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Press statement from the office of Anwar Ibrahim

Posted by theonlinecitizen on April 2, 2008

The following press statement was received by theonlinecitizen from the office of Anwar Ibrahim.

Statement by the Leadership of KeADILan, DAP and PAS

The leaders of KeADILan, DAP and PAS met today in furtherance of the meeting held on the 18th of March 2008.

Today’s meeting was attended by, among others, Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim, YB Lim Kit Siang, YB Dato’ Seri Tuan Guru Haji Abdul Hadi Awang and YB Datin Seri Wan Azizah Wan Ismail.

In today’s meeting, we have proposed to consolidate the cooperation between the three parties under the name “PAKATAN RAKYAT.” This name has been proposed pending confirmation by the respective parties.

Pakatan Rakyat pledges to uphold the rights and interests of all Malaysians, regardless of religion or race, as enshrined in the Constitution.

With the results of the recent elections, the state governments of Kelantan, Kedah, Pulau Pinang, Perak and Selangor will be known as Pakatan Rakyat state governments. The policies of these governments will be conducted in accordance with the policies of Pakatan Rakyat.

To further mutual understanding regarding such policies, a convention of all Pakatan Rakyat elected representatives of Parliament and State Assemblies will be held the 27th of April, 2008.

We have developed and strengthened the structure of Pakatan Rakyat by creating under the Leadership Council, consisting of the leaders of the three parties, a Joint Secretariat consisting of three leaders each from each of the three parties. This Joint Secretariat will be tasked with building the foundation and framework of the Pakatan Rakyat for ratification by the Leadership Council.

YB Datin Seri Wan Azizah Wan Ismail
Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim
YB Lim Kit Siang
YB Dato’ Seri Tuan Guru Haji Abdul Hadi Awang



13 Responses to “Press statement from the office of Anwar Ibrahim”

  1. Alan Wong said

    Looks like Pakatan Rakyat is giving Barisan Nasional a run for their money.

    When will our opposition parties be united enough to ensure that our PM to spend all his time thinking of how to fix our opposition MPs ?

  2. Dr Syed Alwi said

    Dear Fellow Singaporeans,

    Do NOT be fooled by this marriage of convenience. PAS is an Islamic party whilst DAP is mainly Chinese dominated. How will they respond to any Islamic issue in Muslim Malaysia ?

    Will PAS support all Syariah Court decisions ? How about DAP ? Will PAS allow for Muslims to apostasize as in Lina Joy ? DAP ?

    So you see – this is more about Anwar than it is about PAS and DAP. I for one – do not believe that the Pakatan Rakyat (people’s alliance) will last.

  3. Anwar better knows what he is doing…
    What he may be doing is probably giving space to the rise of Mahathir again… a greater evil.

    This is merely an interim situation, but the people may jolly well return power to Badawi if the premier can revive himself in time. There is no guarantee that under the coalition, a much better gahmen-nance will be.

    Before they rid Mahathir for good, Anwar should join hands with Badawi after gaining a foothold this strong. If they use the bargaining chip instead to try further attacks… When Mahathir returns via his son and remaining cronies… Game over.

    A coalition like opposition’s is like UMNO, another coalition. Over time, conflict will arise, not to say, they are split by terriotories. The biggest threat is still the Mahathir faction.

    Whether Pakatan Rakyat will last is not the issue… At most they become UMNO II.

    Many machineries (eg. black money politics) are still rooted in the Pakatan Rakyat controlled areas. Once Anwar forces out Badawi, if Mahathir ever regain influnce over UMNO… It’d be one big political smart idiocy in modern history.

    Badawi and Anwar has a common threat. And they need to work together, for now.

  4. Gary Teoh said

    mahathir is a spent force,nobody will listen to him, his days are numbered.Pakatan will give a new hope to malaysia.

  5. Dr Syed Alwi said

    What new hope ? First thing to ask Pakatan Rakyat is – what are its policies regarding Islamisation in Malaysia ? What are Pakatan’s views regarding the often conflicting jurisdiction of the Syariah Court vis-a-vis the Civil Court ? Will there be separate queues for men and women in Malaysian supermarkets as in Kelantan ? How about short skirts ?

    In short – what are Pakatan’s views regarding Islam in Malaysia ? My dear Singaporeans – instead of Ketuanan Melayu – now we have Ketuanan Islam ! Is this a case of “out of the frying pan but into the fire” ??

    Anwar has a very very very difficult time ahead of him because he has to balance between the Chinese dominated DAP and the Islamic PAS.

    The truth is until Malaysia decides how much Islam it can handle in its multi-racial society – the status quo will remain. PAS is NOT going to stop the Islamisation program.

  6. Dr Syed Alwi said

    Ooooppss ! Forgot another important point !

    What is Pakatan Rakyat’s Foreign Policy towards Singapore and America ? Will PAS still continue to label Singapore as the Israel of South East Asia ?

    And how about the IDR in Johor ? Will PAS still support the IDR project or will it continue to accuse Singapore of buying up strategic Malaysian interests ?

    And will PAS interfere in Singapore’s handling of its own Malay-Muslim community issues ?

    Think about it………..

  7. antz said

    many a times after reading comments from M’sia blog especially from the opposition parties for example Lim Kit Sinag Blog and anwaribrahim blogs i noticed M’sian are full of hopes for the future (due to the fall of 5 states to opposition).
    They though remain quite reserved,i can see M’sian from all races hope for a change especially to bridge the gap of ethnic polarisation.
    M’sian Malays are accused of pengkhianat bangsa (traitor to one’s race).These are the Malays that come mostly from the professional/middleclass that does not trust the mainstream media.

    For a thouroughly good relationship and a transparent one,as long as BN still stay in power.
    I do not see much of ‘attitude change’ towards s’pore.
    UMNO will always view s’pore as a pain in the neck.A country that is not suppose to exist in their context.

    For the ‘pakatan rakyat’,well to really established themselves does not take overnight.
    Recently commented by Lim Guang Eng (penang Chief minister) to abolish NEP was in fact being question by his own penang police..find it ridiculous.

    As for now ‘pakatan rakyat’ have to ensure that steps taken is to be in careful consideration.As BN will find ‘dirty’ unimaginable ways to stay in course of power.

    In my opinion BN has long use M’sian Malays as a tool to be used for the sake of staying in power.They keep reminding them that the fall of UMNO will be the fall of the Malays.
    Any evidence?
    Umno almost by history create havoc in S’pore before our independence to instigate S’pore Malays to go against the govt-this was being told by my grandad.
    This continue till now but was recently rebutted by MM Lee when i think he by purpose in an IMF meeting give out a statement ‘systematically marginalising the M’sian Chinese’knowing that Umno would agressively demand an apology.In return,i remember he listed all the racist coments by all the specific UMNO members for the past years against the S’pore Malays.
    Time has changed and a new generation has evolved to be fooled by UMNO intervention affairs of S’pore Malays.

  8. Dr Syed Alwi said

    Dear Antz,

    What are your views regarding the rise of the Islamic party – PAS ? Do you honestly think that PAS will bring good to Malaysia and Singapore given its rather very conservative approach to Islam ?

    Will the Malaysian Chinese find it more comfortable under PAS than under UMNO ?

    UMNO is not perfect and has been extremes at times. But what makes you think that a monologous PAS built entirely on Islamic discourse – will be any better ?

    Look my fellow Singaporeans – if you can read Malay – then please visit which is PAS newsletter. I think they also have an English version. Please get to know PAS intimately first before you embrace Anwar Ibrahim’s adventures.

    I am NOT anti-Anwar – but Anwar has an extremely difficult task ahead of him. The DAP is the complete opposite of PAS ! Can Anwar really hold this loose alliance together ? Thats the million dollar question.

    Let me publicly say that I prefer the devil to the deep blue sea….I prefer UMNO but I do admit – publicly too – that UMNO needs internal reforms. UMNO has been hijacked by the interests of the few…….It has to change……..

  9. Mahathir is a spent force?

    Hahahahahahaha… …
    Hahahahahahaha… … …

    A faction that can corrupt is never a spent force. Mahathir has his son now in the Youth of UMNO, equivalent of YP in Singapore. Badawi’s power base is still not stablised since many are like the sitters on the fence.

    With Mahathir comes the great sacrifices of Malaysians for the great returns of the cronies, and their omni-potent in their conducts of dubious affairs…

    With Mahathir, eventually some abitious sultans will see him as a balancing force against Anwar n Badawi…

    This is real politics.

    Spent force? Once before, people thought Anwar was a spent force. Then he became DPM, and he was about to be ‘spent’ again.

    True… the commoners hate Mahathir. But the more powerful in Malaysia has their decisive power in Mahathir-ism. Just when you think Mahathir is finished…

    Someone might bring him back… and sodomise you. Hahahahahahaha… …

    So many projects that Mahathir is willing to even bankrupt Malaysia to proceed… and they cost billions after billions…

    There is no permanent enemy in Malaysia, but Anwar must realise… 鹬蚌相争Mahathir得利, and he 借尸还魂… Mr M’s a natural predator. Anwar must try to collaborate with Badawi for now.

    If the Anwar faction in UMNO is used to destablise Badawi…

    The two must talk.

  10. I’m not a Malay Muslim, and I don’t want Malaysia to be governed a Taleban-style regime.

    But there is evidence that PAS isn’t made up of Islamic theocrats who want to turn Malaysian into Afghanistan.

    He said forming an Islamic state was not part of its manifesto in the recent general election.
    “Pas’ priority is fulfilling the election manifesto. We want to live as good Muslims, individually and socially.”

    Pas Youth chief Salahudin Ayub conceded that it could not form an Islamic state at present.

    “The reality is no single party can form a government in this country. Only a coalition can rule. We have to come up with a common understanding.”

    He said the party preferred to focus on similarities rather than differences between the component parties of Pakatan Rakyat.

    “These include the desire to set up negara berkebajikan or caring state, getting rid of corruption as well as applying good governance principles.

    “There are so many issues that we can work together on. Pas alone cannot form the government.”

    NST 3rd April:Pas says its focus is to fulfil election manifesto

    So for now, we can somewhat rest assured. The establishment of the Islamic state won’t be put on the agenda for at least one more election. If PAS does put it on the agenda around 2016, they’ll lose all the non-Muslim votes and have to get to convince the Malay-Muslims who are urban, liberal and entrepreneurial.

    I believe that the opposition in Malaysia is still focused on domestic politics. BN, who still controls at least half of parliament, will still dictate broad strokes of foreign policy since they’ve put their own Foreign Minister in. If the opposition can take over government, PAS’s tendency to be insular (if they do have such a tendency) should be balanced by PKR and DAP.

  11. Dr Syed Alwi said

    Dear Rockjianrock,

    I sure hope that you are right – because PAS followers will make demands on them to be more pro-active about Islam.

  12. antz said

    Dr syed alwi,

    What are your views regarding the rise of the Islamic party – PAS ? Do you honestly think that PAS will bring good to Malaysia and Singapore given its rather very conservative approach to Islam ?

    By it’s name only,PAS is always labelled an Islamic party.Take for example Kelantan,it rule for a good long 18 years.But according to a kelantanese friend of mine,PAS is well liked by all kelantanese regardless of race.

    Due to it’s pragmatic approach to it’s Malays and sensitivity approach to it’s non-malays/muslims.
    But i don’t see any kinda of Taleban ‘style’ in PAS.In fact,from M’sian blogs i visited non-muslims (can’t really say if it’s the majority) seems to favour them than UMNO.

    PAS make an open ‘declaration’ not to ‘rampas hak’ or to steal one’s right (especially non Malay Muslims who openly claim that Umno curb their rights).
    For now,I cannot see the treatment to S’pore cos it’s not yet a ruling govt/party yet in M’sia.Maybe,well not as extreme as UMNO.
    Problem with UMNO is it do not want to change.It want especialy the Malays to stay as what they are…but they failed to see that time has changed.

    They failed to educate especially it’s non malays/muslims that it is a govt for all.For me,UMNO is actually the stumbling block to a ‘real’ economic rise of M’sia.They know it but i do not understand why they refused to implement changes.

    Anwar ibrahim in the other hand is an image of MM Lee cos he long champion ‘a Malaysia for Malaysian’.This i believe some of the factors that brought him down as a deputy.
    I can see for now ‘only he’ can make the pakatan rakyat alliance stay together.
    He had a vision for M’sia,but his real task i can see is now not toppling UMNO BUT to convince the Malays.
    Now,I can see it’s the young/proffesional Malay that support him but an uphill task for the seniors one.
    All i can see now UMNo is fighting for it’s survival while pakatan rakyat is looking ways for it’s survival in a long term.

  13. That’s the limitation of Malaysian democracy, though. Malaysians of all creeds ought to be actively engaging PAS to help keep pressure on them to balance out the internal pressure. Then we can sustain some sort of “moderation” — not to say there’s a kind of ‘moderate’
    Islam — to find an acceptable compromise that everyone is satisfied with.

    (Actually, we also should be engaging with the other parties too.)

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