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TOC migrating….

Posted by theonlinecitizen on May 16, 2008

Hi everyone,

If you’re looking for theonlinecitizen, well we have moved.

Our new site is at Please remember to change your bookmark and/or your RSS feed which can be obtained at the new blog.

This site – – will be left as it is and you can still view the content here. However, comments posting is disabled.

If you are experiencing difficulties accessing the new site, please drop us an email and let us know. We can be reached at:

See you at the new TOC!


Andrew Loh



11 Responses to “TOC migrating….”

  1. ted said


    the link keeps on coming back to the wordpress version.

  2. Hi Ted,

    Is your service provider PacNet?

  3. Kelly said

    Hi Andrew, I’m experiencing the same technical difficulty.

    Whether I enter the URL manually or reload the page, it returns to the wordpress page.

  4. Andrew Loh said

    Hey Kelly,

    Apologies for the late reply. Do you still have the problem? We fixed it already so it should be ok.

  5. Caralluma said

    Nice touches on your writing. Is English your primary language (if you don’t mind me asking).

  6. This seems to be a very friendly place unlike some of the other blogs I visit.

  7. Busta Ryhmes said

    Congratualtions TOC! for migrating to wordpress.

    I hope to read articles covering the following:

    1. Sg enquirer style video interviews with the numerous cyclists living outside Tampinese estate about how they feel about the new rule that forbids and i suspect even fines cyclists who cycle on footpaths.

    a. Road users like car drivers by law need a license and pass the TP exams showing they know the traffic laws and dangers.
    Cyclists may not have these qualifications especially the young and the old. Would they know how dangerous is cycling on the road compared to on footpaths? Case-in-point: Audi A6 killed an innocent person. A person may obey the rules, knows the rules and is expert cyclist. He can still be killed by a car whose driver is reckless. enuf said.

    b. Video interview citizens asking them : Do you know how much is meant by ‘generous subsidy’ for hdb flat citizens bought?
    Does anyone know how much construction cost for ANY HDB flat ?
    If not , what does this mean? Who are we waiting for to ask and get us the answers? Why people Accept ?

    enuf said.

  8. salim said

    Hi Andrew,

    Something is wrong. It keeps coming back to WordPress version.

    My ISP is singtel.

  9. vincent said

    Hi andrew,

    it keep on coming back to wordpress whenever i enter in url. Is there any technically issues that i need to address to my site?


  10. Cassandra said

    Hi Andrew

    I am a student from the Singapore Management University and am currently taking a course on Leadership and Teambuilding. This course seeks to address a social issue and focuses on giving back to the community.

    My team mates and I have decided to focus our project on highlighting the plight of migrant workers by documenting their lives after working hours. I have just read your article on “Forgotten and forsaken Bangladeshi workers”, nevertheless it was dated about a year back and i was wondering if it is possible for us to go down to these dormitories which you visited without permits, or must we get permission from the respective personnel? Hope to get a reply soon, thanks.

    Cassandra See

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