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Jeyaretnam speaks on Reform Party’s plans and constitution

Posted by theonlinecitizen on April 19, 2008

Mr JB Jeyaretnam speaking on his Reform Party’s plans and constitution at a press conference held at the Quality Hotel, April 18, 2008.

Video of the chairman of the Reform Party, Ng Teck Siong, introducing the new party here.

You can watch theonlinecitizen’s videos on the subsequent Q&A session here:

Part One

Part Two



20 Responses to “Jeyaretnam speaks on Reform Party’s plans and constitution”

  1. otak69 said

    Feel free to use any of these posters if you are writing about Jeya.

  2. Elfred said

    Ah~ Another party. Hahahahaha…

    It’s like a new blog set up. But… click my ‘nick’ to my blog, and you see whether you can post comments or not.

    Somebody said he cannot do so and thot I blockaded him. Nosense. Sounds like malicious attempts to me. Hahahaha…

    A new party is about the same lah… Maybe some kpos will become malicious and the party is spinned upside down.

    But at least there is more excitment. JBJ is always spicy. Hahaha~


  3. Thanks for covering the event and posting the videos and photos. Without blogs like you guys, we’ll be stuck with idiots like the straits times and channel news asia. 😉

  4. pisces said

    “The battle plan is to try and energise our people, to rouse them from this slumber into which the PAP has led them.”

    Agree although i suspect many, if not all, of us are choosing to remain in slumber….

  5. Self-Freed said

    Battle Plan? Fight with what?

    Before any battle plan can be conceived, do you have the soldiers and logistics to execute any plan at all? Do you have the Generals to lead the battle? Do you have the combat support, air support, naval gunfire support, the deception plan, the commandos, the intelligence people, the reconnaissance, the scouts, ammunition, etc.?

    Or, its only David fighting the Goliath? Only need a sling and a single stone?

  6. […] check out JBJ’s new political party – I think he has some very very relevant questions about the Lee’s administration. Lets just […]

  7. noone said

    crap name. use a better term so that when in power it sounds nice. Can you imagine “RP govt”

    hope he is not as funny as GN the one who ran away

  8. patriot said

    JB Jeyaratnam is very respectable for his struggles for an idealistic society and much personal sacrifices of his own life.

    But to form a new opposition political party at this point in time only weakens the oppositions further. As it is unlikely and impossible for him to have sufficient members and logistics foundation to start with; at his age, he will inevitably lack the time, energy to build up a party of sufficient standing.

    Looking from another angle, JBJ could have join an opposition party and strenghten it, but choosing to form a new party indicates that he has no love for any existing party. This only shows that he will be dividing the weak opposition camps further. As a veteran politician, if he is wise, he should be aware of the damages unintended and otherwise, that he will cause.

    I respect his selfless fights for the freedom of Singaporeans, but, I will take back some of those respects for his latest deed.


  9. Fever Guy said

    I disagree that he will weaken the opposition on the contrary he might be able to unite an opposition front coming GE2011. He is most respectable opposition figure than any current batch now. An alliance might be born out from it. Still the current WP has been non action most of the time and Mr chiam is nearly MIA now. CSJ is the more active type presently. Even an NMP Mr Siew fights harder than all of the opp MP for the ppl. JBJ just jump on the wagon on time. He is a smart and will definitely put the current gahment on its toes.

  10. Gary Teoh said

    WP booted him out of the party. Seems that Low did not care who brought him into WP, who trained him and who is his master.Because JBJ got problem with governmnet,and Low abandoned him, that is not correct

  11. otak69 said


    Do feel free to use any of the posters I’ve produced should you write about Jeyaratnam.

  12. Daniel said

    patriot ,
    it is much effective to setup a new party that endorse the founder’s style of working then to work with incompatible set of value. JB might have know that his approach and style might not be suitable with existing opposition party and probably cause unhappiness. Everyone knows how existing opposition party work ? As watchdog, as maddog, as obedient dog, as Nathan’s dog , PAP’s lapdog or whatever dog. So JB might have seriously thought it may not work out or he may not be welcome into existing party. But then given that all their purposes are the same, that is to keep watch on government’s follies, it should be commendable.

    For those who seriously thing that Politics in Singapore should be handled without foreigner help better think twice. Without foreigner’s help, Singaporean has no hope, no future and nothing. Isn’t democracy the import of westerner ? I can’t count numerous occasion westerner speak and act on behalf of Singaporean whe is so cowardice and chicken-like when dealing with stepboard. Westerner tend to be more vocal. Even I have to ask myself whether I have the dignity of a human.

    Isn’t we Singaporean using Youtube, WordPress, Blogging service, etc to voice our view. Be remind that these are paid resource from US, hence we are enlisting foreigner’s help indirectly.

  13. primenon said

    dont u see that we always need someone else to point out our problems? we do not seem to do anything about it. we talk about how others are coming in to help us, they do that cos we dont. dont u think we need to stop talking about our problems and do something about it?

  14. Elfred said


    Besides talking in and TOC here… what else are the people and myself equipped to do something about something???


    If we don’t even whine about it, many would have died with people thinking nothing has happened…

  15. patriot said

    Please allow me to say that JBJ have not worked(cooperated) with any opposition party before. After he was displaced in his own party, he did not join any other opposition party, I do not know if any had invited him, the fact is, he was doing politics solo after leaving WP.

    I respected him and still do for the efforts he had and is still doing to get for the people a better deal from the Authoritarian Regime. That said, JBJ does not seem able to work with other opposition parties neither do the opposition parties seem to covet his participation in politics. Seen in this light, he can only unite the oppositions by changing his role into an ‘effective’ coordinator and not the Chief of any new political party.

    Should JBJ wants to unite the Oppositions, which I believed are the hopes of some in the Cyberspace, rather than JBJs’ volition, he needs to volunteer his service which he cannot do so, if he wants to head a new party. If he volunteers, will all the opposition parties accept him?

    Singaporeans’ needs for foreigners’ help for political liberations is beyond doubt as the locals are shackled and lack the means or rather all means are taken away. Unless and until any catastrophic event happens, Singaporeans’ hope for political liberations depend much on external factors, including foreigners helps. Another way for the individual Singaporeans’ liberation would be to migrate, which many and more are doing, this is a very good move, I think.

    I see foreigners helps not in the sense that the foreigner friends come into Singapore and join us in the political struggles, that will never be allowed by the Authority. Foreigners can help Singaporeans by offering jobs, residencies and material aids(has not happen yet) to locals who need them. If we say the Cyberspace Services providers are giving us their helping hands for our political liberations, personally, I will take it that it was never their motives but an incidental result. Nevertheless, they help.

    At this point in time, we are lucky that we are able to seek for betterment of society for we are very much still self sufficient individually. But, as we can see, we are greatly affected by policies and the challenges by foreigners welcome by our Policy Makers. We may one day be made to struggle for individual survival rather than seeking political ideals, this danger is real unless stop in time. I wish that the ‘individualistic’ oppositions parties in Singapore will be able to pool their resources and unite in their ideologies and maybe with a ‘good’ coordinator, lead us to realize our hopes.


  16. Aidil Omar said

    It ain’t over till it’s over.

    JBJ, God be with you. May you succeed in your noble aspirations.

  17. JDread said

    You rewriting history or what Gary? It was CSJ who booted out Chiam not Low boot out JBJ. Yes JBJ was unhappy with Low, he resigned but that is not boot out. However most people regard CSJ simply because he is ‘brave’ and because of this ‘brave’ people feel its their right to rewrite history.

  18. macktheknife said

    I think it’s a good idea to start another party now. The most the merrier! As long as their visions are clear and concise, I am happy to accept them with open arms for the sake of Singapore’s future. There’s still time to do the right thing. Hence, Just GET IT RIGHT!!!

  19. Gary Teoh said

    I think oppositions in spore, need to work closely if they want to seriously challenge pap.JBJ can’t join other oppo party because of differences in approach and character. That is why, CSJ and CHiam could not get along.If oppositions are fragile, pap will take advantage of it.It is not easy to be oppositions in spore because you are always under constant watch by the mighty pap.

  20. Potential Emigrant. said

    The political struggle in Singapore is still a long way to go and, maybe, before something effective can take place, the game is over.

    Malaysia or Indonesia will simply take over when the time is ripe. Therefore, for those who can, emigration is the better option. Let the PAP do what it wants and when the day comes, we can stand at a distance far away and laugh to our hearts contend.

    Note the fact that Singapore has been singing different national anthems whenever the situation suits – God Save the King, Sio Nan To, God Save the Queen, Negara Ku, Majulah Singapore, and next maybe Allah Saves Singa-Indopura.

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