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TOC on short break…

Posted by theonlinecitizen on April 10, 2008

Hi everyone,

TOC will be taking a short break. We will resume regular updates in a few days.

We apologise for any inconvenience (or conspiracy theories) this may cause. 🙂

Thank you for your patience.


Andrew Loh


13 Responses to “TOC on short break…”

  1. Concerned said

    When I visited on 9 April 2008 and saw no new posting, I’d a very uncanny feeling that something was not right. Now this announcement confirms my hunch. Internal strife going on? Or outside pressure?

  2. JDread said

    TOC writers deserve a short break. I am sure they are all volunteers. Do they owed you anything?

  3. noone said

    Conspiracy theories….the truth is out there. Princess Diana was murdered.

  4. Gerald said

    Maybe if someone wants to pay our salary so we can quit our jobs and run TOC full time, we’ll gladly consider! 🙂

  5. Daniel said

    Could this be a sign of complacency ? Haha…

  6. xd said

    We have No evidence that TOC’s short break has any conspiracy going on…

    Just like we have no evidence to prove that little Lee is a d*ckhead puppet..

  7. anon said

    when come back?

  8. Joker101 said

    They need a toilet break like Mas waiting for X’Mas.

  9. Bernard said

    Give them a break.

    Ever attempted setting up an independent news media with the resources that you may garner, with minimun funding and conducted on a voluntary basis? If you have not, trying doing it and you will recognise the challenges you faced.

    Sustainability is key.

  10. Why Not? said

    Why the blog on MM ‘s comments all taken off? Very Fishy!

  11. Keep up the good work guys! Catch your posts when you all get back…

  12. patriot said

    TOC; kindly allow me to use your break to post this response to Feed Me To The Fishs’ latest blog. I had problem posting there.

    Hi’ Feed Me To The Fish, I can see that up to the early 90s, You were still a happy man. But, the same Rulers are making You unhappy now. For me, I was only happy up to the day when my family was resettled from our village at Changi, in the beginning of the 70s. My family and that of our neighbours were then deprived of our farming, fishing and hawking(cooked foods) within the village. That was our sources of incomes. Never rich but happy.

    After that, we moved into HDB. My mother, now 92 year old and moving about on her own, and I became construction labourers. No work when it rain, no CPF although the Law states that it was(is) compulsory. And the worst, was to be accused by the then HDB Minister Teh Cheang Wan, that construction worker were ‘money face’. On hearing that from the live telecast of the Parliamentary Debate, I promised to haunt him after he died. I expected him to die a unnatural death.

    When he made that accusation, I can see that his Cabinet Colleagues seemed to tacitly agree and none opposed him(Teh). So, it was clear to me, they were(are) one bunch.

    While doing National Service, I pondered hard and long the purpose of Singapore Armed Forces. The need to have one is beyond debate. But its’ purpose and how it is organised are important to me. National Defence is the primary need; but I suspected that the Armed Forces will also be used against Singaporeans, if unrest happens. And Lee Kuan Yew had just recently confirmed my suspicion. The deployment of our troops to help aggressor such as the US, in the Middle East, escaped my mind.

    Now, I am wishing some Ministers long lives, provided they do not behaved liked Ex President Devan Nair, who abandoned ship to recuperate in foreign lands with his prosperity made in Singapore. Loyalty of our Leadrs? My foot! They, the Ministers may outlived the Country they run, the older ones may miss the boat to see it happens. But, their offsprings will witness the downfall, although I suspect many of them would have migrated by then.

    Yours truly:


  13. Cunning Fox Hater said

    In order to benefit from the 50 cent, I have to spend $10.
    That means for a capital of $4 million, NTUC will get
    $80.5 million in return.

    Wah, that is not a bad business man!

    So NTUC Chief’s this year’s bonus will be another percentage
    of this $80.5 million lah!

    How clever and cunning har!

    Must be only the elitist scholar can come out with this kind
    of blood-sucking idea!

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