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Minister and top management not to blame – PM Lee

Posted by theonlinecitizen on April 22, 2008

Videos of PM Lee’s speech below.

“I am satisfied that the Ministry has taken the correct remedial and disciplinary action, and that the Minister and top management were not to blamed (sic) for what has happened.”

“We must admit our mistakes openly and honestly, put them right, and act against those who have been culpable. But the last thing we need is a witch-hunt which would damage and demoralise our intelligence and security agencies.”

PM Lee Hsien Loong, Straits Times, April 22


The Director of the Criminal Investigation Department’s (CID) response to media queries:

“AGC has considered the investigation papers and concluded that there is no basis to lay criminal charges under the Penal Code against any particular individual.”


PM Lee’s speech in Parliament on government responsibility.

Part One:

Part Two:


74 Responses to “Minister and top management not to blame – PM Lee”

  1. otak69 said

    Posters for your viewing pleasure.

  2. S said

    when are these faggots going to shut their trap….

  3. FullofSh** said

    The minister and top management were not to blame for what has happened

    Oh really ? than why do we pay top dollar ? to tell us the above ?

    This is a very lame, I think CEO’s of banks and other major institutions should adopt this standard template.

    I am sure their shareholders would accept this statement for losses incurred

  4. otak69 said

    Here’s another poster :

  5. […] A true leader, which I finally believe, accepts responsibility unconditionally, not shifting the blame on the officers, the toilet window, perimeter fence or the local public. Accepting responsibility […]

  6. Andrew Loh said

    The biggest irony to me is the issue of integrity which PM Lee emphasised in his speech.

    A minister with any sense of integrity would offer his resignation straight away – taking not the blame, but the responsibility.

    Instead, here we see how everyone is scratching everyone else’s back, pointing the blame at the lower rungs.

    Is this “integrity”?

    Is this how people of “integrity” behave?

    And so we have the PM defending the DPM.

    The DPM defending the ISD Director.

    The COI having 2 members who worked or is still working in the Home Affairs Ministry.

    An internal CID investigation which found no faults.


    If one were to design a cover-up for such a fiasco such as this, this is how one would exactly do it.


    You are the head. You don’t shift the responsibility to others.


  7. Singapore Resident said

    WKS & Edison : Bu$ine$$ A$ U$uaL

  8. Expected Analysis said

    If we are expected to accept the PM’s notion that “the Minister and top management were not to be blamed (sic) for what has happened,” then we will also have to accept the fact that the PAP govt is not liable for any wrong-doings, corruption, bad policies, etc.

    Lets ponder over some of these statements which may turn up in due course.

    On bad policies:
    “Policies are implemented based on feedback from many quarters. Therefore, those who provided the feedback should be the ones taken to task.”

    On corruption:
    “It is unfortunate that corruption still exists despite paying top salary pegged to the top performers in the private sectors. We will need to review the pay structure in order to further discourage the tendency for corruption. Perhaps, a separate bonus for remaining corrupt-free for each year of service is warranted.”

    On wrong doings:
    “Ministers are responsible for their own performances. The department heads are responsible for their subordinates’ wrong doings. It is not feasible to make the ministers liable for those wrongs committed. However, all of them are expected to perform beyond expectation in order to justify the ministers’ remuneration.”

    Sounds incredible? Well, it has happened.

    “What can you do about it, Singaporeans?”

  9. tiredman said

    I was in the bus watching a portion of the parliament discussion. I think I heard our dear PM says that human make mistakes. When a mistake is made, bla bla bla…. Go on saying how can situation be turned around.

    NOT TO BE BLAME???!!! They why do you guys take such a high salary? Are you really the elites? You are elites how can you make mistakes. I have chopped a word FAILED in your report card.

    Now it is rather funny the great escape has become something that is too small and can be forgiven. If a CEO in the private sector made a grave mistake, he would likely be thrown into jail. However, this case is just to small be ask him to pack his bag.

    Do be reminded that he is a world class minister and is paid a world class salary and he SHOULD not make even a simplest damn mistake!! If he does not produce a good result and still have the cheek to stay on.

    I think he should quietly quit. I could not believe my eye that he is still holding that position. Is his conscious clear? I begin to ask myself this question: Is he working for money or working to serve the people? I doubt his personality. If Singapore is in war, I would not want to be under his charge.

  10. patriot said

    Dear Andrew Loh;
    I used to post about the lack of conscience in our leadership, now it seems I have to agree with You that integrity has gone missing too!

    Yours truely: patriot.

  11. Weijia said

    I’ve always been a big proponent of NS. possibly cos i really enjoyed mine (yes it’s true), but more probably cos i feel boys really turn into men inside.

    remember how, when the men/Specs screw up, your PC will take responsibility? and how when the PC screws up, the OC will take responsibility? Like what Andrew said, it’s not about the blame or fault. it’s about taking responsibility for your subordinates actions.

    because you, as the leader, is in charge of ensuring the quality of their work. you can delegate the tasks, but you cannot delegate the responsibility.

    i think they should all go for leadership training. or we should find new leaders.

  12. X said

    I agree that they should take responsibility; resignation is a completely separate issue. In this case, I’m not sure to what extent Wong is to be blamed, considering the lapse was so far down the chain of command, I’m not sure how much Wong was involved in planning the security measures. If, for example, the lapse was not caused by him but rather someone further down, I don’t think he should resign.

    I don’t think this is an issue of integrity. I also don’t think there’s anything wrong with defending your own party members; it would be much better than ditching Wong and pushing all the blame onto him.

    So I think the govt should accept the blame, but not force any resignations until we know exactly who was responsibly for the laughably weak security. “Sorry, yes it was our fault, now let’s do something about it.” That would, in my opinion, be the best response.

  13. BlackTeeShirt said

    I think the government handled this badly.

    1. PM Lee should have spoken soon after the prison break.
    2. MM Lee said citizens were complacent instead of his colleagues.
    3. DPM Wong Kan Seng should have a real independent inquiry.

  14. funny said

    I loooved that part about calculated risk and rolling the dice…..ooooh, there goes our CPF monies – it was a 1 not a 6….hahaha! lucky for Ho Ching and Tony Tan and MM Lee – all of them managing our CPF ansd reserves!!
    The buck stops with the PM – till the next election then…. Hey, if they set up a 15 member GRC, what can we as citizens do??

  15. be like a tree and leaf (ve) said

    As LHL and WKS are related, I guess LHL cannot afford to sack him. WKS – if you are reading this – please graciously and quietly resign and stop embarrassing our beloved PAP! It is the only honourable thing you can do.

  16. responsiblity said

    convoluted logic –
    director of ISD CANNOT be responsible cos the gurka guards are in charge of the prisoner- not me.
    Director of police cannot be responsible cos the ISD planners were responsible for the window grills and sawing the window handle and placing a ledge for them and fencing.
    Heng ah…..was are still employed by the civil service and drawing super salaries!! not happy? bite me lah. Buck stops at PM what…

  17. Andrew Loh said

    Dear X,

    Lets not be fooled into thinking that the so-called “lapses” or shortcomings are limited to the escape itself. Even after the escape was discovered,the way the police handled the fiasco is pathetic.

    1. He walks with a limp.

    2. Then later, his limp is only visible when he walks quickly or runs.

    3. We now discover that Mas Selamat had left his pants in the toilet.

    4. The time, effort and money spent on printing and distributing thousands of fliers of Mas Selamat are all faulty and erroneous – they all still say he “walks with a limp”. (I can testify to this myself when I was at SGH’s 7-11 store. They have a poster of Mas there. It still says “He walks with a limp.”)

    5. The appts in the COI is a complete joke – one ex-police commissioner and a current senior officer in the MHA.

    6. The COI report is not fully published. We only have the “executive report”.

    7. The CID’s investigation and its resulting report is not made public. The CID, in a media release, only says that they find no evidence of collusion or criminal collusion.

    8. WKS’ deputy, Ho Peng Kee, has not even uttered one single word about the escape since Feb 27.

    9. There is no further information or news about where Mas Selamat could be. All we are hearing is that “investigation shows that he is still in Singapore”.

    Like I said, it all looks more like a cover-up than a transparent accounting of events.

    I would not be surprised that the next thing we hear will be that a dead body has been discovered in some forest somewhere.

    Clearly, this is a whole exercise in containing the fall-out and preventing WKS from being blamed.

    It is completely ASTONISHING to me that in this, Singapore’s biggest manhunt and most incredible escape of the NUMBER ONE Terrorist suspect, that no one in top management will be held accountable and punished.

    Absolutely no one.

    And the PM talks about integrity.

    I truly don’t know what this govt has become.

    A friend of mine – whom I consider rather moderate in his views – smsed me to say that he has lost respect and confidence in this govt.

    Myself, I have lost it long ago.

  18. lan lan you said


    swallow yr unhappiness lah. you reap what you sow. no one can control these monsters already. just take it lah. since you can’t beat them join them loh. study hard and join them thru backdoor of election. just sell yr soul and be a lackey. no need to fear economy down turn. cannot never mind, pattern must be nice.

  19. XH said

    This whole fiasco put up by the PM and government is a huge embarrassment.

    A good job in meeting the primitive daily needs (such as giving GSTs offsets, etc), and painting a perfect picture…the streets are clean and safe, so picturesque. However, places that are tucked away from the public or investors’ eyes seem to lack the needed attention and professionalism.

    From a Singaporean living and working in US.

  20. noone said

    Who would you like to replace him if he resigns? Which Backbencher? Which other Minister?

  21. XH said

    Who design the prison facility?
    Who sign the contract for the construction?

    The leaders in their ivory towers… do they even make rounds around the prisons, hospitals?

    Or do they just show face by making rounds in the stadium during national day parades?


  22. Tang Li said

    I meet with a friend of mine who has an IQ of less than 100. He said, “How can a window be so large he can jump out without anyone noticing?” Seriously, it takes a guy with not much brain or education to sum-up a situation as it is, while all the geniuses in the government are inventing ever more complicated ways to escape personal responsibility.

    Yes, we know the guards were careless. But how is it that nobody in management of WRDC ever did anything about things like the fence and the window frame or lack of it in the 40 over years that the detention center was in operation (Since 1966)?

  23. XH said

    Get a real person to be the leaders.

    Not just someone brought up (and served) by maids;
    Nor just someone molded to be an overseas scholar, with 4.0 GPA, by the PSLE,O and A levels systems, and multiple tuition teachers.
    Nor just someone with the right connections or lineage.

    You get what you vote and pay for. That’s the mandate Singaporeans have given.

  24. Daniel said

    This has to be the biggest joke in the world. Minister and officials who make grave mistake in not ensuring of any audit, proper measurement and procedure in place been acquitted of any honest mistake ? Look, government clown, the answer given by WCS to MP’s questions have told us of incompetence, indolence and arrogance. Of course, PM protect his minister because the PM, should I say more that he is worse than WCS. We have pampered dog protecting another pampered dog ! Clown run amok in parliament, petting each other with praise so to gain benefit from each other.

    Since this precedence in place, a lot of foreigners are eying for position as ministers and high post in Singapore. Why ? Simply because they have the best job in the world. Imagine the most high paid government official with secretive lucrative perk, with external position like chairman in GLC (Extra fuc$#king pay too !) but WITHOUT THE NEED FOR RESPONSIBILITY AND ACCOUNTABILITY, without the need to resign and fall from disgrace due to grevious mistake, and still able to talkcock & sing song in enquiry ! What a perfect job ! Uniquely Singapore !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Only can be found in Singapore. After years staying in western country, my conviction tell me that we have the greatest minister on earth to which no benchmark can apply.

    Public service job with private sector pay but without any integrity and responsibility to go along with the job. Hmmmm ….

    Thank to those 66.6% voters …

  25. MadameG said

    Dear Andrew Loh,

    You mentioned about “integrity”. But, sorry I don’t get the connection. Integrity is about honesty and moral principles. For eg., if I made an “honest mistake” in my work, it does not mean that I am dishonest and immoral. Perhaps, you could elaborate further.

    I think I am as frustrated as you are on this issue. In addition to responsibility and accountability, there should be honour. In this case, honour has been tarnished or there is no such thing in the government.

    To me, this fiasco truly confirms that political elitism is here in Singapore as many already know. The political elite with their special privileges, heavy “responsibilities”, “high level” competence, long and dedicated service, and high degree of “accomplishments”. If you are not an elite, you’ll be damned(accountable to one).

  26. sgcynic said

    Even if LHL allows WKS to wriggle out of any responsiblity for the escape, at least chop his head for the extreme incompetence shown in the handling of the crisis: delayed and misinformation given out to public (limp, mole, clothes, pants!). We need to “fix” the image of the government and “buy” the public’s confidence (vote). Don’t be “complacent”!

  27. Irresponsible cover-up said

    let us not be distracted from the big issues in our governance, beside the Mas Salamat comedy which I also believe is a ‘wag the dog’ scenario. Inflation is now 6 percent, do we still agree that govt can withdraw our CPF and invest in bad banks, hope to earn 8-9 percent and pay us a floating rate, at 4 percent and even lower in future when the peg is gone. Meanwhile GIC keeps the rest of the money. While more and more foreign talent are investing our money in CPF while working in GIC / Temasek and drawing monster size salaries, we are getting 4% while rice price, oil price soars in ever dizzying height. Let us netizens continue to remind the govt that we are not happy.
    But still if the next elections, boundaries are redrawn to contain 15 man GRC – what to do?

  28. Irresponsible cover-up said

    CPF life – is it still up in the air, or is it a done deal? How do we citizens tell the govt we do not approve of our CPF being unilaterally tied up by the govt while we are handed peanuts for the rest of our lives and tied to this high inflation system/ low CPF returns system without our tacit approval. Let us opt out -I want my money back at age 55 – all of it – or do we need to migrate to do so??

  29. MadameG said

    Dear Andrew Loh,

    You mentioned about “integrity”. But, sorry I don’t get the connection. Integrity is about honesty and moral principles. For eg., if I made an “honest mistake” in my work, it does not mean that I am dishonest and immoral. Perhaps, you could elaborate further.

    I think I am as frustrated as you are on this issue. In addition to responsibility and accountability, there should be honour. In this case, honour has been tarnished or there is no such thing in the government.

    To me, this fiasco confirms that political elitism is truly here in Singapore as many already know. The political elite with their special privileges, heavy “responsibilities”, “high level” competence, long and dedicated service, and high degree of “accomplishments”. If you are not an elite, you’ll be damned(accountable to one) for your honest mistake or incompetence.

  30. Voteforme$ said

    Hi TOC

    Can you do a poll once again if net citizens think WKS should resign even after the COI report is available ?

    It would be good to see the numbers

  31. Voteforme$ said

    Do you think we will get the same response if the reserves went dry ?

  32. Daniel said

    “Do you think we will get the same response if the reserves went dry ?”

    Well, what do you expected from a joker that happily lapse his trademark apathetic phrase:
    “It’s the lapse. What to do ? It happened.”

    and what do you expected from a world famous clown who say no one should be responsible and accountable to security lapse. What do you expect from his father who hint that it is the fault of no onewhere else but something known as “complaceny”.

    Indeed, even if they blunder the reserve and wealth of nation, they would not blame and held themselves responsible because they can just easily attribute the reasons and shift the blame to Greed and Incompetence just as they blame everything about Selamat to Complaceny.

    Really to them, no one is at fault and at blame. Just business as usual for them as though nothing has ever happened or should has happened. Amazing coffers that I never see in the world, only in Singapore.

  33. Weijia said

    what CAN we do if it’s all GRCs the next election?

  34. AC said

    I felt that while the escape cannot be attributed to the direct negligence of Wong, the subsequent management of the escape was disastrous – of 3rd world standard.

    Slow notification to the public – we only hear of it 4 hours after the escape; Uncertainty to whether Mas limps or does not – days after the escape we were told he did not limp unless when running, but the posters spread all over Singapore still proclaims that he walks with a limp; No proper description of the attire of Mas for more than a week – the COI mentioned that Mas discarded the Baju Kurong he was wearing, but added nothing else – did he switch to prison attire or did he manage to escape naked? Or did he switch to civilian attire, which points strongly to others helping him in his escape?

    When questioned on the cost of the operation to apprehend Mas, Wong evaded the issue by stating that the resource that was mobilized was within his ministry’s operating resources. I would believe that Low’s question is the quantum of the resources utilized, as well as the estimated cost of the disruptions incurred as a result of the Mas manhunt. This is the loss that Singapore bears for the lapse that occur in Wong’s ministry during his watch – is he ashamed and afraid to let us know the quantum?

    The failure of the COI report to address the lapses in management after the escape, points to either the complete oversight and hence incompetence of the commission members; the possibility that the commission members held back criticisms because of their close ties to the establishment. There’s also the possiblity that their report was censored to leave out the criticisms.

    All the 3 scenarios look bleak, and speak very badly of the management’s handling of the crisis. I feel that our PM’s full confidence in Wong in the light of all these speaks of a towering optimism that has long lost touch with the ground.

    On top of the COI’s advice of remedial action, Singaporeans must ask ourselves if we can accept our leaders taking credit when things go right and shrugging off responsibility when things go wrong – do we need to take remedial actions regarding our political status quo?

  35. Whistle Blower. said

    PM Lee Hsien Loong is setting a precedence to absolve all blames and responsibility from the PAP’s governance and leadership. This is a very dangerous precedence which everyone with any sense must take note and refuse to accept.

    Yes, a line has to be drawn. But (a very big BUT) for a case of such colossus blunder, the line has crossed over. This is a case not about linear equations and mathematical calculations, or line management, but a case of moral responsibility, a case of ethics, a case of national shame which cannot be veiled or be swept under the carpet.

    Therefore, the least the country can do is to demand for the resignation of the minister who is overall responsible for this outright stupid and incredible negligence in not taking the necessary precautions to ensure a high standard of security in a supposedly high security detention center that keeps high-risk terrorists, in the national interest.

    From the COI’s summary report, it is very clear that the blatant negligence happened over a long period of time and not just in this particular instance. That means from the bottom up to the very top, all the chiefs have been sleeping. There were no proper checks and counter-checks carried out, and if they have been done, they were not properly done. There was not even a single prowler to patrol the perimeter fencing, no barb wire over the fence, no CCTV, unsatisfactory procedures, etc. All in all, the sense of professionalism is found wanting. Did the minister ever made a personal inspection of the security setup of the Whitley Detention Centre? If yes, then why did he allowed such pathetic lack of security to go on unnoticed? If no, then why no? So how can it be that only the two guards, the female ISD officer and the Superintendent be punished?

    I must salute the Head of ISD for his unrestrained acceptance of responsibility for this fiasco. This is the kind of spirit we want and expect of any minister too. Perhaps the ISD Chief should be made to replace the Minister for Home Affairs!

  36. Gary said

    Looks like they just lit the fuse to blow themselves up in future, political suicide, election fodder for opposition n coffeeshop talk in years to come. It makes sense to scarifice one to save the whole mechanism/the goodwill for all these nation building years. All these evaporated to save one worthless one/due to expire soon in any case. Are they really politicians at all? Looks like they have very little political sense at all, how to survive in an ocean when the catfish thinks it is a great white shark.

  37. what moral intergrity is he talking about? what political culture is he talking about? UTTER RUBBISH!

  38. Aberdyn said

    Wah..! so simple to escape from WRDC.. The inmate went to the toilet pretend to relief himself, turn-on the water-tap full blast and then sequeezed himself thru the ungrilled ventilation openings in the toilet and off you go to freedom. Now the higher authority says the blunders was not their fault but the junior officers at the WRDC is solely responsible for the escape. And all the guards/gurkhas involved has been sacked and replace with a new one. The minister, the Director of ISD and the WRDC commandant is not to be blame. As they said, the guards and gurkhas are to be blame for their inattentiveness during their watch which led to the escape of Mas Selamat Kastari from the detention centre. Lapses of security arrangements such as being reported that the CCTVs is not working due to upgrading work were in progress during that period was a very stupid mistakes by the WRDC. The CCTVs should be in full working condition running 24/7 daily to monitor and capture the entire movements/surveillance of the high security area. Even though at the time they said they are in the process of upgrading the security features of the complex, but then under any cirumstances the CCTVs should be given priority to be in working order at all times. At least with the recorded CCTVs you will be able to get some lights from the footage/images in motion captured on the CCTVs and hopefully will give some leads to the escape break.

  39. otak69 said

  40. hugo said

    Actually, the issue is not who were responsible for the escape. Of course Wong Kang Seng was not directly responsible for the escape of MSK.

    The issue is one of incompetence. Even school children are of the opinion that the security at the ISD detention centre was total disarray. Based on such perception, I think top management must assume responsibility for the incompetence.

  41. […] – A Xeno Boy in SG: Politics, Gladiator, Praetorians and a Missing Fugitive – The Online Citizen: Minister and top management not to blame – PM Lee – Under the Willow Tree: Wong Kan Seng Off the Hook? Not So Fast. The Game Has Just Begun! – […]

  42. Gary Teoh said

    If we go to war and lose, the general will not be responsible, the soldiers have to be punished !!

  43. Clement said

    It may be hard to lay blame on the top people, given the situation….but not even an offer of resignation or indication of taking responsibility? Imagine, if he offers to step down as MHA minister but will remain to solve the problem until PM can find a suitable replacement, there will be respect for him.. but to pass down the blame to windows, guards, … then have PM protect him, … even if he offers his resignation now, it is a lot too late…a leadership crisis of a different type (not headhunting for the next PM) – real respectful leadership…seems to be brewing…

  44. otak69 said

  45. hahahi said

    you people elite ah??? KNN , read all the postings in this site. u find many with intelligent solutions to solve all the cockup created by yr ‘millions’ government. stop stucking yr head in the hole like an ostrich, unless u want tsunami like in malaysia election. stop cornering people with all you stupid and high handed rules. hope you people can’t have peace of mind to sleep with yr dirty millions dollars till the next election.

  46. Alan Wong said

    LKY, What happened to you, allowing your son to destroy the legacy that you have been building all these years ie. Accountability!

    Where got logic and sense of fair play – Want to enjoy the perks of a world class salary but don’t want to bear any responsibility.

    If that is the case, then any Tom, Dick and Harry can do. No need to pay them world class salaries!

  47. hmm... said

    Alan – oh please . MM Lee already said it was the citizen’s complacency. So all citizens should humble ourselves to contemplate on this.
    Actually I applaud PM Lee for disagreeing with MM Lee outright- that it was his govt fault, not the citizen’s complancency. It is about time MM Lee and SM Goh step off the bloated cabinet and collecting such high ‘consultation’ fees. What exactly are their KPI? What are we paying them for in the cabinet?? If Sylvia Lim is the next PM – is it necessary to have another SM LHL?? Mind boggling the amount of fat in cabinet.

  48. fantastic ISD works said

    check this out. I’m sure the Americans and Europe look at our ISD with awe- so says our PM.

  49. Bo Bian said

    It is utterly disappointing that the PM and his henchman Wong will repeat the model answer fashioned by SM Lee a while back. This just goes to show that the new team of PAP leaders are tested and found wanting. They are nothing but a bunch of overpaid cowards.

  50. Ah Lian said

    The PM is setting a bad precedence. Is he saying the top management are never wrong? Civil servants of Singapore, you better watch out: the PAP govt will take the credits for all your hard work but once something screwed uo, all your heads will roll, not theirs.

    They will continue to get their fat paychecks.

    Just act blur and carry on business as usual.

  51. Dingo said

    It’s my fault. It’s all my fault.

    I resign from my post of Minister of Home Funfairs.

  52. […] and realised how the top paid ministers in our government has never once taken responsibility for Mas Selemat’s escape? Without the Internet, I’d probably never have been exposed to trance music and would still […]

  53. Sandy said

    Lee Hsien Loong cannot allow Wong to resign, even if the latter has the honor (which is doubtful) of tendering his resignation. To do so means Lee himself has to resign, and you think he will give up the $3.6 million? Look at his brother, getting nowhere to what he was feeding on at Singtel. As Inderjit put it, nobody resigned over the Nicoll Highway collapse, nobody resigned over the Courageous collision, you expect Wong to give up his paycheck for Mas Selamat? It’s all about greed and gravy.

  54. Dingo said

    Cool stuff, Otak69!

  55. Whirl-Class said

    Its very very sad – Singaporeans still dont square up to the reality that they are a very oppressed and trodden lot of a kind ,on this planet. One can see, even in some 3rd world countries (lets not debate on their material achievements, politics etc), they have high priority accorded to human rights, human values. What do we have here – as barren as a desert, right from the very top.

  56. […] have me believe a terrorist escapes from maximum security and the damn Home Affairs Minister m-a-g-i-c-a-l-l-y evades any repurcussions. But that’s just another cock (geddit, geddit? Penis […]

  57. Daniel said

    Alan Wong,
    “LKY, What happened to you, allowing your son to destroy the legacy that you have been building all these years ie. Accountability!”

    We should pity the senile oldman whose decades of hardwork and propaganda is destroyed by his inept son. The internet already exposed the regime of their deed and history, what rubbish do they still want to feed the public ?

    Yes, we should leave this oldman alone because he himself has enough problem trying to explain what ‘complacency’ is all about.

  58. otak69 said

  59. logicalman said

    It’s hard to imagine an incident of this magnitude being resolved/dismissed by dealing with the officers/guards on duty on the day of the escape. What the COI revealed (and possibly did not reveal) is gross negligence, oversight and failing of the system, processes and people beyond those at Whitley Road Detention Centre. Is the Government saying that the guards/officers are fully responsible for failings beyond them? Is this fair to them? Or is the Government convinced, after the COI’s elaborate investigation, that nothing else has failed besides the carelessness of those few guards & officers at the centre? How would the immediate families of these officers and guards feel? How would you feel, if you are a National Serviceman on duty, and in the thick of all this, hypothetically speaking?

    It’s more than a question of integrity or responsibility. What I see here is a culture among leaders that’s adverse to accepting and learning from failures. It’s one that seems to promote disclaiming of responsibility, or worse, pinning it down unfairly on those powerless to defend themselves. Are we so used to being number one in this & that ranking, that when it comes to a failure, we have to dismiss/disguise/dilute/dissociate with it till it doesn’t matter anymore?

    Point to ponder:
    If Mas Selamat had been caught within hours or days of the escape, this whole saga would probably have been turned into propaganda trumpeting the effectiveness of our security forces. Is this a blessing in disguise, that a limping, pudgy, middle-aged alleged terrorist named Mas Selamat managed to turn the spotlight on our supposedly clean and efficient system, as well as the character of our ministers and leaders, and how they really perform under pressure?

  60. Groundworks said

    At the beginning I was having high hopes that he would do his father proud but, after 4 years, I have no doubt that he has destroyed all that his father has built up over 40 years of hardworks. The way he handled so many national issues, since he became PM in 2004, really made me lost all my faith and confidence in him.

    Only knows how to protect his own reputation, his own power and his own kind but very poor in national leadership. Unable to inspire and motivate the nation, what is the use of talking about integrity? Does it mean anything to us, the people on the ground?

    Great disappointment!

  61. Daniel said

    this is what we get from nepotism in power.

    Integrity ? Sure, PM Lee has integrity protecting his own coffers that are still useful for taking his blunder and follies. PM Lee once mention no free lunch. So million dollars ministers & MP need to behave like dog and scapegoat to deserve their lunch.

  62. Nice to know said

    Its nice to know that many Singaporeans feel for Singapore and clearly can see whats going on.

    Give it a few more years, the volumes will be louder and the truth be known.

    The stale times should just save the trees and stop publishing all together

    The internet is where things get interactive and it opens up everyones minds.

  63. Whirl-Class said

    Minister and top management Not to blame – PM Lee.

    Singapore have TITANIC leaders drawing obsene TITANIC salaries. But when they hit rough sailing, they easily blame the ICEBERGS.

  64. mee siam said

    in replying to S/no.20 noone , Yes I am ready to take over,I have no job now ,anything can do. Especially this one. He’s sitting to long on the job. See like Tharman, after reorganised the MOE
    he’s moved now to Finance. All minister should do that not more than 5yrs and move on the next ministry. Actually I don’t care, you all vote for PAP and they won all, now to blame them? Shits you all deserve it. What all this abt, ‘accountability’, PAP the government. What the hack with all these complains, not happy? Vote the oppositions! I can bet this huuha will not last until next election. The citizen will already forgotten.

  65. Fever Guy said

    All bloggers,

    This gahment is rated by free press (Internet),

    Please feel free to add in more…..

    Accountability 2/10
    Moral Authority 3/10
    Integrity 3/10
    Business Acumen 5/10
    Blood sucking Acument 10/10
    Thick Skin Syndrome 10/10
    Sound Policy 3/10
    Caring Heart 2/10
    Boasting 10/10
    Passing the buck 10/10
    Siamness 10/10
    Blaming Sinkies 10/10
    Tripod Stand 10/10
    Complacency 10/10
    Money Grabing 10/10
    Ask His people to eat their bitter pill 10/10
    Saying sorry to the people 1/10
    Crushing Opposition 10/10
    Secrecy 10/10

  66. Fire Phoenix said

    Three top railway officials and government official were sacked over the train accident – even though investigation was still underway.

    This is the kind of accountability that we expect from our million-dollars paid ministers.

    But … it is not our culture.

  67. Daniel said

    “Accountability 2/10
    Moral Authority 3/10
    Integrity 3/10
    Business Acumen 5/10
    Blood sucking Acument 10/10
    Thick Skin Syndrome 10/10
    Sound Policy 3/10
    Caring Heart 2/10
    Boasting 10/10
    Passing the buck 10/10
    Siamness 10/10
    Blaming Sinkies 10/10
    Tripod Stand 10/10
    Complacency 10/10
    Money Grabing 10/10
    Ask His people to eat their bitter pill 10/10
    Saying sorry to the people 1/10
    Crushing Opposition 10/10
    Secrecy 10/10”

    To add more

    IQ 3/10
    EQ 1/10
    Stupidity 8/10
    Wayang-ness 10/10
    selfishness 8/10
    cuckoo-ness 10/10
    MeeSiamMaiHum-ness 10/10
    Intelligence insultness 10/10

  68. patriot said

    Have You(all) noticed that the last few days, four of our leaders; PM Lee Hsien Loong, DPM Wong Kan Seng, Union Chief Lim Swee Say and MM Lee Kuan Yew have been hoarding the limelights in the Medias?

    What did their prominences in the Medias tell us? It all mean that whether we believe and like them or not, they are still incharge of us and calling the shots. What can we do? And what do You want? It also means the more You talk about me, the more I(they) will show You who I am.

    Don’t You agree?


  69. Fever Guy said

    Accountability 2/10
    Moral Authority 3/10
    Integrity 3/10
    Business Acumen 5/10
    Blood sucking Acument 10/10
    Thick Skin Syndrome 10/10
    Sound Policy 3/10
    Caring Heart 2/10
    Boasting 10/10
    Passing the buck 10/10
    Siamness 10/10
    Blaming Sinkies 10/10
    Tripod Stand 10/10
    Complacency 10/10
    Money Grabing 10/10
    Ask His people to eat their bitter pill 10/10
    Saying sorry to the people 1/10
    Crushing Opposition 10/10
    Secrecy 10/10″
    IQ 3/10
    EQ 1/10
    Stupidity 8/10
    Wayang-ness 10/10
    selfishness 8/10
    cuckoo-ness 10/10
    MeeSiamMaiHum-ness 10/10
    Intelligence insultness 10/10

    a new one to add:
    GIC love for subprime banks 10/10
    GIC ability in losing billions in people’s reserve 10/10

  70. Commoner said

    Hi Fire Pheonix,

    If you work in a company and make a grave mistake, they will surely ask you to go, so it is not that ‘it is not our culture’, but more like not in “their empire” and we, the commoners, can’t do anything.

    Anyway, if everyone is the same egg, then, no one can be sacked or else it would only bring similar trouble to oneself. You can’t set a precedent to be used against oneself. Don’t you agree? Maybe our G should be sent to Japan for training on sacking oneself for blunders in nation issues.

    Hi Nice To Know,

    I am not too sure about this voice getting louder in the future. Our G may stamp it down before that happens. Oops! Will I be sued for saying this?

  71. Commoner said

    Hi Mee Siam,

    not that we don’t want to vote against them; it is always walk-over for places where unhappy people are. The last time, didn’t they redo the election “ward” coverage. They track this very well. You’ll only get to vote if you stay in places where PAP thinks that they will surely win.

    Also, most people huuhaa now, but when PAP gives out $ just before election, they get blinded by $ immediately. It happened so many times. Funny that opposition never stressed this during past elections. Also, I noticed that young people, who get good pay and can afford good standard of living, very pro PAP. Of course, there are also those, who got so happy after shaking hands with these important “godly” people.

    Another point is that election will only be postponed until most people are quite happy with life.

  72. laicf said

    You want to benchmark your salaries against Pirvate Sector Salaries, and why not “benchmark accountabiity” against the best managerial practices in Private Sector as well?

    How about Lord Brownn of BP caught with his..ahem..pants down…..and preferred resign immedaitely instead of waiting his retirement t leave, which was only a few (I think 1 or 2) months away?

  73. said

    escape is a mistake,can be forgiven, thats life, not wang kan seng’s fault.forgive him.

    but mas salamat was habouring at his relatives house, hdb flat, wang n his intelligent team didnt anticipate it, instead he (wang) was so mad , he mobilise the whole nation’s defence team, arny,gruca, police, at all cost (not his money ofcourse) taxpayers moneys, looking for a fugitive . how much is he bills for the whole operation??? sad to say probably some men in the operation might get injured while looking for mas- when mas is relaxing in his relative’s hdb flats. why notone commments on this on W K S.sack him for this, not escape.

  74. said

    mr lee- our garmen have too much money- too much excess money that you have to giveaway some back to us , thinking deeper-this is not healty. no good.
    dont give to ur people but loan(with interest) it to those singaporen whom inspire to be an entrepreners, we have to bringup the gongho ,entreprenership metality by your encouragrement,
    the cost of setting up new bussiness is too high,you needs to help them startup .
    u gets those ft, they are very hungry, u shall see, in few years time , many of them will becomes own boss, ends up ur people will be working for those FT ,n they earns their money n will send them back to their country.

    they are more hungry then us, they needs to make it works, do or die, so better u support ur local citizen, singaporean got talent, because theyu are your people.
    you are a hakka , hakka is a wise bussinessman,but you as a engllish speaking hakka not so clever as we are all singaporean, own people ,pls support own people.

    u support FT. they make it here n goes home ,,maybe wont even says a TQ too.
    we singaporean are loyal to singapore, but garmen only think garmen are good,his people are not clever, no good, bro support lei.

    remember what we learn ,the honkies during 90ies ,garmen invite them here ,they dont have loyathy

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