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City Of Possibilities or Fluff City?

Posted by theonlinecitizen on August 12, 2007

By Ned Stark and Andrew Loh

“My fellow Singaporeans, let’s seize the moment to sail ahead, into the bright and exciting future that we can already see. Together, let’s transform Singapore, and make this a special home for every one of us.”

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong in his National Day message, 2007. (link)

Looking at the many construction sites around Singapore nowadays, one indeed gets the feeling that Singapore is in a furious stage of physical transformation. The pace of change has been turned up. Exciting new developments – for business, entertainment and housing – are being realized as we speak.

Singaporeans will also have noticed the increased number of foreigners everywhere – downtown, uptown, in the heartlands, at our work places.

We are on the bullet-train of change.

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Singapore – on the bright side

Posted by theonlinecitizen on August 5, 2007

In the lead-up to National Day, TOC’s writers share their personal views on what it means to be a Singaporean and what Singapore means to them. Here is the 2nd article.

By Ned Stark

We all are said to be, rightly or wrongly, products of the Singapore System. Though I would like to think of myself as a defect given some of the views I have held.

But nevertheless, as in most things in life, the Singapore system does have its good points.

In fact, as National Day approaches, it is time to look on the brighter side of things, for once.

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The Work Holiday Programme: an undergraduate’s concern

Posted by theonlinecitizen on May 25, 2007

By Ned Stark

Singapore’s open door policy rolls on. The government’s stated goal is to bring Singapore’s population up to the 6.5 million mark. Unless we drastically increase our birth statistics, it is clear that many of these 6.5 million residents will be made up of foreigners.

Minister of Manpower Dr Ng Eng Hen’s recently announced increase in S passes for mid skilled manpower from 10-15%, coupled with the announcement of a Work Holiday Programme (WHP) for 2000 foreign students highlights some problems with our foreign talent policy.

First and foremost, there has to be a clear definition of “Foreign Talent”.

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The Byzantine oracle on the PAP

Posted by theonlinecitizen on May 23, 2007

By Ned Stark

As a fan of history I subscribe to the view that “history repeats itself” (this post is spurred by LCC’s comment on Aaron Ng’s blog.)

A prominent American academic (I believe it was Samuel Huntington) had said: “The democratic system implemented by Lee Teng Hui will live on after him, but that built by Lee Kuan Yew will disappear once he is gone”.

If true, it bodes ill for Singapore.

An interesting parallel

The Byzantine Empire, which succeeded the Roman Empire, provides an interesting – if disturbing – lesson for Singapore.
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Artificial Dynamism?

Posted by theonlinecitizen on May 7, 2007

By Ned Stark

“It’s not possible for us to be hermetically sealed and to close out to the world, and this is just a jewel box by itself because our people travel, millions of people come to Singapore, and even if you don’t travel, you’re on the Internet, everything is available so we have to grow up in this environment, and we have to open our doors and windows, and if a few flies come in, well so be it, we’ll swat them.”

– PM Lee Hsien Loong , “Singapore’s future bright if growth hits 3-5% yearly”

Singapore embarking on the pathway to be a dynamic international city is a sound one, as I have said somewhere in the depths of the past, such a solution is the only tenable one in the long run since there is no way Singapore can continue to compete with China and India just by relying on workers, no matter how skilled or unskilled they may be. However, as the saying goes, saying is one thing, doing is another.

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