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Aljunied Town Council – Taking the easy way out?

Posted by theonlinecitizen on May 7, 2008

Leong Sze Hian & Andrew Loh

All 14 town councils run by the People’s Action Party (PAP) will not be increasing their Service and Conservancy (S&C) charges this year.

– Channel NewsAsia, “PAP town councils to freeze S&C charges this year” (February 28, 2008)

Barely two and a half months later, on May 5 2008, this is what ‘officials’ at the PAP-run Aljunied Town Council (TC) said:

Officials also said they will consider raising the conservancy charges for the dirtiest precincts to cover the extra work that goes into maintaining them …

– “Aljunied trash index aims to wipe out litterbugs.” (Straits Times, May 5, 2008)

The Finance Minister had called for all town councils to freeze their fees during the recent Budget debate in Parliament when he announced the extension of a one-year freeze on fee increases for government-provided services till the end of 2008.

And indeed, as the Channel NewsAsia report said, all 14 PAP TCs declared that they will not increase S&CC for 2008.

However, it seems that PAP town councils, and Aljunied GRC TC in particular, are already looking for ways to increase S&C charges next year – Aljunied TC citing “hardcore litterbugs” in the “dirtiest precincts” as its reason for doing so.

With inflation hitting 26-year highs, isn’t this proposed increase in fees for “the dirtiest precincts” a breach of the PAP town councils’ promise to Singaporeans?

Aljunied GRC Town Council

The fact of the matter is that Aljunied TC, along with all PAP-run TCs, have enough funds to address the “hardcore litterbugs” problem. (Read here for TOC’s earlier article on town councils’ funds.)

According to Aljunied Town Council’s Annual Reports, it had $84 million in its Sinking Fund, an increase of 5 per cent over it’s $80 million in 2005/2006.

Its accumulated surpluses as at 31 March 2007 was $5 million.

Its funds invested with fund managers was $44 million, an increase of about 33 per cent over the $30 million in 2005/2006.

In an earlier article, TOC reported:

According to the Straits Times’ report of March 25, 2006, “The gathering storm”:

Taking into account all the grants from the Government, the Aljunied Town Council, for example, gets $560 per household for the financial year ending March 2005.

The grants include funds from the Community Improvement Projects Committee (CIPC), which is controlled by the Ministry of National Development.

In contrast, government grants came up to just $113 per household in Potong Pasir.

In another report on the same day, “Hougang’s Low may be ‘heart’ to beat”, the Straits Times reported:

Government grants came up to about $111 per household in Hougang in 2004-05. By contrast, neighbouring Aljunied Town Council, which has access to funds such as the government-controlled Community Improvement Projects Committee (CIPC), got $560 per household for the same period.

One therefore will have to question why the Aljunied Town Council charges more for S&CC than Potong Pasir and Hougang, across the board – from 2 rooms to executive flats – when the Aljunied TC is getting more government grants than the two opposition wards.

In one instant, a one-roomer’s S&CC in Aljunied Crescent rose from $3.50 to $18.50 from 1994 to 2005 – an increase of about 428 per cent.

Raising fees, penalties, legal cost, jail, lose your home!

Instead of charging more, how about reducing S & CC for the cleaner precincts instead?

Instead of using penalties almost all the time, how about incentives to motivate people, for a change?

By the way, we understand that if you couldn’t pay your S & CC, the penalty used to be just 50 cents or a dollar or so.

Now, we believe it is 2 per cent per month of the amount owed or a fixed penalty of a few dollars, whichever is the higher.

2 per cent is the highest charge for all financial transactions allowed in Singapore, and only credit cards charge such a high rate.

If you can’t pay your S & CC, you are slapped with penalties. If you still can’t pay, you get a legal letter for which you have to pay the legal cost. As it’s a standard letter for which thousands are sent every month, why charge $20 as the legal fee for such a letter?

If you still can’t pay, you are charged in court, and slapped with a fine.

Well, here’s the paradox – if you can’t pay for your S & CC, how can you afford to pay the fine?

If you can’t pay the fine, you may end up in jail.

By the way, how many people in Singapore have been to jail?

The Town Council Act also empowers the Town Council to sell your HDB flat to recover unpaid S & CC.

A billion dollars in funds, yet…

In the spirit of keeping one’s promise, this new idea to increase S & CC should be nipped in the bud, before we waste anymore of taxpayers’ money and time to figure out how to implement it.

Perhaps our MPs may have rather short memories, as the promise was made just about 2 months ago.

By the way, with more than a billion dollars in PAP town councils’ sinking funds, as well as operating surpluses – does Aljunied Town Council still need to charge more “to cover the extra work that goes into maintaining them”, as officials at the TC claimed?

It is high time that PAP-run Town Councils stop taking the easy way out.

Read also:

Aljunied Town Council and a matter of principle by Mr Wang.

More and more enigmatic by Melvin Tan.

Click to enlarge.



47 Responses to “Aljunied Town Council – Taking the easy way out?”

  1. Gary Teoh said

    Can’t believe them any more.Lim Swee Say asked us not to hoard rice,because there is enough rice for 3 months, but less than 3 months, price of rice goes up again, do you still believe what they say?? Don’t listen too much, else you are the one who suffer, not them .Exercise our rights when the time comes.

  2. gorgorsitioeh said

    That is why they give you GST credits. They take it as an investment, and they honestly believe they will reap even more dividends from the masses they have invested in.

    So much for subsidies and freezing conservancy charges eh?

    Talk about one thing, but doing another thing altogether. They really think the masses are forgetful. But unfortunately, most people are.

  3. gorgorsitioeh said

    Gary says “Exercise our rights when the time comes”.

    The problem is, when the time comes, you can’t even choose to exercise THAT right! You can only swallow what you are given, and you have no choice. =P

    Thankfully, the hammer’s handle is made of wood. It is a non-conductor of electricity.

  4. omongpapkosong said

    Haiyah!!! what they want is $$$$$$ and More $$$$$$$$$.
    That is their motto Pay And Pay… but why implicate Poor Also Punished?
    Well we don’t need to Plead And Plead.
    Just wait for the next GE and we’ll see who’s gonna pay the high price and get Punished And Punished

  5. The SS said

    Residents of Aljunied should put their foot down to this ridiculous practise and the suggested ‘idea’. Perhaps the WP should take this up and seize this opportunity to question ATC? Afterall, they had quite a high percentage of the votes in the last GE! Carpe Diem!

  6. Andrew Loh said

    Sinking Fund – $84,000,000.00
    Invested funds – $44,000,000.00
    Accumulated surpluses – $5,000,000.00

    Total: $133,000,000.00

    And they want to charge more to catch a few “hardcore litterbugs”? This is blatant exploitation in the guise of a lame excuse.

    Also, Aljunied GRC TC charges one of the highest S&CC already.

    With so much money already in their bank, what godly reason could they give to justify any further increases?

    Perhaps the real reason is that the MPs at Aljunied TC are not doing a good job.

    This really is atrocious – at a time when Singaporeans are struggling to even make ends meet. Perhaps we should all go for “non-branded” PAP MPs.

  7. logicalman said

    Thanks for the good work, Sze Hian and Andrew. The figures are especially enlightening.

    I think it will help to understand what the Govt believes in. If the views exerted by MM Lee 7 years ago are any indication of the Govt’s beliefs (, then the only thing that matters appears to be “economics”. It doesn’t matter that Singapore was built on Asian or Confucian values; that’s passe and irrelevant. Today, every move and strategy appears to be conceived and optimized for the global stage, for maximum economic results. That should explain why the astronomical surpluses are necessary and even inadequate, considering how many nations we need to jostle with to reach the top, and how much more we need to keep the losers at bay.

    When all is said and done, does THE economic powerhouse = a better Singapore, I am not so sure.

    “Only when the last tree has died and the last river has been poisoned and the last fish has been caught will we realize we cannot eat money.” – Chief Seattle

  8. Jihadist said

    these men in white are really running out of ideas how to squeeze the last drop of money out of our pocket, including the GST Credit and Growth Dividend they just given us. this is what ppl used to call “pay back time”. so lets us all forgive their everlasting greed but shall NEVER forget how to pay them back with our sacred vote on next election! if our neighbour can do that, so can we!

  9. MMSMPMMC said

    Opp party MUST use the TC sinking fund as the advantage to win next GE. Tell the residents of the GRC that if they win the election they will use the sinking fund to subsidise the S&CC for a certain period but still maintain a healthy pool.

    I bet this will win some votes.

    Maybe Pay And Pay will do the same here after reading this and so the residents still benefit.

    Residents MUST attend the GRC in contest in GE2011 to ask smart questions to Pay And Pay next time during their rally about subsidy and increase S&CC. That will put them at a spot to see if they want to “help” the resident or just squeezing the citizens.

  10. ship of fools said

    Its about time the govt wake up and understand that the people are no longer sleeping sheep.

    when the time comes results will show.

    with regards to the foreign workers issue, I believe SIngaporeans have nothing against them, it’s the people that crafted the policy to enable the influx of foreign workers.

  11. PeterT said

    Surely, they need more money now. With GIC and Temasek invested hugh money on troubled foriegn banks, the “national reserve” I guess should be in a tight situation. They need to top up the money for further investment. It is obviously from many GIC linked companied recent comments that they are considering to increase the service fee (like SMRT, SBS, NTUC increased the prices of some consumer goods, medicsave etc).

    On other hand, they maintained to the outside world that they are still very rich. That’s why, both father and son said GIC can’t be open out with more disclourse on their assets. There are deep shit inside, of course.

  12. LimChuKangGRC said

    Well this is what happens when the public is asked to keep quite while the straits times reports selectively. What do we do? We complain in our living room while watching tv. We have become a nation of conformist.

    On a happier note, I have to thank the wonderful staff at TOC for such hardwork they have been putting in. I am glad that this unbiased blog is fast becoming a credible voice for us Singaporeans especially in a country where discussing politics is a taboo.

  13. logicalman said

    yes let the votes speak. In the meantime, opposition, please don’t be complacent. Put your best foot forward now and don’t disappoint the electorate, especially the netizens. It’s a long road ahead but if you truly put the people’s interests before your own, you will have our support.

  14. Mindy said

    maybe we can setup another mini SWF with all the town councils money…. 😛

  15. Logicalman said

    I *guess* the money’s practically untouchable by the opposition. Otherwise, they have so much to lose, especially the town councils with the deepest pockets.

    Anyway, it’s quite clear that the Govt is not short on revenue, and that each year as the surpluses go into the reserves, they hardly ever return to benefit the people. Why is the Govt collecting money from us like there’s no tomorrow, and in the mean time, we work hard to provide for our children & parents, and still digging deep to help those worse off than us?

  16. Daniel said

    Yes, we should ask the government what happened now to the fund should opposition party win Aljunied in next election or in any similar estate ?

    No more nonsense from government to threaten to put those fund into reserve openly or secretly. Ask today not tomorrow because by the time election draw near, the government will delay answer the question and give raise to doubt, uncertainty and fear in order for others to sway voting for them. So start asking them now. Don’t tell it takes 52 years to come out this decision.

    It’s time the government behave morally rather than hooligans, bullying the citizen. They be reminded that they are not above anybody in anyway. They just a coffers who are paid by citizen to run the country with justice and equality, not nepotism, not favouritism, not as they please and like.

  17. gorgorsitioeh said

    I am looking forward to the two Hammers in parliament giving their takes on this issue. It has been disappointing to see how the Opposition debated meekly with the MIW (Men-In-White) with regards to the JI fugitive’s escape. On the other hand, I wonder if two years after the GE, the Hammers are still keeping up with and improving on the good foundation they have laid during the GE campaign back then.

    This is another silly masquerade between MIW and its masses, I cannot help but regurgitate the lyrics from Leon Russell’s This Masquerade, with some twists to it.

    Both afraid to say
    We’re just too far away
    From being close together from six-five
    We tried to talk it over
    But money’s got in the way
    We’re lost inside this hateful game we play……..

  18. Weijia said

    Not everyone knows about TOC.
    Not everyone has access to TOC.
    So spread the word boys and girls… spread the facts. Start waking the masses that still believe in the “news” that straits time reports.

    If not… things will never change.

  19. Maddog said

    The main aim to to generate more income…. looking after the estate is secondary…. if every government start hoarding $$$ and justify it by saying they are saving it for rainly days.. we are all in big trouble….

  20. Nicholas Lazarus said

    Hoping that opposition will raise these issues to trounce the ruling party is wishful thinking. Citizens must first want to raise these issues themselves because these are matters that concern themselves. If citizens adopt a apathetic outlook about these issues and not raise them at Meet the People Sessions or at MP walkabouts, everything continues as a status quo.

  21. Daniel said

    Nicholas Lazarus,
    “Hoping that opposition will raise these issues to trounce the ruling party is wishful thinking.”

    Why can’t the MP or any members of the PAP themselves raised this issues for the citizen? Are they serving the nation or are they serving their master ? Are they complacent, useless or utterly inept ? Have they got no brain to see such occurrence ? Aren’t they elite ? Elite cannot speak for people, is it ? Aren’t they suppose to represent the voice of the people ? Why do people keep telling the government what to do ? Can’t the government be systematic enough to know what happening ? Are the government all about economic and money ? Are they so blind by greed and money that they become ignorance ?

    “Hoping that opposition will raise these issues to trounce the ruling party is wishful thinking.”
    “Hoping that PAP MP & ministers will raise these issues is even more wishful thinking.”

  22. Daniel said

    With MP that need opposition party to raise question instead from themselves, no wonder Joker Lee says MPs may not even understand PAP’s government policies. Now, I understand why

  23. Eveline said

    I am beginning to wonder how much of the people’s money the gahmen actually has, stashed in various organisations.

    “Official” foreign reserves – $235 bil (from MAS; wonder what the “unofficial” figures are)
    CPF – $126 bil (member’s funds balance; 2006 figures)
    Temasek – “over $160 bil” (website; could be more)
    GIC – secret
    Town Councils – probably at least $1 bil if you add all the funds up

    Mind boggling I tell you.

  24. […] are fed, up with progress! – The Online Citizen: Aljunied Town Council – Taking the easy way out? – BothSidesOfTheJohorStraits: Indonesia increase interest rate to curb inflation; S’pore gives […]

  25. Derivative said

    Trash index ???? Wow, what will they think of next. Index sounds so scientific but yet another revenue collection stream chasing for a reason to justify itself. Well, relatively there will always be some “dirtiest precincts” around. It would be nice to see the different variables / basis going into this index.

    Those people surely know how to come out with fanciful terms / jargons to professionalize the whole idea of collecting more money. Sometimes, it is difficult not to have the impression that they are treating our hard-earned money like loose change.

  26. Gary Teoh said

    Now, if you let opposition manage the Aljunide TC fund, i can guarantee, they wont any how increase S&C charges, look at P Pasir & Hougang TC., S&C stay stagnant for quite sometime until when it,nolonger bear the cost, then it raises the S&C.While pap TC have so much excess balance, they just don’t care and increase S&C citing high cost of operation.I wonder what the pap MPs doing ?? They are not helping us but give us extra burden,GST rebate,spore shares and progress package are all gimmick !!! Tak Boleh Tahan !!!

  27. ErniesUrn said

    Honestly, I think they are doing a great job by charging the consevancy fees. I say great job PAP, keep up your good work. Spread you work throughout the entire island for the next few years until ever constituency is charged for maintaining cleanliness. And by then you would have enough dough to buy more votes come GE 2011. And by 2012, I’m off to another country.

  28. bourne said

    While i applaud the article in raising awareness and suggesting the use of incentives over penalties, my tiny beef is that this isn’t really the point. What do i mean by this?

    The issue of cleanliness is a PAP generated agenda. Questions to ask: Is this agenda valid? Are the precincts indeed getting dirtier? And if so, why? Is it a case of litter bugs or other factors? (Example, over-population, exploding foreign worker population, inadequate infrastructures and amenities, and so on.)

    WP members need to question all basis behind PAP statements. Do not simply follow the logic of thoughts as framed by the PAP.

  29. Andrew Loh said

    From Mr Wang Says So:
    Aljunied Town Council and a matter of principle:

    Of that amount, $36,270,609 is reported to be sitting in the bank as fixed deposits. Another $44,045,035 is reported as being held for “trading investments”. What’s that? On further inspection, we see that it means $12,587,775 invested in stocks; $21,082,590 invested in bonds; and $11,981,315 invested in unit trusts.

    Does the Aljunied Town Council sound poor to you?

  30. nimzo said

    Losing sight of the forest for the trees.

    Singapore’s policy is highly focused on high economic growth. To achieve that, we have been encouraging people to save (e.g. CPF) and collecting more (e.g. conservancy fees) and many other great stuff (FDI, foreign talent) so that the state and economy can invest in stuff to bring about higher income. And if there is an economic storm, we have good ability to weather it.

    This is great for a developing country and has worked well for us… but as we become developed, we can’t continue to grow so fast because there is a limit to how much people are willing to save out of our salaries. But we still blindly pursue this chase and the result is that there are policies that encourage people to save even more artificially. When we approach retirement age, we want to take our money out and enjoy ourselves but now that has been pushed back and back. Meanwhile, our town councils accumulate more wealth and are constantly looking for really creative ways to achieve this. And we have to set aside more money to pre-empt such possibilities.

    Surpluses and huge reserves are great. But this means that private consumption will always lag behind what we are actually producing. This gap will only grow and we will have to sacrifice more as we become more developed but still pursue further economic growth. And if I don’t have enough spending power or have enough savings (not counting CPF because I won’t see it till much much later), it is likely I won’t start a family.

    Let the Singaporean keep his own dollar. We are highly educated, creative, motivated, hardworking and prudent people. Get of this ‘roller coaster’ and our society will be able to live better lives and generate more income (contradiction intended).

  31. Daniel said

    greed has no limit and no ed especially given absolute power.

    Keep growing reserve do not benefit the citizen. I see it merely as a excuse if citizen do not enjoy the benefit of the investment. What are the contract to say as when the investment is mature ? It look like it is unlimited in growth.

    There is always a law of diminishing return in business. The council has already overwent the law of diminishing return and become a liability to citizen, and fee not an asset anymore because that the fee lost it very purpose of serving the people. REserve is grow and grow to no end, just to make it for investment.

    Strange, I smell of a rat similar to Temasek and GIC, taking money from public for their own personal interest rather than from citizen because there is lack of accountability and responsibility of how much is return to public citizen of Aljunied Town.

    Hope someone will write an about the law of diminishing return of business because our so-called smart PAP has break it to no end.

  32. fisherman said

    I think it will take one generation to change this litter habit. Dont know if it pisses u all looking at the back of the block, or at the letter box area. Fines won’t work. It takes persuasion, and sadly spore may be better educated but when it comes to socail graces, it sucks. Look at the way they rush for car parks. may b betetr to have a national campaign on social graces. eh?

  33. Fever Guy said

    Excellent piece of work again by TOC team.

    There are many reasons why those blocks are the dirtiest. The Shit times should go investigate and camped there to film litter bugs. There are best reporters for this type of dirty job. Is itt true these blocks are as dirty as the TC at adjunied make them out to be?
    How dirty is dirty and any international measurements we can rely on?

    Why as always the TC are quick to pass the buck to residents? Are there money not ENOUGH in their charge?

    Dear TOC,

    I think it is time to create a chinese blog that will encourage more chinese educated people to be aware of this wonderful site.

    Simple flyers that are downloadable from TOC by people like us and we can print them out and put into mailboxes of our own block.

    This will save alot of advertising costs using mainstream media and give every bloggers here a chance to contribute. An A4 size paper that can

    have 4 prints of the flyer.

    What you guys think about this idea? Most effective way to advertise TOC to the people?


  34. aquarius said

    Don’t you all agree that this is another gimmick(this issue) to divert the attentions of the Selamat fugitive case!

  35. Daniel said

    don’t worry, the coffers have lot of gimmicks coming in queue to keep us entertain and rumbling. But worry not, Selamat is move on but it will be remember and archived in internet forever.

  36. logicalman said

    Hey, hear what MM Lee said in his interview with Taiwan’s Central News Agency, reported this morning:

    “Replying to a question on what Taiwan can learn from Singapore, Mr Lee said the island’s political debates should focus on promoting and generating economic growth, and the well—being of its people.” Source:

    Who says the Govt isn’t concerned about our well-being, or wait, did he say “debates”? Oic, it’s just the debate, like the ones we had on IR, budget, CPF Life, etc, not necessarily the policies or actions. Now everything is making sense. Read between the lines.

  37. Andrew Loh said

    Dear Fever Guy,

    We will have Chinese articles in our new site… which is coming up soon.. 🙂

    Andrew Loh

  38. logicalman said

    i second Fever Guy’s idea of downloading, printing and distributing flyers. For those with blogs and social networks, do link to TOC. For starters, my facebook profile says i’m active on TOC, if you have my emblem, or catchy slogans, i’ll be more than happy to display them on my blogs and social networks

  39. Snova said

    dear LSC & AL,

    I am retired and has finally began research studies into human behaviour. Allow me to present some student insights; I stand by to be corrected.

    1)The research and information you gave are indeed insightful and the comments expressed are elicited as instaneous responses.I do hope that be no attempts at character assignation.

    2) The said and additional S & C proposed seems to be a punitive measure; its intention is good but its presentation may be insensitive in the present time.(I do frequent coffee shops, fast food joints, cafes, etc, and as a student of human behaviour, I am observant and listening) I have sense much disquiet in the common folks, and sometimes it carried itself away into irrational bubble of loudness.(not jokes & laughter as may be previously)
    There is also now a need to review a possible general policy tact that fine alone is a deterrent.
    2) Contradiction of “no” and then not really “yes”, but unclear in good explanation as to give rise to perception of inconsistencies.
    Other examples can include -(a) “tighten belts” but
    “leaders with entourage are travelling” – duty bound travels are necessary, but tell the public what have been achieved, other than confidential matters.(b)See an MP for monetary help but “threatening behaviour” of constituent got him reported to Police, (rightly so); constituent reacted by reporting incident to newspaper, Today (this is disruptive, as common folk Singaporeans seldom go to the press)
    To conclude, “the times are a changing” and people and Government must be more together to rise up to the new challenges ahead. Thank you.

  40. Fever Guy said

    Andrew Loh and Logical Man,

    We must put out flyers to advertise TOC to common folks and students too. Mailboxes are the best way to get to all of them. Everyone check their mailboxes at least once a week. The cost of printing is really cheap just time to cut the flyers out.

    I am sick of MSM and wanted sinkies to know the real Singapore. There is no more Singapore Dream but nightmare in the making, This gahmen has failed to be the people ‘s mandate anymore. Everything is about $$$$$ not about the people’s needs and welfare at heart. Look at the MPs we have and many of them hold numerous directorship in many companies and how could they ever find time for common folks. It is really sad that my country has to go so low in dishing out PR/citizenship to any interested china and india citizens that met minimum requirements at airport. How cheap can my citizenship goes? Tell me PM Lee how cheap you want us sinkies to feel? What pride and honour is left in this pink IC of ours?

    Indeed, time has changed, our gahmen has changed and the people are still being left behind. I wish the opposition can be united asap to be a People Opposition Front to counter the Pappies and remake a new future for singaporeans free from the broken down old machinery that has obviously broken down many times just our MM said dont mess it if nothing is wrong, i say everything is wrong about this machine!


  41. Snova said

    Thank you FG.

    Your pointers on citizenship offers at the airport and the many directorships held by MPs are indeed thought provoking.

    Over the week end, I am encouraged by the kindness shown by many common folks as they respond to help the Myanmar people devastated by the recent typhoon. Let us hope that the spirit of giving also rubs on to others including our leaders to mitigate your comment that “Everything is about $$$$$…”

  42. Logicalman said

    We have heard of the anonymous woman donor and Sim Wong Hoo who gave $100,000 each. Does anyone know of any cabinet minister or MP who personally gave to help the Myanmar Cyclone victims, or did the Govt stop at donating on Singaporean’s behalf?

  43. Daniel said

    It is the other way. We, the citizen generously donate the money to Minister albeit by force.

    We donate more tha $3 millions for each minister, president etc… what’s more donate to clowns.

    So we Singaporean is the most generous donar in the world. Nobody beats us.

    Well, it is the beginning of punishment for dictator countries:

    China = Natural Disaster = Earthquake of 7.8
    Myanmar = Natural Disaster = Cyclone
    Singapore = Man-Made Disaster = billions loss due to frailing bank investment, bad investment, MeeSiamMaiHum of taxmoney invested by secretive clowns.

  44. Are we this dumb? said

    Honestly, whatever the policies maybe or perhaps MOST, work well for the government only, they only after $$$ and obssessed with making $$$. They do not want any risk and the impose penalties on every single thing. Look at the outsourcing of hdb loans to banks, do you know how many homes were possessed and how many people camping at parks or beach? They will sue us and put us in jail if we dont pay. This government is no longer compassionate or caring, they are just a money making machine. And worst of all, despite making so much, they dont distribute wealth or make Singapore citizens better off. Instead they choose reward themselves and their whole gang of supporters.

    TC are gambling and overcharging us. But look at transport companies? Or Power company? Or Telecommunications companies? Look at HDB? Arent they all overcharging us? We are being squeezed high and dry, but do we really care? They still win every election right? Because they know how to manage our frustrations, fear and possibly our weaknesses.

    So TOC can produce every article to point this out, I am very happy to see more of this, but I think these facts must be distributed to all Singaporeans who are too busy working.

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