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Free press vital to S’pore’s survival

Posted by theonlinecitizen on April 17, 2008

Does Singapore’s press measure up? Is it the voice of the people? Does it champion the people’s rights? Does it ask the questions that need to be asked? Does it examine public policies and issues critically?

By Lee Weijia

This article is in reference to the report Press freedom a double-edge (sic) sword” in the April 5 copy of Weekend TODAY.

This report on Ms Anson Chan’s interview with Weekend Today only served to show once again the sad state of our local press, albeit by implication.

Chan is Hong Kong‘s most famous female legislator and has held the second-highest governmental position as the head of the Civil Service. Despite being a high-ranking official in the Hong Kong government, Chan has publicly expressed views different from the previous Chief Executive of Hong Kong, Mr Tung Chee Hwa. This has earned her the reputation of being “Hong Kong‘s Conscience”. She is an active supporter of democracy and a fervent defender of press freedom.

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