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JI escape: COI’s report and ministerial statement

Posted by theonlinecitizen on April 21, 2008

Excerpts from the Committee of Inquiry report on alleged JI leader Mas Selamat Kastari’s escape:

The COI believes that while inside the urinal cubicle, Mas Selamat climbed onto the ledge located just below the ventilation window, pushed open the ventilation window and squeezed himself through it. To help his descent, he probably held on to a water pipe running vertically down the external wall of the toilet. The COI received forensic evidence from CID that smudges were found on the water pipe, although there were no conclusive fingerprints. A packet of 7 rolls of toilet paper was found on the ground adjacent to the external wall, which he could have used to break his fall when he descended.

Having climbed down the water pipe, Mas Selamat was on the ground at the rear of the Family Visitation Block. There is no conclusive evidence of the exact route Mas Selamat took to escape. However, the COI’s view is that Mas Selamat was likely to have used a route 20 metres to the right of the ventilation window [as one faces the perimeter fences from the ventilation window].

This is where the inner and outer perimeter fences converged with the enclosed staircase and walkway. Mas Selamat would have scaled the fence, climbed onto the roof of the enclosed staircase and walkway, and jumped over the converged perimeter fences. In a re-enactment requested by the COI, a GC guard took 49 seconds to climb out of the ventilation window in the urinal cubicle, scale the fence, climb onto the roof of the enclosed staircase and walkway, and jump over the converged perimeter fences.

The COI did not make any findings as to the route Mas Selamat took after jumping over the converged perimeter fences. Pinpointing a specific route would have been speculative, given the many possibilities and the lack of evidence on this issue. Nonetheless, the COI asked for a re-enactment of the shortest and most direct route from outside the converged fences to the Pan Island Expressway. This attempt was made by a young investigation officer and it took him 2 minutes 44 seconds to do so.

The COI believes that the 11 minutes between 3:54pm and 4:05pm would have provided Mas Selamat with ample time to make good his escape from the time he entered the toilet. This is notwithstanding the fact that Mas Selamat is older and less fit than the GC guard and the young investigation officer who had undertaken the re-enactments.

For the full COI report, click here.

For the full Ministerial Statement by the Minister for Home Affairs, click here.



23 Responses to “JI escape: COI’s report and ministerial statement”

  1. Singapore Resident said

    >>The COI believes that the 11 minutes…would have provided Mas Selamat with ample time to make good his escape from the time he entered the toilet. This is notwithstanding the fact that Mas Selamat is older and less fit than the GC guard and the young investigation officer who had undertaken the re-enactments.

    No doubt Mas got GOLD award for IPPT. Perhaps the “young” IO needs to trim some fat 🙂

  2. Singapore Resident said

    >>In a re-enactment requested by the COI, a GC guard took 49 seconds to climb out of the ventilation window in the urinal cubicle, scale the fence, climb onto the roof of the enclosed staircase and walkway, and jump over the converged perimeter fences.

    Why use GC guard for re-enactment?? Perhaps should use our own people from CDO/SOF

  3. Dr.Huang said

    No more extra toilet papers from now on!
    We must account for every cubic cm of every roll of toilet paper!

  4. Aidil Omar said

    A whole lot of bollocks in my opinion. Period.

  5. TooMuch said

    What I learned today:
    1) ISD puts urinals in cubicles with doors
    2) Toilet paper is provided in urinal cubicles
    3) ISD urinal cubicles have mirrors in them (for grooming)
    4) Someone was kooning in the CCTV room
    5) ISD fences don’t have trip sensors
    6) Only person to get sacked will be the cleaning Ah Soh who put 7 rolls of toilet paper in the cubicle. Without those, mas Selamat would have broken his right leg as well and wouldn’t have been able to escape

  6. Haha said

    [ No one was actively monitoring the two CCTV cameras covering the outer
    and inner perimeter fences at the rear of the Family Visitation Block. ]

    No one was looking at the cameras but were they recording? Zero mention.

  7. talking cock said

    hahaha aiya nobody’s fault lah.

    Wah very good job on the recommendations.
    everybody payrise!

    except for the citizens. who ask u complacent!

  8. Singapore Resident said

    >>ISD urinal cubicles have mirrors in them (for grooming)

    No mirror lah…he probably use the water in toilet bowl as mirror

    Perhaps we should request the GC guard to re-enact shaving (with ?) and combing hair

  9. The Prince said

    toc how did you get the executive summary? it is not found in parliament website? good job! now we can cut and paste without depending on the media’s selective reporting.

  10. noone said

    As Gopalan suggests, more prison breaks from WDC should occur since they ae not terrorists. They should be united with Abu Baka Bashir who to Gopalan is also not a terrorist. The they should assist their friends in Bangram and Guantanamo and elsewhere to escape since by Gopalan’s defintion, none of them are terrorists.

    As Gopalan said: Go Kastari.

    I vote for GN as the next POTUS

  11. aygee said


    whatever happened is still open for interpretation, whether you want to believe it or not.

    i remember someone mentioned on this blog before, and i also have personally seen this too – in the army, a detainee is often accompanied by a military police officer to the toilet. If we take the report at face value, clearly there was a lapse in prisoner handling SOP.

    above everything else, i for one applaud the fact that they are beginning to talk about this incident in the open. Its the first step towards more transparency.

    May this continue, and may the press be allowed to be more open and independent. they will help keep things in check.

  12. Insulted said

    I just watched the evening news and Paliament report after a long time and yet nothing much as changed.
    I think our Ministers actually do not understand the questions (just like our Mps who don;t understand policies) or simply throw back a question and aviod answering.

    Who audits ISD?
    We had evrything from what’s going to happen and what lapses have been plugged but not the direct answer. Wonder who audits GIC or Temasek.

    No answer to Low’s question about the public rumours also but a question back to him as to whether he believes it and he said no and yet no direct answer.

    What was more fun to watch was the behaviour of the other people in Paliament. Reminded me of an audience watching a Police Academy 5

  13. funny said

    I agree with Insulted. It was quite a comedy on TV, except that it was happening in Singapore parliament. I guess if you have a clown prince as the head, it happens. What to do??

  14. Yi-Long said

    Typical response from Ministers on tricky questions.

  15. patriot said

    Mas Selamat was escorted to the toilet by three Security Personnels, two Gurkhas and a Female ISD Officer and yet he was able to escaped, tell it to the deities in Loyang Tua Pek Kong Temple. They will be the only ones that will believe the Story!


  16. Nude me said

    They said MSK escaped without his pants?

    I am sure thats why no one could see him, everyone close their eyes.

    Also i believe that toilet was newly renovated, because there would have been others before MSK’s escape if given a toilet with no grills.

    Frankly why is it , I am not convinced ??

    I think we should outsource and get a real independent investigation.

  17. I Also Can Sing. said

    Mr Wong Can Sing, well done, good show. You have done a great job.
    You deserve a hefty pay increase come 1st July and 10 months’ bonus at end of the year.

  18. cesla said

    What transparency? The Committee of Inquiry has one Home Affairs bigshot included.

  19. Believe it or not said

    Did the committee accept the findings or were the report details repeated again and again in many tunes till it was finally accepted..

  20. Insulted said

    One of the main facts which stood out was that so many parties were involved in the operation of the centre which I believe had 41 detainees at the peak, that the blame cannot be directed at one particular person or agency.

    Typically people at the top just simply point fingers but never take the responsibility. This leaves us to wonder whether this situation needs to be remedied. Take for example, if something screws up in the single seat constituency, the MP will have to have to bear the responsibility. In this respect Chaim and Low have proven they are worth their salt and stood up to extreme scrutiny and despite all the negative rating, the constituens have faith in them. But what happens in a GRC, with its huge machinery and a posse of MPs. Some don’t even know who their MPs are for there are so many. Who takes responsibility or will it be another classic case of “blindsiding” when something screws up.

    Based on the same theory I believe a bloated Government and Civil Service will not only lead to more to “blindsiding” but eventually total “blindness” in any country. A case where no one actually knows or cares what’s happening or thinks its not his job as long as nothing screws up. Was it not the case with the highway collapse as well.

    In the absence of moral authority which we have seen displayed in other first world countries where Ministers take full responsibility instead of refusing to relinguish power like the third world leaders, there is a need to to have a lean and clear structure where areas of responsiblity and overall ownership is clearly defined and the select brilliant, extraordinary and elite individuals are held responsible directly for the high numeration they receive. Private sector benchmarks should not be used only to compare compensation.

  21. Haha said

    The ST pix does not show a sink in the urinal cubicle. So what was Mas Selamat using? Wong Kan Sink?

  22. Observer said

    This COI report is still not conclusive. It does not have concrete facts to back up the findings. The findings or “believes” expressed by the COI is based on analysis and conjectures. It therefore cannot be taken as the whole truth and nothing but the truth. At best, it serves as a base for further analysis.

  23. Cannot hold water said

    We should have a inquiry to study the COI review, as the report has many unanswered questions.

    Such as the

    2)Tracker dogs
    3)method of attempted capture of MSK after the 11th minute

    4)why was a stress test not done ?

    5)when was the latest video they have of MSK ?

    6)Why did they need to power down the CCTV ?

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