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Politics and the place of doctors – Part 1

Posted by theonlinecitizen on January 1, 2008

By Jeffrey Leow

Not too long ago, the Sydney Morning Herald reported, amid the seemingly rising anti-Singapore sentiments in Australia, the following with regard to the Burma saga:


Singapore‘s hospitals also keep its leaders alive – the 74-year-old strongman Than Shwe has been receiving treatment for intestinal cancer in a government hospital in Singapore, in a ward heavily protected by Singapore security.”


A simplistic and idealistic view would perhaps be the following:


Now if I happen to be the attending physician, will I deny treatment, in the name of politics? “You should die for your evil doings on the 54,000 burmese people” (proceeds to inject “medication” which is actually merely 10cc saline into his dorsal IV cannula, prescribes 2 tablets of tic-tac-s thrice a day.)


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