had always thought of “I” and “I decide” and “What I want”. The result has been tragic for Singapore and even for himself. A tragedy in slow motion that foreigners may not understand especially if they come from failed states like America where violence, abuse, rape, murder, random shootings are daily news. But when Singapore is compared with its creative, inventive, innovative and culturally rich twin Hongkong, then it is clear what LIE KY has done to his people. All because he has never thought of or for the people, only for himself.

  48. If every damned nation needed a referendum at every step, we’d all be damned.

    Our boys are sent to the ME for our own interests. Maybe our national interest is not cuddly-wuddly, but you want greater democracy, greater freedom and a better standard of living?

    You better hope the situation in this region doesn’t go knees up like our friends in the Gulf.

    Look beyond the mere hatred, dude. This is not about kindergarten domestic politics anymore.. It’s larger than the PAP itself.

  49. kingfisher said

    LKY and his policies for SIN has always been self-serving and opportunistic. Today’s world, inter alia Iraq, is a legacy of the ex-colonial powers like Great Britain, France etc and imperialists like USA, pursuing oil politics and other strategic objctives to gain and retain power and influence over oil-rich territories.

    As long as the US plays the world policeman, LKY is happy as he can run S’pore w/o having to deal with the mess otherwise that can come his way when he is surrounded by his Muslim neighbours! Who knows how long his neighbours can hold on to moderate Muslim governments? To him, the US/Uk axis is the lesser of two evils, the more benign power, hence his preference for the status quo in Iraq.

    However, in the first place, the US should not have been in Iraq and instead of LKY telling Bush so, he supported neocons like Cheney/Rumsfeld and continues to do so. As a citizen of SIN, I am utterly disappointed that my world statesman leader did not stand up for peace and for stopping the violence in the war over there and condemn the hypocrisy and evil US policy of “regime change”.

    Perhaps, the man condones this because it is in his nature too – to squash his opposition whenever they are a nuisance!

  50. kingfisher said

    It would do us better if SIN adopted a more neutral foreign policy and supports UN leadership to solve world crises. Imho, the 9/11 attack was a personal war between Osama and the US for stationing US forces on holy land. Of cos, not that straight forward, but one event led to another etc.

    What has happened to our non-aligned policy when we first became independent? Seems to have been chucked aside because it was not pragmatic enough? In a region like SE Asia, surely that is a better approach? Sure, in a brutal world, better to gang up with the stronger guy and ring yrself with his interests (US navalbase, etc) so in case you are attacked, your protector’s interests are also attacked so that would guarantee you will be protected too! A neutral guy can always be thought of as no-backbone and fair-weather, so might be left high and dry when the crunch comes.

  51. Kingfisher,

    Unfortunately, we are in no position to play the Switzerland role.

    It has always been a balance of power game. This is why we’re always trying to make ourselves economically attractive to some nations, and militarily attractive to others.

    Actually, our foreign policy is fairly in sync with the international order.

    However, being a small state, you need to leverage on preponderous power and influence of your allies.

  52. kingfisher said


    I disagree with you. You conceded that S’pore is a small country so needs the leverage..etc. Switzerland is also a small country, so what happened to your syllogism? As I remembered it, when it suited LKY to be neutral, he always had some convincing arguments for it,and would button up the ground to any opposition. He was once anti-US and he could “tell the US to pack up within 24 hrs anytime he wanted to..” Those days, he had to balance between Mao’s China, Russia and the US. These days, Russia is no more, China is a progressive nation with capitalist tendencies, but the U.S. is now more dangerous and exhibits aggressive hegemonistic policies under the guise of democracy but in reality, oil politics. There is no reason to be pro-US; in fact, because of our strategic position, the US needs us more than we need them politically. If anything, S’pore can use China as a hedge to balance off strong US pressures. After all, China’s rulers have a lot of trust and confidence in LKY and S’pore. China moreover shows a more acceptable face in the ME and has a more agreeable foreign policy towards the ME problem because it supports action thru the UN. US is so pro-Israel that Singapore supporting it has actually courted more suspicions and distrust in SE Asia if not committing suicide for a future generation.

  53. kingfisher said


    Don’t you think that the JI’s plans to bomb Singapore had a lot to do with our naked and VERY LOUD pro-US stance?!!! If we had been more neutral with the US, we cld have save ourselves a lot of trouble. Now we have also to spend so much resources unnecessarily and incur economic downtime (lorries spending 15hrs at the causeway to be searched..) to capture the escaped JI convict! And who is paying? You and me – the taxpayers!

  54. patriot said

    My suggestion for Referendum, when our Armed Personnels are to be sent for oversea military mission has received a negative and opposing view from CelluloidReality and no others has view on the Issue.

    It seems to me that Singaporeans by and large are truly a patriotic lot and are ready to be deployed anywhere, anytime as the Regime dictates.

    I am ashame of myself for suggesting the Referendum.

  55. Robert HO said

    1. To briefly rebut CelluloidReality, please read my blog article “Govt By Referendum” to see why it is not only possible but easy with today’s instant and very advanced communications, on a tiny 42km x 23km island. Url:

    2. CelluloidReality also seems to suggest that LIE KY LHL PAP sending soldiers to Iraq is a good [only] way to gain ‘combat’ experience. This is stupid. American prostitutes like BLAIR and LIE KY LHL PAP send soldiers NOT to gain combat experience or to support a fair and just cause, but to suck up to Bush so that, in the case of BLAIR, he got a 1-minute standing ovation when invited to a joint session of Congress to give a speech.

    3. Britain is an island fortress with probably the biggest military in the EU, so no threats to its security. BLAIR sent British soldiers to die so that he gets invited to speak to Congress. Plus his now being given millions by American companies and universities, plus paid speaking engagements to American audiences. When leaders prostitute, we die, while they get applause and nice phone calls from BUSH.

    4. To gain combat experience is the stupidest excuse when our soldiers operate only on the fringes of the illegal Occupation in Iraq.

  56. […] for the next General Elections 2011 – Singapore Life and Times: T1 T2 T3 T4 – The Online Citizen: In response to MM Lee’s Washington Post article on Iraq – Where Bears Roam Free: MM Lee should send his own grandchildren to do the killing and dying – […]

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