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TOC Message

Posted by theonlinecitizen on May 6, 2008

The editors and writers of theonlinecitizen would like to extend our condolences to the families of those who have perished as a result of the devastating cylone which has hit Burma.

We would also like to extend an offer of help to our Burmese friends in Singapore. Please do let us know if TOC can be of any assistance. We can be reached at

TOC also urges the Singapore government to do all it can to help the people of Burma in this time of need.

TOC editorial team.



8 Responses to “TOC Message”

  1. […] City expresses deep condolences to the families of those who have lost loved ones when the terrible cyclone struck […]

  2. Gerald said

    Here’s how we can help:


  3. Action Louder Than Words said

    Can TOC start a Donation Collection Centre for clothes, food, etc. so that the public (those who are not so rich) can make their contribution to help the Burmese people as well? This would also give TOC the publicity coverage for being an active citizenry instead of NATO.

  4. Saint Splattergut said

    Action 2:30PM,

    that would probably require a permit.


  5. Andrew Loh said

    Action louder than words,

    Accepting donations is a big undertaking – you would require manpower, space (storage), accounting, publicity materials, volunteers, and a plan to get the donations to Burma AND make sure it goes to the people who need it.

    I do not think TOC has the resources to do that, much as we may like to.

    Andrew Loh

  6. gorgorsitioeh said

    I wonder if sending resources there will be a good idea, after all most of them will be taken away by the junta to feed and clothe their own soldiers once more. It’s pointless, although I’m afriad this is the only way out so we won’t live with a guilty conscience for not helping.

    And aren’t the junta committing mass murders indirectly? They were told by Indian meteorologists and had two days to inform the masses that a cyclone was coming in their way but they did nothing. And they thought the cyclone would kill off most of their opponents in Yangon. How silly.

  7. Daniel said

    Until some organization outside the country gain access and directly help the citizen there, there are no point in helping them because it likely those resources endup with Junta, and helping the Junta instead. Are there any way to pass resources to the organization in Singapore ?

  8. Logicalman said

    Yes, there are. Some VWOs who are raising funds for Myanmar Disaster Relief, bring the resources direct into Myanmar. If there’s a good time to help the people of Myanmar and not the junta, it is now.

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