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TOC Feature: No female full Minister in Cabinet

Posted by theonlinecitizen on March 31, 2008

Is something wrong with the process, the people, or the PAP?

Choo Zheng Xi

The government’s decision not to appoint a female full Minister has disappointed both male and female Singaporeans.

In a surprise move on Saturday, the People’s Action Party (PAP) government failed to break the 42-year female dry spell in the highest echelons of government. Prior to the reshuffle, many observers were expecting Ministers of State Mrs Lim Hwee Hua or Ms Grace Fu to be appointed full Minister.

Instead, Lim Hwee Hua is the new Senior Minister of State for Finance and Transport and Grace Fu is to be the new Senior Minister of State for Education, while continuing her present appointment as the Minister of State for National Development.

The PAP has long been a staunch proponent of Confucian values. While many pundits have focused on political Confucianism’s authoritarian instincts, another ugly aspect of Confucian ideology is now under scrutiny: its focus on a male-dominated patriarchal society.

The PAP’s failure to appoint a female full Minister is becoming more than an oversight. It is at once a reflection and symptom of its inability to appeal to women. Unless the Party critically reexamines its fundamental values that are putting women off, it risks raising the ire of at least 50% of the electorate.

A Uniquely PAP problem?

Goh Chok Tong, when he was the PAP Election Committee Chair in 1980, famously said:

“Can you find a woman who has the same kind of quality as a man, and whose husband or potential husband or boyfriend would allow that woman to carry on a hazardous and time consuming profession?”

Could it be that Goh Chok Tong was right in the 1980s, that the weaker sex just doesn’t have the stomach for politics, and the male authority figures in their homes wouldn’t allow them to get involved?

If this is true, it seems only to apply to the PAP.

Opposition parties do not seem to have the same problem the PAP does in recruiting women with a ‘stomach for politics’.

Of the 13 members of the Workers Party’s (WP) highest decision-making body, the Central Executive Committee, five members are female. This includes their Chairman and law lecturer Ms Sylvia Lim, as well as Ms Glenda Han, who is a successful entrepreneur and has travelled to 25 countries. The latter was only 29 when she stood against Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong as a candidate in the WP Group Representative Constituency (GRC) team at Ang Mo Kio.

The Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) can also take pride in giving Singapore politics one of our most redoubtable activists, Ms Chee Siok Chin. Despite the more headline- grabbing profile of her brother Dr Chee Soon Juan, she has recently emerged as one of the most prominent civil disobedience activists in Singapore.

Those who know her describe the ex-teacher as possessing a “chilli padi” temperament and the fortitude to face down riot police in prolonged standoffs. Whether one agrees or disagrees with her actions, it is hard to deny her courage.

It is also notable that the number of women participating in the SDP’s standoffs with the police has increased. Four of the protesters at the SDP’s recent Consumer Day rally outside Parliament House were female.

It is not hard for women in general to be put off by the PAP. The story of how it offered a $10,000 bounty for non-graduate women to get sterilized in 1984 has reached canonic status amongst feminists in Singapore.

Lest one think such anachronisms are the sole preserve of the 80s, the recent Penal Code Amendment Bill passed in Parliament in 2007 continues to keep marital rape immunity. Under this anachronism, a husband can force his wife to have intercourse with him unless she takes out a Personal Protection Order against him, or they are legally separated.

This piece of legislation, which has its foundations in 17th century England, was partially retained despite vocal opposition from women’s groups and even male and female PAP MPs.

Shades of Confucius

Confucius himself believed women to be inferior to men. It wasn’t until 2006 that the descendant keepers of the old master’s family books decided to include women as part of the Kong family tree.

85 year-old Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew reached his gender equality epiphany a few years ahead of the Kong family. By 2001, Lee had changed the PAP tune somewhat, recognizing in a speech that ‘the Confucian practice of male over female…has to change’.

Could the dearth of women in the PAP’s upper echelons be residual male chauvinism or is it the converse: independent and ambitious women of high caliber just aren’t attracted to the conservative PAP?

A look at the two women expected to be Ministers reveals impressive CVs, so a lack of qualifications can’t be the problem.

Grace Fu, before entering politics, was the CEO of South East Asia & Japan PSA International Pte Ltd. She was touted in 2006 as one of the few new blood MPs who were of Ministerial caliber. She was appointed Minister of State for the Ministry of National Development in 2006.

Lim Hwee Hua’s entered politics in 1996 and became the Minister of State of Finance and Ministry of Transport in 2004. She holds an undergraduate degree from Cambridge and an MBA from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). Before entering politics, she was an investment analyst with a Swiss bank.

Despite their impressive CVs, both lack experience on the frontbench. However, the more fundamental question remains unanswered: why hasn’t the PAP been able to groom capable female candidates to take up Ministerial responsibility?

Feminists and proponents of women’s rights would certainly disagree with promoting them solely on the basis of them being women.

Could it be that women in Singapore are just less capable? That there is a dearth of capable women in Singapore is implausible.

As Ms Constance Singam, the President of the Association of Women for Action and Research (AWARE), pointed out to TOC: “There is a higher percentage of women with university degrees than men, and women are active in every aspect of the economy. We make up almost 54% of the workforce.”

The absence of a female full Cabinet Minister contradicts the PAP’s claim that it is a modern and meritocratic government. Unless the PAP is overtly male chauvinist and attempting to keep women in their place by withholding their promotion, the logical conclusion is clear: the PAP, which has always prided itself on finding the best and the brightest to join its ranks, simply cannot attract women of caliber to join it.

Ms Braema Mathi, former Nominated Member of Parliament and a past President of AWARE and current committee member of Maruah, echoed Ms Singam’s sentiment: “This is an indictment of their meritocratic system. If none of their women are suited for full Ministerial responsibility, perhaps there is something wrong with their method of talent spotting.”

Dissatisfaction from the ground

Regardless of the reason why the PAP is holding back from appointing a female full Minister, unhappiness on the ground at perceived PAP chauvinism is palpable.

Ms Singam, who also chaired the Singapore NGO committee for the 4th UN World Conference on Women, was unequivocal in her criticism: “I feel insulted, angry and hugely disappointed that women’s contributions to this country are not being recognized.”

While several TOC spoke to echoed this dissatisfaction, at least one of them remained humorously sanguine. Said Ms Bernise Ang, founder of youth empowerment NGO, SYINC:

“Having a woman in the Cabinet is like spotting the last hum in your char kway teow. So hard to find, but such a joy to have. I can’t wait.”

With special thanks to Clarence Chua.



37 Responses to “TOC Feature: No female full Minister in Cabinet”

  1. antz said

    To make it simple there’s an old saying woman are make to be at kitchen.That’s wat they are trying to say.

  2. Let’s take things easy.
    I take politics pretty easy anyway. Hahahahaha…

    If there is no mother of Singapore at the moment, why must naynay force one out, right?

    Sadly, it’s one of those topic I can’t touch on. Else I’d have loudly blogged about it~

  3. shoestring said

    The question is, “Is it that there is no ‘mother’ at the moment or that the PAP has not succeeded in spotting/attracting the many potential ‘mothers’, where the opposition has succeeded?”

    Although I don’t agree with feminists who consider only political leadership as recognition of women’s contribution, I do find it strange that no woman has emerged to take a major leadership role in the PAP.

    Whether husbands can take it or not could be one of the reasons. Are both Ms Chee and Ms Sylvia Lim unmarried? Could it be that PAP would only consider married persons for higher office?

    Is it necessary to go to that extent to promote the family unit in Singapore? To the extent that the nation is denied possibly better leadership and a brighter future?

  4. Hi Shoestring,

    Rather than we all here argue if women full ministers should have appeared…

    Now, may I know which women in parliament would you people suggest to be… that necessarily politically Full?

    Or put it this way, if we have all the women in parliamanet replaced, do you think anything will be different for Singapore?

    If there is any, STOMP about her. Why not? Hahahahahahaha…

  5. shoestring said

    Hi elfredinario,

    I am afraid we will have to ‘argue’ about whether full ministers should have appeared by answering those questions I have posed (and others related to it) because we need to look at the root of the problem, rather than immediate solutions. The fact that you claim there is no suitable woman minister material based on current available pool points to a short-term view that side-steps possibilities that might have been missed in the past that has brought us to our current predicament.

    “Or put it this way, if we have all the women in parliamanet replaced, do you think anything will be different for Singapore?”

    The answer would be yes or no. But it is a possibility there is chance of a better deal, no? And by the way, nowhere have I suggested that the current ones in parliament be replaced.

    You are digressing instead of answering my questions and the main issue of the article. Why weren’t there women in higher office in PAP? Are we limiting ourselves by too stringent a set of criteria, and therefore, the difficulty in finding talents to succession?

  6. jonathan said

    why hasn’t anyone given PAP the benefit of the doubt, that perhaps the current female contenders for full ministerial posts just aren’t good enough or experienced enough yet? you automatically point the finger at PAP without giving any convincing proof that the current contenders like Ms. Grace Fu are MORE qualified than the men who did get the promotions to the Cabinet. yes, as you have pointed out, they have very impressive CVs – but more impressive than everyone else? how about their recent job performance – better than the guys? the burden is on them to earn the promotions. you have no proof that they did more than the men to deserve promotion. personal opinion doesn’t count.

  7. Zheng Xi said

    Hi Jonathan,

    Thanks for the comment.

    I wasn’t trying to build Grace Fu or Lim Hwee Hua up or suggest they should be promoted because they are women. This is an idea I specifically rejected. Also, I did recognize they haven’t had as much experience on the frontbench as would be ideal.

    The point this article makes is that if there aren’t women more qualified, capable, or expeirenced as the men in the Cabinet, why not? Is something wrong with the PAP recruiting policy that they can’t get the best in, given that there are women of calibre in every position in society?

  8. Hopeful. said

    The lady ministerial post is reserved for Ms Sylvia Lim after
    the next GE.

  9. Expected Analysis said

    Sorry folks.

    You have forgotten the PM’s wife. She can be made a full minister (perhaps finance portfolio) upon being red-carpeted into parliament. Her days at Temasek Holdings will be touted as her qualification.

    Who knows whether Tharman is interim “tidy the accounts minister” until then?

    Who takes over the helm at Temasek then? Well, Lee Hsien Yang is available.

    This scenario just crossed my mind and I hope that it doesn’t become reality.

  10. Robert HO said

    1. Excellent piece, TOC! Revealed many things I did not know. Filled many gaps in my knowledge. To build upon what I just learned…

    2. There are not only No Women ministers, there are also No Malay ministers and even No Men ministers.

    3. No Women, TOC has just excellently explored and raised. No Malays, by that I mean that although there has always been a Malay minister, he is always a dummy in charge of inconsequential portfolios like Sports or some nebulous stuff like ‘Community Development’. No Men, needs some explanation. By that I mean that with such an unscrupulous, dishonest, corrupt, criminal, torturous and murderous election-cheating monster as LIE KY in absolute power, no Real Man wants to work for him. So those who do are either wimps like GCT [and thus get to warm the Seat for a while — at least, nominally] or male prostitutes. Thus, there are also No Men in the Cabinet.

    4. Para 3 above also explains why No Women, also. Women are more sensitive to smell than men and since LIE KY stinks like the skunk I wrote about in 1 of my blog articles, women naturally stay far away from the Stinker. Thus, no Women. Lawyer Mr Gopalan NAIR has written several good articles on why nobody wants to do law, so the legal profession is actually shrinking [read in SG Review or his blog] due to exactly this stink.

    5. But hey, do you really want token Women ministers like Sports and ‘Community Development’? Far better that they realise their talents and drives in myriad other ways. If you look at the way the entire education system ‘channels’ girls, and also boys, into pre-defined roles and expectations, even and especially into university, you see the heavy hand and mindless control freak of a Monster who wants the entire city state to become what ‘he thinks best’. The tragedy is that he cannot think best. For example, SG had a thriving movie and pop industry in the old days until the heavy hand of the dead mind killed it, like so many other thriving possibilities. So HK went ahead and produced cantopop that we all sang to, movies we all still watch, Jackie Chan, and practically the entire genre of kungfu movies that the Matrix trilogy films so wonderfully adopted. HK produced the Jin Yong kungfu sagas, first in novels, then several tv serials iterations, making him probably the most read Chinese author of all time, while the Monster distorted our creative talents into technicians struggling to earn a living in die casting. Because he thought Math & Science are superior to Lit and Lang. The result is a Sterile, Empty, Retarded and Backward population, militarised and coerced to only obey unquestioningly. And never to criticise or imagine. There is no place in PAPadise for Imagination. Just Exist, day after dreary day, without purpose or ambition, without Hope save the 4 or 5 times of govt lotteries a week. Think Small.

    6. Truth is, SG is so tiny, just 42km x 23km, that just 1 single Monster can run it all. There is thus no need or room for any other. So Good Men and Women, seeing the Sterility, the Emptiness, the Total Lack of Opportunities save for some minor details of mostly mere implementation, seek their happiness, rewards, opportunities, freedoms to create and innovate, Elsewhere. When you have a Monster who even decides what kind of toilet bowl, that is, Sitting or Squatting, types, HDB flats must have, there is very little left for anyone else to do. With computers and systems engineers, there is even more centralisation of power and control in just 1 Monster.

    7. Then, there is the Fear. In 1 of his ghosted soundbites, he was prompted to write, “Between being loved and being feared, I have always believed Machiavelli was right. If nobody is afraid of me, I’m meaningless.” (Lee Kuan Yew, 1998, The Singapore Story). Animals deal with danger with either Fight or Flight, but Singaporeans either stay far away and keep low or they roll over on their backs exposing their soft underbelly to signal their total docility and obedience and loyalty. Thus, the more powerful the Monster, the more Craven and Docile, even more Obedient and Loyal, OUTWARDLY, the population. Thus the main difference between Hongkongers and Singaporeans is that they live free lives, able to pursue their happiness and ambitions while we look fearfully askance over our shoulders and only wait for the next order. It is the difference between Free Men and Slaves. We live only upon the permission and sufferance of the Great One. We have no rights. Slaves. We have all been enslaved. We bear the scars and the branding, not upon our backs but in our minds. We are stunted beings. And none of what I write here is even surprising because we all know all this intuitively and instinctively. Even the bent old lady collecting discarded cardboard for a few cents know everything here I write, not in the same terms I used but in the nebulous way people are smart, even intelligent. Intelligence has never been defined, even, and only a stupid, full-of-himself Monster would underrate his people, even the bent old lady cardboard collector. Just because most cannot articulate their thoughts doesn’t mean they don’t have them. They can FEEL, and through Feeling, KNOW. Feeling is another form of intelligence.

    8. Thus, there are, like TOC points out, No Women in power, but also No Malays and No Men. The Stink is simply unbearable upclose. At the top, there is only the Great One, stinking, all alone, exercising Power, absolute power. Deciding everything. Any wonder there is no room for any other?

  11. Yi-Long said

    Mrs Lee will surely be more than qualified, based on her portfolio. However, there’s no point stepping into politics. Just imagine the pay cut she has to take.

    I think PAP is being very conservative here. They’re afraid to make a wrong move. PM needs more time to overcome this psychological barrier, more time than Mrs Lim or Ms Grace needs to prove their worth.

  12. Expected Analysis,

    You are not the only one thinking the same.

    Upon hearing about the fact that none of our full ministers are female, a friend of mine from Seattle commented “What about that man-wife of that Prime Minister that you guys have? She is man enough to handle the job.”

    True and she is actually conveniently a member of THE family as well.

    However I doubt that it will happen because that will truly show most of us and the world how much of a Lee empire this is. I am probably wrong, who knows. Then again, I reminded my friend that foreigners are not allowed to participate or comment on local affairs (with enough of sarcasm to keep myself alive of course).

    On a lighter note, should Ho Ching enter the Cabinet as either a full minister or a minister with a very significant profile, it might actually inspire her husband to be more proactive in his job as he has been noticeably M.I.A from time to time. He needs to show the world that he wears the pants afterall.

    That might happen, that might not. Who knows eh?

    I think we do need more female ministers in the Cabinet for the fact that males and females possess different approaches when it comes to legislations and such. Maybe the government can be more pro-active in looking for more potential female ministerial material and groom such individuals instead of just having female voices in the government just for the sake of it.

    Of course I might be wrong on the last point but this is simply a personal take on the whole issue itself.

  13. golden_promfret said

    I think we shldnt hold the PAP responsible for nt hving a lady minister, there was 1 b4, wonder if u pple remember, she yaya papaya shook the hands of a fishmonger and later wash hands, to be captured by cameras. Tht led to aher downfall, she was narrowly defeated by the opp candidate by a pretty slim margin. I think we dun hv to go any further u knw who she is.

  14. frankly which charbo in the PAP team makes the cut? NONE…ZERO!

  15. Elfred said

    Hi Shoestring,

    I don’t understand how I could have been misread.

    In any case, the issue is that some is ‘armed’ as if it is a must to have a full woman minister. If it is a ‘must’, then why must it be a must???

    Hehehe… I am just don’t see the ‘need’ to be so agitated and be so sexist for the moment.

    Nothing else. Nite nite~

  16. Gary Teoh said

    they will reserve the place for LHL’s daughter,u ppl always say no female minister, nah give u one in 2010, her daughter will become minister of state, after 2 yrs, promote to minister,see, who say no female,they will say it is not they want, it is u ppl ask for the post, what a good excuse to rope in own ppl

  17. […] by The Singapore Daily on 1 April 2008 Cabinet Musical Chairs – The Online Citizen: TOC Feature: No female full Minister in Cabinet – Recruit Ong: What cabinet change? – The States Times: Ho-hum […]

  18. Yi-Long said

    Nice take Gary. It’s a scary thought though

    Golden Promfet, I dun think that was a female minister. Probably some Minister of State or Senior Minister of State at most… Tell me if I’m wrong, cos I’m not absolutely sure.

  19. Gary Teoh said

    Senior minister of state, seet ai mee, who washed her hand after shaking hands with fish monger, resulting SDP’s Ling (Dont Talk Cock)How Doong won the Bukit Gombak seat.

  20. shoestring said

    Yeah, you need a break. Nobody said it’s a must. So, no need to be agitated by questions. Rest well.

  21. shoestring said

    More than men or women ministers, we need leaders who keep their promises.

  22. Elfred said

    Hi Shoestring,

    Frankly, I just can’t be bothered if there is or not a female full minister. Point is, if anyone here die die think we must have, suggest one which really fits the bill.

    If it is not a must, then there is really nothing here to brood over with, right? Hahahahahaha…

    Anyway, any chio bu-$ wanna enter politics, I both hands up in support. At least something to look forward to see when kena parliament. Hahahahaha…

    Ciao~ Untill the next hot topic.

  23. Dingo said

    Oh I see, female full cannot.

    How about female half – male half (transsexual)?

  24. shoestring said

    Hi Elfred,

    I understand that you, and a few others who were apparently pretty much involved in YPAP or YPAP forum, are ‘banned’ from YPAP. So you started a blog and publicized it.

    Hopefully, this is a sign that PAP is willing and making efforts to interact with citizens on the Internet, outside PAP affiliated sites. It is a good sign, albeit through a wayang ban (my opinion only ah, may be wrong).

    However, interacting is not enough. You need to listen to what people are saying. By your responses, it seems you are not getting the point. I believe none of us purposely set out to whine or rebel against the government but that everyone who voices his concerns does so as a means of feedback in hope for a better future for Singapore.

    We ask questions. The government laments the lack of suitable talents for succession. We ask if the recruitment criteria were overly restrictive. If so, perhaps there needs to be a change. Hopefully, they will be taken in good spirit. A defensive stance won’t work, at least for me.

    Best wishes.

  25. Dingo said

    Antz nailed it with his first reply!

    “Macho, Macho Man!” –

  26. Hi Shoestring,

    If grassroot spoke to you, I doubt you’d think he’s necessarily representing PA.

    Look… just say PAP is a pretty huge organisation and… some are taking liberty banning as they so wish. Being a well-known vocal, there will be some… issues to iron out. Say, Prof Tommy Koh and Mr David M and MM will all have varied views on speaking out.

    Maybe nobody bothers about the ‘old ole rules’ even before the senior statesman has departed.

    I am not here to give a public lecture of PAP’s history… on civic involvements. It’s… not really about rebels and such, since I doubt anyone would expect to be successful in that in the current situation.

    But so said, we do have some issues about ‘immoral’ personal gains… Of cos, everyone is hoping for a better place to ‘gainfully’ live in…

    Just see how Mr Khaw is fighting in his health sector. And of cos, it’s not acceptable for attacking just for the sake of attacking or becos it’s party difference.

    As for succession… It’s as I have said, it’s just too early to be a topic. And from what is now on the table, MM may have well spotted a forth gen political leader… and he/she is obviously not currently in this parliament. If that is, he’s now observing, and it’d be even more personal to himself for the media to intercept.

    Shoestring, I myself is a big raiser of issues… even sensitive ones. Hahahaha… About now quite well-known oredi. Raising issues is just prompt to offend people since people would have interests… But then how?

    YP… Ti Lik, Gomez and myself are all related by YP. But we are all different. Do I look like those who intents to march even with CASE to parliament building? Hahahahaha…

    I don’t think I have responded saying those who want a lady full minister is anti PAP or what…(???) Have I?

    But if you people seriously want the gahmen to listen up, you’d have to be serious… not meaning you must go on streets lah~ You must be sincere, and use common sense lah… … You think that when Elfred raises anything, he expects every single minister to act??? Do you expect MM to just trust what you wrote?

    Same here with my blog. It’s up to you to mock, to scold, to suggest, to debate and so on… I provide the option, you can prove yourself.

    Whether you are what… it’s up to you to show. I am known to be rather open. If I got a related blog, I don’t mind be open about it and the ban. If you guys are pro-open, it’s up to you to show.

    Point is, it’s not Elfred or YP… It’s you.

    In politics… the first habit is to just confront. If you people think who shouldn’t confront or being outright so as to fulfill some office-politically smarts… Something is wrong.

    If it is really a ban, then it’s a ban. And I, as I am, would probably talk openly about it.

    People are only bothering you with what you can’t confront… not what you can.

  27. patriot said

    I appreciate MP Teo Ho Pin for asking the DPM(cum minister of Home Affairs) Wong Kan Seng about the four hour delay in informing members of the Public. No other MP including Oppositions, did pose any question during the Budget Debates, regarding Mas Selamat’s Escape from a toilet in a detention centre.

    PAP MP Dr Lily Neo is one MP that deserve some recognitions for her concerns for the poor, she has done much herself on the ground to look after the poor in her constituency and had asked frequently for more helps for them in the Parliament Debates. I believe she is sincere and genuinely cares for the people.

    NMP Sylvia Lim is a calibre opposition member who is cool and measured, making her an effective, competent and illustrious parliamentarian. It will be good for the people and the Country once she is elected. Her experiences in the Police Force and her legal knowledge will be useful for the functions of a parliamentarian. Do wish the voters in the district that she stands for election will be wise to put her into the Parliament comes the next election.


  28. Daniel said

    Is this a ‘relevant’ topic ?

    “No female full Minister in Cabinet”
    Why not choose something like
    “No elected full minister in cabinet”

    Instead of asking why no female as full minister, why not simply raise the question of electing full minister by the citizen of Singapore rather than conformist by LKY. Could we have committed and honourable gahman like ex-president Ong elected by people as president ?

    Who really care about minister been female or male if they only manned to serve only the PAP but not citizen of Singapore ? Did we not realize that majority of ministers seem to be partisan and serve only to the LEE ? Didn’t the minister been selected only as Lee’s conformist and inability to ‘do the right thing rather to do thing right (To cover their ass by not raising real issues)'”

    Well, did Grace Fu speak up for the people in parliament like Siew (If so, where are the Youtube video ?) If these minister doesn’t even dare to voice out publicly, why will they want to help the citizen ? Due to moral authority ? Or just tell us NO CHOICE ?

    Find a minister who dare to raise question and question policy against the establishment, not one who give defensive argument that lack substance and become protective of themselves OR WORSE, KEEP THEIR FUC@#$@KING MOUTH SHUT LIKE PRESIDENT NATHAN AND STILL PAY > $3 MILLIONS

  29. Grass Green said

    I don’t even know who is Grace Fu until two days ago when her face appeared on TV when her promotion to become Snr MOS was announced.
    One look at her immediately put me off. I don’t wish to elaborate.

    At least, Mrs Lim Hwee Hua is more active on the ground. I think Mrs Lim makes a better minister because she is more sincere, forthright, people-oriented and has the leadership qualities.

    I hope in the next cabinet reshuffle, PM Lee would give her a full minister’s post.

    In addition, Dr Lily Ng should be highly rewarded because she has been the only PAP MP who really spoke out for the people persistently without losing heart, despite being “sniped and sneered” so many times by the vultures and crocodiles.

  30. Gary Teoh said

    I like Dr Lily Neo,a very sweet person

  31. golden_promfret said

    Dr Seet Ai Mei was Acting minister for MCYS for a brief period of 2 – 3 mths b4 elections was held. She was narrowly defeated by Ling H D (SDP). Many think tht her loss could be narrowed down to 1 episode when she was at the mkt, shook hands with a fishmonger and later washed hands, many perceived this to be looking down on others. But I’m also sorry to say Ling was a worthless and useless MP, 1 term he was defeated by Ang M S, tht really showed how much of wk he has done in Bukit Gombak. He went on to say chiam talked c**k in parliament, I thought tht was very unbecoming of an MP. Welllets nt say sporeans hv nt given a chanve to opp MPs butif u hv men like Ling u may as well forget it.

  32. shoestring said

    That’s the beauty of it all – the decision ultimately belongs to the voter. The onus is on the politician to listen to and convince the voter, whether it is music or noise to his ears. Not the other way around. The voter votes according to what he think is right, not what the politician thinks is best. He doesn’t get what he needs or wants, the politician doesn’t get the vote.

  33. the4thwall said

    “it risks raising the ire of at least 50% of the electorate”

    That sentence alone put me off reading the rest of the article. It gives Singaporean women, or simply Singaporeans, too much credibility, period.

    Other than the very small minority of internet voices, Singaporeans basically don’t give a shit what happens in local politics.

  34. Logically Speaking said

    If female become full minister, she won’t become corrupted because
    she would be paid $millions.

    But most probably her husband may become corrupted because he is
    not entitled to be paid $millions, like what has happened in the

    So, logically speaking, female should not be promoted to full
    minister. Senior MOS is already very good lah.

  35. patriot said

    Preferably, we should have a female head of state with power, all of us know the power of motherlove, nothing is stronger. Man(gender) by nature are incapable of love, they are prone to fun and thrill seekings. What say You ladies?

  36. Humanright said

    I says serve them right. Are they as prejudiced as the Christian fundamentalist? Now they have to swallow the pill of the PAP.

    Like the gay, you are not yet deceiving of the right! Isn’t that stupid?

  37. Ray said

    I’m totally for a government not run by a female. To keep it short, Look at countries who are run by a female(s), they are either assassinated or running a screwed up country. (eg. philippines)… nuff said.

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