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Breaking News: Protesters arrested for World Consumer Rights Day event

Posted by theonlinecitizen on March 15, 2008

By Andrew Loh

It took less than an hour for the Singapore police to stop a protest by about 20 Singaporeans, all dressed in red t-shirts and some holding placards, outside Funan Shopping Centre this afternoon at about 2.50pm.

The protesters were marking World Consumer Rights Day, which is held all over the world. They were protesting the rising cost of living in Singapore.

Those arrested include the Singapore Democratic Party chairman Gandhi Ambalam, SDP secretary general Dr Chee Soon Juan, Chee Siok Chin, John Tan and SG Human Rights activist Chia Ti Lik.

Videos and pictures below.

Read Reuters report: “Singapore arrests opposition members over protest”.

And International Herald Tribune’s “Singapore police round up opposition party members for protest against rising prices”.

*The Consumers Association of Singapore (CASE) will hold its event tomorrow. Click here and TOC’s earlier article here.

Gandhi Ambalam, Chia Ti Lik, John Tan, Chee Siok Chin and Chee Soon Juan addressing members of the media outside Parliament House:

Video summary of the entire event:

Protesters outside Funan Shopping Centre:

Police arrest protesters:

(Click on pictures below to enlarge.)

For more pictures, visit Pseudonymity’s blog.
Click here for more videos from theonlinecitizen.



121 Responses to “Breaking News: Protesters arrested for World Consumer Rights Day event”

  1. noone said

    why am i not surprised?

  2. inspir3d said

    hahaha this is hiilarious

  3. Gary Teoh said

    Really can not tahan, cost of living is so high.Inflation is at all time high.The ministers asked us to eat frozen pork.The propaganda says frozen pork has the same nutrient as fresh pork. Why dont the ministers ask us to become vegetarians. It is much cheaper and can save cost.The budget surplus is $6 billion,they collected GST to help the poor or to boost up their pay ? The police should go and catch mas selamat rather than catch the harmful protesters.What a shame, Singapore!!!

  4. Dr Syed Alwi said

    While I may be afraid to join any protest in Singapore – however I do admit that I admire Chee Soon Juan’s courage. He has the moral high ground. Some people criticise his confrontational approach as being unsuitable for Singapore. But the system is rigged ! GRc’s, walkovers, defamation suits etc etc makes it very difficult to get an Opposition fellow into Parliament.

    Frankly the WP is there only for show ! What can the WP do ? At the very most – ask some very obvious question. Indeed we do NOT need the WP at all – if that is all it can do. Why bother ? Our blogs in Singapore Cyberspace ask even more penetrating questions than Low Thia Kiang of the WP. Look – if all the WP can do is ask a couple of questions in Parliament – then I put it to you that the WP is IRRELEVANT since our blogs in Cyberspace does a much better job than that !

    The purpose of an Opposition in a multi-party democracy is to stir debate on policy and law-making matters. Currently there is hardly any debate. Ask a couple of questions or make a few comments – all after-the-fact stuff. IMPOTENT ! Also the Opposition in a multi-party democracy serves as a watch-dog and a channel for the diverse interest groups to air their views. Can a single party system cater to all and sundry ? I do not think so. To be truly inclusive – is to be a multi-party system. Indeed – the pink (gay) debate some time ago reflects this point of view.

    That is why we are NOT a democracy – because our Institutions do NOT support the democratic process. Now the PAP people say that all these democratic stuff like protests etc is merely inconvenience, bad for the economy, un-Asian etc etc etc. But let me ask you people – what is there to guarantee that the PAP will NOT become corrupt once the Father and the Son are gone ?

    While I do respect the Old Man and the Son – I however have very grave doubts about the system currently in place – once the Old Man and the Son are gone. Its too damn easy to take it for a ride. Its too damn easy to abuse it totally. What with this influx of foreigners who are un-accustomed to Singaporean ways…….who knows ? Who dares guarantee that the PAP will remain as pure and white as their MIW uniforms – beyond the Old Man and the Son ? I have every doubt that it will stay clean.

    Remember – power corrupts. The PAP of today is clean. But what of the PAP after the Old Man and the Son ? Think about it…….Ironically – if you look at Malaysia – it is UMNO that is now doing all the street protests in Penang !

    I have lived and seen enough to know that no one has all the answers. Sooner or later – Singaporeans will have to learn to do politics without the Old Man and the Son.

  5. guojun said

    just a matter of time. 😉

  6. noone said

    Not reported on CNN or BBC. So do you think it was noticed by the UN or George Bush, or Gordon Brown? What will they say?

  7. LifesLikeThat said

    Dr Syed Alwi, were you there at today’s protest?

  8. Clement Low said

    I am appalled by PAP’s ways of manhandling politics to suit their needs – especially to justify their high pay and arrogance.
    Unfortunately, I have also begun to be very, very disappointed with the Workers’ Party’s apathy in politics as well – seems like a cosy job being voted into Parliament as the “opposition”. Too bad, both parties have lost my votes!! Greed and apathy will lead us all in Singapore to nowhere. Can you guys in the Parliament please don’t be so greedy and don’t be so sleepy? Wake up people!

  9. A disgrace, a sorry one.

    However, I feel given time, such scenes will be gone for good. It is too costly liao.

  10. Singapore Resident said

    Finally we get to see what the MIB is good at…sigh

  11. Singapore Resident said

    Wow lau poor Uncle Yap kena “molested” by ….no toilet break for him for sure

  12. noone said

    Will Bush condemn this?

  13. Singapore Resident said

    Should toilet breaks be denied for these arrested protestors – perhaps they can point to their t-shirt ‘Tak boleh tahan!’

  14. This is Singapore. A country that claims to be democratic but is actually the exact opposite. Even protests made up of people carrying signs and saying some stuff is also prohibited.
    If the police is so efficient in arresting them,what happened to Mas Selamat?

  15. Joel said

    I don’t think Bush is in any position to comment at the moment, given how China has just accused his administration of one of the biggest human rights violations of the 21st century, amongst other things. This coming from China is highly suspect, but you can’t say they don’t have a point~

    If he does, however, it would be interesting to watch.

  16. jerome lee said

    It bloody caused a mini jam as kaypoh people were showing the show.

    I was there in my black shirt with my girlfriend (told her not to wear red in case got implicated). Was quite worried for the children who also participated at first, but later concluded that this was possibly the best show in town. I commended a bewildered American tourist on his impeccable timing.

    I must say Dr Chee and his gang had put some effort to plan this. The whole orchestra really meant to put the police in an embarrassing position. The American tourist said our police look lame, said where he came from, their burly officers would haul them away and even purposely knock their heads on the police car to shut them up. Arms will also be drawn if it turns ugly. Ours just talk talk talk, and when the arrest came – it was done by female officers in white T-shirts. Hilarious.

    Anyway, when FINALLY, Police decide to arrest, as if on cue, Dr Chee and his team quickly lock their arms, making it difficult for Police to haul them away individually. Ingenious. I was amused by Chia Ti Lik gentlemenly way, and how the gang quickly shushed Uncle Yap when he got carried away and shouted very loudly “MARCH”. They told him “its a peaceful protest”. He looked meek then as he almost jeopardised their plan. And it was a photo galore seeing this plump man ranting and raving while being hauled away by female officers. The American tourist was laughing his heart out with us. Quite a scene.

    Overall, I rate this a 5 bananas show. Definitely worth a watch!

  17. Dr Syed Alwi said

    It may be a 5 banana show – but at least these people had the courage to stand up for the rest of us. What did you do to help Singaporeans face the hard times ?

  18. Singapore’s Pledge:
    We, the citizens of Singapore
    Pledge ourselves as one united people
    Regardless of race, language or religion
    To build a democratic society
    Based on justice and equality
    So as to achieve happiness, prosperity & progress for our nation

    I’m reminded of our pledge. If CASE can and SDP cannot, is our society based on justice and equality? Is it democratic?

    Are we achieving happiness, prosperity and progress for our nation?

    For some, maybe.

    Knuckle dusters which worked in the 60’s and 70’s may not be effective now.

    I believe instead of hubris, a little humility, sincere caring and less greed from those in power will go a long way in making our pledge more meaningful!And citizens more happy.

    The days of treating Singaporeans like a bunch of malleable nincompoops are over. Have some respect for the intelligence of your citizens.

  19. jerome lee said

    Hmm … every three months, I buy $500 worth of groceries for an old folks home in Bedok. Every Christmas, I use half my bonus to buy stationery for childen of orphanages. Counted or not?

  20. From this (among all other incidents) we can clearly see that democracy is a bloody lie here. Sure, WP asks sensible questions that are pretty surface and obvious but they oppose not for the sake of opposing and they ask questions not for the sake of asking. I think that they are there to ensure that the government answers up to us, the citizens but they are indeed quite a tad too conservative. I do like Ms. Sylvia Lim but I must say that even though Chee is quite a self promoter, he is a man with such a load of courage. Now that is pure democracy, the man is a fine example of what he preaches.

  21. lan chout lee said

    civil prostitute (a.k.a. servant) bcos of the farking career and future will go against their conscious even though they know we citizens of singapore have our rights in our country constitution. so long they can survive, it doesn’t matter what happen to the rest of the singaporean not working under government.farking shit, may all you civil servant get curse for the rest of yr life.

  22. Weijia said

    I am sorry i was not there.

    To Jerome, your generosity is certainly commendable :), but i think you sort of missed Dr. Syed’s point. What you’re doing now is helping people, admittedly. but it’s not answering Dr Syed’s question. it’s not what you have done for SOME people, it’s what you have done for THE people of singapore. it’s not tackling the issue of the state of politics in singapore.

    I do admire Dr. Chee for his courage. People laugh at him and think he’s stupid for doing all this and wasting time and money. People think he’s mad. people condemn SDP as a lost cause. People then go back to their everyday lives, believing all the stuff fed to us by the media. I believe Dr. Chee is blazing a trail for us, and while his methods and ideals may not be right all the time, i believe he’s doing this for the good of the nation as a whole. which is more than can be said for some other people in power. If we ever have a true democracy, i believe he should be remembered as one of the forerunners of it. with only one viable party, what’re we gonna do when they’re gone?

  23. James said

    The police are scum. How can they face their fellow citizens on the street, or their children at home after participating in the oppression of innocents.

  24. noone said

    Protests are suppose to encourage sympathy and international condemnation? i say again, will there be a UN SC resolution because of this? Western outcry? Sanctions?

  25. it’s a disgrace! hope the stupid officer in charge can sleep well while the rest is suffering..

  26. This is the epitome of Singaporean bureaucratic stupidity and intellectual shortcoming.

    It shames us all, and its impact will be grave.

  27. JD said

    The way you internet community folk go about things, the one who ALWAYS have the last laugh is the PAP.

    Sure, Dr Chee Soon Juan is brave. I salute him and his SDP camaraderie for their courage and do something I don’t have the guts to. But end of the day, there ARE also LOTS of people who do not see protests necessary for Singapore and find them doing something out of touch with themselves.

    You may make remarks to compare SDP and WP without harmful or sinister intentions. But just go look at how SDP vs WP discussion tends to escalate and go out of hand these days. PAP moles LOVE to exploit the situation. So STOP creating any more SDP-WP fugfights. Face the fact that its gonna be a LONG time before a SDP vs WP electoral fight happens anywhere without a PAP candidate chipping in……. and the PAP candidate ALWAYS wins in a 3 corner fight.

    You guys REALLY want PAP to collapse, PLEASE ACCEPT that SDP and WP have different styles. One harnesses the unhappiness of the awakened who vote opposition but do not take action. SDP helps them do something. The other reaches out to the apathetic unconcerned Singaporeans or those who vote PAP election after election, in other words WP is trying to WIN OVER PAP voters.

    Be realistic and face it that both to cannot be seen to be working too closely together, like Malaysia DAP and PAS because their core supporters cannot accept the other. But if they can accept PAP even less, both SDP and WP will benefit. Get it?????????????

  28. Daniel said

    I salute Dr Chee and those who attend the protest earnestly for their relentless courage and determination. They are the true hero who talk the talk and walk the talk to make Singapore a better place. It really put us who could only voice out unhappiness in internet ashame.

    Seriously, what crime did they committed that the police has to suppress them ? Illegal gathering ? Note that the police can’t even dictate the crime they commit.

  29. Daniel said

    “Chee is quite a self promoter” ? Really ?
    From what I observe, Dr Chee achieve more than any of the opposition party members in history of Singapore. Why should he promote himself and jeopardise his family and those around him with bad record ? He put immense pressure by engaging with foreigners to force the government to open up.

    I living in a modern dynasty that rule no difference from Qing dynasty.

  30. Anonymous said

    the people living in the East are to be blamed for the plight of all Singaporeans

    they were the ones who voted in the current government, pap or otherwise

    so, if there should be complains, only the ones in the west are entitled to it

    we were the ones betrayed

  31. antz said

    To protest against a govt that rule under a fake democracy lead to nowhere.
    We are living as in the ancient egytian rule.

  32. James said

    People Get the Government They Deserve. If Singaporeans are too cowardly to stand up for their own rights, then they better hope the PAP all suddenly drop dead, because that’s the only way they will see change.

  33. Bored... said

    civil prostitute (a.k.a. servant) bcos of the farking career and future will go against their conscious even though they know we citizens of singapore have our rights in our country constitution. so long they can survive, it doesn’t matter what happen to the rest of the singaporean not working under government.farking shit, may all you civil servant get curse for the rest of yr life.

    –> While I do despise those senior-ranked civil servants for backing up the unpopular policies, some of the civil servants are very good. It depends on which office and department you work in. Please open up your mind and end your senseless generalisation against the civil servants.

    Do you really think most of the civil servants want to be civil servants? No, life in there is tough and not easy to survive. That is why alot of civil servants resigned and go to business world to establish their new world. Many civil servants are self-conscious, it is just that they can’t express their grievances because they must not let their bosses hear it. If you don’t know how civil service works and haven’t even been to civil service before, then please shut up and learn how to state your conclusion by exploring the civil service yourself before cursing them. You don’t know what you are taking about, seriously.

    If you say the PAP is a roadblock to Singapore’s development, well, I say you are even more of a roadblock because you are already ignorant and yet you are not aware of it and continue to talk in an ignorant manner. I rather have a person who is politically conscious but choose to act dumb than a person who is not but choos to act smart. My two cents worth.

  34. Bored... said

    As for you people, if you really want to see changes in Singapore, then please vote the correct party you want.

    Amusingly, I see alot of Singaporeans cursing the ruling party but yet at the election voting, these so called ‘anti-ruling party’ ones choose to vote for the ruling party instead. I can’t figure out why.

    Talk is really cheap. The real test is when you are at the polling station, thinking of whether to vote for opp or the ruling party.

  35. Andrew Loh said

    Interesting to note that Channel NewsAsia’s report of the event did not mention that the protesters were protesting the rising cost of living.

    In fact, the report made no mention of the reason for the protest at all.

    See here: Chee Soon Juan and 20 others stage protest outside Parliament House.

  36. Andrew Loh said

    Sylvia Lim on amendments to the Penal Code, 22 Oct 2007:

    “Being a member of such an assembly will see stakes rise from a max of 6 months jail to 2 years jail, a 4X increase. Joining an unlawful assembly knowing it has been commanded to disperse, will go up from 2 years to 5 years.


    Sir, let us distinguish between gatherings which are violent such as rioting, and those which are peaceful.

    The constant refrain of fearing law and order problems makes a mockery of licensing law – why have a law saying a permit is needed, when it is seldom granted? Minister for Law mentioned on Fri that Singapore needed controls as we were a densely populated country. But so is Hong Kong.

    As our society continues to evolve, the time is surely ripe for us to allow peaceful outdoor protests as a form of expression. By all means, we can have rules about how, where and when such processions may be held, but wider law reform is needed.

    S 141 should be restricted to offences which threaten the public peace, and other laws such as the Miscellaneous Offences Act which require permits for peaceful assemblies should be modified.”

  37. shoestring said

    If the opposition parties really want to work for the good of Singapore, they will not bicker over who is better, doing more, more effective and genuine. They will try to work together, despite different styles of approaching the problem.

    If they go on fighting like this, it only shows they have their own agenda or that they are the only answer. That kind of opposition, personally, I do not have any confidence in.

    We should learn from Malaysia about opposition “cohesion”. I don’t think they would have succeeded without it.

  38. Daniel don’t get me wrong. That is the impression that Chee gives me sometimes but I am not saying that he has been inferior in his achievements compared to his political counterparts. Personally I do admire the man for his frankness and salute him for being vocally (and in action) proactive in the political scene, no matter what the price is. That man is passionate about politics and the things he believes in that is for sure. No I do not believe that one will jeopardise his family for self promotion but there is a huge difference between conscious self promotion and an subconscious one.

    Back to this matter. The government is practicing double standards once again and I really cannot believe that there are some people out there thinking that the SDP deserves it just because they are oppositions a.k.a against the government. Patriotism isn’t expressed by supporting the government/ ruling party in everything that they do, that is blind support. Rather, it is expressed by standing up to whatever that isn’t beneficial for the general public at large, for the people of the whole country. What gives CASE the right to hold a walk and not SDP as well? I doubt that their application for a protest permit will be approved anyway (correct me if I am wrong) hence they have always been going ahead with what they plan.

    Democracy is a lie. Someone should re-write the pledge.

  39. Andrew Loh said

    Minister of State for Home Affairs Ho Peng Kee, TODAY, Oct 23, 2007:

    “Under the amended laws on illegal assembly, offenders can be charged even if they do not cause a public disturbance, so long as they had planned to commit a serious crime. The maximum jail term will be increased from six months to two years.

    This punishment “is not excessive and is clearly justifiable”, he said, for an offence that “impacts Singaporeans’ sense of safety and security”, and that could lead to other offences with “serious and violent consequences”.

    But the amendment will not apply to the common intention to commit crimes that draw a jail term of less than six months, or those who “meet with no intention of committing any offence” — a reassurance, said Assoc Prof Ho, to civil society groups worried that it might restrict their activities.”

  40. shoestring said

    May I add that the ninjas are also trying to divide the opposition by masquerading themselves. Even if I have no confidence in opposition that do not know how to fight right, it does not mean I will vote for the ruling party. So, ninjas, food for thought.

  41. patriot said

    Dr Chee Soon Juan seemed to get strong supports from a small minotiy of intellectuals in the Cyberspace for his, what some called, ‘stupid antics’. He is indeed, trying very hard to draw the attentions of the International and local communities, to the Undemocratic Running of Singaporeans by the Incumbent Rulers.

    BUT, we do need to be realistic and understand that in the eyes of foreigners, we Singaporeans are a lucky lot. Singapore was and is a tiger in economic sense though it is being surrounded by huge lions and growing cubs(China/India/Vietnam/Thailand even Malaysia, Indonesia and Philippines now, it remains a tiger although an aging one it seems. It will not die suddenly though its jaws and claws will slowly weaken; despite the encroaching lions, it is still seen as head and shoulders above the rest and much the envy of them.

    So, in view of the above, looking for foreign sympathies is to be seen as an act in futulity. Domestically, Chee Soon Juan as a politician, is not realistic himself. He knows very well how many supporters he have and I will just use an opinion to express my view. Suppossing there is a stray monkey running about the Parliament Building, I am very sure it will attract the attention of more people than the crowd Chee SJ and his members will ever get with his ‘publicised’ protest(s). He and his members knew all along how the locals responded to their activities, but insisted on doing it. Not that it was wrong to to do it, however if they(activities) are seen and interpreted as foolish/stupid antics, the results could be counter productive and they certainly are.

    As politician, Chee SJ is not working the ground but more intent to garner foreign sympathies in contrast to the PAP Government of no foreign interference in Singapores’ domestic politics. And the Latter have always been able to deter foreigners, seen in this light, Chee SJ is again wasting all his efforts except for getting his name known abroad, again nothing productive to the national political agenda. As such, is there needs to be with him/his team to demonstrate and protest? Or even to encourage him?

    The Cyberspace Supporters for Chee SJ appeared to me, to be of different categories; many are sincere, some are morale boosters, some are agitators/instigators and sadly there are tellingly ‘Supporters’ with ulterior motives. This last categorys’ ‘supports’ published in the Cyberspace to Chee SJ are latent in subterfuge and subversive out to do damages to all political parties including PAP, except the very party these posters belong to and their individual personal fame arising from his/her writings.

    The Law enforcers at the scenes dealing with demonstrations and protests must also be given some ‘understandings’ by us, these officers belong to Discipline(Uniform/Armed) Forces and are UNDER ORDERS TO ACT. Privately and personally, these people, may not even be supportive of the Policies, themselves. So long as these Enforcement Officers carried out their DUTIES(as ordered) fairly and humanely, we should not blame them. We should not say that ‘they should resign’ and or ‘they should refuse to obey ‘ORDERS’. They(Law Enforcers) too have to take cares of themselves and their families.

  42. potato head said

    My opinion is that this protest had nothing to do with consumer rights.

    It has more to do with Chee fighting against the unconstitutional laws that prohibit peaceful assembly. A cause I do sympathize with, but I have to disagree with the method and timing.

    Police resources are already stretched thin with this Mas Selamat manhunt. A group of officers sent to arrest Chee (even though i feel that they shouldnt be there in the first place) are a group of officers that could have been patrolling our borders/coasts.

  43. […] For videos and other photos, read TOC’s Protesters arrested for World Consumers Rights Day Event […]

  44. Dr Syed Alwi said

    The freedom of assembly and speech is VITAL for the democratic process. 20 years from now – who knows whether the PAP will be clean then ? And if we have a tyrant in charge – where will the check and balance be if not in the democratic process ?

    I support Chee because I want to see safeguards in our system. Why ? Because long after the Old Man and the Son are gone – Singapore will still have to continue……….

  45. Daniel said

    “Police added that this was not Chee’s first attempt to stage unlawful demonstration. But this latest incident “saw an escalation in the level of defiance” because for the first time, the group “staged typical militant protest methods of locking arms to resist arrest.”

    Channel NewsAsia –

    The same type of Strait Times mouthpiece has once again tried to mislead the public with fearful words in the net.

    Look they describe this as something of a contempt and associated it with ‘militant’ behaviour. By using this, are they telling us that protest is barbaric and inhuman ? Why associate it with militant to give the public the impression of how peaceful protest is like ? You mean violence, riot ?

    If such a example can be used to describe Protest, how about our Temasek and government ? Isn’t it akin to behaving like Hilter dictator of World war 2, conquering countries (buying strategic assets of other countries) and bullying the people (with price fixing, collusion) ?

  46. ordinaryman said

    one ting for sure,cheesj got ball….

  47. Dr Syed Alwi said

    Without the freedom of speech and assembly – and without a multi-party system – we are inviting tyrants to abuse the system !

    So far the PAP is clean – so you better pray that the PAP remains clean beyond the Old Man and the Son………….

  48. ordinaryman said

    I’m a very very ordinary man, one who always afraid of problem, (rather lost alittle than facing problem). or i am just the opposite of cheesj..yes, there are time i admire cheesj for he got the guts to stand again all the odds, I salute him…(for his guts)..

  49. antz said

    Ya i agreed with u dr syed alwi,who knows.

    Frankly,the govt is not ready yet for a demonstration at streets due to what happened to racial riots 1969.

    Factors include multi-racial/religious population.The govt fear that demonstration will turn ugly and will end up becoming a racial/religios issue just like the recent Hindraff rally which i find quite embarassing for the M’sia govt.
    And in turn prove to be costly for the BN govt and led to a loss of 5 states.

    In turn,it will be beamed throughout the world and the govt reputation as a meritocratic/clean and corruption free will be tarnished.Take note that foreign direct investment is essential to S’pore economy.

    I would say that a real full democratic S’pore will takes time and careful steps.

  50. Alan Wong said

    Frankly, I am not convinced that there is a current system in place to check whether or not Father, Son & Daughter-in-Law is as corrupt as Suharto, Marcos, Chen Shui Bian, etc.

    The fact is nobody really knows what is happening behind the scenes. Even one of the MP is unable to provide the answer as to the amount of foreign reserves that we have.

    The only way to counter this is to have a proper and meaningful opposition to counter any abuse of authority.

    Singapore is not owned by one family! So why is it that any info relating to the amount of Singapore reserves that we have is only limited to the privy of one family and its trusted lieutenants.

  51. Robert HO said

    1. Further to Patriot [42], I can confirm how much the police officer arresting Dr CHEE and protesters was just a robot acting under orders from an invisible Senior Officer/s.

    2. If you see the videos, you will note he has an earphone so obviously he was acting to orders spoken into his ear. Now to explain how the invisible Senior Officer/s COULD SEE THE WHOLE SITUATION ‘LIVE’ TO MAKE THE INSTANT DECISIONS TO ORDER HIS ROBOT TO ACT.

    3. This invisible Senior Officer/s can see the entire situation ‘live’ through the police officer/s video cameras ‘videoing’ the entire scene. I used to own such a video camera. My wife, who works in BP Singapore, once ‘won’ a Sony video camera in the Annual D&D and so I happily played with it. Then, on a short holiday in Hongkong, I discovered that my Torturers and Tormentors were actually ‘seeing’ everything I was videoing ‘live’ IN REAL TIME.

    4. So I gave the video camera to my wife’s brother, Sunny KOU Kin Wah. The spy video transmission equipment built into the Sony must have been expensive because They soon surreptitiously entered his flat and removed it, damaging the Sony beyond repair.

    5. [As an aside to ‘Dr Syed ALWI’, please stop your obvious and transparent eulogies for LIE KY LHL. Nobody here is fooled that you are trying so hard to portray that they are so good for us]. [Just pointing out how the PAP stooges work and how desperate and stupid they are].

    6. Thank you Mr Andrew LOH and TOC for bringing us this eyewitness account of the protest, which otherwise the PAPaganda media may gloss over or distort. Your invaluable work keeps them slightly more honest and with time, with more honest PAPaganda journalists and reporting, we will all get closer and closer to the Truth.

  52. noone said

    Possibility of a UN Resolution condemning this act. Then sanctions will come. After all that’s the idea of the protest right?

  53. sghome said

    If hundreds gathered outside the police station, i wonder if they got enough space to jail them all…more should come out hor to test our police space planning. Those at the top are paid so well and let see if its value for money.

  54. noone said

    How come no passerby came to theri aid? No Foreigner reading the UDHR out to the police?

    One day on, no statement from the White House or the UN

  55. Crazy Dog said

    Police here are a waste of taxpayer money.. please catch real criminals and leave the citizens alone !!!

  56. Dr Ali Abdullah. said

    I notice the group is getting bigger. Last year’s protest involved only a handful. This time round, it’s about 30 people, though only 15 were arrested.

    I salute Dr Chee Soon Juan for his courage and perseverance, despite whatever others might have thought of him or his actions.

    Previously, I was of the same opinion as some of those who have commented above but now, after reading his books, I begin to understand better why he is doing it this way.

    A single drop of water can wear off a harden giant piece of rock given time and perseverance.

  57. Seeking Salvation said

    The bunch of bumbling overpaid bums who can’t even keep Mas Selamat in safe custody would spent half the police manpower to
    track and arrest a bunch of harmless people who are just speaking the truth about the cost of consumer goods. Either they are too stupid to see it in the overstuff face of $$$.
    Remember he would walks the path of truth and righteous shall fear no evil. The old jerk could call himself the Minister Mentor what else can he call himself the IMM (Immortal Mentor Minister) sori old jerk that reserves for God and all these over bums shall meet the maker on the day of judgement for the overpaid sins and heinous greed.

  58. LifesLikeThat said

    Syed Alwi,

    >>>Frankly the WP is there only for show ! What can the WP do ? At the very most – ask some very obvious question. Indeed we do NOT need the WP at all – if that is all it can do. Why bother ? Our blogs in Singapore Cyberspace ask even more penetrating questions than Low Thia Kiang of the WP. Look – if all the WP can do is ask a couple of questions in Parliament – then I put it to you that the WP is IRRELEVANT since our blogs in Cyberspace does a much better job than that !<<<

    That’s a whole lot of bollocks. I asked you one question which you have refused to answer: Were you there at the protest?

    If Singaporeans approve of what Chee is doing and his methods, it will show in the elections, and in the support he gets for such protests. As it is, 20 people – out of 3.2 million – is a joke, to be honest.

    Second, political parties choose their fights, in their own ways, in their own time. If you’re not happy, please feel free to join them and do your part to change their ways.

    Why should the WP fight in the same way as the SDP?

    The most important point is this: You are one of those who would ask others to put their everything on the line. Heck, you even tell them how to fight, when to fight, what to fight for.

    But where are you?

    If you so believe in the methods of Chee, please feel free to stand with him. And now that he has been arrested, and will most probably be charged and jailed, let me ask you this:

    Will you lead a protest demanding that he be freed?

    The answer to this question will prove whether you mean what you say or you’re just blowing hot air.

  59. BlackTeeShirt said

    they are the brave ones. but why were children involve?

  60. noone said

    Why doesn’t Bush condemn this act like he did for so many other HR abuse cases? Or invade like Iraq?

  61. patriot said

    President Bush Junior has lots of his own shits to clean, as for his Singaporean Uncle; it is out of sight and out of mind. Bush is definitely not as friendly as his Singaporean Uncle make him(Bush) out to be. What is Human Rights to Bush? The Chinese(China) Leadership knows better.

    The United Nation and Human Rights Organizations seem uninterested in Singaporeans’ plights because this tiny gem of a country is the richest in the Region(South East Asia). Few will believe that the people are struggling, they would rather believe the skyscrapers and number of cars they see on their television screens whenever news of Singapore appear. And the amount of monies invested in those sick banks are made known to the whole World. Citizens struggling to survive? Foreigners will say; ‘I am coming to work as Foreign Talents in your country to earn good monies!’.

  62. outraged said

    At least one-third of households incomes in Singapore have stayed static or have gone down over the past six, seven years.

    It’s about time somebody did something. I’m sick of people who eat Caviar telling me to eat frozen food.

    Is it really that tough being a minister when all you do is rubber stamp all these price increases? Even my grandmother can do that.

  63. noone said

    RH why didn’t you protest? Why don’t you write a letter to Bush to impose sanctions? To the UN? To the British PM?

  64. Gary Teoh said

    The government always give lame excuse such as racial riot in 1964 , 1969. Now is 2008,protest is peaceful and nothing to do with race.This is a very shameful government.In Indonesia,today the people also protested against price hike. This is our basic rights.I did not vote for SDP the last election, but I think they can bring out real issues affecting our lives,in contrast the PAP MPs can’t help us much, they say it is global issue due to rising cost. But the ministers pay is not global issue.They increase their own pay because they have 2/3 majority, so if you don’t want their pay to increase, remember just follow Malaysia, deny them 2/3 majority, because the men in white are very very aggorant !!!

  65. guojun said

    Incidentally, CNA said that the police would like to reiterate that No One is Above the Law. Well, i guess if they all wore like white shirts and white pants like the MIW nothing would happen!

    We talk about denying the MIW. But how come every election most areas are walkover and there are reorganisations of GRCs every election? haha. Must make all of Singapore buay song then eh sai. If not in the end everyone go and jiak sai, MM will call in the tanks then you know…

  66. guojun said

    Anyone know how to contact the Washington Post? Perhaps they should see this after listening to what mm had to say about Iraq…

  67. Dr Syed Alwi said

    Dear LifesLikeThat,

    While I may be afraid to participate in any protest in Singapore – I do admire the courage of Chee Soon Juan. Hence even if you are afraid to protest – you should vote those who do have the guts to do it. Don’t put them down as “mad-dogs” – because after all – with the blogs in cyberspace doing a good job – we don’t need people who can only ask a few questions but pretend to be “watchdog”.

    If you cannot do it – then support those who can

  68. Dr Syed Alwi said

    Dear Robert Ho,

    Yes – I also admire LKY and LHL. The fact of the matter is that they are capable. I praise what is good and I put down what is bad. I highly admire Chee Soon Juan. His perseverance in the face of persecution and his courage to protest etc are highly praise-worthy.

    I am not blind to the good that the PAP does. There is no denying this. That is why the PAP still receives the support of the masses.

    However – having said that – I am also aware that the PAP has created a system that can be easily manipulated and abused by possible tyrants. My quarrel with the PAP lies in the way the system is set up without safeguards.

    Without the freedom of speech, freedom of assembly and without a multi-party system – then Singapore becomes a sitting duck for those wannabe tyrants. Because the people will NOT have the means to dislodge an evil and corrupt government – should one come into power.

    I believe that the PAP is clean today. No doubts about that. But what of tomorrow ? Will tomorrow’s PAP still remain clean ? Singapore has a leadership problem. Beyond LKY and LHL – who is there left to run the show ? And while these two may be clean and honest – what about people AFTER LKY and LHL are gone ? The system does NOT have any safeguards !! It is open to abuse……

    The WP is NOT even politically mature. To simply brush off protests etc is silly. There are very good reasons why people protest. Low Thia Kiang is doing us a disservice by denying such valid political action and means. Suppose – AFTER LKY and LHL – a new guy takes over but after a few years he becomes corrupt. Then what ? The WP will NOT be in a position to rectify such a situation because it has denied the relevancy of peaceful protests etc. It will be left to Chee Soon Juan and the SDP to carry the torch forward for Singapore.

    So while I do sing praises to LKY and LHL because of their obvious contributions – I also respect and support Chee Soon Juan. I do NOT support Low Thia Kiang because he is very foolish to surrender the people’s right to peaceful assembly and protests. The WP has become a toothless party. All it does is just ask a few questions. But the blogs in cyberspace are already doing that ! What we need are ACTIVISTS ! Now I may not be brave enough to join SDP protests – BUT I know that the SDP is doing us all a very good service. The SDP provides a good safeguard……..

  69. […] Consumer Rights’ Day – Protest in front of Parliament House Part 1, Part 2 – The Online Citizen: Protesters arrested for World Consumer Rights Day event – The Daily Backtrack: Taking down consumers, one at a time – Sheep City: Unmasking the disgruntled […]

  70. Gary Teoh said

    Singapore basically is still a police state.yesterday wong said the enquiry regarding mas selamat’s escape can not be made public, this only gives the public peception something fishy going on that will be covered up, it is not transparent at all.This government can not take criticism and the media cover up for the governemnt by not stating why chee and company protested.It is the cost of living that they protested, but the media made no mention, instead to day’s ST front page, the media stating yesterday’s CASE walk about, MInister Khaw Boon Wan eats chay koay teow 3 or 4 times only per year.That is irrelevant, how many times he eats is not our problems.We know how to take care of our health,when you die, can your million dollar salary go to the coffin ? Better donate to the poor and you will get a better life after death.

  71. richard said

    please leave the kids out if you guys are intent on resisting arrest
    where were the kids during the armlocking stunt?

  72. familyman said

    it is good that kids be more politcally aware, instead of taking things like it is, eg questioning why CASE walk is allowed, but SDP walk is not. That was not covered by the MSM AT ALL. Shame on the 154 States Times. Editors of the papers should take note that there is a shift and more youths will read the internet. And the truth will be out.

  73. Gary Teoh said

    kids better stay in pap kindergarten,they are too young to understand, what is protest. They thought it was an outing with ballons, pity them their parents were arrested.

  74. […] Protesters arrested for World consuming day event […]

  75. richard said

    err.. the kids might get hurt in the shuffle?

  76. patriot said

    Dear friends;
    most of the local pressmen/women are indeed mouthpieces and adulators of the Leaders. Apart from admonishing them here in Cyberspace, a more effective way to show them displeasures is to stop patronising them by not buying any of their Newspapers.

    Please do not think that the Newspaper Publishers are kind to distribute Freesheets for us to read. Those Freesheets are also written to indoctrinate the readers to make readers ‘feel good’ about State Policies. Reports are usually not comprehensive as ‘bad’, ‘poor’, ‘lousy’ and damaging news are usually left out to paint a good picture, for us and the World to see.

    So, when we stop reading their materials, we effectively prevent ourselves from being brainwashed. And all those journalists/reporters will understand that their ‘lack conscience’ characters are reprehensible and dislike by us.

    Surely by now, we can ascertained that the MSM people have not been responsible to us, the people, and that they deserve to be chuck away. Stop subscribing and buying the local newspapers and persuade your friends, colleagues, relatives and others to save money. Not reading(avoiding) unsatisfactory news reports can also save one from frustrations and disappointments. News can make ones’ heart aches, believe it or not?

  77. shoestring said

    Just tell them, they can read real-time world class news reports from the likes of Reuters and AP. There is also more variety from newspapers the world over. What more, discover hidden literary talents of many fellow Singaporeans in their blogs. Save the money and go online to get much more.

  78. […] Right to Public Entertainment Posted on March 17, 2008 by thesunshineson SDP’s latest stunt on Saturday at Parliament House shows that they still have many tricks up their sleeve. A recent workshop they […]

  79. Spyware said

    Dr Syed Alwi, is he for real? He supporter of LKY and LHL……. and CSJ?????

    Don’t he know the laws of LKY and LHL got CSJ bankrupt, jailed and disqualified?

    He’s only against WP. If you know LKY and LHL have done well for Singapore you should understand why WP take a non confrontational approach!

    There is no such thing as supporter of PAP and SDP. When WP is between PAP and SDP, yet you hate only WP, something is not right! Support opposition that cannot run for election, don’t support opposition that can run??????

    He also lied about WP dismissing protests! Look what Andrew Loh posted on Sylvia Lim’s speech!

    Conclusion: Dr Syed Alwi is a fake! He must be a PAP counterinsurgency team or someone who has a gurdge on WP!

  80. shoestring said

    Actually there are many of them if you care to look closely. You can tell when they jump at every clue/ bait and appear in full force, here, there and everywhere. It’s not a smart thing to do – assuming that Singaporeans are stupid.

  81. Dr Syed Alwi said

    No I am NOT a fake nor a PAP guy. I do admire LKY and CSJ. WP is about tokenism. Just ask a few questions etc and thats it. But politics is NOT about asking a few questions here and there. People live and die in politics. Its a deadly serious business. The WP are amateurs and are NOT serious. Anyone who is serious about politics will tell you that the system in Singapore is rigged and hence CSJ’s rather confrontational approach.

    I also admire LKY despite what you may say or think about him. He did what others have failed – and that is to develop Singapore. I respect him for that. Credit is given where credit is due.

    Yes – LKY and CSJ are political foes. But you know what Mahathir once said about politics ? That there are no permanent enemies nor permanent friends in politics. just look at Malaysia.

    Sometimes I feel that Singaporeans are NOT politically mature. There is NO denying LKY’s contribution to Singapore. In the breath – there is NO denying that democracy is the way forward for Singapore…..

  82. Dr Syed Alwi said

    Be honest with yourselves. Can you honestly deny LKY’s contributions to Singapore ? Do you honestly have the courage of CSJ to protest against the PAP in Singapore ?

    These 2 factors are why I admire BOTH LKY and CSJ. Be honest to your self. BTW, the last line in the above post should read,

    In the same breath – there is NO denying that democracy is the way forward for Singapore.

  83. If there’s one thing both LKY and CSJ share, it is the inability to give up their fight.

  84. JD said

    Agree with Spyware. To say you admire PAP and SDP is an oxymoron. To say you admire LKY and LHL and Singapore system is rigged in teh same breath is CONTRADICTING yourself.

    If LKY is doing such a great job, what is Chee protesting for? For fun? I am sure Chee doesn’t think so or he will not oppose 99% of whatever PAP comes up with.

    If LKY is doing such a great job, it means he got his sums right most of the time. What’s wrong with WP just asking questions only when PAP is wrong?

    I think PAP clones are trying to invent new theories to discredit the strongest opposition we have but the argument is just too hard to swallow.

  85. shoestring said

    There is no deny LKY’s contribution to Singapore. But he is not the only one who contributed. Nor is he the one who contributed the most. Yet, Singapore’s success disproportionately credited to him alone. Why?

    Why have those common citizens and other admirable leaders who toiled and sweated along with him to build our country to what it is now, who supported and trusted him through thick and thin, been penalized heavily for mistakes the government has made? Look around you Dr, and see how they are still suffering in poverty despite the many programs the government has put in place? Why?

    Why, when I ordered a home delivery, did I see and old man at my doorstep with my meal in hand, when he should be enjoying old age at home with meals delivered to him instead? Why do I find my discarded cardboards disappear almost instantly every time I throw them away?

    Why, not only do we have our my CPF locked up, but we are forced to pay for the mistakes of LKY’s administration? Why do they still pay themselves top world salaries, when more of our people are suffering? Why are we throwing so much money to save rotting banks in the name of investing for the future when our present does not even guarantee a future? Why are we importing so many foreigners in the name of economic progress when only the rich get the bulk of the benefits.

    Why the imbalance? Why the persecution of well-meaning protesters and heavy censorship in the media? You are a Dr, surely you could see why.

  86. LifesLikeThat said

    Dr Syed Alwi,

    {Hence even if you are afraid to protest – you should vote those who do have the guts to do it. Don’t put them down as “mad-dogs” – because after all – with the blogs in cyberspace doing a good job – we don’t need people who can only ask a few questions but pretend to be “watchdog”.}

    {If you cannot do it – then support those who can}

    But according to you, I should not be supporting the WP, if I support the WP, right? The only party in your opinion which is worth supporting is the SDP. And not only that, you would go on and detail why other opposition parties are not worth supporting – why?

    Because they do not do what YOU want, they do not do it the way YOU want, they do not do it at a time YOU want, they do not champion the causes YOU want. Funny then that you should admit you do not have the guts to take part in public protests – even SDP ones, the very same SDP which you trumpet and ask others to support!

    Also, as I said earlier, what you’re saying is this:

    “Please SDP, go protest! It’s ok if you get jailed, fined, bankrupted! I support you – but I will not join you in your protests!”

    I ask again: If you support SDP’s actions, would you now be prepared to hold a public protest to demand their release from jail, if they are found guilty and sentenced to incarceration?

    If you’re not, as you said you are afraid of being involved in protests, then I am sorry that the SDP has supporters like you.

    Now, don’t start preaching to others when you yourself are not prepared to do your part.

    There is a word for this type of people. It has 9 letters – starts with “H” and ends with “e”.

    Go figure it out before you open your mouth again.

  87. shoestring said

    Why are we giving excuses for importing talents when in actual fact we are suffocating our own talents?

    Why can our scholars only challenge us to give them solutions and not come up with their own solutions? Who are the scholars? Who are the leaders?

    Indeed, why the complacency? Why are we paying through our noses just to be told to give solutions or shut up?

  88. antz said

    The truth is there is no real democracy here.
    The system does not allow it.I do not see any point somebody protesting out in the streets.
    and all knows the person will be arrested.
    We are not going anywhere near to democracy.

    Even neighbouring country,M’sia got into trouble for allowing mass demos out in the streets.
    This terribly caused them the upset in their recent GE.
    From this experience,the system here learns that real democracy will cause them trouble for themselves.
    They do not wish to see themselves at risk.
    What’s the point of allowing permit for demos??
    Here,is a creation of a nation that thread itself carefully not wishing to play with fire.
    Instead it’s slowly walking carefully along a slippery bride not wanting to fall into the fire.

  89. patriot said

    Dr Chee SJ and his team can only be politically effective if his supporters join them in the thousands.

    And he is a political failure if he attracts only instigators that prodded and stoke him.

  90. noone said

    Hands up if you want the doctor to be your future leader.

  91. Dr Syed Alwi said

    And so you people think that the tokenism of the WP will get you anywhere ? The system is rigged ! Do you honestly think that the WP can get enough MP’s in Parliament to be an effective Opposition ?

  92. Dr Syed Alwi said

    And – no – I am NOT a PAP supporter although I admire LKY. You people are afraid to protest just like me but you do not want to admit it. The WP cannot do anything much because it cannot change the system which is rigged to favour the MIW’s.

    If you really want to see changes – then you must go for ELECTORAL REFORMS. I admire CSJ for his guts and his brutally honest assessment of the current situation.

    People don’t like CSJ because he reminds them of their own fears and insecurities. If the WP is so great – then how come they cannot make any changes ? They cannot even get a GRC team !

  93. Dr Syed Alwi said

    Another interesting observation – you people do not even have the courage to use your names but prefer – instead – to use pseudonyms ! What does it say about you ?

  94. Giina kiah said

    “You people”? You is what we call very tuah kang – very big hole. Talk a lot but don’t dare join Chee. You real doctor meh? Scared your good life kena pichar if you join Chee is it?

  95. Dr Syed Alwi said

    At least I am honest enough to publicly admit that I am afraid to protest ! What about you ?

  96. City Of Possibilities, they say.

  97. sarek_home said

    Hi Dr Syed Alwi,

    With respect to your remark “If the WP is so great – then how come they cannot make any changes ? They cannot even get a GRC team !”, let me share my view here.

    No political party can make change without public support, not WP, not SDP. The question is what is the best way to get public support. People are afraid to protest, SDP approach is hardly the way to win public support.

    WP may be a bigger political party among oppositions, it is still very small and far from “so great”. WP has chosen a different approach to win public support under the current leadership started since 2001. We saw the fruit of this different approach in last GE. We also saw the consequence of Dr Chee’s approach to SDP.

    Only when concerned people join or help a political party then the party will get a chance to become great. Let the concerned people join or help political parties to make them great, be it NSP, SDP, SPP, WP.


  98. Jack Ong said

    Doctor, what you are saying, SDP has done more than WP. I don’t see any changes coming out from the things SDP has done. Does this mean SDP is more useless than WP?

    Stop playing a fool. One more thing, my name is not real.

  99. antz said

    Dr syed alwi,
    I understand u are trying to be honest.For me,what you have stated is your own personal comments.
    To make sure ppl vite for the specific party is for the concerned party to be credible.
    Nobody willing to follow a blind man.
    It’s running of a country not a provision shop.

  100. shoestring said

    Well the least we could do as cowards is not to criticize WP for being cowards and doing nothing, yes? And also, it’s worse to criticize SDP for doing what we can’t do right? Especially when some actually accused him of making Singapore look stupid.

    What good is there to argue about which is the best opposition? Can the one best opposition win the majority of seats if not all the seats in parliament? What is the purpose behind this popularity contest?

    No wonder we are still in the dumps.

  101. Dr Syed Alwi said

    Well – the WP will never be able to get more Opposition people into Parliament. The system is rigged. Until such time when Singaporeans have overcome their own fears – there will be no changes. BTW – this is my real name.

    I guess Singaporeans are too afraid and too materialistic to make sacrifices for change. And I guess the SDP will continue to make protests – but to no avail from Singaporeans who are too selfish to make sacrifices.

    At the end of the day – Singaporeans deserve the current PAP Government.

  102. LifesLikeThat said

    Syed Alwi,

    First things first, are you a REAL doctor? (You accused others of not using their real name. So I ask you, are you a REAL doctor?)

    Second, former WP sec gen JBJ Jeyaretnam has already shown, through all of his years, that his methods did not work – methods similar to Chee’s. So why are you insisting that the present WP do the same?

    You say the WP cannot get more members into parliament. Well, are you a futurist? The WP, as far as I know, started their new approach only recently. 2000-something. How long has it been? You expect change overnight?

    Thirdly, you talk so much but in the same breath you declare that you are too much of a coward to participate in Chee’s protests. Isn’t that a whole lotta fun????

  103. LifesLikeThat said

    Syed Alwi,

    In case you forget the WP’s view on public protests, here is a re-posting of what Andrew Loh posted earlier. You seem not to have read it. So let me do you a little favour and re-post it:

    Sylvia Lim on amendments to the Penal Code, 22 Oct 2007:

    “Being a member of such an assembly will see stakes rise from a max of 6 months jail to 2 years jail, a 4X increase. Joining an unlawful assembly knowing it has been commanded to disperse, will go up from 2 years to 5 years.


    Sir, let us distinguish between gatherings which are violent such as rioting, and those which are peaceful.

    The constant refrain of fearing law and order problems makes a mockery of licensing law – why have a law saying a permit is needed, when it is seldom granted? Minister for Law mentioned on Fri that Singapore needed controls as we were a densely populated country. But so is Hong Kong.

    As our society continues to evolve, the time is surely ripe for us to allow peaceful outdoor protests as a form of expression. By all means, we can have rules about how, where and when such processions may be held, but wider law reform is needed.

    S 141 should be restricted to offences which threaten the public peace, and other laws such as the Miscellaneous Offences Act which require permits for peaceful assemblies should be modified.”

  104. Cage said

    There is a difference between “rigging the system” and fear.

    Rigging would mean the ruling party employs dishonest tactics in an election such as tampering with ballot boxes to turn the favour against opposition candidates.

    Fear to vote against the PAP is something else and that applies even if elections are free of fraud. Without GRCs, gerrymandering, Singapore shares/NSS/ERS, PAP could still win hands down.

    One said to me a few days ago that fear may be used by some voters as an excuse to reject voting for the opposition.

    By acknowledging their “fear”, they shift the blame to themselves as “cowards” and a courtesy gesture to opposition candidates whom they do not trust their constituency with, in order not to insult them.

    Hence, the opposition needs to gain trust.

  105. shoestring said

    From one coward to other cowards, “Hey, I have no guts to fight like CSJ, but you guys ought to join him so we can have a reform, ‘cos cowards at WP will never get a majority!”

    The wayang is getting stale. The motives for arguing is obviously to make opposition look bad.

    I’m moving on.

  106. Dr Syed Alwi said

    Tell you what – lets just see how many Opposition MP’s will enter Parliament in the next election.Here I agree with CSJ – that the PAP will shift goalposts if the Opposition makes significant inroads.

    As for the system – I suggest you read the article in Yawning Bread (The Mathematics of Elections) on how the current system is skewed to favour the incumbent PAP.

    I think what CSJ has done is to expose the nature of Singaporeans. We are a materialistic and selfish lot. Singaporeans are NOT prepared to make sacrifices. Maybe thats why people migrate. Why put up a political fight when you can enjoy the good life in Australia or America ?

    BTW – yes I am a real PhD. My title as Dr is REAL.

    Yeah – cut the debate. Its getting stale. Lets just see the next election.

  107. Daniel said

    “We are a materialistic and selfish lot.”
    We are really a mirror of PAP since they are the one that condition and dictating the society.

  108. antz said

    to be frank in terms of democracy,we are far behind from our neighbouring countries.
    The level of our democracy is equivalent to our size of our island state.

  109. Jackson said

    One big question to ask the entire Singapore, including the govt.


    I believe that the arrest was politically motivated and deliberate.

  110. Giinakiah said

    Syed Alwi,

    You wait lor. I wait Chee 15 years liao. He got change anything? Still same same.

    SDP like PAP: PAP think it is right all the time. SDP also think it is right all the time.

    SDP is different from PAP meh?

  111. noone said

    Again I state these questions:

    Why did no passerby come to their aid?

    Why was it not posted on BBC or CNN but only on IHT and some other news sites?

    Why was there no condemnation from President BUsh, PM Brown or the UN?

    Why wasn’t there any sanctions imposed?

  112. noone said

    Future Cabinet line up:

    Who want CSJ as PM?

    Who will take the other key critical positions?

  113. poh said

    i’m just farking fed up with this government!!! come election , as long as there is an opposition candidate against PAP, i will vote against PAP. period. change election boundary, give freebies before election, or whatever fark , i want to see some kick ass minister out of parliament. it will make my day ,better than kena TOTO !! tak boleh tahan !!!

  114. noone said

    This answers my first question….

  115. antz said

    In the M’sia blogs i read,s’pore govt welcomes with an open arm for foreigners.
    One sentence caught my eye though
    : Ordinary s’poreans now view the chinese national spitting and talking loudly as normal.It’s a pity they got to keep up with this in their ‘HOMELAND’

  116. Daniel said


    The answer is that it is not handled by minister.
    Every ‘LEEgalised’ protest is backed by minister and gahmen so far. Putting own people is less dangerous, and even more useful for promoting party brand and interest. Even more so with the ShitTime showing the frontpage of how good and world-class is the Leegalised protest with the smiling face of the minister.

  117. SAD said

    By default, the police should have granted him the permit to protest and let him protest peacefully. Of couse, he must be watched out for creating trouble.

    The objective was about raising real issues about price increases, pressuring for a stop in these price increases and galvanising collective support – unity is strength.

    As the government is too involved in many aspects of our life,
    some of these price increases are controllable as they are provided by GLC (e.g utilities, buses, telephone, conservancy, property tax etc) and also in respect to the hugh budget surplus accumulation / reserves. Howelse is it going to be re-distributed back to the citizens if not in this difficult time.

    Surely, those officers in blue uniform (or plainclothes) and their superiors know about the recent wave of price increases in this and that. The police has an important role to play in preventing real crimes but to block real social issues of being highlighted / displayed in a peaceful manner is clearly not their role.

    A behaviour (even innocent ones and bad social habits like spitting, buying and selling chewing gum, speaking loudly, flushing the toilet after use, eating in MRT etc) can always be legislated to be an offence and Singapore has plenty of these for the police to act if they really want to be technical about it to the extreme ridicule.

  118. […] Consumer Rights’ Day – Protest in front of Parliament House Part 1, Part 2 – The Online Citizen: Protesters arrested for World Consumer Rights Day event – The Daily Backtrack: Taking down consumers, one at a time – Sheep City: Unmasking the disgruntled […]

  119. In other countries, the police’s role in such protests is to make sure no civilians are hurt, while allowing the protests to go on. If the protests themselves get violent, the riot squads are called in. They are specially trained for such instances.

    Singapore – and the Singapore Police – have to move on, allow protests and redefine their (the police) role.

    Fundamentally, if protests are peaceful, they should be allowed to take place. The police’s job is to make sure civilians are not hurt – and not to stop such protests.

  120. GiinaKiah said

    SDP doesn’t know what they’re doing. Here is the proof: Among the food items they displayed in front of Parliament House is…. wait for it… *drum roll*… a can of…. SHARKSFIN!

    They are protesting the rise of sharksfin prices?????


  121. Singapore Interesting Place

    Breaking News: Protesters arrested for World Consumer Rights Day event

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