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15 Responses to “Contact Us”

  1. Harro! said

    Excellent Reporting! We’ve added TheOnlineCitizen to

    Asia’s Media Ranking

  2. One calls Singapore home because the loved ones, family and friends live here, and whatever fate that Singapore face as a nation is faced by all who are rooted here. There’s no need for any abstract speculation as to why people just dont feel rooted enough to this country. Everyone, especially the policymakers must recognised that the country of Singapore is larger than the PAP (PAP

  3. Hi conformityisdead,

    Thank you for the article. I’ve removed it from here but have kept a copy.. 🙂

    We’ll be looking through it and see if we can use it.

    Alternatively, for future submissions of articles, you can email us at

    Thank you and Merry X’mas.


  4. Hi, I believe your comments are moderated? Perhaps you can indicate that somewhere so people leaving comments know why they don’t appear immediately. Thanks.

  5. Hi HVV,

    Actually the comments are not moderated – except on occassions which we deem necessary.

    Your comments did not appear immediately after you post it because of the spam-prevention mechanism.

    We apologise for this.


  6. Fanny M said

    Very excellent site for a homecoming singaporean who’s been out and about in Europe. non-judgemental and clearly decisive. keep up the good work!

  7. Hi Fanny…

    Thanks for the kind words. We appreciate you taking time to visit with us.

    We look forward to your continued support.. 🙂


  8. I check back now and then, and I’m glad to see the site has been growing in posts and writers yet the general thrust remains very rational and progressive. I just linked you (no need to link back, I’ve not been writing).

  9. Hi HVV,

    Thanks for the link. And also thank you for the compliment. The writers deserve it more than me. 🙂 Someone wrote a rather kind review of our site. You can read it here: Evil Atheist.


  10. kiasu said

    It seems to me that your website has become a pro gay and lesbian forum. Just look at your home page: 3 out of 8 articles are written by people supporting gay and lesbians. The reason for my visit to your website is to gain insight on the political situation in Singapore and not about gay and lesbian rights. The issue of homosexuality is a personal choice and should not be included in a political blog like yours.

  11. Hi Kiasu,

    Thank you for your comments. Theonlinecitizen is actually a current affairs blog. That’s how we see ourselves. And as such, the gay issue, which is currently being debated, is being featured here.

    The articles are personal views of the authors. Perhaps it’s a reflection of the more liberal views on the internet, that the articles support decriminalisation of homosexuality?

    Although I do agree with you that ultimately, homosexuality is a personal choice, nonetheless it’s being debated as a wider issue – including political, societal, religious, moral and even cultural.

    Lastly, theonlinecitizen is not a pro-gay/lesbian forum.

    We appreciate your support and we hope you will continue to visit with us. 🙂


  12. Harold said

    Hi Zheng Xi,
    Excellent site. Keep the efforts up.
    Do give me a call.


  13. Hi Harold,

    Good to see you here. Hope things are great on your side/site.. 🙂


  14. aygee said

    i may have missed this as only came across your blog recently but here’s an idea for the Recollection bit..

    Rising Healthcare Costs. StraightJacket Times has succintly put it together –

    before the elections, Dr Balaji said that if we gave them a strong mandate, they will seek ways to reduce healthcare, esp for the elderly.

    13 months later, its been nothing just price increases. “we’re mindful of cost increases but leaving the polyclinics to decide, based on broad parameters”.

    nice…very nice…

  15. Hi aygee..

    Interesting… thanks for the url link to your blog. We’ll keep it in mind. 🙂


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