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Breaking News: MDA approves Martyn See’s film for screening

Posted by theonlinecitizen on April 16, 2008

TOC has just been informed that the Media Development Authority (MDA) has approved Martyn See’s film Speakers Cornered for screening, with a NC 16 rating.

See had submitted the film to the MDA in December 2007.

Martyn See will post more details of this in his own blog Singapore Rebel soon.

The film is also available on YouTube.

Clarification: Martyn has clarified on his blog that the rating does not amount to an approval for screening. He will have to apply separately for the film to be screened.



9 Responses to “Breaking News: MDA approves Martyn See’s film for screening”

  1. Interested Citizen said

    What is the film all about? Can give a brief intro here please?

  2. Weijia said

    It is more or less centred around Dr. Chee Soon Juan’s protest at Hong Lim Park during the IMF summit held here.

    I’m surprised MDA didn’t ban this. VERY surprised. let’s see if they change their mind.

  3. Daniel said

    Really didn’t ban this ?
    Okay, let show this video on TV then and publish the detail on ShittyTime …

  4. Gary Teoh said

    Ban what? we can already see in you tube

  5. Alan Wong said

    To begin with, “Speakers Cornered” should not have been banned at all in the first place.

    I really don’t understand why should PAP be so paranoid about it.

  6. CelluloidReality said

    The more you ban, the more people want to watch.

    MDA has been doing free advertising, how cute.

  7. Dingo said

    Why is it NC 16? Are the police behaving too offensively? Haha.

  8. CelluloidReality said


    Young impressionable minds might be hurt by what they see, of their men in blue forming a circle around a man.


  9. patriot said

    Will someone kindly link the video here to share.

    Singaporeans need to see what is happening in their own country.

    Yours truly:


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