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Posted by theonlinecitizen on March 18, 2008

By Koh Jie Kai

It seems to me that the riots in Tibet are in many ways similar to the riots that erupted against Chinese communities in urban areas all over South East Asia over the past few hundred years.

Anti- Chinese riots are not a new thing, and the tale seems to have a familiar ring to it- poor industrious Chinese move into indigenious areas, out-compete the natives, which results in native resentment and rioting.

There were anti-Chinese riots in Manila in the 1680s (see 1688: A Global History by John Mears, a very interesting book) , just as there were in KL and Singapore in the 60s and Jakarta in 1998.

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In response to MM Lee’s Washington Post article on Iraq

Posted by theonlinecitizen on March 12, 2008

By Koh Jie Kai

Once more, Minister Mentor Lee inflicts his wisdom upon the world – this time, telling America that it should not be pulling out of Iraq.

Yet for all you cynics out there, don’t dismiss Mr Lee’s opinion as a vanity stunt. I think the man is trying to get the attention of congressmen and other important people in Washington DC.

He would not be publishing his opinion in the Washington Post, a serious and respectable broadsheet, otherwise.

Mr Lee must be very alarmed by the prospect that Barack Obama will win the presidency over John McCain in coming American presidential elections, (see here) presumably because he believes that Mr Obama will carry out his promise (threat?) to remove American troops from Iraq recklessly, in contrast to Mr McCain, who vows to station troops in Iraq for a hundred years if necessary.

The result, Mr Lee believes, would be disaster, for all the reasons he outlines in his Washington Post article.

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Time to take a stand – an open letter to George Yeo

Posted by theonlinecitizen on September 26, 2007

UPDATE (28 Sept): Jie Kai has informed TOC that Minister George Yeo has read the following Open Letter. TOC also understands that ASEAN ministers are in “intense discussions” about the situation in Burma.

Dear Mr Yeo,

The situation in Myanmar has taken a turn for the worse. As I write, news reports from the BBC and other respected sources report that several protestors, including monks, have been killed. Many others have been injured.

In the light of these horrifying facts, I believe it is time for the government to take stronger diplomatic action against Myanmar.

There is nothing redeeming about the rule of Myanmar by its military rulers. It has made no meaningful progress towards constitutional rule based on democracy and the rule of law. It cannot even claim to be making socio-economic progress for the country. The facts about the misrule of Myanmar by the military junta are sobering.

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Decriminalising homosexuality in Singapore

Posted by theonlinecitizen on May 3, 2007

By Koh Jie Kai

The purpose of this letter is to address two arguments which homophobes frequently make against decriminalising homosexuality in Singapore. Let’s take a typical example of a homophobic point of view, written by a Mr Jonathan Cheng and published in the Straits Times forum page on the 1st of May 2007. (“MM’s comments have me and family worried).

Odd that Mr Cheng should accuse homosexuals of being intolerant, given that his vision of Singapore society clearly places homosexuals as second class citizens, down there with thieves, murderers or the mentally ill. He clearly believes that it is abnormal for a gay person to teach a child that it is normal to be gay- presumably, it would be abnormal for a straight person to do so as well. But we can see that this letter essentially brings up two arguments: that homosexuals are “harmful” to society in the practical sense, and that in any case the majority in a society have the right to impose their vision of morality over the minority.

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Time to get tough on job discrimination (Part One)

Posted by theonlinecitizen on January 2, 2007

1.jpgThis is the first part of a special feature on employment discrimination in Singapore.

By Koh Jie Kai

Employment discrimination is with us. On December 29th, Today reported that Frontline Technologies had posted an advertisement with, preferring non-Indians to apply for a job vacancy.

The same report also highlighted a recent survey by staffing solutions firm Kelly Services. That survey found that out of the 1,500 respondents polled in Singapore, two thirds of them complained of having experienced prejudice of some sort when applying for a job in the last five years. Age was cited as the top reason for discrimination (29 per cent), followed by race (19 per cent), gender (11 per cent) and disability (2 per cent).

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